(a/n) this one is from Jess's perspective. Enjoy!

As Jess skittered off to her room while Nick remained laying out on the couch, she couldn't help but do a little excited dance. Of course, it didn't take much for her to feel the urge to dance, but this was a special kind of dance. This was a 'I just got Nick to give in to working out with me, beat THAT Schmidt' kind of dance. Of course her stomach was doing a whole different kind of dance in response to the thought of seeing Nick workout. Cece called this particular stomach movement 'sexual desire' and 'lust', but that made Jess squirmy so she called it 'naughty butterflies'. And that's exactly what was happening right now, despite her other 'yay I got Nick to exercise' dance. And this was all getting complicated because Jess is only one lady and she can really only keep track of so many dances. Cece has also said that one of her dances is 'dancing around her feelings for her roommate' but Jess still isn't so sure about that one. Sure, she thinks Nick is great and charming and occasionally the sweetest guy in the world but he's also a borderline alcoholic and perpetually grumpy. Even if his turtle face is adorable. Jess makes an executive decision to put these thoughts aside for a rainy day. Her rainy day to do list is growing at an alarming rate.

Jess flutters around her room putting on her favorite set of pajamas and rifling through her closet for clothes to wear to the gym in the morning. She finally decided on her flowery racer back tank-top and a pair of purple leggings. Normally she dressed a little more sloppily for the gym, instead opting for an oversized shirt and old shorts, but tomorrow was different. But not because Nick was tagging along, no sirree. She just wanted to look cute for herself. Not old Nick Miller. Nope.

She finished her nightly routine and settled under her blankets, planning to go straight to bed to prepare for tomorrow, but sleep evaded her and she eventually sat up and turned on her reading light to do some grading. That always knocked her out. A couple papers in and her eyelids were beginning to feel heavy but she still heard the familiar sounds of Nick getting a beer from the fridge. She smiled to herself as she put away her materials and switched off her light. Tomorrow was going to be interesting.