Ophelia Potter became the master of death when she collected all the Hallows. She could no longer age and she was doomed to forever be Deaths minion, which was the very opposite of the title 'Master of Death' implied. Death used three brothers as a ploy, to find a helper, a minion to relive her workload, and when she finally found Ophelia, someone worthy and capable of handling the duties of the master of death, she bestowed upon her the unwanted gift of eternal life.

Being the Master of Death was a tedious job, Ophelia handed the ripples in time caused by the actions or inactions of individuals, this meant she was supposed to travel through time correcting accidents that weren't meant to happen and guide those destined to do great things. Choices. That's what made Ophelia's life so hard. Life was in a constant state of flux and every problem Ophelia fixed led to more ripples in time, which led to more and more and more. By the time Ophelia had almost caught up with deaths neglect of the time ripples she had lived for eons.

For one such assignment Ophelia stood on the streets of Brooklyn, 1940, her appearance similar to that of her original life aiming to look like a woman in her early twenties, she had been instructed to save a teenager from getting hit by a car. Ophelia's magic began to tingle and her eyesight narrowed in on the corner of a street she could see a mother with her child in a pram and two boys, one a dark-haired, well-built boy and the other a scrawny, sickly looking boy. Time rippled around the scrawny boy and Ophelia saw flashes of him in a blue red and white suit white a matching shield, this boy was important.

Ophelia heard the screeching of tires and saw a car speed uncontrollably towards the corner the boys were standing on, she began to move propelling herself to stand between the boys and the car pushing them out of the way, she could've gotten away from the car if she hadn't remembered the mother and her baby the seconds she took to see if they were out of the way left her with no time to get out of the way of the car herself. The car hit her with a sick crunch she could feel her ribs crack and her leg felt like it was on fire stuck under the wheel of the car. Ophelia felt woozy and she couldn't see straight and her entire body felt like it was shutting down. It only took seconds for her world to fade into darkness.

Ophelia knew where she was the moment she woke up she was again in limbo, the place between life and death.

"Ophelia, what have you done now?" sighed a voice behind her. "Well at least I can use this time to talk to you." The voice muttered.

"Death, what do you need?" Ophelia questioned she hadn't seen death in a long time, they were always busy. But that was deaths own fault.

"I need you to stay with these boys for a while I'm getting strange readings off them. I was looking up their charts and it says they don't die until the late 21st century which seems impossible unless they are related to the Norse, but their stats now seem completely human. So I'm going to revive you and you need to stay close to these boys as humanly possible." Death said quickly and genuinely interested in the predicament these boys presented and Ophelia was too.

"I'll do it. As long as I get something in reward." She challenged Death,

"Fine, you can have a vacation from you duties if you do this correctly and find out what causes them to live for so long. But for you to complete this to the standard I hold this assignment at we are going to have no contact unless you die which I hope you don't, because it has taken enough paperwork to make you human. Don't fuck this up Ophelia." He said before muttering "let's hope you're not too badly injured." Then with a snap of his fingers all the pain Ophelia had felt when she was hit came rushing back.

Ophelia moaned in pain, she was in agony her entire body hurt, it hurt to breath and her head felt fuzzy she her leg was in excruciating pain and she felt very woozy. She could vaguely see that she was being wheeled somewhere fast on a stretcher, but the words the doctors were speaking were sounded like gibberish. She felt a prick in her arm and knew it was the anaesthetic and all she could think of was that this better not cause any lasting damage before her mind darkened again.

When Ophelia woke again she was in a brightly lit room that smelt sterile and vaguely of disinfectant. She began to try to move but he pain stopped her it wasn't as bad as yesterday probably due to the medical attention. Oh how Ophelia loathed Hospitals and Infirmaries, she made a face at her displeasure just as a nurse came in. The nurse looked like a bright and cheerful lady, her hair was done up perfectly and her clothes were pristine, then she turned and Ophelia saw her name on the name tag, Nurse Ellen Adams.

Ophelia shifted in discomfort barely able to move due to the constricting bandages and plaster, the sound of the rustling bedsheets drew the nurse's attention, her eyes widened comically.

You're awake!" the nurse exclaimed surprized, she called out to a passing doctor "Doctor Roberts the Jane Doe has woken up." She then turned back to Ophelia, "How are you feeling, any pain?" she questioned. Before Ophelia could speak the doctor rushed in.

"Hello, Miss..."

"Black, Ophelia Black" she said deciding to change her last name to just tie up any loose ends.

"Miss Black, I am Doctor Roberts, how do you feel?" Dr Roberts questioned.

"Like I got hit by a car" Ophelia deadpanned.

"Well that you were, a very noble thing you did saving Mr Rogers and Mr Barnes like that. But firstly we need to address your injuries you have two fractured ribs, a severe concussion, you lost a lot of blood and had bled internally for quite a while before we were able to notice and stop it. Your leg was completely crushed under the weight of the car and the bone fragments caused irreversible harm to your left legs tendons and muscles and there was a high chance of infection and so we made the decision to amputate." Ophelia's eyes traveled to her legs they were covered by a blanket but from the outline she could that her leg now stopped halfway down her thigh and she was left with a stump. Her hands traveled down and she could feel the stitches and the vague pain, but she obviously had a lot of drugs in her system not to feel that much pain. at least she wasn't dead, she could complete this assignment with one leg.

"Now I know this is shocking but we need to run some tests to evaluate the lasting damage to your body." Doctor Roberts stated before signalling to the nurse to inform the specialists they were coming. As Ophelia was transferred to a wheelchair and wheeled down to another wing of the hospital where her recreated humanity and recent injury stirred a lot emotions within her soul and caused her mind to wander to her family before all this happened. Would she ever see them again? Feelings that she hadn't dwelled on for centuries came pouring back out coupled the freshness of these new injuries and the shock of her amputated leg. Tears rolled down her face and passers-by looked at her sympathetically assuming she had been told some terrible news.

The tests passed by quickly, Ophelia was on auto pilot she did everything the doctors told her but she wasn't actually processing the information.

"Miss Black... Miss Black?" Doctor Roberts questioned "are you listening?"

"I'm sorry doctor, it just been a lot of information." Ophelia said defeatedly. "What were you saying?" she questioned.

"I was telling you about your options for your leg. As I was saying could get you fitted for a prosthetic leg, as they man whose car crashed into you has offered to pay seeing as how he feels so terrible. If you don't want that you may be confined to a wheelchair or crutches." Dr Roberts said sympathetically.

"I guess I will get fitted for a prosthetic then." Ophelia sighed, a prosthetic, she hated the idea, they weren't that good in the early 40's without the demand that the end of World War Two created for them.

Ophelia was given a temporary prosthetic for her leg and she was pretty good at using it too, considering how awful rehab was in this decade, she was healing at a much faster rate than usual due to her magic speeding up her healing process. She was being hailed as a miracle by some of the doctors. Ophelia knew she needed to be more discreet but she hated hospitals and she wanted to be out of their as soon as possible. Almost a week after the incident they doctors told Ophelia that the boys whose lives she saved wanted to see her. Ophelia knew that this was her chance to get to know the boys and she jumped on it.

A couple hours passed and there was a knock on the hospital rooms door,

"Come in" Ophelia called, the door opened and three people made their way into the room, it was Nurse Adams and the two teenagers Ophelia needed to befriend.

"Wotcher!" Ophelia called mimicking Tonks, her mood significantly brightened with new company. Ophelia stood shakily on her prosthetic leg and a soft gasp was emitted from the small one. He probably felt incredibly guilty about her leg.

"Uh, Hi. My Names James Barnes but you can call me Bucky and this is Steve. We brought you some flowers as a thank you." The tall one, James, said somewhat nervously a mix of guilt and pity radiating off him, as much as Ophelia hated pity she didn't comment on it.

"Thanks," Ophelia said softly making her way over slowly on her leg to collect the flowers she was going pretty good before she stumbled and fell straight into James' chest. "Sorry" she apologized her words muffled sue to James' chest. Ophelia stepped back to steady herself cheeks flushed.

"It's all good Doll" James said as the Nurse left with a promise to come back with a vase for the flowers. The three continued to talk until visiting hours were over and they left with a promise to visit her tomorrow and with that a tentative friendship began, between two childhood friends and the girl who had risked her life to save them.