Nice to meet you, where you been?

I could show you incredible things

Magic, madness, heaven, sin

Saw you there and I thought

Oh my God, look at that face

You look like my next mistake

Blank Space, Taylor Swift


My favorite thing about Han; we didn't need to talk.

My apprehension faded not long into the smooth, sun-drenched drive. I was so relaxed around him that I was cat napping in the passenger seat by the time we pulled up to a beautiful deserted stretch of beach. The shoreline curved and was covered in rocks in a way that created a private little nook. Even if someone was coming, we'd probably be able to hear them before they saw us. With no one anywhere to be seen, we took advantage of the isolated stretch of paradise.

The sweltering heat soaked into my bones and was a welcome relief from the cold office in LA. The longer I laid on the beach staring at the crystal blue waters, the further away that life seemed. Thinking about going back to that controlled, cold sterile grey box was getting harder and harder to do.

Han wasn't helping. He was a beautiful distraction; no judgment or expectation. He made me feel things that Marcus never did and I was going to miss that when this ended. We spent hours laying on a blanket in the sand, drinking beer, and enjoying the breeze. The only thing that ended our perfect day was the crack of thunder in the distance.

I sat up, propping my weight on my elbows with a frown. The wind was picking up, carrying a black cloud with it. It was a long way off, but I could see the beautiful streaks of lightning over the water and I could smell the rain.

Beside me, Han lazily raised his head and rolled over onto his back. He downed the rest of his beer as he stared off into the upcoming thunderstorm. I waited for him to start gathering up our things with some kind of urgency, but he stretched, taking time to flex every muscle in his arms and chest.

"Are we heading out or what?" I finally asked.

"Yeah." He eventually answered before he reached over and poked me gently in the chest. He threw me a lazy smile. "You are just about sunburned anyway."

"Yeah, that's the danger of tanning topless," I answered as I tossed my tank top on over my head and shoved my bikini top into my bag. He shrugged again.

"Were you serious about learning to work on cars?"

"Yeah," I answered as I stood, dusting off the sand. I was tossing everything back in my beach bag when Han finally stood up and started to help.

"You know the Road Runner needs an oil change." He said breezily. Together, we started folding our beach blanket. It was becoming more and more difficult with the wind from the sudden storm.

"You'd teach me?" I asked incredulously.

"Yeah." He said liked it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Forgetting the storm for a second, I stopped folding our towels and snuck a look at him. A boyish, mischievous smile was spreading across his face. I felt my own pulling at the corners of my lips.

Thunder boomed again, but this time much closer.

"We have to go," I told him as I grabbed my bag off the group.

"Yep." He replied as he threw the cooler over his shoulder.

We jogged for the car. The wind was throwing my hair into my face. Han laughed at me, but once we reached the car he helped me sweep it out of the way before he opened my door. It took us less than a minute to throw everything in, which was perfect timing because the sun had disappeared behind the clouds. Han threw the car into gear, and for the first time, he really drove.

"Do you melt when you get wet?" I asked him breathlessly.

He took yet another turn aggressively without slowing down at all. The needle of the speedometer kept climbing. I should have been nauseated at that point. Hell, if Brian was driving I probably would have already thrown up out the window, but Han was a smooth driver. His movements were fast, but they were completely controlled. I wasn't even scared when he slid the back end of the car out around turns on the barely paved road. He was a street racer, I already knew that, but he had so much more skill than I was expecting.

"It's because I'm so sweet." He answered.

"Fuck that!" I laughed.

If this was Han's driving, then what was Dom's driving like?

We started out driving towards Sayulita, but then he took a turn off a side road. I felt myself stiffen up in my seat at the sudden change of direction. It didn't help that lightning was streaking down from the sky all around us and I could see the deluge of rain coming from the clouds behind us. Han was outrunning the rain for the second, but that wouldn't last long.

Sure enough, the bottom fell out of the clouds right as he turned down a long driveway right outside the city. He grumbled about having to wash his car the entire time he backed his car into a large garage.

At one time, I was sure this used to be a business, but for the moment it looked closed. The only cars inside were Letty's Barracuda and Toretto's red Chevelle. My stomach dropped the second I saw that red Chevelle. I was not supposed to be here. It was going to be nearly impossible to pretend he didn't exist when we were in his garage.

"So this is your friend's place?" I hoped my voice didn't sound shaky, but my heart rate was entirely too high and I definitely felt nauseous now.

"Yeah. Dom. The one with the red Chevelle." He gestured carelessly towards it. I tried to smile, but I'm sure it came out as more of a grimace. "Why a red Chevelle?"

"Why not a red Chevelle?" I asked in his normal style of answering questions. He didn't look impressed. "My neighbor used to leave his garage door up and work on his red Chevelle when I was growing up. He was a crotchety old fart that was thoroughly convinced that women had no place near cars, but let me hang out with him when things got bad at home."

I bit my lip as soon as the words left my mouth. I was not supposed to tell the truth around him. I was not supposed to open up. This was sex and sex only, damn it.

If it was just sex, then why did I agree to go back to his garage with him to work on cars?

"You ready to get started?" He asked brightly.

"Yeah," I said without thinking.

The summer rainshower had dropped the temperature by several degrees, but I was pretty sure that the second it ended the humidity was going to be unbearable. Han was not one to enjoy being outside of the air conditioner, so I was expecting him to start bitching at any second, but instead, he pulled off his shirt, tossed it onto a workbench and started grabbing tools.

Han was surprisingly a good teacher. He explained it enough for me to understand it, but he didn't do it for me. Marcos had a nasty habit of taking over for me like I wasn't capable. Brian got a little too hen pecky sometimes. He was going to be impressed with I came back from Mexico with a little car knowledge.

I was leaning over the engine when I felt Han's fingertips creep up under the back of my tank top. I was about to pour the oil in when I stopped. I glanced at him to make sure I was doing the right thing. He nodded to give me the go-ahead and his fingers went back to tracing patterns into my lower back. By the time I had poured in the quart of oil, his hand had worked up to the front of my shirt, doing everything he knew I liked.

"Are you trying to start something?" I turned around to face him. Without missing a beat, he stepped up until my thighs were pressed against the nose of the Road Runner.

"Absolutely." He replied.

He leaned down to kiss me, slowly and greedily. I met him halfway. My fingers moved up to grab the back of his neck before tangling in the back of his long hair. His hands tightened on my hips, moving around my back, pulling me flush against his strong chest. It wasn't long before he was grabbing the back of my shirt and ripping it off in one smooth motion. His lips left mine before he worked his way down my neck and chest.

I moved my head to the side to give him better access to my neck and caught a flash of something moving in the rain.

"Oh, shit," I muttered without thinking.

I gently slapped him off of me, before I ducked behind his shoulder, pulling him close to me. He grunted in annoyance before he turned to see what I was looking at and caught sight of the bulky bald man walking into the garage. The man's eyebrows shot up in surprise before a wide, amused smile spread across his face. He shot Han an apologetic look.

"Well, I guess we can officially introduce you to Dom." Han sounded mildly annoyed. I chuckled nervously before I could stop the awkward noise from bubbling out of my throat.

All of the blood in my body was currently rushing to my head.

I tried to think of a moment where I had been more embarrassed in my entire life and I couldn't. Not one moment of adolescent gawkiness or professional failures were as bad as this, even though I felt like they were at the. There was something so much worse about being caught with someone I shouldn't be seeing by someone I really shouldn't be seeing.

I wasn't supposed to be here and I knew it. The universe was doing everything in its power to make sure this was a sign I wouldn't miss.

After what felt lIke a century of silence, Han handed me my tank top. It was slightly better than nothing, even though I didn't have a bra. Han stepped to block any view Dom might have had, but it was completely unnecessary; Dominic Toretto was apparently a gentleman because he turned his back to us and was staring out into the rain.

"Are you just changing the oil?" Dom's voice was a deep, smooth growl.

"Yeah. I think I'm going to-" Han went into a long list of changes he was planning to make on the Road Runner while I tried to get myself together.

I quickly sidestepped away from him, trying to put some distance. When I caught a glimpse of his shirt sitting on the workbench, I grabbed it and tossed it to him. He caught it with a naughty smirk.

"Dom, this is Anna." Han finally gave his friend the go-ahead to turn around as he pulled his shirt back on. When he did, my face reignited in new flames.

"Hi," I answered. I had my arms crossed across my chest, trying to hold everything in. I felt so overwhelmingly exposed.

Well, if I acted weird around him I would at least have an excuse now.

"Hi," He answered. He looked terribly amused by the whole thing.

He also looked just like his old FBI photographs. That shouldn't be a surprise. There were plenty of him to compare the real thing to. They started from his mugshot at twenty, from his time with Brian at twenty-five, and went all the way to grainy surveillance screenshots of him a few months ago in Colombia. Come to think of it, there had also been a grainy, black and white photo of a 1970 Chevelle. I was an idiot.

"I've heard my Chevelle gets your attention." God, even Dom's voice was just saturated in amusement.

"Yeah. I looked for one, but I could never find one." I murmured.

I was trying to act like an adult and not an embarrassed little kid, but I was feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. I wasn't supposed to be here. I really wasn't supposed to be here and be caught half-naked.

"She wanted to learn how to do a few things around the garage. I figured with our beach day on hold, this was the place to go." Han sounded entirely too smug. I shot him a look that said as much.

"If you can't find the tool you need in this place, then you have no business around a garage." Dom smiled kindly. He raised his arms in a gesture around the garage. His biceps were significantly bigger than I was expecting. His bulky frame absolutely dwarfed me.

He moved towards me and I startled. Dom looked taken aback by my sudden movement. He shot Han a look before he reached into our abandoned beach cooler and pulled out a Corona. There was a look exchanged between them that said they'd talk about it later.

My stomach dropped when I remembered what all Han had overheard. I felt dizzy and I felt my smile get tight. Suddenly realizing I had to do something to be normal, I reached into the cooler and pulled out my own beer. I chugged my first swig so fast I almost choked.

"So this is not how I thought we would meet, if we ever met," I said as soon as I got my beer down. "Not my best first impression. Not my worst either, if we're being totally honest."

Dominic laughed. It was a real genuine laugh. His deep brown eyes lit up when he laughed.

There was only one way to face this, and that was head-on. Han clearly hadn't told him anything, so he didn't know about the murder or the FBI yet. If Han had brought me here to kill me, then it was too late for me anyway. I couldn't fight both of them. That left the option of getting drunk and just rolling with this.

"Well, first impressions don't have to be lasting impressions. We've got time to start over." His smile didn't drop from his face. "Since you're here, how about you stay for supper?"

I have to get back to my villa. I think I left the oven on. I might have forgotten to lock my door.

"I-I think I'd like that."

AN: The song Blank Space could be used for so many chapters. I got so many ideas reading those lyrics. That song will probably pop up again.