Chapter 1: Message in A Bottle

(Mushroom Kingdom 1,000 years ago)

What was once a happy and beautiful place was now in horribly wrecked. Most of the buildings were smashed to the ground, most of the structures were reduced to ashes, and many of the citizens were badly injured. Even the castle where the princess lived looked like it had taken a heavy beating. Standing outside of what was left of the castle was a young genie girl who looked similar to Shantae as she was trying to cast a healing spell on a large phoenix looking Poke'mon. The genie looked like she had taken a beating, but not as bad as the Poke'mon she was trying to heal. Then a prince who looked similar to Ash rushed up to the genie girl.

Prince who looks like Ash- Azra, please tell me you can fix Ho-Oh?!

Genie who looks like Shantae- I might be able to get him back on his feet at best, but I'm pretty drained myself. Using healing magic on everyone that was involved in that fight against Tabuu…

Ho-Oh- Don't worry…Master…Calmly…

Prince who looked like Ash- Ho-Oh…

The prince quickly rushed to Ho-Oh, kneeled by Ho-Oh's side, and placed his hand over one of Ho-Oh's wings.

Prince who looked like Ash- You shouldn't speak. You need to rest.

Ho-Oh- I'm fine…Master…(grunts)…

Prince who looked like Ash- You shouldn't have done that, Ho-Oh! Shielding me from Tabuu's attack by jumping in the way like that!

Ho-Oh- Master…Calmly…I'm sure…(wheeze)…any of…your other Poke'mon…would've done the same…

Then Ho-Oh passed out, probably due to the strain he was feeling. The prince began crying while continuing to hold Ho-Oh's wing. Then the prince's Pikachu and Charizard (who were also looking in rough shape) appeared behind the prince and looked at their master with a worried expression.

Prince's Pikachu- …Pika Pi…

Prince's Charizard- …(Roar)…

Meanwhile, also outside what was left of the castle, a white hedgehog wearing a cyan blue scarf and had a face similar to Sonic's screamed in pain. The white hedgehog was sitting on what was left of a statue of the current princess of the Mushroom Kingdom while a female cyan hedgehog was trying to wrap bandages around the white hedgehog's open wounds.

Female cyan hedgehog- Chaos! I told you not to move! Former god or not, you and your friends are not indestructible! I need you to stay still if I'm gonna patch those injuries you got from Tabuu.

The white hedgehog who looked like Sonic rubbed his finger under his nose and gave the female cyan hedgehog a faint weak half smile.

Hedgehog who looked like Sonic- Sorry Rainbow…it's just very hard for someone like me to remain still and not move…(grunts)…

Female cyan hedgehog- If you're worried about the damage done during Tabuu's invasion, Kyuubi and Stone Fist already volunteered to help rebuild.

Hedgehog who looked like Sonic- Kyuubi is good at building things, but are you sure Stone Fist won't slack off just to flex his muscles again? That echidna loves to stop whatever he's supposed to be doing just to strike a pose and show off those oversized muscles of his.

Female cyan hedgehog- It's not worth worrying about right now. You and the rest of the team were lucky that you not only defeated Tabuu, but to have survived too.

Over by what was left of the castle wall, a swordsman in a wolf's pelt was sitting down and leading his back against the wall for support while two white wolves were frantically trying to lick his injures clean.

Swordsman in the wolf's pelt- Mom…dad…I'm fine…there's no need for you both to worry like this…

Female wolf- Wolf, you and your friends just fought a god, he almost destroyed everything here, nearly broke your left leg when he punched you in the kneecap, and almost killed all of you! How can you tell us not to worry?!

Swordsman in the wolf's pelt- I'm a fast healer…I think my leg is feeling…

The male wolf gently placed his paw over the swordsman's left leg and the swordsman screamed in pain.

Male wolf- That does not sound like it's close to healing.

Female wolf- Your father is right. Now please just let us finish cleaning your wounds.

Near the wall where the doors once stood before they were blown down, a large gorilla that looked similar to Donkey Kong was looking at the destroyed Mushroom Kingdom while also standing on the doors that were once used for the castle wall.

Gorilla who looks like Donkey Kong- King Kong sad…

Then a gray Tasmanian tiger walks up to the gorilla and puts his paw and the gorilla's back.

Gray Tasmanian tiger who looks like Ty- I know, mate! The sight of the Mushroom Kingdom demolished like that and witnessing a horrible battle that will leave most scarred for life…that's a lot to stomach in…

Then a female Star Warrior with a red bow on the left side of her head and a similar face to Kirby approached the gorilla and the gray Tasmanian tiger.

Female Star Warrior who looks like Kirby- Not to mention all the lives that were lost during Tabuu's assault. I can't believe the list of casualties goes into the triple digits.

Then an angel who looked similar to Pit joined in and began looking at the pile of rubble that was once the Mushroom Kingdom.

Angel who looked like Pit- The real question is will everything return to the way is was before Tabuu tried to destroy everything. Homes destroyed, lives ruined, and a world in disrepair.

Suddenly, the angel felt a hand placed on his shoulder. When he turned around, the angel saw the goddess Palutena was standing behind him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

Palutena- But the people of this world still have hope to believe in. That's what's most important. Marco proved that in that fight you were all just in. And it was hope that gave you all the strength you needed to defeat Tabuu and save this very world itself. Homes, treasures, and kingdoms can be rebuilt and replaced, but lives can't. Sure, it might take some time for everyone to mentally recover from what just happened here today, but I'm sure we can all work together to rebuild this world and make everything, even the Mushroom Kingdom, become better than how it was before Tabuu's invasion.

Angel who looked like Pit- Thanks, Lady Palutena. You always know just what to say to make things better.

Suddenly, a man who looked like Mario and a man who looked like Luigi came out of the castle. They were both looking they were in just as rough shape as everyone and everything else.

Angel who looked like Pit- Marco, is Kyrin awake?

Man who looked like Mario- Yes, Icarus. However, he won't be moving from that bed any time soon. But we have more important matters to discuss. We might've won this battle and banished Tabuu into Subspace, but this victory will not last.

Prince who looked like Ash- What do you mean, Marco? His father, the Lord of the Universe, locked him in Subspace and threw away the key.

Man who looked like Mario- True that it will be next to impossible for him to escape his prison in Subspace, but that doesn't mean he won't return one day once he recovers his strength. Tabuu still has many methods of getting what he needs done. Like how he got your brother, Lokk, to do his dirty work after promising to dethrone you. Or how Tabuu brought Simba's older brother, Bruce back to life and tried to have him kill us.

Gray Tasmanian tiger who looked like Ty- Marco…please don't remind me of what Tabuu did to Bruce! I'd rather forget that one, mate!

Man who looked like Mario- Point is, one way or another, Tabuu will return to get his revenge. However, I doubt any of us will be around when it happens.

Hedgehog who looked like Sonic- I see you've figured it out then, Marco.

Angel who looked like Pit- You knew Tabuu was eventually gonna return?!

Hedgehog who looked like Sonic- I'm a former god and I still have my superior knowledge over most mortals. I figured Palutena would've informed you about it too since you're her servant and all. According to my calculations, it would take around a 1,000 years for Tabuu to fully recover from his injuries and regain his strength.

Man who looked like Mario- Which is why I asked Kyrin for one last favor. To find a new team to defend this world from Tabuu when the time comes. And we need to make preparations to help the new team, whoever they might be, deal with Tabuu.

Man who looked like Luigi- Marco, don't you think this is a bit much? I mean, Tabuu's not going to be our problem anymore and…

Man who looked like Mario- Loewy, take a look at what Tabuu had done to the Mushroom Kingdom, our world, and our homes! I know we won't be alive when he returns, but do you want this to happen all over again?! Sorry Loewy, but I refuse to rest easy knowing that Tabuu could be destroying a future generation unless someone stands up to him all because I couldn't finish him off!

Palutena- You're a good man, Marco Mario.

Man who looked like Mario- Thank you. That means a lot coming from you, Palutena. Oh, but there is one other thing…

Then the man who looked like Mario pulled out a glowing orb of energy.

Hedgehog that looked like Sonic- Wait a minute?! Is that…

Man who looked like Mario- It is. A fraction of Tabuu's power.

Hedgehog that looked like Sonic- A fraction?! Marco, that's at least 20% of Tabuu's full power!

Genie who looked like Shantae- What are you doing with that anyway?!

Man who looked like Mario- I managed to snatch some of Tabuu's energy before the Lord of the Universe put Tabuu in Subspace. But as to why I'm carrying it is we need to keep it away from Tabuu. As long as Tabuu's soul is not complete, he'll never be able to regain his powers to 100%. Giving whoever Kyrin selects to be part of the new team to stand a better chance. However, it's also too dangerous to be left in our hands. We need a way to hide this away from Tabuu.

Palutena- I think I have a solution, Marco.

Then the energy sphere split into ten smaller spheres and moved in the hands of the Man who looked like Mario, the man who looked like Luigi, the paws of the gorilla that looked like Donkey Kong, the swordsman in the wolf's pelt, the female Star Warrior who looked like Kirby, the Prince who looked like Ash, the white hedgehog who looked like Sonic, the gray Tasmanian tiger who looked like Ty, the angel who looked like Pit, and the genie who looked like Shantae.

Palutena- I divided that fraction of Tabuu's soul even further and gave each one to you. Just think of a hiding place and it will go there automatically.

Tasmanian tiger who looked like Ty- Hmm…the swamp where I buried Black Jack and my old tabaco box is the best place I can think of.

Angel who looked like Pit- Typical, you'd think of your tabaco.

Tasmanian tiger who looked like Ty- Hey! For your information, I gave up smoking some time ago, mate!

Angel who looked like Pit- Alright, Simba! You don't have to shout at me. Let's see…the depths of Tartarus where Lady Palutena and I imprisoned Kronos and the other Greek Titians!

Hedgehog who looked like Sonic- Balrock's tomb seems like a good place since it's already next to impossible to locate on its own.

Genie who looked like Shantae- My dark sister's lamp she's imprisoned in.

Gorilla who looked like Donkey Kong- Uh…Best place King Kong think of is volcano where King Tyrannosaurus locked up.

Female Star Warrior who looked like Kirby- Shiver Star's moon where I left Paintia in that crystal.

Swordsman in the wolf's pelt- The pieces of the Negative Triforce Hylia scattered across the Dark World of Hyrule.

Prince who looked like Ash- The Dragon Force, since the only way to make it appear again is to reactivate that damned machine, but that's never gonna happen again.

Man who looked like Luigi- Best place I can think of is where we hid the pieces of King Koopa's Ultimate Star Cannon. What about you, Marco? Where do you choose to hide your piece of Tabuu's soul?

Man who looked like Mario- Where…hmm…

(Mario's house 1,000 years later)

Mario was woken from his sleep after hearing the ringing of his alarm clock. Mario jumped to his feet in almost a panic. Luigi kept tapping on the alarm clock with his eyes still closed.

Luigi- Where's the damn snooze button on this thing.

Mario- It was…just a dream…?

Luigi- Mario, were you having trouble sleeping or something?

Mario- I'm not sure, bro. I think I was dreaming about our ancestor again.

Luigi- Strange dreams? You mean like the ones Ash, Sonic, Link, and Ty were having earlier? Maybe we should talk to Kyrin about this, Mario. Because if it is like any of the dreams they had, it might be a warning for something bad about to happen to us.

Mario- Maybe your right, Luigi. What was the number to his smartphone again?

Suddenly, without any warning or reason, Fawful popped his head from the open window in Mario and Luigi's room.

Fawful- Hey Mario freaks!

Luigi- Fawful!

Mario- What the hell are you doing at our house?!

Fawful- Mustached losers calm down! Fawful mean no harm…this time.

Then Fawful pulls out a videophone and throws it at Luigi which ends up hitting him in the head and knocking Luigi to the ground.

Fawful- Master Tabuu have message for Kyrin. Mario's bring videophone to Kyrin so Master Tabuu tell Kyrin message. GAWHAHAHAHA! I have fury!

Then Fawful is sucked up by a black vortex back to Subspace.

Luigi- Fawful! What that retarded green bean! I outa…

Mario- Now's not the time for that, Weegi! Why does Tabuu want to talk to Kyrin?