Challenge: 365 Prompts Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry

Prompt: Flawless (#365)

In Petunia's eyes, Dudley could do no wrong. He was perfect in every way. Flawless. Just like Petunia. If there was a shattered flower pot on the bench outside or if one of the dishes in the drying rack was found cracked on the kitchen tiles, then it must've been Lily's son, not Petunia's. There was no way Dudley would do something like that.

Petunia sees herself in Dudley. When Harry and Dudley stand side by side, she sees not two young men quickly growing to manhood, but two little girls tightly clasped hand in hand, no older than ten years of age. When Petunia thinks about the future, she sees the past repeated. She sees Dudders, cast aside, and Harry, lauded for everything he's not yet done.

Petunia remembers being left behind when Lily went off to Hogwarts. She remembers the letter she wrote to the Headmaster, asking to get in, and the reply she received. She remembers that it broke her heart to read it. She remembers walking home from school, alone, and that Lily wasn't there to play with her when she got home. Lily was at Hogwarts. Petunia remembers every summer hols where her sister came home, light as a bird, and how odd she felt, watching her sister be happy, when Petunia was the furthest from it.

No one really liked Petunia as a child. She was too tomboyish, she yelled too much, she became frustrated at the tiniest little detail. No one wanted to be her friend. Lily was the only one who wanted to play with her.

Petunia spoils Dudley like she wishes she had been spoiled. She dotes on him because she wants him to like her, his mummy, since she's never had much in the way of friends, her whole life. She spoils him because she doesn't want this to end, these happy days, when she knows that real life will slip through the cracks. In her heart, she knows she'll always be lonely. She misses her sister.