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Card 02: Secrets Explained under the Moonlight Sky

While Ruby Rose was still unconscious from the revelation of learning that she had some form of true magic running through her blood, other people were watching the spectacle that came from her releasing the Sakura Cards into the world. One such person was the headmaster of Beacon Academy, Ozpin. He was taking a break after dealing with the various other headmasters as he was coordinating events for the Vytal Festival later on in the year. Looking out the window to the darkened landscape in front of him, he let the peaceful atmosphere recharge him.

The elderly male was about to turn around and go back to his desk in order to start on finalizing things for the start of the semester before he saw a bright flash coming from the distance. At first, Ozpin thought nothing of it; he knew that some of his students would work well into the night: Faunus students training in the night away from prying eyes or third and fourth year students doing maintenance on their weapons. However, the gray-haired male started to worry when those flashes of light continued going off at set intervals...while also feeling tiny amounts of magic bursting into the air around him. Each bust of magic tying into a flash of light.

Now alarmed, Ozpin headed towards the small shelf of books that he kept in the office, protected from the student body due to the questionable, and sometimes dangerous materials that could be held inside. Scanning across the multiple shelves, his brown eyes widened in alarm as he noticed that there was now a hole in the shelf where a thick, pink book would have been. It had been years since he had last recharged the protection spells surrounding the book, having been unable to open it himself for reasons unknown to him.

"This...cannot be good," he muttered while taking a breath to calm himself. While the book was missing was a cause of alarm, he knew some of the spells surrounding it and enough to decipher a few things about it. Ozpin knew that this was "The Book of Sakura Cards" and that while the magic of the book currently laid dormant but also knew it would eventually choose its owner. If that was the case, then he just hoped that whoever opened the book would know what he, or she, was doing. However, with what he had just witnessed, the Headmaster of Beacon Academy had a feeling that the upcoming school year was going to be interesting…and hoped that his staff could weather the storm.

Because with what he knew about the cards…then this year's batch of students had a potential card captor in their midst.

And the thought of not knowing who that person was what troubled him greatly…


"Ugh...You wouldn't believe the dream I had last night Sis..." Ruby said as her silver eyes slowly started to open. "Yang?" she asked after hearing nothing from around her. Trying her best not to panic, she looked around as she saw nothing but books around her. She could have sworn that a yellow bear plushie that had told her she had magic in her blood was just a dream since it was so unbelievable...but at the same time, she was currently in the library. 'Maybe...I'm still dreaming?' she thought before pinching herself and letting out a light yelp. 'No...not dreaming' she thought in surprise before seeing the bear plushie floating right in front of her, surprising her.

"Oh thank goodness...you're awake. I wasn't sure what to do!" Kero exclaimed with relief in his voice as he floated in front of Ruby's face, startling her. He was concerned when he saw Ruby's eyes roll into her head and she fell backwards. He had barely been able to catch her which explained why she didn't have a welt on the back of her head. He was actually shocked that Ruby had fainted away like that, but then again Kero had been shocked the first time he was reawakened and everything that had been explained to him.

"Gah, Kero! Don't scare me like that!" Ruby exclaimed before getting her breathing back under control. After taking a few minutes, she finally looked at the floating teddy bear. "Wait a second...you're real."


"And...that means what you said was real too, right?"

"Yes. You had an ancestor in your past that had true magic. Though who that may be I have no idea," Kero stated. "But I'm glad you're okay."

"Thanks," Ruby stated as she took a deep breath and trying to calm herself while at the same time not going out of her mind. She had just found out that she had magic, something that she read only happening in fairy tales! And…while she hadn't meant to let all the cards out into the world like she had apparently done before she lost consciousness, she was still trying to wrap her mind around that fact alone. There was so much that she didn't understand and while she was glad that she would most likely have assistance in the form of the teddy bear…she was still leagues out of her realm here. "I didn't expect all of this to happen so quickly and all of a sudden"

"I...guess that makes sense. Then again, Mistress Sakura was pushed into the same role as you are with no knowledge of what was going on as well," Kero replied before noticing Ruby starting to yawn lightly. Looking out the windows of the library, he noticed that it was quite dark outside and was probably super early in the morning by now. "Ruby...go ahead and get some sleep. I'm sure you have several questions but that can wait for a few hours," he replied as Ruby's eyes widened after hearing that.

"Ohcrap,howamIgoingtosneakbackin?!Ican'tgetcaughtoranythingeitherorelse..." Ruby stated as she went into full on panic mode. Hearing this, Kero just shook his head as he remembered times when Sakura had spazz-like moments like this. Taking a few seconds to digest what she had said and separate it into something he could understand, Kero flew in front of the pacing Ruby, startling the girl.

"Ruby! Calm down. I may not be able to help you sneak back into the place where you came from, but you were able to get here without alerting anyone, right? What's stopping you from getting back there with the same level of stealth?" he asked as she slowed down and thought about what he said for a few moments.

"You...have a point..." Ruby stated. "I did go ahead and lock the door back up before finding the book, just in case, but I should probably get going." Ruby said before placing the book back in the spot where she found it as Kero decided to hide himself in the rafters. Unlocking the door and carefully sneaking out of the library, she then crouched down and got her lock picking set out. Once she had locked the door again, Ruby wanted to make sure that no one would realize that she had been there after hours. The brunette had a lot to think about on her way back to the auditorium while at the same time make sure not to be caught by anyone.

However, what this meant was that she had to go against her instincts and just dash back using her semblance. Ruby knew that if she used her speed semblance, then she could break glass with how fast she was going as well as alert herself to others to her presence. It sucked, but it was most likely for the best. As she was thinking this, she was barely able to see the telltale sign of a flashlight and quickly ducked behind a tree.

'That was too close...' she thought to herself as she stayed behind the tree while noticing the flashlight moving back and forth for a few moments. 'They didn't hear me...did they?' she mentally asked while starting to sweat until she noticed the light turn around and move away from her and she let out the breath that she didn't realize she was holding before continuing on her way.

Stopping after what felt like several hours of sneaking around, Ruby ducked behind a bush and crouched underneath it. She thought that she had heard some words being spoken by a couple of people and didn't want to take a chance at being caught. A few seconds passed before she heard two females talking and from the sounds of it, both of them were teachers. Ruby thought that she heard a name, Peach, but couldn't be sure and wasn't going to risk being found out just to confirm it. The brunette wanted to stay at Beacon and knew that she would be in trouble if she was caught now. Once the voices became lost due to distance between Ruby and the two assumed teachers, the young woman stood back up and stretched lightly before covering her mouth with a hand and letting out another yawn. She needed to get to her bedroll soon…and hopefully before she passed out on the cool grass or cement outside.

Ruby mentally cheered as she saw the building that she was supposed to be sleeping in came into view. From her hiding spot behind some bushes, she poked her head out and looked around before determining that the coast was clear. She had a close encounter earlier on when she almost stumbled upon a pair of students doing some…nighttime activities. She still blushed lightly as she realized what she had almost done and after that was even more cautious as to where she roamed. 'I probably still have the blush on my face from seeing that…' she muttered before making her way out of the bushes and across the pathway. She was glad that none of the teachers were on watch duty outside but had to hope that no one inside was awake.

There were many things that could go wrong…and that was Ruby lightly smacked her cheeks. 'Have to stop thinking like that…' she thought before getting to the doors. Lightly pushing on it, she let a small smile grace her face before stepping inside. Now would be the hardest part though…getting back to her bedroll without raising suspicion. Or…she thought it would be the hardest but both teachers that were keeping an eye on them: Ms. Goodwitch from last night and a bald-headed male, were both currently asleep. 'Lucky!' she exclaimed before carefully making her way across the floor towards the female side. Once there, she let her eyes adjust to the ambient light in the room before making her way towards her empty bedroll.

Once at her bedroll Ruby let a sleepy smile adorn her face as she laid down and closed her eyes while finally getting the rest her body needed. After the night she had, she could really use it. Going to the library, finding out about Kero and the cards, and magic! Magic was real! Ruby almost let out a sleepy giggle at that. Who would have thought that magic was real? If magic was real, then maybe the fairy tales that Yang read to her were too! Ruby couldn't wait to...rub that…in her…sister's...face…and these were the final thoughts that the young card captor had before falling into slumberland.

"Alright everyone, it's time to wake up! Rise and shine, you have ten minutes!" the stoic voice of Glynda Goodwitch cut through the room like a knife. This caused several people, Ruby included, to groan lightly as the voice woke her back up...indicating that she had had no sleep whatsoever.

'This is payback for finding out I have magic…isn't it world?' Ruby thought as she groggily got up, rubbing her eyes as she did so.


Blake gasped lightly as the bow over her ears fluttered after hearing what the female teacher stated. As her amber eyes looked around the area that unfamiliar to her, the ravenette's brain slowly started waking up and she calmed down. 'That felt so real...thank the brother gods it was just a nightmare...,' she thought as she got out of her sleeping bag. Noticing that Ruby was currently dragging her feet, she tilted her head to the side while wondering if everything was okay with her new...acquaintance? Friend? she wasn't entirely sure with that. Waiting until the last of the girls had filed out, Blake grabbed a change of clothes and moved towards the restrooms in the area before taking a quick shower. Once done, she joined the others.

"Blake...you okay?" Ruby asked as said girl jumped lightly as she was still a little unnerved by the events of her nightmare. Then again, with her reliving events of her last mission with her ex-boyfriend...and a disappointed looking Ruby for some reason or another, she was still a little on edge. "Woah! Sorry Blake, I didn't mean to scare you!" Ruby quickly stated as she apologized.

"It's...fine Ruby. I just had a bad dream last night. And it felt real enough that I forgot I was here for a bit. What about you though? It looks like you got no sleep whatsoever," she asked, concern in her voice.

"That's because I didn't..." Ruby replied sheepishly. "With everything being so new and what not, I couldn't turn my brain off. It kept me up through the whole night. Hopefully, I can do well in the initiation if it still goes on today" Ruby admitted while telling her friend a half-truth. "Know where they're taking us?" she asked as she noticed a man with gray hair and a noticeable belly came into view leading the males that were most likely going to be with them as first years.

"You should have said something Rubes...I'm sure I could have thought of something to aid you in your sleeping," Yang stated as she noticed the blonde male from the airship, smirking lightly as she waved towards him. "I wouldn't have minded sharing my sleeping bag with ya sis, you know that," Yang commented as she overheard the two talking. "And your guess is as good as mine as to where they are taking us, sorry." Yang stated as she waved towards a friend that she saw in the distance.

"Hm...if I were to hazard a guess, then I would say to get something to eat. The teachers probably want to make sure we have the energy to get through initiation, but I could be wrong," Blake stated after a few moments of silence between the three as they followed the group of other hopeful students.

"It's possible. It is hard to fight on an empty stomach after all," Yang stated as she got a nod from Blake and Ruby at that. "But with that being said…what do you think this initiation will be like?" the blonde asked.


Glynda looked at her boss as did the other staff of Beacon Academy. Each one of them were curious as to what he was about to say and had a feeling it was about the upcoming students. At least…that's what they assumed this meeting was going to be about, based off of events in the past. Turning around, he made sure to have everyone's attention before opening his mouth to speak. "I would like to make a few changes to this year's initiation..." he stated as the others looked on curiously.

"Sir...does this have anything to do with those mysterious lights last night?" the blonde asked as Ozpin nodded.

"That's exactly the reason. I want to take today, with your help if you so wish, to help me examine the Emerald Forest and make sure that everything looks normal. If there is an increase in Grimm, I want to cull it a little, not entirely mind you, but to what normal percentages describe. But because of that, the time of the initiation has to be changed a little. Instead of doing it today, I propose that we do it tonight instead, assuming that we find nothing out of the ordinary"

"Are you sure that is wise, Ozpin?" Professor Peach asked as she questioned the headmaster. "I'm not saying we shouldn't look into whatever caused the mysterious lights from last night to appear, but should we hold the examination at night? Wouldn't it give faunus students a better advantage of getting in?" she countered, explaining why she thought it would be a bad idea.

"Life isn't fair though," Professor Port countered, "and we're here to teach them that and help them prepare for the future. If they don't succeed this year, that just means they have to come back next year."

"Assuming that they survive, that is," Dr. Oobleck commented, adding his two cents in before taking a sip from his thermos.

"Barty!" Glynda exclaimed surprised at the pessimistic comment coming from the energetic history professor. While she wasn't the most optimistic person in the room, she didn't expect her fellow employee to deliver such a line in a deadpan-like way.

Ozpin stayed silent as the two had their conversation, letting the two of them work it out without interfering for a few moments. Once he noticed that the two were done, he addressed them all again. "While your concerns are valid Celestia, both Peter and Bartholomew have points as well. Glynda, your opinion is the only one I haven't heard about this; what do you think about all of this?" he asked while turning to his second in command.

Glynda thought about it for a few seconds and sighed lightly. "While I want to agree with my fellow blonde teacher...your concerns are valid, and we are a school. We can be only so flexible. And while holding the initiation at night is a little unorthodox...I think it would be for the best overall. However, I think that while I'm helping you overlook everyone's progress once they are launched into the forest that we have the others, or older students, on stand-by, just in case. If they get over their head or lost in the darkness...then we can rescue them once the test ends. Would that alleviate your fears?" she stated as she then turned towards Professor Peach, asking her question to her.

Celestia thought about it for a few seconds with a light hum. "I can't say I'm totally on board with this...but at the same time it seems like the best compromise that we can come up with, bar waiting for the next day. I would also suggest informing Dr. Truwood of this so that she can be prepared for any children that may or may not come her way," she replied. "But for the record, I still think this is a bad idea all around," she stated. "But we should probably let the potential students eat and whatnot first before letting them know that they technically have the day to do whatever they want now. Have fun with that," she replied with a smirk as Glynda just shook her head at that while Ozpin let out a light chuckle at such a thing.

"Fair enough I suppose. So just to be clear, we are all in agreement of the movement of the test to later tonight then?" he asked as he got various nods from everyone in the room. "Alright then. Now then, would anyone like to join me in my investigation?" he asked to his friends/employees.


Ruby sat down opposite Blake while Yang sat down next to her, each having a tray of food that was acceptable for breakfast. "So...what is this initiation thing like Blake? I assume you've heard rumors of something?" the youngest female in the trio asked. Before Blake could speak up, it was actually Yang that did.

"Some of my friends heard rumors Rubes: Some said that you had to team up with a person at random and fight a Grimm, some said that it was a two parter: one part a written exam testing everything we've done and the other half was a practical exam. They also overheard other students mention something about fighting a group of robots as well and that people who team up together become teams afterwards if they work well together."

"Those...sound a little farfetched," Blake commented before taking a bite of her food. "But then again...Beacon does have some crazy resources at its fingertips…" Blake added after swallowing. "In all honesty though, I don't think anyone can really tell what is going to happen…" she started to say before the intercom started to crackle as the voice of Headmaster Ozpin came through.

"Good morning students and hopeful students. I will make this brief so that you have time to do what you want for the rest of your day. I know in the brochure that was given to you it states something about an initiation that is usually held later today. Due to unforeseen events, this will be held tonight, instead of in the afternoon. Thank you for your time and have a good day," Ozpin stated before the intercom turned off. Ruby turned towards both her sister and her friend, smirking just a little at that. Now that they had the day instead of spending it taking the test, she could tell both Yang and Blake about Kero and the cards and not have to keep it a secret or lie about it!

"What has you in such a good mood now sis? I thought you would want to get to the initiation and drool at all the new cool weapons and whatnot that you usually do," Yang teased, giggling lightly as she saw Ruby pouting at that. Before Blake could ask what the blonde meant by that, she whispered to Blake that her sister had a small weapon fetish and loved seeing new weapons, no matter how mundane or unique they could be.

"Yaaaaaaaaaaaang!" Ruby finally cried out after a few seconds of teasing from her sister. "I was going to show you and Blake something cool, but now I think I'll just show Blake since you had to pull the 'mean older sister' card on me!" she commented before crossing her arms over her chest and trying to look stern as she narrowed her silver eyes at her older half-sister.

"Alright alright, I'm sorry! You know I don't like the stern Ruby act…" Yang commented as she relented and apologized. Blake just watched the antics of these two and shook her head lightly at them.

"Do you two...always act like this?" Blake tentatively asked, not wanting to upset either sister and/or her potential friends but at the same time wanting to know if that was the case. However, if they were silly and playful all the time like this, then she might have to cut them out of her life before something bad happened to them. She remembered times from her past as a high-ranking member of the White Fang where goofing off had caused someone to be gravely injured, captured or killed.

"Sorry Blake..." Ruby stated as she got her emotions under control. "We're not always like this, promise," she said as Blake just rose an eyebrow at that.

"She's telling the truth Blake-y...erm, Blake," Yang said, quickly amending as she saw Blake's amber eyes narrowing at the nickname. 'Maybe a nickname for later?' she thought before continuing. "We're both still a little jittery from the airship ride and Ruby being here at all," she commented. If Blake hadn't already worked out the fact that Ruby skipped two grades in order to be there in the first place, Yang would have kept the second part of that sentence to herself.

"We just met yesterday Yang…I don't think nicknames so soon is such a good idea," Blake replied…especially since Adam used to call her by a certain endearing nickname in the past that she never wanted to remember. And if she saw Adam ever again, then it would be too soon. Silently beating that line of thinking to a subconscious part of her brain, she then turned towards Ruby. "So…the question now is what do we do for the rest of the day?" she asked as Ruby shrugged lightly. "I was going to see about something at the library."

"If the gym is available, I was thinking about going there and get some training in," Yang stated as Blake nodded at both of their plans. "What about you Blake?" the blonde asked as she let out a light hum at that for a few seconds before stating that she would probably just wander around the campus for a little bit. Ruby asked if she was sure about that before receiving a nod from her friend.

"Sounds like a plan then," Ruby said with a grin as she started eating her breakfast, casting glances around the cafeteria every so often. She silently wondered who would be joining her, Blake and Yang in class…and who would be on the airship heading back home and waiting a year before being able to try again. After finishing her food, she stood up and grabbed her tray. "I'll see you two tonight then. And if I don't…then good luck!" she stated as both her sister and new friend said the same. Depositing her tray and trash she waved towards the two before exiting the building, putting a hand up to block the incoming rays of the sun as her silver eyes accumulated to them. "Now then…to the library," she muttered to herself as she pulled out the map and consulted it as she made her way towards the building, making sure to not bump into anyone accidentally on the way there.


Ozpin stood in front of the Emerald Forest as he leaned on his cane, his senses open and surveying the forest in front of him. He could sense the wild magic that was saturating the forest and had a bad feeling about this. He was sure that something had happened, he just wasn't sure what it was just yet. As he continued looking over the forest, he felt Glynda come up towards him.

"Sir? Is everything okay?" the blonde asked as the gray-haired man turned his head to look at her.

"I'm...not sure Glynda. You can feel it though, right?" he asked as Glynda nodded. She wasn't sure why there was so much magic...magic that felt like it came from Ozpin, but she could feel it all the same.

"That's the true reason you asked us to investigate, right? That we're just checking on what caused the light show is a rouse for the others?" she asked as she noticed Peter Port and Barthelow Oobleck were with them as well though standing back and not able to hear their conversation. Celestia Peach had decided to stay back. She still wasn't on board with all of this while also wanting to keep an eye on the students in case they got up to something while the other teachers weren't around.

Ozpin took his glasses off his face and rubbed them with a soft cloth before sighing lightly as he put them back on. "I never could put one past you Glynda. Yes, you are correct. The amount of wild magic is unnatural and I want to make sure there aren't any negative effects because of it," he stated as his friend nodded in understanding about that. She still remembered 'the incident' with the Clawthorne sisters from a year ago after all. With that said to his second-in-command, he turned towards the other two. "Peter, Barty. Are you two ready?" he asked as the other two nodded. "Alright then, let's go" he said before heading into the forest, Glynda and the others following soon after as the trees swallowed the group of four up as they ventured into the forest.


Kero sighed lightly as he noticed a raven-haired male sit down at the table below where he was hiding. He was making sure to keep an eye on the book so that no one would accidentally take it from the library. If that happened, then there was no telling what would happen to himself, the cards and Ruby as whole. Sighing lightly and making sure not to attract attention to himself, the plush animal let out a light chuckle as he noticed the boy starting to get annoyed by a female with orange hair.

"-on Ren…I'm bored. You said you would tour the academy with me…" the girl said as Ren just sighed before putting a bookmark in the current book that he was reading and set his magenta eyes on his friend.

"I also stated that I wanted to see if they had a book that I was looking for, Nora. Since I can't just check it out…" he stated.

"But that was an hour ago…can't you just come back after we get our scrolls and check it out then?" she half-asked, half-whined. Ren looked at his friend for a few moments before sighing lightly and nodding. She was starting to do that pout again…and figured it would just be better to go along with what she was asking to do, especially since it seemed tame compared to some of her other hare-brained schemes.

"I guess you have a point. We can go check out the other facilities that Beacon has to offer," he stated as he got up out of the chair and placed the book back in its spot. Kero noticed that the male human was dangerously close to the Book of Sakura and waited to see what he would do next before taking a path of action. Seeing the black-haired male turning around, he let out a light sigh of relief as he saw the pair leave.

"O-oh. Hello there, I'm sorry for almost bumping into you," a familiar female voice came to Kero's ears as he looked down and saw that Ruby had almost knocked into the two. Kero continued to listen as Ruby introduced herself to both Ren and Nora before the duo took their leave. Checking to make sure that no one was looking, she moved to pick up the pink book again before heading towards a private room. After seeing a yellow blur quickly head inside, Ruby closed the door so that they could have some form of privacy. "I assume I should close the windows, Kero?" Ruby asked as he nodded and she did exactly that. Once that was done, Kero sat on the table and faced the female.

"We unfortunately don't have a lot of time between now and the start of your exam tonight, so I can't teach you everything about the cards. But I can tell you a few things and I'll start with what I think the most important stuff is first: to summon the sealing wand, to capture a Sakura Card and to use a card, you need a magical chant. Everyone has a different chant and it should come to you when you need it the most. Second thing is that the Sealing Wand is not a toy. Understand?" he asked, deathly serious.

"I wouldn't treat it like a toy anyways Kero! I respect weapons too much to think of doing something like that," she replied instantly as her silver eyes narrowed lightly at just the mere suggestion of her mishandling something that was considered a weapon. If anyone knew her, they would know just how blasphemous that statement would be.

"Alright, alright. I just wanted to make sure you perfectly understood not to abuse your card captor powers. Now then…I think there's enough time to go over the cards themselves and the hierarchy of cards in general," he stated as the plush bear noticed that he had Ruby's full attention, even after that small outburst.

"There's a hierarchy?" Ruby asked, confused. "What do you mean?"

"Exactly what I mean. There are two…let's call them subsets, within the cards: Cards of the Sun and Cards of the Moon. Sun cards are governed by myself and the moon cards are governed by the guardian of the night, Yue. He won't appear until you have captured all the cards and claimed ownership of them so it won't be a good idea to look for him to begin with. There are ten cards that I govern, and ten cards that Yue governs for a total of twenty cards. Currently you have two, The Windy, which is an Elemental in the Night subset and 'The Flower' which is an item in the Sun subset. And I've lost you…haven't I?" he asked as Ruby nodded lightly at that question.

"Sorry Kero, it's just…it's all too much," she admitted while looking down and expected to get scolded for not understanding something like this all at once.

"Hey, hey. It's alright Ruby! Now then…let's see how I can explain it in a way you can understand…" he thought aloud as he hummed for a second before an idea came to him. "You know those strategic games right? The ones where you have to make sure you keep your unit alive or they're permanently gone and situations in the game change depending on if you win or lose a round?" he asked.


"Alright then…think of it this way. Yue and myself are the Generals. We're the leaders of the Sun and Night subsets. Underneath us are the High Elementals, our commanders-in-chief. They can order the other cards around but they can't cross us. Those cards would be "The Light" and "The Dark." You with me so far?" Kero asked.


"Alright then. Underneath the High Elements are the Elementals: Fiery, Earthy and Thunder for the sun subset and Windy, Watery, Shadow and Wood for the night subset. These elementals are like our commanders. They answer to the High Elements and to us but can order the weapon and technique cards as well as the item cards."

"And then the weapon/technique cards can order the item cards around but have to answer to everyone else while the item cards can't order anyone around?" Ruby asked as Kero smiled at that.


"I can't see the item cards liking the hierarchy though…" Ruby thought aloud, wondering if there was anything that she could do to help them. It probably wasn't possible, but that didn't mean she didn't want to try.


Yang looked at the building in front of her and silently hoped that it wasn't like the one back at Patch. The blonde understood that Patch wasn't as technological advanced as Vale was, but the gym back in her hometown barely had any good machines to use. Checking with the map one last time, she folded it up and put it into her pocket before stepping inside. Seeing the various machines and in excess could only bring a smile to Yang's face as she looked around, wondering what to focus on first as a warmup. As she was about to head towards the free weights in the back, she noticed a room separated from the rest and could tell that it was already in use. Curious as to what it was, she made her way towards it and looked into the window as surprise came across her face.

'That's the girl who was bullying Rubes...' she thought while silently watching the white-haired female go through several motions in what looked like a dance of some sort. The female was brandishing her weapon of choice, a Dust Action Rapier if she remembered what Ruby told her, in a masterful way. However, Yang wasn't entirely sure what the girl was doing, or how she had gotten her weapon back before initiation. She had thought that Glynda had taken them and placed them in the future lockers for when they were going towards initiation. At least...that's what she assumed after reading the information on her scroll. "Guess I was wrong…" Yang muttered as she continued watching Weiss for a little while longer. Seeing that she had finished, Yang was about to turn away before a section of the wall moved to the side. Weiss stepped out with a scowl on her face since she could only go to level two on the system since she wasn't an official student of Beacon just yet.

"Glad to know that I'm not rusty. I thought I would without being able to practice the last couple of days..." Weiss muttered to herself before sensing someone's eyes on her. Looking up, a small amount of annoyance passed across her face.

"Oh...it's you," Weiss commented with a light sigh as her eyes met Yang's own. "You here to berate me more or something?" she asked.

"I only did that because you were bullying my sister," Yang commented as she crossed her arms underneath her chest.

"She tried to kill me…"

"By accidentally sneezing and causing a Dust reaction. A reaction to the container of Dust that you were holding, if I remember what Ruby told me," Yang stated as her eyes bore into Weiss. "You were at fault there Elsa," she stated as Weiss narrowed her eyes at that.

"Don't call me that," she replied automatically before hearing the blonde in front of her sigh lightly.

"Look…I don't want to be at odds with you all semester, hell, even our whole school life. What do you think about us just dropping the thing as a whole and start over? What do you say?" she asked. She had a feeling that while Weiss wouldn't be the best person to work with, the blonde didn't want to have any enemies if she could help it. Seeing the white-haired girl think about it for a few minutes and then sigh lightly, she nodded.

"I'm…willing to try," she finally said, though she was unsure as to what to do next.

"Great!" Yang said with a grin though could tell that Weiss was unsure as to what to do next so she decided to initiate what she wanted to happen next and held her hand out. "Hello, my name is Yang Xiao Long. What's yours?" she asked before Weiss took it, a little hesitantly, but still took it.

"Weiss Schnee at your service…what?" she asked as the blonde dissolved into giggles.

"Sorry, sorry…it's just…no one says, 'at your service' anymore Weissy," Yang stated as she saw the blue eyes of Weiss narrow lightly at that. "Alright alright, we're not at the nickname stage yet. Got it," she said as she quickly backtracked what she said. "So…what were you doing there? I thought we didn't get access to our weapons until initiation or something like that," the blonde commented, curiosity entering her voice as she asked.

"Well excuse me for being old fashioned then," Weiss scoffed. "And to answer your question, as long as you don't brandish it against other students, then they allow you to take it. Though there is still the spell that Ms. Goodwitch put on it that causes it to be blunt. To answer your next question, I was using the facilities' state of the art Hard light training, to make sure that I wasn't rusty or anything like that. Now then, are you here to just gawk at me or were you planning on doing some training of your own?" she asked.

"One, get over yourself. Yang Xiao Long does not 'gawk'." She stated as she ignored the deadpan look she was getting from Weiss. "And to answer your question…I was just going to do a light workout, since initiation isn't until tonight and all that," she said as Weiss nodded before sheathing her rapier and headed towards the doors.

"Well then, you enjoy that," Weiss replied before exiting the building, not having a destination in mind.

Yang waited until Weiss left the building before letting out a light sigh. "Well…that went better than expected," she muttered before starting to stretch. After a few minutes of stretching out her body, she went towards one of the machines and read the instructions on it before starting to use it. As she went through her reps, she wondered what Ruby was doing…

'Knowing my baby sis as I do…then I have a feeling she's at the library…'


"Kero…can we stop for now?" Ruby asked as she tried hiding a yawn. It was very informative to know about all the cards, and the history behind them as well. However, she had only just received the Sealing Wand early this morning and hadn't had a chance to play around with it…or get any sleep as the sealed form hanged around her neck on a small silver chain. And it showed as she yawned yet again.

"You have a point Ruby…plus don't you have that thing to do tonight as well? You can't do that on no sleep..." he said before noticing Ruby yawn again and shooed her out, claiming to get some sleep before she passed out. Little did he know how true that statement would be…

Once Ruby had left the room, he checked to make sure no one was in the area before flying back to the rafters so that no one would take him from the book that he was currently protecting. If Ruby was to pass, then she would be able to take the book out of the library and he could hide in her bag just like when he was with Sakura.

Yawning again lightly, Ruby browsed a few sections in the library and checked over a few books that caught her fancy as she jotted them down on her scroll. After she passed, she would then come back to check them out. With her senses dulled and the sun just starting to set, Ruby jumped out of her skin as she felt a tap on her shoulder. Hearing a light amount of laughter behind her, she turned to see Blake before scowling lightly. "Don't do that!" she said before a light yawn escaped from her, killing the vibe she was trying to go for.

"Sorry, sorry…are you okay?" Blake asked after getting her laughter under control, though she couldn't help the small satisfaction that she had gotten her friend back from earlier today. However, she instantly felt bad as she could still see the signs of Ruby not getting any sleep on her friend's face.

"Yeah…I'm fine. Still a little tired though," Ruby commented. "Were you looking for me?" she asked, curious as she bit back another yawn. She must have been more tired than she thought before quickly shaking her head in an attempt to stay awake and focused on her friend. Seeing Blake nod her head at that, she felt a smile form on her face. Blake had said that she was worried about her and wanted to check to make sure that she was okay to which the younger of the two thanked her for her concern. Ruby then started looking at some of the books, missing the look of concern coming from Blake.

"So…what do you think the initiation test will be like?" Blake asked after a few minutes of silence. Sure she had given her opinion earlier while they were eating breakfast, but she had never got Ruby's opinion on the subject. Ruby's silver eyes met with Blake's amber eyes as she took on thoughtful look as a soft hum came from her lips.

"Well...if sis is to be believed, then we'd be fighting giant robots or something like that. I've also heard rumors from older students that it would be a fighting tournament where the more fights you fight in, the better your chance of getting in is. I've also heard that it could be a giant game of tag where it's the students against the staff...but none of those feel right to me. Something tells me it will be some sort of survival exercise or something like that," Ruby finally stated as she felt her eyes close on their own for a second before forcing them open again. 'Come on...I can't fall asleep now! It would be rude to Blake!' she thought.

Blake listened and watched Ruby, alarm bells starting to go off as she realized just how tired Ruby actually was before nodding at what she was saying. A survival exercise of some sort seemed to make the most sense. However with that being said… "Ruby…maybe we should go to the doctor's office? You look like you're about to pass out. You can at least get a few hours of sleep before we have that test, and if it is a survival exercise like you think it is, then you won't be able to function at one hundred percent," she offered, concern laced in her tone as she said that.

"Probably a good id-" was all Ruby stated before the previous day's events caught up with her and she passed out, falling forward. It was only her years of being in the White Fang that had allowed her to move and act as quickly as she did.

"Ruby!" Blake exclaimed as she quickly moved into action and caught her friend before she faceplanted into the floor. She didn't want to think what type of damage that would have done to Ruby, Aura or not. It was a good thing that Beacon Academy was a school that taught hunters and huntresses. Because of that fact, a building dedicated to having a certified doctor on staff was created where one could go to get help with any physical ailment. It was also the place where those with healing semblances went in order to train said semblances if they so wished. Carefully placing Ruby on a chair nearby, she removed the map from her back pocket and unfolded it before looking it over while silently hoping that it wouldn't be too far. Looking over the map, she let out a soft sigh and thanked the heavens that it was only two buildings to the left of where they were. Looking out the window again, she was glad that the sun was still in the sky, even if it was starting to lower and become evening. She had a feeling that as soon as the sun set then the test for the first year hopefuls would begin and Ruby would be out of time to rest and recuperate.

Putting the map back in her pocket, she sent a silent message up to the brother gods that someone in the medical building, or the doctor, had a semblance that could heal stamina. If not, then Ruby was going to be behind the figurative eight ball. "Alright Ruby…let's get you some help," she muttered before picking Ruby up and moving to where she was now sitting comfortably across the ravenette's back. Blake was silently glad that Ruby wasn't too heavy for her before heading towards the door. Opening the door in front of her, Blake's eyes widened as she saw the same room that they exited from not just a few moments ago as she was looking upon rows and rows of bookshelves once again.

"…Something tells me we're not in Remnant anymore, Toto…" Blake muttered as she paraphrased from one of her favorite books.

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