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Feel the pain that I never show,

I hope you know,

It's never healing.

I hate to say that I told you so, but I told you so.

After trying to cool herself down a little she headed to the dining hall. The thought of seeing Michael again sent a thrill right through her, but it was quickly snuffed out when she got there and his seat was empty.

"Where's Michael?" she asked, trying to sound casual about it as she ate her food. Today it was a beef dish. Whoever the cook was here was amazing.

"In his room I suspect. It's normal for him to eat up there or sometimes miss dinner altogether. He likes the solitude," Ariel explained. They seemed to make exceptions for the boy since he was to become the new Supreme. Dinner was compulsory, but they seemed to let Michael do his own thing since he was so important.

She ate her dinner as quickly as she could. She needed to see him, it was driving her to the brink of insanity. She excused herself after finishing her plate of food, saying she was tired after a day of teaching and needed to lay down. She made her way upstairs and to his room. It was the room she normally stayed in when she came here. It was vacant and it had been her room when she visited. Now it was Michaels. She knocked on firmly when she got there. It was like all her inhibitions had vanished. The deep desire to see him, be near him. It was consuming her like a raging inferno. He opened the door looking a little less put together than usual. His blazer was off and his shirt was untucked, the top few buttons undone. She didn't wait for him to speak, she just pushed him inside and claimed his lips with pure need.

He waved his hand and the door slammed shut as he grabbed at her hips, kissing her roughly.

"Couldn't wait to see me?" he smirked against her lips when they came up for air. He was such a tease and she was done with the games and flirty touches. She went to kiss him again but he moved away just a little and tutted at her. She frowned at him and almost pouted.

"I didn't appreciate you sending me away like that," he drawled with a devious smirk. She felt the panic bubble inside of her. He wouldn't turn her away, would he? She felt desperate. She wanted him and she was going to get him. She knew just the way to do it too. She might not be able to read minds like he could but she'd sussed him out pretty well. She fluttered her long lashes at him as she gave him a coy look with her doe-like eyes. She kissed up his jaw to his ear, nipping it a little. She felt how his hands tightened on her hips.

"I need you my lord, my Supreme," she purred in his ear. She knew she'd pushed the right button when a rumble of a growl erupted from his throat. She knew he liked his ego being stroked. To feel important.

Suddenly she was pushed against the door, a hand around her throat as his lips captured hers in a bruising kiss. She gasped into his mouth at the force of it but it was welcome. She always liked it a little rough.

"I wanted to rip his beating heart right from his chest for interrupting us," he growled against her lips. A soft moan left her lips. Maybe she shouldn't have been so affected by his dark words, but she was. A sly grin worked its way onto his face as his hand squeezed her throat just a little more. He leant in, brushing his nose along her neck and inhaling her sweet scent.

"I bet you'd like that wouldn't you? Me killing someone for you," he purred in her ear as he arched against her. All she could do was nod. Her body was in overdrive with the sheer need for him. He kissed and nipped her neck, making his way back to her mouth, kissing her roughly.

Her hands fumbled with his buttons, wanting him to be less dressed than his current state. His greedy hands grabbed her thighs roughly as he pushed his clothed erection against her. She moaned, her back arching at the contact and he kissed and nipped his way down to her neck again. She finally got the shirt unbuttoned and pushed it off his shoulders, letting the fabric fall to the floor. He pulled her dress up and yanked it off her desperately, tossing it across the room. Their hands groped one another with pure need, skin touching skin that left a blazing trail behind. She kicked off her shoes and he did the same, the pair parting for a brief moment. He quickly shed his pants and boxers and she unclasped her bra and threw it somewhere. She had no idea where it went, she couldn't care less.

She pushed his firm chest and he fell back onto the bed. Propping himself up on his elbows as his eyes drank her in appreciatively. She was only in her panties now and the glow from the fire made her look enticing. She slowly slipped off her panties, watching how his eyes followed the movement. Her own eyes were wandering his beautiful body, settling on his rock hard cock. The excitement she felt was unparalleled and she could feel how wet she was. She straddled him, leaning down and kissing him roughly as she rubbed her slick heat against him. He groaned into the kiss, his hands grabbing at her hips so rough he was sure to leave bruises.

"You're soaked," he moaned against her lips, one of his hands smoothing up the soft skin of her back. She nipped his lip, making him groan again and she smirked at him.

"Its how much I need you," whispered breathlessly. His blue eyes were intense as he watched her. The atmosphere was charged and ready to go.

She reached between them, lining him up with her entrance before sinking down onto his cock. It elicited needy moans from the pair of them at the relief they felt to finally be joined like this. She stilled for a minute, needing to adjust to his size. His hand slowly trailed up her back, relishing in the feel of her as her forehead leaned against his. He reached up, capturing her lips softly as he arched up a little. She moaned, squeezing her eyes shut. She couldn't remember sex ever feeling this good and they hadn't even started yet. She sat up, fingers stroking his chest as she looked down at him. All he could do was blink up at her in awe of her beauty. She started rolling her hips, loving the way his lips parted in a gasp. She started moving, finding a rhythm that felt good. One of his hands gripped her thigh, his fingers digging into her flesh. The other hand wandered up her stomach and to her breast, palming at it and making her moan. She started moving a little faster, his little moans and grunts spurring her on. The teasing earlier did little to help her, only making her eager to get her sweet release that she could feel approaching. She bit her lip trying to stifle her moans as she moved faster, loving how he arched up to meet her each time. He was filling her up in the best way and hitting all the right spots.

She felt wanton, riding him with no abandon as she leant her hands on his chest for leverage. The noises he was making were something else entirely. They were driving her wild. She leant down, kissing him desperately as she moaned into his mouth. She could feel she was close to falling over the edge. The hand on her thigh moved to her ass, squeezing it roughly as he rut up into her with a deep groan. She moved away and leaned her forehead on his, the pair of them sweating lightly as they looked into each other's eyes.

"Cum for me Addie," he demanded in a growl. His voice alone was enough to send her over the edge. He watched her with rapt interest as her moans got higher and her body spasmed. She clenched around his cock and he couldn't hold out any longer. Gripping her body tightly as he fucked up into her and spilled himself inside of her with a low moan.

She collapsed on top of him, tucking her face in his neck as she tried to catch her breath. He was panting heavily as his large hands caressed her back and toyed with her hair. They lay there for a minute, basking in the high they were on. Addison felt relaxed. She felt at peace. It was like all of her worries had melted and all that mattered was being there with him in that moment. After a minute, she climbed off him as her thighs were aching like a bitch. She flopped next to him, her hair fanning out around her like a halo. Michael turned on his side to face her, a smile on his face as his fingertips stroked her belly. She glanced at him. Faced flush and a blissful look on her face.

"That was… " she laughed lightly as she trailed off. She didn't even have words. He laughed boyishly as his eyes sparkled.

"It was," he replied, cupping her cheek. She rolled over to face him fully then and welcomed his lips on hers. The kiss wasn't needy or desperate now. Their lust sated and desires fulfilled. It was tender this time. A lazy kiss of lovers in the afterglow of post-coital bliss. When he moved away he smiled adoringly at her and she could only return it. She really didn't know where this was going but it felt different than her time with other boys. Normally she couldn't wait to get out of there fast enough.

Michael pulled the blanket over them both and pulled her closer. Letting her snuggle up to him with her arm slung around his middle, her face in the crook of his neck. He rested his head onto hers, his arms snaking around her like he thought she might float away. One of his hands tangled in her hair as he rubbed her scalp affectionately and she hummed as she closed her eyes. She was exhausted now. She felt tired and content. They lay with each other until they both fell into a blissful deep sleep in each other's arms.