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(AD) 2091

London, England

'Such nice weather, this time of year.' Were the thoughts of a young man with short Crimson red hair, dark blue eyes. He's wearing a black suit, white button up shirt and black shoes. He's watching the falling rain from the window of a coffee Shop.

Hearing footstep behind him the young man speaks. "Glad you could make it, Mister Schenberg."

"When someone I've never met just calls me out of the blue, my curiosity gets the best of me." Said the older gentleman taking a seat.

"Not a problem, it's in Human nature." Said the young man.

"Before we go on you know who I am but who are you?" Question Schenberg.

"Apologizes, you may call 'N' and the reason I called for this meeting is I have a proposal for you, Mister Aeolia Schenberg." The now named 'N' said and for the next two hours the two men talked before parting ways.


Krung Thep

So this is the first generation model were the thoughts of 'N' as he gazed upon the machine in front of him. As soon as he arrived 'N' was introduced to engineering crew and shown the 0 Gundam. The next few months were spent conducting the 0's performance tests. Once all tests were completed, N was assigned armed intervention with the condition was there are no witnesses. This was the pattern for the next three years when the development of the second generation Gundams began. 'N' was involved in the primary testing for units one, two and four, since unit three was for use on Earth, while the meisters were recruited. In 2290, When three of the four intended meisters were chosen, N was reassigned back to missions.


Krung Thep

It was easy to tell that their new recruit Chall Acustica was unnerved, but that's to be expected after meeting the unsocial Marlene Vlady and the mysterious Gundam Meister 874. In her opinion the only normal person she's met so far is her guide and fellow Meister Ruido Resonance. Her mood was so what lifted after seeing the second generation Gundams and now the two were headed down a different hallway. All Ruido told her was there was one more person she needed to meet. Eventually the duo reached another hangar.

"That's the only first generation Gundam, the 0 Gundam." Ruido explained before Chall could ask referring to the only machine in the room.

"Why does it like ready for combat?" The new Meister asked as she saw the machine was armed.

"That's because it is. You see our duty as second generation Meister are performance test for our Gundams, the first generation are different. I don't know what they do exactly but." Before Ruido could say anymore the two of them heard footsteps behind them. A figure in a gray pilot suit approached them his face hidden due to the tinted visor.

"'N' headed out for another mission?" Ruido asked as N stopped in front of the two.

The figure nodded and said in a monotone. "A civil war in southern Africa broke out."

"Sounds like an interesting mission. By the way this our new recruit." Ruido said putting his hand on her head and messing with her hair.

N said nothing and headed towards the Gundam before Chall could say anything.

"How rude." Chall pouted

"That's just how he is. When I first arrived, he didn't said anything to me for the first few months." Commented the red haired Meister.

Chall would see N around the base for the next days and would only get a slight nod and when the space tests concluded, the Earth based ones would begin and no could expect what would happen in less than two years.


Krung Thep

One year ago since the 'quote, unquote' accident that claimed the lives of two comrades, the scarring of another and left a child with no parents. After multiple request to investigate were denied, N couldn't help but suspect foul play was occurring in the background of the organization or perhaps the VEDA the super computer of the organization was hacked. Unfortunately he was the only one as the members were too trusting in the computer system to see logic. As a result, N decided to step away from Celestial Being and into the shadows where he belongs.


Unknown Location

"It's finally time." Said a figure in a black pilot suit, his face concealed by his helmet as he walked to a large figure hidden in the shadows.


Poll is now closed and your winner is the Gundam Sadalsuud. P.S the design will be based off the Type B.

How Naruto is alive will be explained at a later time.