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Chapter I

–The Tsukinos–

Tuesday, 14 March 1995


Harry bypassed the blonde teen with a strange hairstyle and entered the park. He nodded at the strangers passing-by and walked with Tommy in his arms into the playground. He sat with the boy on the sandy floor, took out his bag and picked the toys he'd brought along. He started making sandcastles with Tommy sitting on his ass looking back with his head tilted sideways as if confused at the whole ordeal.

[I know, I'm not a big castle maker, but just you wait and – in no time – we'll have Hogwarts.] Harry argued.

Tommy scoffed but stayed seating and watching Harry play with his sand. The sandcastle started growing. The brown-haired grey-eyed baby just sat there watching, not playing along nor even to undo the castle, but it didn't stop the raven-haired green-eyed teenager. He kept creating his castle until finally when he was about to finish one last tower, it all fell down. Tommy whined – finally showing how much he enjoyed the sandcastle – and Harry looked up at the little kids that had just destroyed it, who laughed.

"Honestly, leave them alone! Have you three no shame?" Harry looked up at the teen blonde girl that he bypassed earlier and the trio of kids run off scared. She kneeled beside him apologetically. [Sorry] She struggled to say as she bowed her head, before she immediately turned back into Japanese as if she didn't realize she was doing so: "Earlier today I caught them picking on a black cat." She explained and picked a shovel starting to fill the bucket, finally she turned the bucket around before Tommy. She patted on the top twice. "You pat twice and then…" she raised it and the sand fell down.

Tommy chuckled, he actually chuckled…

"I'm Harry and this is Tommy Potter." Harry introduced and the girl nodded back, obviously glad that he actually spoke Japanese.

"Tsukino Usagi." The teen offered with a confused look. "Why didn't that work?"

"Wet sand."

"Oh…" the girl laughed as she noticed the bottle with water that Harry was using. "Of course… thank you."

Harry nodded, set some water on the sand and both started using it to make the sandcastle again.

[So…] "it's Tsukino or Usagi? I'm still getting used to what is the right way to call someone."

The teen laughed.

"English?" Harry nodded. "First name is the surname then it's the person's name. You call people by the family name and add the San Chan Kun and so on." She offered. "People's personal name is only for family and close friends."

"Got it. So, Potter Harry and Potter Tommy," [Miss] "Tsukino."

Tsukino smiled back.

"You can call me Usagi-chan."

Harry grinned back and then smiled wider when Tommy actually patted twice on the bucket before Usagi pulled up the bucket.

"Look, Tommy-kun, you helped Obachan make a sandcastle." She offered to the boy with a babyish voice.

Harry held back his amusement when Tommy as a reply set a hand on top of the castle, all the while looking at the girl in a 'this is your fault' and smashed it. He hated when he was baby-talked to. Instead of being angry, Usagi filled another bucket and set before the boy.

"May I wonder what's with the attire?" Harry asked. "I see a lot of teenagers and young children dressed like that and even slight variations."

"School uniform." Usagi explained. "You usually use your uniform while going to and coming from school. In weekends you use your own clothes, though."

"Oh… my old school was a big black cloak that looked like a dress. It was an internship school, so…" Harry shrugged. "I would cheat and use nowadays clothes under it, what made several of my classmates furious at my daring."

"Boarding school." Usagi amended and Harry nodded thankfully. "Your Japanese is quite good though."

Usagi looked at a page that was all messed up and coiled into a ball. Unsure if he was allowed, Harry whipped his hands on his trousers and then picked it. English test 30%.


"I don't fancy going home." The girl agreed.

"I can see why… how about this: you help me with Tommy and I help you with English?"

Usagi looked at Tommy, who in reaction threw all the sandcastles down. Obviously throwing a fit.

"Deal." She agreed – even though she was seeing Tommy's pampered fit. The Muggle had to be really desperate.

Usagi picked Tommy as Harry stored the toys. They stood and walked down the road, passing a jewellery store named OSA-P that was on a massive sale.

"They're all fakes." Usagi looked back confused. "Those prices? Or they are fakes or they came from the manufacturers unfinished or something like that." Harry shrugged.

"Thanks." She agreed, feeling better about not being able to buy any of the jewellery. Eventually they arrived the entrance of her house. Usagi signalled the drawing on the house's mailbox. "Tsukino."

"Japanese words?" Usagi nodded. "I've lots to learn then. I thought it were drawings."

Usagi laughed. She entered, started taking out her shoes on the house's entryway and offered a spare slipper for Harry, who quickly understood that he was meant to take out his own shoes. Seeing his reaction, she quickly showed the entryway and explained how it was called genkan in Japanese and how in Japanese's houses you don't walk around with outside shoes, to which Harry thanked her immediately. Just as he was putting on the slippers someone, who Harry believed to be Usagi's mother, showed up. Harry bowed his head.

"I'm home. Mama, this is Harry-kun and Tommy-kun."

"Welcome home, Harry-san."

"Thank you for taking me in," [Madam] "Tsukino." Harry agreed and raised his head. "Usagi-chan promised on helping me with my" [son] "Tommy while in a trade I help her with her English studies for her classes."

Usagi turned deep red while Mrs Tsukino looked at her daughter with a narrowed look.

"Umino-kun told me he got 95…"

"Not everyone can get such a good grade without help," [Madam.]

Mrs Tsukino offered her hand and remorsefully Usagi gave her exam to her mother. Only the reminder that they weren't alone kept the woman from reprimanding her daughter. She picked up Tommy.

"Come in, Harry-san. I honestly hope you are a miracle maker."

"Miracle no, but I do have a magic touch."

The blue-haired – definitely dyed blue – woman laughed.

"I'll send some snacks. How does that sound?"

"It sounds great," [Madam.]

Mrs Tsukino nodded and went into the kitchen with Harry's son while Harry followed Usagi to the living room. He sat by the table as she went to pick her schoolbooks. The two were looking over her answers to the exam, her brother sitting by the side playing with Tommy who Harry knew was simply humouring the boy, when Mr Tsukino entered. Harry looked at the dark-haired man and then at the brownish-blond boy. Mrs Tsukino's hair definitely was dyed blue from blonde.

"I'm home!"

"Welcome home, Papa." The trio welcomed.

[Mr] "Tsukino." Harry agreed and Usagi quickly whispered on his ear. "Tsukino-san." He amended himself.

"Usagi-chan's friend?"

"English tutor: Potter Harry."

The man nodded at Harry and then raised an eyebrow at his younger son.

"Mama? Weren't we only four?"

"Still are," [Sir.] "That one is mine." Harry argued. "Usagi-chan actually manages to make Tommy laugh and play along so I agreed on babysitting in a trade for the tutoring."

Mr Tsukino nodded.

"Are you two staying for dinner? Do you live far?"

"In Harajuku, Sir." Harry argued and instantaneously everyone looked at his 'normal' attire. "I leave the odd style to when I'm in the neighbourhood." He added amused, making the children laugh and the parents chuckle.

"I can drive you home afterwards." Mr Tsukino agreed.

Harry looked at his wristwatch. Professor Snape would only return during the weekends from the going to Mahōtokoro School with the Potions Master.

"I don't want to be a bother," [Sir.]

"Nonsense. This way is only a quarter hour instead of an hour. Maybe you should call your parents to warn them first, though."

Harry's lips thinned and he lost the smile.

"I'd love to." The couple looked back puzzled at his sudden sour mode, only to immediately understand. "My relatives emancipated me when my crazy ex dropped my new-born premature kid on my relative's front-doorstep without even a knock."

"Oh… do you two live alone?" Mr Tsukino asked, turning into overprotective father-mode.

"My" [mother]"'s school friend took me in and brought me to Tokyo with him. He's a scientist so he works out of town during the week."

"And school?"

"Kateikyōshi three times a week." Harry signalled Tommy. "Tommy makes a fit if Kateikyōshi overpasses his stay."

The couple shared a look before smiling back.

"If you ever need, you can always ask." Mrs Tsukino offered kindly. "I'm usually home, Harry-kun."

Harry smiled thankfully, not missing on the fact that she had called him «Kun» instead of «San» this time around.


Harry set Tommy down in his cot, Bella popping in.

[He has eaten and changed his nappies. He'll most likely sleep through the night.] The female house-elf nodded. [I won't be long; I felt a magic disturbance earlier, but was with a Muggle and Tommy so I couldn't check it out.]

[Bella will watch over Young Master.] The female house-elf agreed eagerly.

Harry looked at Tommy, then turned around and left the bedroom. He pulled a cloak over himself and left the house, heading back to Azabu-Jūban and going to the jewellery store OSA-P. Only to find a teen blonde with the exact same hairstyle as Usagi but with a different style of school uniform (even shorter than before). Really? You call That a disguise?

But then he saw the humanoid Creature she was trying to fight. With a groan, he stormed inside, bypassed the cry-baby teen on the floor and hit the Creature straight in the chest with a Bombarda, throwing it away from the two.

"What the…?"

"If you cannot fight without falling on your arse crying, then fighting Creatures by night is not your thing, Usagi-chan!"

Usagi stared back wide-eyed, Harry groaned as the Creature threw the possessed Humans at them. He took hold onto Usagi and a strange black cat with half-moon-shaped mark on the forehead, getting out the way.


"Can you do anything at all or do I get you out the store and deal with the Creature myself?"

"How do you…?"

Harry made them duck to avoid an attack.

"Usagi!" He snapped, not caring about being politically correct.

"I don't know. It's my first-time being a Sailor Senshi."

Harry groaned only to gasp as the Creature's hand got to his throat and pushed him against the wall. Then an actual rose struck the hand, making it release him. Harry fell on his knees out of breath. He looked up at who saved him to find a masked man.

"Use the tiara, Sailor Moon." The black cat ordered. "Pick it and say:" [«Moon Tiara Action!».]

Usagi got ready to argue.

"Just do what the cat said or go home." Harry snapped as he struggled to breath.

Usagi looked back and nodded. She picked her tiara and actually used an attack by saying those words what actually defeated the Creature, turning it into dust.

"Well done, Sailor Moon… the same for you."

Harry nodded back and the masked man left. He looked down at the cat looking right back and then forced himself on his feet, starting to walk away towards the unconscious people.


"What were you thinking?" He snapped at her without turning around. "You can't fight. You don't even know your 'spells'. And you jump into danger without a second-thought? What do you think your parents would feel if you ended up dead? Go home, Usagi-chan, and stop playing pretend."

"Hey, wait a minute…"

Harry glared at the cat.

"I won't always be there to take the attack for you, Usagi-chan. Learn your limits or don't do it at all."

"Can you teach me?"

Harry looked back at her and then shook his head.

"I have my spells you have yours." Usagi looked down at the cat, who nodded. "Go home, I'll bring each person home and make sure that their life-source is returned."

"Thank you, Harry-kun."

Harry nodded and started to send each person home magically.


Wednesday, 15 March 1995

"I'm Luna."

Harry looked up from Tommy's breakfast that he was spoon-feeding, towards the cat that had just entered the dining room. Damn, someone must have walked for at the least an hour and half with its tiny legs…

"Harry and this is my" [son] "Tommy." He introduced back. "What is the proper term for a cat?"

"You can use Luna-chan." The cat offered with a chuckle, before she signalled at the table with her head questioningly.

Harry nodded, the cat jumped over the table and sat down facing the two. Immediately Donna popped in and set a bowl with cat food on it and another with water. Harry wondered why the male house-elf had cat food in the house.

[Professor] "Snape's maid and manservant." Harry explained before the cat could ask. "You've come because of yesterday, right?"

"Usagi-chan is still learning. She needs someone to help her."

"You choose the wrong girl to turn into a weapon." Harry argued and, at Tommy's angry babble, resumed the spoon-feeding. [You should learn to use your own hands, Tommy.]

Tommy in answer grabbed Harry's hand and made him push the spoon into his mouth. As if that had been what Harry had meant with using his hands. Harry had trouble hiding his smile at his kiddo's mocking comply.

"I didn't choose Usagi-chan. I was guided to her." Luna argued. "It's hard to explain."

"I bet." Harry agreed. "Can you give me the speech of how everything relies on Usagi's shoulder s and all that shit after I finish feeding this young man? He refuses to let anyone but me do it."

Luna shook her head and started eating her own food that the house-elf had brought for her. When Tommy was finally done Bella popped in, took him from the child highchair and took him out the dining room. Harry started eating his breakfast while nodding at the cat that she could start.

"The monster yesterday was a Yōma. Usagi-chan, while as Sailor Moon, is the only one with the ability of destroying them and by doing so to return the life-source that had been stolen to their rightful owners."

"So, if I had destroyed the Creature the life-source wouldn…?" Luna nodded. "What more spells can she do?"

"For now is only that and the sonar."

"How does the sonar work?" Luna raised an eyebrow. "Unlike you I'm not bringing Usagi-chan into danger without teaching her how to use her abilities first. I may have different abilities than her, but I can't back her up fulltime in the middle of a battle."

"Oh… thank you, Harry-kun."

"Don't thank me yet. I have yet to learn the full extreme of her abilities."

Luna nodded and started explaining all she could about Sailor Moon's powers.


Harry raised an eyebrow at Luna.

"Then? Where is she?"

"She went playing games in the arcade and then run to this fortune teller for some reason." Luna huffed. "Didn't even give me time to speak with her."

Harry rolled his eyes.

"I'll be at the front of the school to pick her up tomorrow then." He agreed.


Thursday, 16 March 1995

Harry felt a massive Magic Aura coming from inside the school campus, he stormed inside to find a group of teenagers throwing rocks at the school building's windows. He hurried there as Usagi went to interrupt them.

"Usagi-san, wanna kiss?" The stranger with round glasses – and not in school uniform – boy asked, more like demanded.

Harry groaned as the girl obviously wanted none of that, starting to cry instead of dealing with the problem. He set Tommy down on the floor with Luna, before hurrying to go save Usagi's innocence. He grabbed the boy's wrist and threw him over the rest of the messing around group.

"Harry-kun?" Usagi asked from behind him, luckily having stopped crying.

The boy got ready to strike again, but Harry stood at full height intimidatingly, it was strange to think of himself as taller than the norm…

"I dare you, Boy. After the forceful kiss that is equivalent to rape from where I came from, anything you'll do to me will only worsen your police record!"

Somehow that made the group back off and leave.

"Harry-kun?" Usagi called again.

"Yes, I know I shouldn't have entered the school perimeter." He snapped and turned around, raised her sleeve and looked at her arm for any hand-mark bruise.

"I'm fine, thanks."

Groaning, Harry leaned down and picked the crawling his way Tommy.

"Do you have any more classes?"

"No, I'm done for the day."

"Let's go then." Harry turned around, Luna running after him.


"You skipped your tutoring classes yesterday, Usagi-chan!" He snapped.

Usagi said her goodbyes to her ginger friend then hurried after Harry.

"Tutoring as in…?"

"Luna-chan roped me into teaching you how to control your powers." Harry agreed with a groan. "Which you missed yesterday and now we don't have time for a quick class."

"How so?"

"Can't you feel the Dark Aura from the being controlled against their will group?" Harry argued, looking back at the teen girl. Then he looked at the cat. "Seriously? And you say that I have to let her come with me into danger?"

Usagi stopped, looking back

"The new House of Fortune. Both Umino-kun and the others went there last afternoon."

Harry nodded, well at the least Usagi could somehow tell where the danger was. He grabbed two scarves, put them over his chest and back sideways one to each side and then set Tommy in them against his chest.

"Dress up, Usagi-chan. Either you like it or not we have to go deal with this."

"What… with Tommy-kun?"

"What do you want me to do? Leave him at home – an hour walk away – alone?"

Usagi looked down at Tommy, then grabbed Harry's wrist and hurried the other way. They arrived her home, but her mother wasn't home.


Usagi's brother came from the living room and nodded at Harry.

"Welcome home. Mama is out."

Usagi nodded and picked Tommy from the carrying scarves.

"Harry-kun has an etiquette class in half-hour and promised to let me attend. Please, Shingo-kun, I'll owe you one."

The brother, Shingo, looked down at Tommy and then up at his sister.

"I get to eat your cake slice that Mama is buying."

Groaning, Usagi nodded. Harry took out his Tommy's bag, showed at Shingo – who nodded, understanding – and left it by the entrance.

"I'm going." Usagi put in and Shingo nodded.

"Have a safe trip." The boy agreed and walked into the living room with the baby in his arms, before the two hurried out.

If the classroom was half-hour away in Harajuku there was no way they'd arrive in time unless the metro wasn't in mad-hour, what at this hour was rather unlikely, but might as well pretend they were hurrying to 'arrive in time'.

"Etiquette classes, really?" He couldn't help but ask, while wondering if the girl had any idea what such a class entailed.

"British" ['gentleman'.] Usagi argued as they run down the road. "Besides, this way my parents won't argue every time I go with you for 'studies'."

Harry rolled his eyes and the two hurried in the fortune teller's direction. They arrived the location and Usagi hid in a dead-end alley.

"Change, I'll keep an eye out to keep people out."

"Right… I forgot how."

Harry looked back at the girl confused as Luna groaned.

[«Moon Prism Power, Make Up!»] Luna supplied to which Usagi repeated and literally transformed. Okay… that was different… "Now you too, Harry-kun."

Harry picked his wand out of it's holster in his forearm and his cloak from his pocket, with the wand he enlarged his school robe and put it on. With the way the other girl changed clothes, it explained why they wouldn't bat an eye at Harry's actual magic show.

"Sailor Moon-chan, remember this: They won't stop even if you beg them to. You have to fight back. You have to use the tiara as soon as you can… do you need us to remind you how to use that spell as well?" He wondered uncertain, because if he would need to learn her English spells alongside his Latin ones this could end up messy.

Sailor Moon shook her head and the two hurried inside the house. Harry immobilized the even bigger group of teen males striking at them and – as the guy in a mask kept the Yōma's attention away with a rose to the face – Sailor Moon used her tiara spell on the Creature.

Harry looked at the masked man, before the other nodded back and left.


Usagi whined as Harry gave her a quick intensive class on etiquette classes, Luna by the side laughing as the house-elves set up the plates, bowls, massive amount of tableware and massive amount of glasses for the girl to learn.


"You want your family to think we dropped Tommy so we could have a date?" Harry argued and the girl whined even louder. "This is what" [Professor] "Snape made me learn during the last year for in case a fancy party happened, so it is the only thing that I can actually teach you." Usagi nodded with an obvious pout. "Now, what is this one for?"


They arrived the Tsukino Residence and, as Harry picked his son up, Usagi eagerly showed up her newly learnt studies to her mother by setting up the table, while Harry sat down on a couch with the falling asleep Tommy against his chest.

"He loves reading a lot." Shingo put in. "As soon as I realized what he wanted, I picked all my books and let him choose which ones he wanted me to read to him until Mama arrived from shopping. She prepared and gave him a soup."

"I'll have to thank her." Harry agreed. "And thank you for the watching over him. Tommy hates my etiquette" [teacher.]

"Sensei." Shingo amended and Harry nodded thankfully.

"My etiquette sensei so I had gone to your" [sister] – "oneesan" Shingo promptly offered – "your oneesan to watch over him during my class." Harry nodded thankfully.

"But then she asked to attend as well." Shingo argued and Harry shrugged. "It's not a problem. Like Mama said, you two are always welcomed here. And you actually manage to make Oneechan stay still long enough to pay attention to her studies."

Harry laughed quietly so not to wake Tommy.

"It's not easy." He argued and Shingo laughed back. "Still, most people would consider me a bad influence because of the teenage pregnancy."

Shingo huffed, yet quietly enough so not to wake up Tommy.

"Old preconceived geezers." He grumbled. "Don't mind what they might say. You are a great influence."

They smiled at Mrs Tsukino when she came to call them for dinner.

"Papa is gonna be late, do you mind waiting for when he arrives and has his dinner?"

"I don't want to be a bother," [Madam.]

"Which is exactly why you aren't a bother." The woman argued and carefully picked the baby. "I'll go set him down. Tomorrow you should bring a spare portable crib, I'm afraid that I didn't keep our old one and gifted it to a friend who needed at the time."

Blushing, Harry nodded.


Friday, 17 March 1995

Harry finished eating breakfast, set Tommy on his carrying scarves and accepted the bag with the portable playpen cot from Donna, pulling it sideways on his back. Once ready, he left the house and took the metro. He arrived the Tsukino Residence just as Mr Tsukino was about to leave. The man picked the bag with a bow of head and a quick «Welcome home» before taking it inside. After setting up the playpen cot in a corner of the living room, the man bowed his head back and left with «I'm going» to which his wife replied with «Have a safe trip». For some reason Harry always heard them using those one-word expressions…

"It's a playpen. Not exactly a cot but he can take naps in it. It has a mattress and everything…"

"It's perfect." Mrs Tsukino agreed. "Did you two have breakfast?"

"I never leave home without feeding Tommy." Harry agreed and the woman smiled back. He set Tommy down on the carpet and went for the boy's bag that he left last time and took out the boy's plushy, giving it to him. Tommy looked back almost with a roll of eyes but then started moving the snake-plushy around as if to play with it. "He inherited his fascination with snakes from his other side of the family."

"Snakes means longevity and health." Mrs Tsukino agreed. "Usagi-chan is into usagis herself." Harry looked at the woman confused. "Usagi means…" [bunny.] The Japanese woman struggled to say in English.

Harry's eyes grew and then blushed.

"Thank you. I've been in Japan made in January a year and there is still a lot I'm learning." He thanked and the woman smiled soothingly back. [So…] "that's why the…?" Harry signalled the two buns on each side of the head.

"Meatball Head." Mrs Tsukino agreed, before asking: "Do you have classes today?"

"Day off." He argued and signalled the shoulder bag. "Self-studying day."


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