What Makes You Think You're the One?

"Every little bit

Is there

To see

Every little bit

Of you

And me"

~ Then ~

Cordelia had decided to go out for a night, she found herself becoming content with her own company, but missed being with another person. A part of her hoped Misty would come back for her, that they would be able to be together again. As the years went on the hope faded but never disappeared. The thought of being with anyone else still felt like a betrayal of some kind, despite the ridiculousness of it. It felt as if they were still bound together, separated but inseparable. An impossible circle of unhappiness for both of them. Cordelia was just starting to feel lonely.

And then she met Hank, one night at a bar. It was nothing special, it was just nice to be looked at, to be seen. Cordelia knew what she was being seen as, nothing more than a drunk fling, but in that moment it was beyond her to care. She needed to be close to someone again. It was empty and unfulfilling, but it was better than being alone. She was surprised when he called her the next day, agreeing to a date. Maybe this would be enough, the life her mother wanted for her.

It was hard not to think about Misty, even as time went on. Where was she? What was she doing? Did she still think about her? Cordelia knew they were always tethered together, as if she could still feel a speck of her presence with her. She couldn't tell if it was real or something she had put in her head as a way to comfort herself, but she hoped more than anything it was real and that Misty could feel her with her too. She felt it every time she wore her ring, never failing to smile at the sight of it.

~ Now ~

Cordelia knew something was coming. It was Michael, it had to be. The last couple of days she had noticed herself beginning to feel weaker. There were a few times she had nearly passed out, no warning, as if from nowhere. She knew what it was, she could feel it in her bones. He wasn't close but she knew he was coming. She had done her best to hide the fact she was growing weaker from Misty but knew there was no use. She could tell by the way Misty looked at her she knew, but nothing would be said until she was ready.

In the 2 years that had passed since Misty's return, the two had been deliriously happy, at times driving those in the house a little crazy. They had just spent so much time apart, that their time together meant that much more. They had known what a life without one another was like and could fully appreciate each and every second they now had together.

The idea of marriage had come up a few times, girls within the house asking on more than one occasion and the two discussing it with one another. Misty knew if she was going to be married it would be to Cordelia, she always did. Neither felt a need to rush, knowing that they would feel when the moment was right. Cordelia knew she wanted to be the one to propose, although she never said anything in case Misty had plans of her own.

The two sat at the table in the kitchen, long after the rest of the house had gone to bed. Candles floated around the room to give them just enough light to see one another, looking at each other with warm eyes and a wide smile, their hands intertwined at the side of the table. Cordelia twisted Misty's rings, admiring each of them.

"You like 'em?" Misty laughed, raising her eyebrow as she spoke.

"This one reminds me of the ones I got for you." Cordelia replied with a smile.

"The frogs."

"Yeah, the frogs." Cordelia chuckled.

"I thought of you whenever I was wearin' 'em." Misty's grip on her hand tightened and she leaned in, needing to be closer to Cordelia.

"Me too. I always felt close to you."

"You're pretty close to me now, aren't ya?" Misty leaned in, kissing Cordelia softly, her hand coming to gently grip her neck.

"Happy two years, baby." Cordelia bit her bottom lip as she smiled.

~ Then ~

Misty slipped out the window in the early hours of the morning, the sun just beginning to creep up. It was her routine. Stay the night but never stay until morning. Most of her dates were women just outside of town, far enough away she knew she wouldn't run into them in town, but close enough she could drive to work the next morning. Casual was all she could do, the idea of trying again still remained too painful for her. It wasn't enough to pretend with someone, pretend to be in love when her mind was still on Cordelia. The idea of having to go through the same pain was an unbearable thought, so one night stands seemed like the best option.

A part of her thought about going back to New Orleans, the fear of Fiona always looming over the idea. She didn't know what she wanted out of it. If it was just to see Cordelia, and even if she did what then? Was she supposed to be comforted by her being alone? And if she wasn't, should she be happy she doesn't have to be lonely? The thought was too painful. Neither would give Misty the closure she needed, because it was something that just didn't feel finished.

Dolores, who Misty had come to know as Dolly, had sensed something in Misty since she had started working at the shop. She knew there was something that happened for her to come here, it certainly wasn't a town you'd come to out of choice. Nearly everyone in town had been there generations, or had come to work at the local plants. Misty had confided in Dolly about her life before the academy, but hadn't gone into much detail about her time there. It was too much, something she almost wished to forget. It almost felt like an entirely different world, yet she found herself unable to leave, to move forward. As if a piece of her would always be there, or wishing to be.

Dolly wanted Misty to feel safe. She took pity on the girl, hearing about her childhood of instability, she did her best to make Misty feel comfortable with her and in the store, hoping it could be some sort of haven for the girl. It had taken a while for Misty to become comfortable but eventually it became a sort of home for her. It was enough of one for her. Dolly reminded her immensely of Myrtle, finding it hard at first to see her and not imagine Myrtle sitting before her. Misty came to feel like Dolly was what it was like to have a grandmother. It was new and emotional for her, but it made her happy and feel loved. She knew that in this small little town where she barely knew anyone, she was important to someone.

Misty was quite tight lipped about her late night dates out of town, but when she moved in with Dolly they became a little harder to hide. As the years had passed, it was harder for Dolly to do everything she used to do, Misty moving into the basement to help her look after the garden and the yard, a few things around the house. In a way it was nice for them both to have someone to come home to. Dolly would wait up for Misty, no matter the time, making sure she got home safe.

It was one night when Dolly was waiting up for Misty that everything came out. Dolly had mentioned the idea of trying to really date someone when Misty opened up to her, telling her about what had happened at Miss Robichaux's and how she ended up moving into town. She cried as she spoke, as if it was the first time she was admitting it to herself and not just to Dolly. It was like saying it out loud somehow made it real. After that Dolly didn't say anything about coming home late, just continuing to stay up to make sure she made it home safe.

Cordelia had gone on a few dates with Hank and had found it more than bearable, almost enjoyable. They kept going on dates here and there, before she knew it they had been going out for nearly a year. She had woken up after he left for work one morning, looking through his drawers out of curiosity and coming across a ring. The idea made her sick. Did he really want to get married? Was that where this was headed?

The idea of marriage had been something Cordelia always thought of growing up, but had evaporated after Misty had left. She had almost forgotten about the idea completely, but the ring in front of her was a pretty big reminder. She thought of Misty and wondered if she had found anyone, if she was happy. As if seeing her would help her decide what to do.

~ Now ~

Cordelia smiled as she looked over at Misty, still asleep, curled up next to her, her arm lazily wrapped around her waist. Cordelia played with the loose strands of Misty's hair that brushed against her face, slowly waking up her. Misty's land left it's place on Cordelia's waist, grabbing her wrist and gently kissing the palm of her hand before bringing it to rest on her cheek. It was something so simple and so tender, but made Cordelia feel filled with so much love. She would never tire of how Misty looked at her, her eyes radiating the love she held for her with each glance, making her smile every time she did.

"I love you." Misty said as she woke up, leaning in to kiss Cordelia deeply.

"Marry me?" The words left Cordelia's lips softly as Misty pulled away.

"Are you being serious?" Misty sat up, fully awake now.

Cordelia hopped out of bed and wandered over to her dresser, poking through the box that sat on top, returning to the bed shortly after. The idea had come to her when she had thought about giving Misty back her rings. When she thought of proposing, it felt like nothing could replace the substance that these rings had held. Misty was never someone to wear anything fancy, and something about using the one frog ring to propose just felt right. She held up the ring to Misty, whose eyes were already filled with tears.

"Will you marry me, Misty?" Cordelia smiled wider than she ever had as she spoke.

Misty couldn't answer, all she could do was nod as she cried, the happiness she felt was completely overwhelming. So much had happened and now here they are, getting engaged. Something that had seemed so impossible for so long was now their reality. Cordelia slid the ring onto her finger, barely finishing before Misty pulled her in for a kiss, one full of passion and desire.

It wasn't long before Cordelia found herself moaning, Misty's head buried between her legs, Cordelia's hands tightly holding her hair as if to guide her, not that Misty needed any direction. She could sense what Cordelia's body craved and knew exactly how to please her, her tongue rolling over her clit as her fingers teased her core. It was almost impossible for Cordelia to stay quiet, Misty's name leaving her mouth as she gasped for air, Misty's fingers slipping inside bringing her to her peak.

The two were just about to leave their room when Misty grabbed Cordelia by the wrist, pulling her back. She grabbed the other ring that Cordelia had set on the dresser, sliding it onto her left hand.

"One is you and one is me. Just makes sense we each have one."

Their hands refused to leave one another as they made their way downstairs, Madison rolling her eyes as she walked by.

"We already heard it this morning, we don't need the show." She yelled behind her.

The two laughed and joined the girls for breakfast, Misty standing up to announce their engagement to everyone, happiness radiating off of her. Myrtle had been the most excited for them, although Queenie and Zoe weren't far behind. Myrtle had started crying tears of joy at the table after Misty's announcement, making her way over to embrace the two of them.

"I'm so glad you were able to find your way back to each other."

~ Then ~

At first she didn't think it could be real, but something within her just knew. She could always feel her when she was around, the closer she got the deeper she felt it. Misty smile was hollow as she looked at the woman across from her. A brunette, she rarely ever went for blondes. She wasn't paying attention to the conversation, just nodded and agreed from time to time. She was just waiting for the bill so they could leave and get what they came for.

Cordelia could see the sadness that loomed over Misty, or maybe she just hoped to see it. She watched as Misty smiled at the woman who sat in front of her. They looked happy, at least any stranger would think so. She had told herself she wouldn't let herself get too close, that she just needed to see her one last time, but she couldn't help it.

Misty covered the bill and they got up to leave when she looked out the window. She didn't believe it, it was her mind playing games with her. She couldn't be here. How could she be here?

"You know, I think I'm gonna head home, I'll call you though." Misty said as her date went to leave, a confused look coming across her face.

"Did I do something or?"

"No, no I just, I forgot I can't tonight. I took an early shift in the morning."

"Oh, okay, sure." The woman sighed and left, Misty waiting a few minutes before leaving herself.

The rain had only started when she arrived at the restaurant but was now beginning to pour down. The place had been busy, forcing her to park a few blocks down. Misty was never one who minded the rain, something about it comforted her. She made her way to her car, noticing that there was someone following her. She didn't want to acknowledge it, but she knew she couldn't run.

She stopped as came to her car, turning to face the woman behind her, her eyes already filled with tears.

"Misty?" Cordelia's said, her voice nearly breaking.