Harry Dresden, PI and Wizard.

Yep, that's me.

And I would say that I'm handsome and a ladies man but we all know that's not the case, my brother is. Advantages of being a White Court Vampire.

No, I don't want to become a damned incubus, I have already had enough trouble with women already and probably will have more.

Anyways, it seems I would probably add one more thing to my curriculum: Hero.

Don't laugh, it's serious! It's that Spear's fault!

Look, I don't consider myself a hero, despite coincidentally matching some of the definitions like a defender of justice or someone who realizes the impossible.

I'm just a weirdness magnet wizard who tries his damndest to do good, that's all.

Unfortunately, the kind of weirdness I'm in is on another league from what I'm accustomed to. And that's saying for someone who deals with the supernatural daily, like being the lapdog of a queen fairy bitch, having a perverted talking skull in my basement, mounting on zombie dinosaurs or just defeating and surviving Outsiders.

From what some of my Asian comrades say, I was in a isekai situation. Which literally translates directly into "another world" from Japanese. It was apparently a genre so overused and cliched that sometimes is cringy, though there are some that are very good and subvert some of the stereotypes. Maybe I should read some of them, if I return home.

… now that I think about it, how did I got past the Outer Gates, much less without encountering any kind of eldritch abomination?

For now, I'll just put it as "magic bullshit from another dimension", at least until I encounter some other explanation, instead of "Divine Spear chose me, I must go out of my world to save another!".

*Sigh* It seems my existence only serves to give me more suffering and headaches.

For this is the story of a gamer teenage girl, a very powerful (and cute) Princess Spirit, a teenager wizard boy with another kind of Spirit as a familiar (and somehow wife, don't know if congratulate or pity him) and me, said wisecracking wizard with a pointy and overpowered stick, and how we were transported (read: kidnapped) to save a fantasy RPG-like world, somehow more screwed than ours.

Did I say that each of us come from different versions and times of Earth? And that sometimes I want to quit my job?

AN: Rising of the Isekai Mess is one of the best Rising of the Shield Hero crossovers I've ever read, with all the derailment that came from the characters summoned there, especially Killua and Hajime, thanks KillianAstar!

Now, this is my take on the Four Cardinal Heroes, which come from some of my favourite series: Harry Dresden (Dresden Files), Shino "Sinon" Asada (Sword Art Online), Tohka Yatogami (Date A Live) and Hakuno Kishinami (male) with Caster (Fate/Extra).

Note that some of those series I just know the details from fanfics, wikies or just being in the middle of the novels/anime or whatever media they are.

In fact, I just downloaded all the Dresden Files books until 2014, that means this fic could be updated somewhat late, wish me luck!