Blood soaked the earth around him as he laid on the cold, dirty ground. Rain fell hard from the dark grey sky. The normally humid jungles of the Myre now offered no warmth to anyone within. Truly a dark, cold death.

But Arata Takahashi did not mind. Death was natural and it comes to everyone at some point. He could only lay there, belly gutted, blood pouring out, vision hazy, and accept it. He looks to his right and sees a blooming flower, petals colored red, with a healthy green stem.

'How appropriate' Arata thought. One life ends while another starts.

He closes his eyes and wait until the pain is gone.

In Hueco Mundo...

"Is the machine ready Gin?"

"Yes lord Aizen" said a tall and thin man with silver hair and narrow, almost closed, eyes. He had a wide smile and was dressed in a long white robe with a sword at his side. Gin was at a control panel with various buttons and dials. These buttons and dials connected to a white cylinder-shaped machine with a doorway leading into a hollow space.

The man, Aizen, nodded with a smile. He was dressed in a black robe with a white coat over it. His brown hair was combed back and there was a sword at his waist like Gin.

He walked to the device with a bluish-purple orb in hand. The Hogyoku. A powerful item that can sense the hearts of those around it and materialize their deepest desires.

He opens a panel and places the orb inside before walking to Gin as he was working on powering the machine.

The door behind them opens. A blind dark skinned man walks through the door. His hair was braided and let down. Around his eyes was a band-like visor that shaded his eyes. He had orange rope around his shoulders and wore a sleeve less white robe with long gloves, black pants, and black shoes. Like the previous two, he too had a sword with him.

"What is happening here?" he asked. Gin and Aizen did not turn to him when he spoke.

"Heya Kaname. To make a long story short, we're makin' a teleportation bridge to another world" Gin said cheerfully.

Kaname arched an eyebrow and looked to his leader.

"I came up with the Idea. The Hogyoku has immense power and I want to see how far we can push it. Plus, it could mean more recruits for our army" Aizen explained.

Kaname simply nods at his leaders intentions and joins their side as Gin was about ready to start the machine.

"There... a little there... done". Gin then starts the machine. The Hogyoku glows and the inside sparks purple electricity.

"Everything looks stable Lord Aizen-"

The machine then suddenly starts sparking and the Hogyoku glows more brighter as it was expelling more spiritual pressure. The panel then starts to spark as well and before anyone could do something, the machine explodes. The explosion was great but only sent the former squad captains back a few inches.

After regaining their baring, they head back into the room to find the ashy remains of the teleporter. Aizen walks the the rumble and after a few seconds of searching, he finds the Hogyku, undamaged. He brushes off any lingering dust off the precious orb.

"Well... that was disappointing" Kaname says bluntly.

"Not quite" said the still smiling Gin. "Though the machine imploded and nothing teleported here, the connection came out perfectly and a line to the other side was made".

"If it came out perfectly, why did the teleporter implode?" questioned Kaname.

"Simple: The machine wasn't built strongly enough. I'll have to work on that later". Gin then started to walk to the door, seeing as the experiment was done for day.

Aizen still smiled confidently. There was still much potential in this endeavor. "Before you leave Gin, is there anything else to report?"

"Hmmm...". Gin then started to tap his chin in thought before he found another piece of information. "There is another thing. It would seem that when the Hogyoku started putting out spiritual pressure, it also radiated to the other end of the line"

"So the area around wherever the line opened at became flooded with spiritual pressure?"

"Basically, yeah. With the Hogyoku's power too"

"Do you know where the line opened?"

"Not a single clue where"

Aizen then spoke. "Hmmm... Well it seems like our work here is done for the day. Come everyone, we have other matters to attend to"

"Yes Lord Aizen" said Gin and Kaname in unison.

In the Myre...

Arata's breathe came in slow and deep. He was close he thought, close to death.

Every muscle in his body was weak and stiff. He could not even lift a finger. But he could still feel. He could still feel his wounds, the blood pouring out of them, and the cold rain pelting him.

But he did not regret any of it. Then again, when was the last time he regretted anything or felt anything towards anything? He was an emotionless husk of a man who couldn't even shed a tear for anyone, not even for himself. When did it start? he thought. He tried but couldn't remember why he was so cold, so heartless. Perhaps the life after can give him time to think.

The blood loss eventually took its toll on him and he lost consciousness. Now all that was left was for his body to shut down as well.

Flashes of purple sparks surround Arata, starting from his feet then climbing up until they reach his head. The sparks then expand until they form an purple electric bubble over Arata. The bubble then then shrinks until all that was left was a burned man-sized area over where Arata laid.

Some time later...

Wake up said a disembodied female voice

"Who said that? Where are you?"


"Why do you refuse to answer me"

Because you do not need to know right now

Arata sighs. "Is this the afterlife?"

Arata finds himself in a space devoid of any color but black. There was nothing.

No. We are inside your soul

"My soul?" the hitokiri looks around. "Why is it so dark?"

Because you are a dark man. No emotions. No anger, no happiness, no anything. The only time you feel satisfied is when you kill.

"And what are going to do about it? Punish me?"

No. On the contrary, I am here to help you. To protect you

Arata raised an eyebrow. "I don't need help". The voice then chuckles.

Oh, you are going to need my help. And I'm going start by WAKING YOU UP.

Arata is forced out of his soul and back into the real world. He awakes to find himself on the ground in an alley way. Next to him was a green dumpster and a stray dog was currently licking his shaved head.

He tries to get up until pain spikes in his abdomen. The dog runs off while Arata tries yet again to stand. He stands but then find himself using the wall near him for support. He evens out his breathing and slowly takes his hand off the wall. He staggers slowly to the alley exit. He places an arm around his stomach and side as he neared the end.

When he finally exits the alley he looks around him. Houses made of something stronger surround him. Streets cleaner than any village he has seen. And walkways more even and stronger than dirt.

"Where am I?" he thought aloud.

"In the wrong turf clown". The hitokiri looks to his left to see three teenagers walking towards him. They all were wearing grey trousers and blazers with a short-sleeved white shirt on the inside. The teen in the front had his hands in his pockets and a smug look on his face. His hair was bleached blonde and his ears were pierced with sliver earrings. The two behind him weren't anything special. One had shaggy brown hair while the other was bald.

He eyed the three but did not act when they came up to him and surrounded him.

"What's with the look? Got lost looking for the circus?" he and his lackey then laughed out loud obnoxiously.

Arata's eye look over the three. They were nothing but kids in his eyes. Kids trying to act tough but only making them look like fools. They weren't worth his time. He turns on his heel and walk away from them.

Apparently, they do not take this kindly. "Hey! Don't walk away from us! Do you even know who we are!" screamed the enraged blonde.

"I do... children" Arata said simply.

The blonde grits his teeth and in his rage, pulls out a pocket knife and rushes the hitokiri from behind.

Instead of stabbing him, his wrist was caught in a power grip and he drops his knife. The blonde then started to feel the grip get tighter and tighter until Arata broke his wrist. He screams in pain and for help but his companions could only stand there behind him, scared.

Arata then lowers his head to meet the teen eye to eye. "Listen to me". the blonde snaps his head toward him. "I am NOT in a good mood. Do want me to hurt you more?"


"Then answer my questions. First off, where am I? What town is this?"

"Karakura Town"


'Voice, do you know this town?'

No... No I do not

"Are you lying?" he growls.

"I-I'm not! I swear!" he begs. How pathetic.

"Hmmmm... where in the Myre are we?". He then got a confused look from the blonde boy.

"The Myre? What the hell are you talking abou-AHH!". Arata started to squeeze harder, seperating his hand and arm more. If the boys were about to come help but when Arata looked at them , they stilled like statues.

"Do you take me for an idiot?"


"What about the war?"


The blonde then screams again as Arata squeezes more.

I think he's telling the truth

'What makes you say that?'

Because why would he lie in the situation he is in?

The voice had a point. He slowly releases his grip. The blonde teen falls to his knees, clutching his broken wrist, before his friends come to his side. The shaggy brown hair boy saw the pocket knife and was about to use it but Arata beats him to it and picks it up.

"Leave. All of you. If I see either one of you brats again, I'll make you suffer" and the boys all run away in fear.

Karakura Town? And they didn't know about the war. How very strange.

'Yeah, it is'

Arata walked along the street, passing many strangely dressed people who stared at him in confusion and caution. He did not pay them much mind.

He walks until he finds himself on a park bench underneath a tree. The sun had just set and night started to roll in.

Everything that had seen today was strange. Strange buildings, strange, clothes, no war, no samurai. It was as if his world was dismantled and made anew.

'Is this the afterlife'

No. You are very much alive.


I don't know. Perhaps some higher power took pity on you and saved you


A loud howl pierces his thought and he feels a sudden pressure on his body, as if someone was pushing him down. He did not know what was happening but he stood up and looked in the direction of the howl and ran towards it.

'Voice... what was that?'

I don't know but I do know this... get ready for a fight