Hyrule, a place of natural and mystical wonder, is the chosen land by the goddesses. Crafted by Din, ordered by Nayru, and breathed upon by Farore, it was blessed with expansive plains and forests, crystalline waters, and enormous mountains and valleys. Its people varied from the long-eared Hylians, the desert-dwelling Gerudo, the amphibious Zora, the rocky Gorons, and smaller, less developed life. As extraordinary as that sounds, I feel as if it is my duty as the sole witness to most of Hyrule's troubles to chronicle the dark side to this country.

Underneath the beauty of Hyrule, there lies a dark curse.

The goddesses, when they left this world, gave to Hyrule the Triforce, a source of power one may call 'ultimate.' They would not be wrong. The Triforce's purpose is to grant anyone any wish they desire, as long as they have a balance of the three virtues; power, wisdom, and courage. Those who do will have access to the Triforce in whole, but those with an imbalance will break the Triforce, and have bestowed unto them the piece that represents the virtue the person exhibits most. In the history that I have watched over the Triforce, I have never witnessed someone take the Triforce in balance. As a matter of fact, the only times one person had held the full Triforce, it was through the other option, that being to take the missing two pieces from the people chosen by them.

And whenever one person sought the Triforce, it meant Hyrule was to be soaked in blood by its curse.

For generations, that curse had taken form in a man named Ganondorf, formerly a king of the Gerudo people, now known as the King of Evil. For centuries, he has come for the Triforce of Wisdom and Courage, already having Power given to him. He would carve his way through the land, unleashing death and destruction in the hopes he would finally succeed. But as you can infer, he had opposition time and time again, and that opposition was in the form of two people; a young girl named Zelda, princess to the land of Hyrule and possessor of the Triforce of Wisdom, and a young boy named Link, a proficient swordsman and the possessor of the Triforce of Courage. Time and time again they would push Ganondorf from his goals, defeating him and saving Hyrule from the darkness. Though their names are lost in Hyrule's history, in my history, they are permanently inked forever. I owe them a great deal, after all.

The last time the curse of darkness enveloped Hyrule, it was me who blanketed it.

When I assumed my post to watch over the Triforce, it was just after the last cataclysm prior to the present one. The Hero and Princess had just stopped the Demon King, and, to protect Hyrule, divided his spirit across space and time. Interested by what transpired, I went back in time and watched the Hero and Princess saved an unknown land beneath the clouds, pass through time to stop evil, and combat between the worlds of light and twilight, and many more calamities. Through each of them, the story was the same. They were always together, Link and Zelda were. Nothing divided them. Not even the other women in the various heroes' lives came between Courage and Wisdom, and though I cannot say how they felt, I knew jealousy brewed in my heart.

That jealousy became longing, that longing became lust, and that lust...became a mission.

Eight years ago was when I began my war with Hyrule, and at the same time, I fought to protect it. I was literally split in two, my dark desires manifested in a being called Cia, while the rest of me became Lana. Cia raged war across Hyrule, eventually coming to the kingdom's doorstep at Hyrule Castle. It was there that the Princess and Hero emerged once again, but failed to defeat Cia's forces, and allegedly lost the Princess to the Dark Forces. That lead Link and the princess' guardian Impa on a manhunt, eventually leading them to the Faron Woods, where they joined forces with the mysterious Sheik, Lana and her ally, the Gerudo Prince Joshua. Together, the five of them made way to where Cia waited, but they were surprised when she revealed she had the Triforce of Power. Another surprise came when she took Courage from Link and Wisdom from Sheik, the latter known to be in possession of the Princess. Using the holy power, she opened gateways across time, summoning three of broken fragments of evil to her.

The heroes split, tasked with closing the gates of time. Along the way, they made new allies and enemies (including the young Hero of Time), Zelda was revealed to be Sheik in disguise, and Joshua was threatened by Cia with the genocide of his people. Returning to the present, the prince's fears were confirmed; his home was attacked, and his people massacred. In his hands, his best friend denied him to save her life.

Cia's troubles had begun too. The darkness in her grown too strong, it manifested into Ganondorf. Unable to fight back against him, she sent the Triforce to Link, Zelda, and Joshua, hoping to buy herself time to make an assault against the Hyruleans and make Link hers. That would be her downfall, as her body began to deteriorate from her expansive use of her power sapping on her life force. Though Lana pleaded with Cia to stop and even engaged her in battle, the Dark Sorceress fell.

The Hyrule Warriors were successful, and with the Triforce, returned Hyrule to normal. Their allies from the past returned to their respective time, Lana, in sorrow, departed, and the remaining four returned to Hyrule Castle. Peace returned to the land, but the five of them weren't unaware of the hiding threat. They had engaged Ganondorf previously, and it was only a matter of time they would do so again.

Nearly a year later, on the day Zelda was coronated Queen, the Demon King struck. Fresh from a battle with Impa, Lana, and Joshua (resulting in Ganondorf claiming the Triforce of Power), Ganondorf and his minions attacked Hyrule Castle, forcing Link and Zelda to confront him. That bodes ill for them, as they were defeated and Ganondorf assembled the completed Triforce. But the light was not extinguished. Zelda led an attack in the Gerudo Desert to eliminate Ganondorf's minions, but the battle was taking its toll on the Hyrulean Army. However, reinforcements from Lana recalling their friends from the past and Joshua leading the surviving Gerudo into battle, the battle was won. Rallying, Hyrule marched on to the castle, engaging in a final battle with Ganondorf and his remaining allies. The castle was taken, Ganondorf and his band of evil were defeated, and not even Ganon himself was able to win. Hyrule saved, the five heroes wished again for peace to return.

It didn't last for long.

Just weeks later, Lana and Joshua were attacked by an unknown entity. Eager to finish off what Cia started, Link, at Impa's command, took the army and ventured into the gate, landing in a world much different from their own, with a history unfamiliar. There, Link joined forces with a girl named Tetra and another boy dressed the same as Link and with the same name. At the battle's conclusion, Tetra was taken by a large bird back to the present, first to the desert (with Josh and Lana joining the team) and to the Temple of Souls, where Lana made a controversial plan to revive Cia. Successful, the group returned to the unknown time period and faced the entity known as Phantom Ganon.

With the final gate closed, Hyrule was finally at peace...or so it seemed. I returned to my duties at the Temple of Souls, merging light and dark to become whole again. There I watched the lives of my friends over the following seven years. I watched the fated romance of Link and Zelda fall apart, and take took a negative toll on everyone in their lives. But who I watched the most was the man I left behind, who was my first ally in the war, who saved me many times over, but I had broken his heart just as many times. The Gerudo King had closed not only his desert from the world but himself as well. Throughout the seven years, I watched the three of them, and I wished that I could see them one more time, to return the bond we all had in the war that was to be known as the War Across the Ages.

Seven years later, the chance would favor me, yet it would be under unfortunate circumstances. We had faced many evils in the war, but none came close as to the one that would strike. For while the evils of the past were apparent, this one was well hidden.

We didn't have a legend of the evil we face. We never heard of it, never read of it, even when we traveled through time, it was still unknown history.

So as the Guardian of Time, I, Lanacia, must chronicle this story too, but I must forewarn you. It will not be a glorious story of good beating evil. It won't be romanticized so that you can dream about it. No, I am going to pen the truth of what my friends and I experienced seven years after the war because, apparently, the War Across the Ages was just a battle in the war against Hyrule's curse, while another war had been on pause for millions of years, one that began long before Demise and Hylia waged theirs.

As I sit here on the rubble of Castletown, beaten and bleeding from the battle with the enemy, I begin to think about the events that have unfolded. The war with Cia, it was my fault. The war with Ganondorf, it was Joshua's stubbornness that led to it. This one, it could have all been prevented had Zelda and Link never been separated...