A Genomex Carol

Chapter Four: The Christmas Truce

This train wreck of a fic is finally screeching to a halt. Hope it is half as enjoyable as it is stupid. I wrote this very fast compared to my usual snail's pace, so I'll at least be proud of that, okay? So it's done for ya'll who have nothing better to do over Christmas. (Seriously you can come talk to me about Mutant X at Christmastime or anytime, I absolutely meant the thing about the space documents in my profile).

I have unearthed an unfinished fanfic of mine that is so old it is practically fossilised. I am planning to re-edit and finish it. Have I fallen back deep into the Mutant X fandom or did I never actually get out?

Adam's mouth was dry. The two day Christmas fast was his own rule, but he still felt bad about breaking it. None of the others had returned yet, so he decided to sneak off to the kitchen for a glass of water.

It was very quiet he noticed as he turned on the faucet a tiny bit to avoid making a noise. The least he could do was be a good example for the others.

Out of curiosity, he walked by the bathrooms. None of them were occupied. He frowned and walked a lap around Sanctuary.

"All right guys, you can come out now. The joke's over," he said loudly.

There was no response.

"Oh, it's like that, is it?"

Adam spent the next half hour sneaking around Sanctuary and leaping out around corners.

Finally, he sat down at the bottom of the dojo stairs. Who was he kidding? He might have superior intellect, but it was no match for someone who had the wits of a feline, someone who could hide in walls, someone who could make him believe anything she wanted, and whatever Brennan had in terms of stealth abilities.

He stood up. There was one place that he hadn't thought to check.

Adam stood in the doorway of the garage, gobsmacked. "Where are all of my cars?" he shouted. He exhaled. "I should have known those guys would be too disorganised to carpool!"

He raised his comm-link ring to his mouth. "Shalimar?" he called. She was the last to leave. He tried the others, but got no reply.

He headed to a computer to track their locations. It showed that they had all taken their rings off, but each of them showed the same last tracked location.


Eckhart wouldn't, Adam told himself. Not on Christmas Eve, surely. And what could he have done, abducted them straight from Sanctuary? Impossible.

He hurried toward the Double Helix, which was one his remaining method of transport. Yes, he could technically walk to Genomex but it hardly set the right impression, did it?

No, his team must have left Sanctuary. And gone where? He had some questions for them when he found them. Why had they all left him? He stewed about this on the flight there, as the Double Helix flew completely on autopilot and Genomex was top of the frequently visited locations list, so he literally had to sit down and press one button.

The Double Helix landed itself on one of Genomex's immaculate lawns. Adam strode out of the jet, wondering where his team were. He didn't have to look far.

"Hey Adam, have you ever seen Scrooge?" Brennan called to him.

Adam jogged up the steps. "No I haven't, but I know the book," he said. He stopped when he was almost at the top and faced his team. It was snowing and only Shalimar was wearing a coat. He shook his head. It was like looking after children. "So what's going on up here? You clearly haven't been captured. Why would you run away from me like that?"

"We didn't run away from ya," Shalimar said.

"No, we wouldn't do that, Adam," Emma said.

"Yeah, course we wouldn't," Brennan said.

Adam eyed his team suspiciously. "Then what are you doing up here of all places?"

Emma told him. To her surprise he did not look impressed.

"And you thought this was more important than focusing on your spiritual side over the season?" Adam said.

"We were going to come straight back, Adam," Jesse said.

"Oh yeah? You two have been gone for hours," Adam said, pointing at Brennan and Emma. "And you've been drinking, Brennan."

"What?," Brennan said, laughing in mock surprise. "No I haven't."

"I can smell the alcohol on you!"

An alarm caused them all to turn around. In the now open doorway, Mason swore and fumbled for the button that turned off the alarm for the fire escape door. He looked like a stripy Scrooge. "So which one of you is the Ghost of Christmas Future? I told you I wasn't prepared to wait long."

"Where are your security staff, Mason?" Adam asked.

"I gave everyone a couple of days off. I can watch over everything from here," Mason said.

"That's... nice?" Shalimar whispered to Emma in some confusion.

"And yet you have five intruders that didn't notice!" Brennan remarked, forming a ball of electricity in the palm of his hand in warning.

"Didn't notice? That is not strictly true," Mason said. "I believe you left something behind?" he added, holding out Brennan and Jesse's jackets.

The guys looked at each other, but their hesitation gave Emma the opportunity to grab both of the jackets and wrap them around herself.

"Hey, no fair!" said Jesse.

Emma smirked at him.

Adam laughed. "I can see the headlines now. Security Chief compromised after sending all staff home for Christmas."

Mason glared at him. "I bet your team doesn't know that you're not even a real doctor, Adam. Yes, I know about your fake degree from the Hollywood Online Medical School!"

"I paid a lot of money for that. They told me it would say Stanford on the certificate," Adam grumbled. "Wait! How do you know that?"

"I grew suspicious after I saw you repeatedly wasting reagents by overfilling glassware and letting it bubble over. So I checked your personnel file."

"Oh yeah, but what about your fake illness? You were cured years ago but pretend you weren't so you can whinge and act like you've got some kind of motivation for your evil actions."

"Evil?" Mason said. "Is that what you really think of me?"

"Yes. Obviously you are," Emma said.

"My staff have been given extra days off and handsome Christmas bonuses due to our successes over the past year. Are those the actions of an evil man?" Mason said.

"You can still be an evil influence on society as a whole while simultaneously treating your staff decently," Adam said.

Jesse massed out, Brennan readied a ball of electricity, Shalimar's eyes flashed orange. Emma just stood there wearing two jackets, looking like she could theoretically use her psionic powers at any moment.

Mason's expression was unreadable. None of the team made a move, they were all looking to Adam for a cue.

"Christmas truce?" Adam and Mason said together, as if by some sort of Christmas miracle. If either of them had spoken first, the other would have been canonically required to refuse vehemently.

The Mutant X team relaxed.

Brennan looked at Jesse. "Oh jeez, did anyone bring a soccer ball?"

"I know, right?" Jesse said.

Mason sighed. "Come around to the main entrance, I will let you in. I have a veritably fatal supply of mince pies and mulled wine that I need assistance in consuming."

"I told you he was British!" Jesse said to Emma.

"I am not British, I am Canadian like the rest of you," Mason said.

The Mutant X team looked at each other uncomfortably.

"Nah, we're all good American guys and gals," Shalimar said, grinning a little too widely.

"And you can tell what ridiculous future visions you had in mind to traumatise me with. That should be entertaining." Mason shut the door almost all the way, but then opened it again. "And Mr Kilmartin, you are right. There was no snake in Blackadder." Then he shut the door properly.

Emma looked embarrassed. She stared at her feet and mumbled, "Well I didn't know."

"I told you," Jesse said.

"Well you could have told me before!"

"How? You just blurted it out!"

Adam fell into step with her as they all walked down the stairs. "Don't worry Emma, they're both wrong. There was a snake in the opening credits of season two."

"We were talking about the Christmas special," Jesse told him.

"Oh. In that case, no snake," Adam said.

As promised, Mason met them at the main entrance of the building and let them into an extravagant dining room. They sat and talked and laughed about past clashes as they ate and drank.

Brennan had just finished his second glass of mulled wine when something occurred to him. "Wait. This isn't poisoned, is it?"