Challenger Deep


After the nuclear explosion from Striker Eureka, the shockwave from the explosion mixed with the pure power of the explosion caused great damage to the surrounding rock formations. The blast hit a rock wall and the wall started to crack and crumble. But when the water came back, the cracks grew and then fell apart, and revealed a massive serpent like creature with four legs and lots of horns.

The creature acted distorted at first, like it had just gotten up from a long sleep. The creature, still a little disoriented, swam in random directions always ending in it going in circles. Then the creature stopped when it found something on the ocean floor, nearly incinerated. It was the one half of Raiju. Most of the carcass was deformed from the explosion. The creature sniffed the carcass for a moment. Then it opened it's mouth and bit into the carcass and ripped off a small chunk of flesh. Raiju's blood slightly leaked out and into the ocean.

Suddenly, a loud, but slightly muffled, roar echoed throughout the ocean floor, bouncing of the rocks. The roar got the creature's attention and it went to the source of the roar. By the time it got to the source, there was nothing. The only thing there was a large hole in the ocean floor with a glowing orange like substance that was all over the bottom of the hole.

The creature circled around the hole, making sure it was safe. Then something shot out from the hole and rose to the surface. The creature began to pursue the object and began ascending faster than the object in order to cut it off. The creature was about strike when the surface came and the light slightly blinded the creature and drove it down to slightly deeper depths where the creature's eyes were starting to slowly adjust to the light above. The creature began ascending again once it's eyes adjusted.

It began to head toward the object and another object that had been following the first object. The creature slowly swam up under the first object. Once it got close enough, the creature bit into the object and swam down with it. But once the creature began it's descent, the object it had was only shards of metal and other materials. The creature began ascending again and headed toward the second object.

Once it got close enough, it grabbed the object. But the object, like the first one, broke into shards. The creature began swimming toward a land mass.

The creature began swimming toward Guam.



Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori were taken to Guam for any kind of physical or mental injuries. Raleigh had a slight concussion from the ascent and also sustained minor slight injuries from the battle. Mako was fine and was waiting at a hospital helipad for a helicopter to come and pick her up and take her back to the Hong Kong Shatterdome.

Once the helicopter landed, Mako got on and was given a headset. The helicopter began to take off and headed towards the ocean. She looked at the ocean and thought about the things that came from the depths.

As she looked at the ocean, she noticed a large silhouette that boobed into view every now and then. She tapped on of of the crew member's shoulder and pointed towards the silhouette and said, "Whats that, out in the ocean?"

The crew member leaned forward and out the window to look. All he saw was the blue ocean and waves along with a fe birds. He leaned back and said, "It was probably just a pod of whales or something. Relax. You've been through a lot."

Mako glanced at the crew member for a few seconds and then returned her gaze to where she saw the silhouette. It was gone. But Mako knew that it was too big to be a pod of whales and was definitely real. Once she couldn't see the spot anymore, she looked around the ocean.

A day later, Mako and Raleigh were both standing in Shatterdome's landing pad. Raleigh still had a slight concussion but was fit enough to return to his duties. Mako had told their superiors about the silhouette she saw and stated her concerns that another kaiju could be loose.

At first, everyone believed Mako. But then Hermann Gottlieb said, "Thats impossible. You both would have most likely seen the kaiju exiting the breach. And even if you didn't we have scanners that watch over the breach twenty four seven. Unless our systems malfunctioned and missed the kaiju, there couldn't be a kaiju."

The majority of the people there agreed with Hermann. But then Newton Geiszler said, "Your right Hermann. But lets all think back to the Hong Kong incident. Leatherback managed to shut down our systems for a long time. This was a weapon of sorts that was built into the kaiju's structure. Considering this, maybe another kaiju did in fact get through the breach undetected. It could have probably hid itself from any kind of surveillance system. Anything that can disprove my theory, Hermann?"

Hermann stood there, thinking. Meanwhile, Mako said, "Newton is right. This kaiju could have hidden itself from our scanners."

One of the people in the meeting said, "If you saw this, thing. What did it look like?"

Mako thought for a moment before saying, "Whatever it was, it was long. Thats all I could tell."

After a few more conversations, it was decided to station a group of submarines around the coast of Guam just in case. Also, they agreed to rebuild a new version of The Gypsy Danger just in case that this kaiju was real.

But little did they know that this kaiju wasn't from the breach. And this kaiju wasn't even an appetizer to the main course of the hidden kingdom of horrors buried beneath the surface.