Hello lovelies. So this is kind of a side project. I'm currently in the process of writing five Michael fics. I know right? I might be obsessed. But my main one is currently 11 chapters and I want to get it finished before I post it. This idea came to me and I wanted to get it out. If people want me to continue on with it and see where it goes then I will. So far it stands as 5 chapters.

Can we just appreciate Michael in that uniform though? Lolololol

He's getting all sassy and confident and there's such a huge change in him here and I'm all here for it. So yeah, I hope you enjoy this one.

Not really following the plot too closely. I won't be like going all the way to the end with this fic if I do continue and I bend timelines and events to fit the story. I'm just picking a timeline I like and winging it. If things seem out of the timeline a little or not exactly how it was in the show, it's cause I'm making shit up as I gooooo :')

Title of this song is from Blood On My Hands by The Used. Check it out if you haven't.

You felt the coldness in my eyes,

It's something I'm not revealing.

Though you got used to my disguise,

You can't shake this awful feeling.

Addison's black ankle boots crunched on the dirt as the group of women approached the large sculpture. It looked out of place on its own. People wouldn't know what lurked beneath it from just a glance. She sighed to herself as she listened to Myrtle trash talk the warlocks and tried to tune it out. She felt bad they had to hide underground after what happened to the old school. She didn't really share the sentiments the women she was walking with held. Yes, she was part of the coven. But really, she didn't feel like it. Her parents had sent her to the school to control her magic that was getting a little out of control. And her twin brother Aiden was sent here to Hawthorne. She hated being separated from him. It caused her great emotional anguish, like it was causing her actual wounds to be apart from him. Her unique tie to a warlock meant she didn't just take the side of the coven. If anything, she wished she could just stay here and be with her brother.

She had been 15 when her parents split the twins up and sent her off to New Orleans. Something she'd never forgive them for. She was sick of the looks the other witches gave her. Sick of Miss Cordelia's lectures because of the nature of her powers. It wasn't her fault she was born this way or that she was a twin. And it wasn't her fault she cared for a warlock and didn't buy into their bullshit. It only seemed to create more friction back at the school with the others.

She was wearing a black wrap dress that tied around her small waist and fell just above her knees. Her light brown hair was styled neatly. Pin straight and down past her waist. She had half of it pulled up into a high ponytail and she had a little silver locket adorning her neck. The one thing she liked about embracing herself and her powers was the fashion. Her brother was more than jealous that the girls didn't have to wear a uniform. She had a backpack slung over her shoulder with clothes and essentials. She wasn't part of the council. She was only here because she begged and pleaded to go with them so she could stay with her brother for a few days. She tried to see him at least once a month and after the tantrums she'd throw, Cordelia learnt it was best to let her. It was her twin after all and everyone could see how she seemed to unravel if she didn't get to see him every so often.

She knew there would be tension when they got inside. There always was and she tried to avoid it. The warlocks hated witches because they acted superior to them and acted like they were nothing. And whilst Addison knew witches usually were stronger than warlocks, she never spoke down to them or acted that way. Ariel had told her once she was the only witch he liked and that's why he let her stay for however long she wanted. She was good for the school. Most of the boys followed her around like lost puppies because of them being locked away down here and sometimes she would help teach things when Ariel asked her to. She was quite skilled for her age now at 17. She mastered five of the seven wonders already. She had no desire to be Supreme though. She wasn't cut out for that shit.

She stood behind the others as they descended in the elevator. Once again ignoring the biting remarks about the boys. It wasn't their fault they had to go into hiding but she bit her tongue, not wanting to cause a scene. None of them seemed to understand why they had even been called here. Apparently, it was a waste of their time. Finally, the doors opened and Addison let the ladies get out first as she slowly walked behind them. She heard Ariel before she saw him. His voice hostile as he greeted the women. He didn't hide his disdain well but she couldn't blame him when the witches didn't bother either. She lingered in the door awkwardly, wondering if she should just creep upstairs. She seemed to have gone unnoticed so she slipped past everyone and silently ran up the stairs. She'd go say hi to the man later when he wasn't being antagonised. She made her way up to where she knew her brother's room was, but as her hand grabbed the doorknob, a voice startled her.

"Aiden's not here," the smooth voice called out. She whipped to her right to see a boy with strawberry blonde hair watching her suspiciously.

"What?" she asked as she scrunched up her face. He must have been mistaken. The boy took a few more steps towards her, his hands clasped behind his back as he looked at her like he was sizing her up.

"Who are you?" he asked coldly, ignoring her question completely. Her right eye twitched in annoyance and her hand tightened around the doorknob.

"His twin sister. Where is he?" she huffed. Something akin to recognition passed across his face and she wondered if her brother had told the boy about her. The boy was new, she hadn't ever seen him around. Everyone here knew who she was. She glared at him before opening the room unsure whether she should believe him or not, but when she walked in, the room was empty. She blinked, looking around with furrowed brows.

"Your parents picked him up yesterday. It was your birthday wasn't it?" the boy asked from behind her. Her hand squeezed the strap of the backpack, trying to ignore the dull ache forming in her chest. How could they just leave her behind like that? No one had been to get her. Fuck, her parents hadn't even called her in four months. It stung like a bitch.

"Do you know when he'll be back?" she asked tensely. She wasn't looking at him. Her glare on the bed as she tried to push down the anger and betrayal she was feeling for her parents.

"In two days I think," he replied. She heard his footsteps enter the room more and she clenched her jaw.

"Awesome," she bit out, tossing her bag at the side of the bed and sitting on it. The boy watched her curiously. It didn't take a genius to figure out she was pissed off.

"Why would they take him and not you?" he asked. She squinted at him. He was either stupid or he was trying to rile her up.

"That's what happens when your parents don't give a shit about you," she hissed with a narrowed gaze. He opened his mouth to say something when the sound of heavy footsteps came down the corridor. Ariel appeared in the doorway and gave her a bright smile. One that she didn't return.

"Addison! I didn't see you come in," he said with a warm smile as he walked over. She stood up and let him embrace her but she was still sulking. The boy watched the exchange curiously. All Ariel and the teachers had done is damn the witches since the moment he'd stepped foot in this place. And now he was hugging one and acting like he was glad to see her. He was confused. When Ariel let her go, she sat back down with a sigh. The older man looked at her somewhat sympathetically as he sat in the chair by the desk.

"If I knew you were coming I would have told you. I'm sorry Addison," he frowned. She shrugged as she picked at her nails. It wasn't the first time this had happened and she knew it wouldn't be the last.

"Can I still stay here?" she asked pleadingly.

"Of course you can. You know you're always welcome here," Ariel replied with a smile.

Ariel's eyes landed on Michael then and he beamed a proud smile as he stood and walked over.

"I see you've met! Michael, this is Aiden's sister Addison. Possibly the only witch to exist who I actually respect. Addison, this is Michael. Our newest warlock. He's very talented. We think he's ready to take the seven wonders," he grinned. Addison's eyes widened a little, looking from the boy to the man. She'd never heard of a male Supreme before and she could only imagine the response he got from the council when he broached it.

"Oh, I bet Cordelia and Myrtle loved that," she snorted dryly. Ariel chuckled and shook his head.

"I think you know how it went. But I won't give up. He will take his rightful place as Supreme. They can't deny giving him a chance to take the test because of their own ego's," he said firmly.

"I know. I'm sure if you keep hounding them they'll have to give in eventually," she shrugged. She looked at Michael then and gave him a smile. He was shocked to see it was genuine and he really wondered just who this girl was and why she wasn't like the rest of her coven.

"Alright. Dinners just starting so do come down and join us. Come on Michael," Ariel smiled, patting the boy on the back before making his way to the door. Michael looked at her again like he wanted to say something. But instead, he just gave her a nod and followed his mentor out of the room.

Addison heaved a sigh and she stood up, glancing around the room. The disappointment she felt with the loss of her brother was overwhelming. She grabbed her backpack and opened it up, getting the wrapped parcel out and setting it on his nightstand. She couldn't wait to see him. She hadn't been able to see him in over a month now and it was gnawing away at her. She didn't know why she was so surprised her parents had taken him home for their birthday and not her. It happened more than she cared to admit. And despite the fact she should have been used to it, it hurt her every fucking time. She knew Aiden would only feel guilty when he came back to find her here waiting for him. She knew it wasn't his fault he was the favourite. She never held it against him. But she did hold it against her parents.

"Assholes," she muttered to herself as she padded over to the mirror. She fluffed up her hair a little before leaving the room. She enjoyed dinner here. She never felt like an outsider or like they were judging her. The atmosphere here suited her better than with the coven where it always felt like she was being condemned for nothing. She shut the door behind her and made her way downstairs to the dining room, trying to ignore the pang of loss at the absence of her twin.