Chapter 15: Does the Spy Live…?

(Back in Tabuu's Palace in Subspace)

Tabuu, Fawful, and Fredrick surrounded Mario, Kirby, Super Sonic, Pit, and Pyrrhon like a triangle.

Pit- This might get tricky for us, Mario!

Mario- I know! Especially with Tabuu himself in the mix! Probably our best option would be to try and divide the group.

Super Sonic- Ok then…I'll take Fawful.

Pit- And I'll take Fredrick.

Mario- That leaves you and me to deal with Tabuu, Kirby.

Kirby- I'm shuttering just thinking about it!

Tabuu- Even if you had Sonic and Pit helping you…hell! Even if you had the rest of your team, your chances of standing a chance against me now that I've regained 90% are grim at best. Even your ancestor's team didn't walk away from that fight unscathed. Marco and those chumps might've beaten me, but they all took a heavy beating before I fell.

Mario- They still beat you, regardless.

Tabuu- I don't think you understand the full picture here, Mario. So let me spell it out to you and Kirby. Even if you retards somehow get lucky and escape with Pyrron, you'll still won't be safe. And neither will Kyrin once I get out of Subspace! Once I regain 100% of my power…not only will I be at full strength…I'll be powerful enough to undo the curse my father put on me to keep me leashed to Subspace! And I'll be coming for you and your friends once I'm out.

Kirby- Is Tabuu telling the truth?

Kyrin (telepathically to Kirby)- I'm not sure if Tabuu can, but it would take a powerful S ranked god break father's curse. It could be possible if he does regain full power. But you seriously don't want him to reach 100%. He's already difficult enough for you all to fight as it is.

Mario- Kyrin, a powerup please?

Kyrin (telepathically to Mario)- Will this do?

Then a red star appeared in front of Mario.

Mario- The red star is perfect! The ultra form is my strongest powerup form.

Mario ate the red star and turned into Ultra Mario and fired a white fireball at Tabuu. However, even Ultra Mario's fire did nothing to Tabuu.

Tabuu- You'll have to do better than that, Mario. I'm powerful enough withstand most of your attacks without feeling a thing. Even though I'm not perfected yet.

Kirby- Is he referring to that long white flowing hair he now has?

Tabuu fired an energy blast at Ultra Mario, but Kirby jumped in the way and inhaled it. But that turned out to be a huge mistake for Kirby. Instead of swallowing Tabuu's attack, first his body changed to a bright red from his usual pink, smoke burst from the sides of Kirby's head, and the sound of an alarm bell ringing could be heard in the background. Eventually, the energy blast exploded in Kirby's mouth. After the smoke cleared, Kirby was covered in soot and there were X's in place where his eyes should be.

Kirby- Wow…that was one spicy meatball…

Kirby collapsed to the ground after that.

Ultra Mario- Kirby!

Tabuu- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh man! That gag never gets old!

Ultra Mario- You've seen that before?

Tabuu- That Void Spawn, Kimberly, she tried to do the same thing to protect Marco from my attacks. It exploded in her face too! HAHAHA!

Ultra Mario dashed for Tabuu and punched him in the chest. However, Tabuu didn't even flinch or move. In fact, it appeared that blow did nothing to Tabuu.

Ultra Mario- What the…?!

Tabuu- Not surprised there. You're about as strong as Marco and even he couldn't even scratch me without his little friends to back him up. Only he fought me at 100%.

Then Tabuu smacked Ultra Mario and knocked him to the ground.

Tabuu- But you might not be around to see me regain my full power.

Before Tabuu could attack Ultra Mario, a giant sword was swung at Tabuu from behind, but Tabuu caught it with one hand. Tabuu turned around and saw Ultra Sword Kirby was the one who swung that sword at him.

Tabuu- Kirby, I see you're back on your feet and turned into one of your Super Abilities. No doubt thanks to Kyrin assisting you.

Ultra Sword Kirby- Damn it! I can't even make him budge!

Ultra Mario- I really can't believe this! Sure, Tabuu was always more powerful than any of us, but our attacks were at least able to hurt him…but now…

Meanwhile, Fawful lunched the mouth of his headgear at Super Sonic, but Super Sonic dodged it and began dashing around Fawful.

Fawful- Hedgehog now even faster now that he turn gold…but Fawful stronger too with Master Tabuu's power! I have fury!

Fawful had his headgear spit out a spread of energy blasts, hoping to hit Super Sonic with at least one of those shots. However, Super Sonic appeared just above Fawful and kicked him over the head. Fawful's skull began to get cracked (Mortal Kombat 9 and 10 X-Ray style) before Super Sonic struck Fawful with an uppercut and fractured his jaw (Mortal Kombat 9 and 10 X-Ray style). Then Super Sonic wrapped it up with a kick to the chest fractured Fawful's ribs (Mortal Kombat 9 and 10 style) and knocked Fawful into a wall. Fawful used Tabuu's power to heal his internal injuries.

Fawful- Dimentio right…that smarts when hit by gold hedgehog's attack. But hedgehog not great, it god's power him mooching off of by using emeralds! Fawful think it time to play more unusual…

Fawful's headgear spat out a smokescreen and had it surround Super Sonic. Super Sonic was about to perform the blow all the smoke away with his blue tornado, but the mouth of Fawful's headgear jumped out and tried to bite Super Sonic. Super Sonic grabbed the cord of the headgear, but when he pulled it in, there was no one wearing the headgear.

Super Sonic- Huh…?

Then Fawful appeared behind Super Sonic with a laser gun pointed at him.

Fawful- Fawful fooled demigod!

Then Fawful shot Super Sonic in the back with that laser and knocked him into a wall. As Super Sonic got back up, he felt a little weakened for some reason.

Fawful- Hedgehog not feeling right? Fawful's new laser not only damage hedgehog while in god form, but drain rings too, making gold hedgehog change back to blue sooner! And Fawful no need wear headgear to operate it! HAHAHAHA! I have fury!

The headgear hovered next to Fawful and licked its chops. It lunched its mouth at Super Sonic again, but Sonic dodged it like the last time. But while Super Sonic was distracted, Fawful fired that ring draining laser again. Super Sonic managed to dodge it at well and began dashing around the room again.

Fawful- Damn that speed! Fawful had trouble hitting gold hedgehog at this rate…unless…

Fawful pulled out a remote and pushed a button on it.

Fawful- Headgear, use blackhole maker again!

The headgear spat another blackhole at the wall and it began to try and suck Super Sonic up. Super Sonic appeared to be jogging in place while trying to break free from the blackhole's gravitational pull.

Fawful- Hold pose! Fawful ready to take shot!

Then Fawful pulled out that laser again and fired it at Super Sonic. But as soon as Fawful fired, Super Sonic smirked and instantly vanished before the laser could hit him.

Fawful- What?! How hedgehog…

Super Sonic appeared right behind him and kicked the laser gun into the blackhole.

Super Sonic- I'm strong and fast enough to break way from the blackhole in this form! I just needed you show your little gun again to get my rings back.

Then hundreds of rings were spat out of the blackhole and Super Sonic quickly grabbed them all back.

Super Sonic- And now that I have my rings back…

Super Sonic charged up for a light speed attack until he was glowing with energy.

Super Sonic- Ready…GOOOOOO!

Then Super Sonic dashed off at such speed, Fawful or his headgear didn't see all the blows coming. Fawful was beaten to a pulp and knocked against the wall with one lenses of his glasses cracked and his body bleeding all over. His headgear was left in the same state Sonic leaves Eggman's robots in and what was left of it was lying on the floor next to Fawful. Meanwhile, Pit had his Palutena's Bow in its two daggers form as he used them to block Fredrick's broadsword made of ice.

Pit- Geeze…he really is as strong as DK…and that sample of Tabuu's power…only makes it worse…

Lord Fredrick- Too much for you, you flightless chicken? Surrender now, and I'll only clip one wing!

Pit- Not in your life, walrus!

Pit managed to push back Fredrick and strike with his two daggers and cut Fredrick's chest. Fredrick flinched a bit, but used Tabuu's power to heal the gash on his chest.

Pit- Kyrin, I need the Power of Flight!

Then Pit's wings lit up and Pit flew off from the ground. Fredrick looked up and saw Pit shoot a few light arrows at him from above. One light arrow cut into Fredrick's arm.

Lord Fredrick- Damn that angel! You think you're safe from me up there? I'm afraid you haven't checked the weather forecast.

Fredrick pulled out his horn, blew into it, and created a huge storm cloud. The cloud surrounded Pit and swept him with a huge blizzard. Pit tried to dodge it, but part of his right wing was frozen and Pit fell to the floor.

Pit- My wing!

Kyrin (telepathically to Pit)- I'm afraid you can't use the Power of Flight until you can get all that ice off.

Lord Fredrick- What's the little birdie supposed to do now that his wings won't fly anymore? Hehehe.

Pit- I ain't a one trick pony! Planted a little something behind you before you iced my wing.

Fredrick turned around and saw a Medusa head cannon behind him right before it fired and turned Fredrick to stone. Pit pulls out an Upperdash Arm and punches Fredrick in the face with it. Fredrick is freed from the stone incasing, but part of his jaw snaps out of place. But Fredrick uses Tabuu's power fix his jaw.

Fredrick- This kid is getting on my nerves. I'll just create the biggest blizzard I can muster and shatter you to pieces!

Fredrick pulled out his horn again and put all of Tabuu's power into it before blowing on his horn. A huge blizzard was fired from Fredrick's horn and was being aimed at Pit. However, a reflective wall appeared in front of Pit and reflected Fredrick's blizzard right back at him and froze Fredrick solid.

Pit- The Power of Reflect worked on him even with Tabuu's power active?!

Kyrin (telepathically to Pit)- It won't work on Tabuu, but casting the Power of Reflect under me can work against his followers.

Pit- Wow! You really can do this better than Lady Palutena! …Uh…don't tell her I said that!

Kyrin (telepathically to Pit)- It will be our little secret. (Winks)

Meanwhile, Tabuu had knocked Ultra Sword Kirby through one of the columns in the throne room. While Ultra Sword was trying to get himself back up, Tabuu had grabbed Ultra Mario by the neck and held him over his head. Ultra Mario managed to create a fully charged white fireball and blast Tabuu in the face with it. But when the smoke cleared, Tabuu was completely unharmed.

Ultra Mario- You've got to be kidding me!

Tabuu- Afraid not, Mario. I did feel the heat, but it appears none of you can even harm me while I have 90% at my disposal.

Tabuu punched Ultra Mario in the face and knocked him to the floor. While Ultra Mario was trying to get back up, Tabuu began moving closer to attack Ultra Mario again. Tabuu stopped for a moment, made a peace sign over his left shoulder, and caught Ultra Sword Kirby's sword in between his middle and index finger as Ultra Sword Kirby tried to attack him from behind. Then Tabuu flung Ultra Sword Kirby over his shoulder and into the wall on the other side of the room. Then Tabuu held his right arm out and caught Super Sonic before his spin could hit him. Then with lightning fast reflexes, Tabuu pressed his other hand over Super Sonic and scrunched him. When Tabuu lightened his grip, Super Sonic's body was now accordion-like and Super Sonic had a look of extreme pain on his face.

Super Sonic- …ouch…

Tabuu pulled Super Sonic up to his face.

Tabuu- Believe me…this is nothing compared to what comes next. Hey Kirby, think fast!

Like how Donkey Kong threw the Pirate Master's head at Hades like a dodgeball in the previous chapter, Tabuu threw Super Sonic at Ultra Sword Kirby and the two collided heads before being knocked to the floor.

Ultra Sword Kirby- Geezes! What's your head made of, Sonic?!

Super Sonic- Actually, I think it's the fact Tabuu threw me at you as fast as I could run. Shit…the whole room is spinning…

Then Pit rush for Tabuu from behind with the two daggers that make the Palutena's Bow. Tabuu turned around to face Pit and the two daggers managed to touch Tabuu's chest. However, they stopped before they could go any further.

Tabuu- (Gasp) (Blows)

When Tabuu blew on the two daggers that make the Palutena's Bow, they literally turned to dust except for the handle parts.

Pit- I honestly don't know how to react to that…

Then Tabuu flicked Pit in the forehead and knocked him to the floor.

Tabuu- Even those three Sacred Treasures Palutena gave that wimp, Icarus, did nothing to me. You'll need something more than a weapon and magic of the gods to stand a chance against me. But I'm starting to tire of this. So, I'll just end this futile struggle here and now.

Then the rainbow-colored wings appeared on Tabuu and energy was building up from his body.

Super Sonic- Oh ****! Not this again!

Super Sonic tried to spin dash Tabuu before Tabuu finished charging his attack.

Tabuu- Too slow, Sonic!

Then a huge burst of energy was released from Tabuu's body and it was aimed at Ultra Mario, Ultra Sword Kirby, Super Sonic, and Pit. Super Sonic tried to push it back, but it was pushing him back instead. And it was pushing Super Sonic back at almost the same speed Sonic runs at in his normal form. Ultra Mario fired a fully charged white and Ultra Sword swung his massive at Tabuu's attack to try and help Super Sonic, but it did little to slow down Tabuu's attack. Little did anyone know, Pyrrhon was standing by the door behind Tabuu. He was leaning against the door for support since he was still weakened. But he managed to create some fire with what little strength he had left.

Pyrrhon- It might not be much, but I've regained a little bit of my power for one attack…better make it worth it…

Then Pyrrhon shot a small stream of flames at Tabuu from behind and hit him in the back of his neck.

Tabuu- GHAWW!

Tabuu appeared to have become irritated from getting attacked while performing his most powerful attack.

Pit- Mario, Tabuu might be stronger, but it appears that he still has the same weakness!

Ultra Mario- You're right! Tabuu still leaves himself exposed to another attacker while using his strongest attack! Hurry! Strike Tabuu while he's still vulnerable!

As Tabuu was trying to pull himself together, Super Sonic struck him with his spin dash in the chest. A second later, Super Sonic punched Tabuu in the jaw with an uppercut and knocked him into the air. Before Tabuu could snap out of hit, he saw Ultra Sword Kirby swing his sword and knock Tabuu to the floor.

Tabuu struggled to get up and was showing signs that he was being wounded. But before Tabuu could get himself back up, he felt something grab his legs from behind. When Tabuu looked to see what had grabbed hold of him, he saw Ultra Mario.

Ultra Mario- So long, Tabuu!

Then Ultra Mario spun Tabuu Super Mario 64 style before throwing Tabuu through the door leading out into the hallway.

Ultra Mario- Ok, now I think we can make our escape.

Kyrin (telepathically to Ultra Mario, Ultra Sword Kirby, Super Sonic, Pit, and Pyrrhon)- First let me change Kirby's copy ability. Also Pit, you'll have to use the Power of Super Speed under my power again.

Pit- I can feel the coronary already…

Then Ultra Sword Kirby changed into Wheel Kirby. Super Sonic quickly grabbed hold of Ultra Mario and Pyrrhon.

Super Sonic- Better brace yourselves! This could get bumpy!

Super Sonic dashed through the hallways of Tabuu's palace while holding on to Ultra Mario and Pyrrhon. Wheel Kirby and Pit dashed close behind.

(In the basement of Tabuu's palace)

Super Sonic reached the basement while holding Ultra Mario and Pyrrhon's hand. However, he turned back into normal Sonic once he arrived.

Sonic- Sorry Mario, but I think I'm spent…

Ultra Mario- That's ok, Sonic. We got to where we needed to go.

Pit rushed into the basement, but he crashed into a nearby wall since he was going too fast for him to control with Kyrin's Power of Super Speed. Pit dropped to the floor shortly after Wheel Kirby rolled into the basement.

Wheel Kirby- Pit collapsed again! What do I do?! Maybe CPR will help!

Wheel Kirby was about to perform CPR, but Pit put his hand over Kirby's mouth.

Pit- Don't you dare kiss me, Kirby!

Ultra Mario- Thank goodness the portal back to Smash City is still open. We just need to cross over and…

Mysterious voice- Not…yet…

Suddenly, Tabuu materialized between them and the portal. However, Tabuu was still looking wounded from the attacks he took earlier.

Sonic- You again!

Wheel Kirby- How did he just appear like that?!

Tabuu- Like I said before…I can control and manipulate just about anything in this place. Subspace is practically my home turf for the last 1,000 years! And I won't let you get away from me that easily.

But before Tabuu could do anything, a black vortex opened up above him. Then all of his followers that failed to invade Smash City in the previous chapter fell from the vortex and fell on top of Tabuu.

Tabuu- What the **** are you all doing?! Get off of me!

Sonic- I think that's our que to leave.

(Back in Smash City)

Luigi- I can't believe it…We did it!

Luigi dropped to the floor on his butt and began taking a sigh of relief.

Yoshi sat next to Luigi.

Yoshi- Yeah…we did…

Soon, everyone was sitting down, trying to recover their strength after all that battling. Even Ash's Poke'mon and Ho-Oh were exhausted.

Donkey Kong- I could all the bananas from a single tree!

Link- Let's hope Mario, Sonic, Kirby, and Pit can pull through on their part too.

Ash- I'm sure they will! Mario hasn't let us down since he built this team and I doubt he will today.

Ty deactivated the Bunyips sacred energy as he took a seat on the floor.

Ty- I agree, Ash. Mario will pull through like he has been these last five seasons.

Ho-Oh- Now that I look at you all, you all do strongly resemble the previous team that my first master, Calmly, was a part of. And I'm beginning to doubt that's a coincidence.

Suddenly, Ultra Mario, Wheel Kirby, Sonic, Pit, and Pyrrhon rushed out of the portal.

Luigi- Mario, you're back!

Ultra Mario- Shut the portal now!

Then Palutena and Viridi closed the portal before any more of Tabuu's followers could use it to enter Smash City.

Ultra Mario- What a day this turned into!

Luigi- Couldn't be worse than what we went through facing Tabuu's followers.

Wheel Kirby- I beg to differ, Luigi. Not only did we have to deal with Fawful and Fredrick to rescue Pyrrhon, but Tabuu as well.

Pit- And to make matters worse, not only was Tabuu stronger than before…we were unable to harm him with any of our attacks.

Shantae- You're kidding?!

Ultra Mario- I wish we were.

Then Sonic dropped to the floor next to Ultra Mario.

Ultra Mario- Uh…Sonic…you ok?


Palutena (telepathically to Ultra Mario)- I think Sonic is tuckered out after all that's happened.

Pyrrhon- I can't believe you did all this…just to rescue me!

Kyrin (telepathically to everyone)- I can't believe it either, honestly! But I also can't believe that they also pulled it off despite the odds against them…I guess you're more like Marco than I thought, Mario.

Pyrrhon- Bad news is now that my cover is blow, I can't leak inside information on what Tabuu is up to anymore.

Kyrin (telepathically to Pyrrhon)- That's alright, Pyrrhon. I know what Tabuu's up to now and you did your part well. Let's just hope it's not too late to stop Tabuu from regaining another piece of his power to become complete again.

The End


(Tabuu's room in Subspace)

Tabuu had already healed his wounds and pulled a book from under his pillow out.

Tabuu- So what if Kyrin's spy got away and I have no ransom against my brother! It hasn't hindered my true plan to regain my full power. I'll just get back to playing Marco's little game. Now who should I go after next?

Tabuu casts a seeker spell and the book opens up and flips its pages. Eventually, the book stopped at a picture of a female Star Warrior who looked similar to Kirby. She was a lighter shade of pink, a red bow on the right side of her head, three eyelashes sticking out of the tips of her eyes, and a little bit of makeup on her face.

Tabuu- So the little Void Spawn, Kimberly is next? Very well then. Marx…

Tabuu waited a few minutes, but no one came.

Tabuu- Marx! …hmm…

Still, no one came after Tabuu called to Marx.

Tabuu- Oh, Fawful!

Then Fawful entered the room.

Fawful- Master Tabuu call Fawful?

Tabuu- Yes, please fetch Marx for me. He's not answering my calls for some reason.

Fawful- Fawful do, Master Tabuu!

Fawful leave the room, but returns with Marx a few seconds later. Fawful was dragging Marx by his legs as Marx was clinging to the floor with the claws on his wings.

Marx- NOOOO! I don't want to be punished! Let me go, Fawful!

Tabuu- Stop your crying! I didn't call you because you and nearly everyone else in the palace went behind my back in an attempt to invade Smash City! In fact, I have a job for you that should make up to the horrible failure that happened today!

Marx began to cry a little.

Marx- You mean…you're not gonna kill me?

Tabuu- As long as you don't screw this mission up, I won't! I'm also not happy that you also tried to run when I called for you. Now then…ever heard of a planet called Shiverstar?

Marx- You mean that frozen husk of a wasteland in the same solar system as Popstar? Only think on that planet is snow, ice, death, and a lab filled experiments that are better left forgotten.

Tabuu- Oh, but there is more there than you expect. You see, there is something that belongs to me that was hidden there by a Void Spawn I used to know.

Marx- Void Spawn? What is that?

Tabuu- I am so glad that you asked, Marx. Ever heard of the Ancients of Halcandra? They were a mostly forgotten civilization that were responsible for creating numerous reality bending tools. Such as the clockwork star, Nova, you tricked Kirby to summoning as an example. And when this civilization still existed, they worshiped a dark god…