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Chapter XXXI

–The Reason the Malfoys Moved Into Japan–

Saturday, 9 September 1995


Usagi helped Harry how to set up the clothes properly so to then dress them up as they heard the bell ring downstairs. None of the two paid it any mind, as they heard Shingo open the door, and Harry took out his clothes before he put the white underclothes-kimono.

"This is called a Hadajuban." Usagi offered as she looked sadly at his chest and tied up the belt. Before she could pick the next dark-blue layer, the bedroom's door opened. The two looked to find Mamoru, who took in the half-dressed state Harry was in. "Mamo-chan."

"Why are you dressing Harry-sama in traditional kimono?" Mamoru wondered, entering and approaching to help.

"I'm going to a festival… and was told it was proper."

Mamoru looked at the cloth over the bed, at the white rose in the bedside table and then at the new plushie that Tommy was sitting in front as he stared up at it, before he looked back.

"Something you want to add?" He added pointedly before picking the new layer and helping Harry onto it.

"Shin-san is kinda hot."

Mamoru huffed, as Usagi snorted, and finished helping to put all the layers and how to proper tie each layer as he explained each name. The dark-blue like robe was called nagagi, the obi which was a belt that tied the nagagi around Harry's torso and finally the haori over it, a specie of light blue-cloak. Harry signalled at the species of white trousers on the bed questioningly.

"Formal wear only." Mamoru argued. "A festival doesn't require a hakama." He added pointedly towards his own girlfriend who blushed.

"I'll store it to a possible future time." The blonde girl hurried to pick it up and go put it on Harry's wardrobe.

Mamoru finished rearranging the clothes and Harry looked at himself in the mirror. It was almost like the Wizardry World in England he guessed… he was lost in thought only for Usagi to snap her fingers before his face and then signal him down, so he kneeled down and she started to comb his mess of a hair.

"Keep the mobile phone and it's trinket always with you." The older teenager put in, giving Harry his mobile and wallet and showed him how to store them. "Even if you trust Shin-san, there can still be a strike. Now the real question… do you have sandals and can you walk with ones?" Mamoru added amused.

Harry frowned confused and Mamoru picked white socks with a big toe separated from Harry's bed that just now the younger of the three realized had been sent with the kimono set.

"You're serious?" He asked and Mamoru nodded with a smile. Harry looked up at Usagi as she fixed his mess of a hair from behind. "For real?"

"Tabi with geta. No tabi and no Hadajuban and people think you are Yakuza."

He groaned and when Usagi was done she hurried out while he moved himself around to be able to change the socks. Give him robes any day, even in the dress-robes he could move his legs better than in this. He had just finished putting them on when Usagi hurried back in with some wooden sandals. She tried them on his feet before breathing relieved.

"You're lucky. You have Taitō-san's foot-size."

Harry mentally groaned at what it would mean. He picked the sandals as Usagi picked up the crawling back Tommy and they descended downstairs. Mrs Tsukino gasped at seeing him and hurried to pick up the camera. Even Shingo was having a blast at his accord as the woman took several pictures of him.

"Are you going to the festival?" Mrs Tsukino finally asked when the camera's rolls ended.

"Yes." Harry agreed.

The woman nodded.

"Buy me some souvenirs." She offered. "Have fun you three." She added.

Harry put on Taitō's sandals and they left, Usagi carrying a confused Tommy.

"Mama so totally knows you have a date." She put in, making him groan.

"Whose fault is that? I told you I should have changed in a public WC." He whined.

"Or Usako could also have put one." Mamoru argued.

Usagi blushed.

"I thought about it but my last one has a massive stain from last New Year." She shyly argued. "Mama had tried to take it out but…"

Mamoru looked at his sudden shy girlfriend and then guided them to a store by the side. Usagi gaped at him and he signalled her forward, making her shriek eagerly and start to look through the cloth with Tommy.

[I'm paying half.] Harry whispered towards Mamoru. [I'm rich, you aren't. Even if we both are parentless, my Prince.]

The older that had been about to argue, finally agreed. As the seamstresses helped Usagi to choose one, one of them stole Tommy and before Harry knew it even his son had changed clothes.

[Mrs Tsukino should have saved on that camera's roll.] Mamoru pointed out amused as Tommy even had new sandals on, only for the boy to take them out. [You do know that yours is the most expensive ones, don't you?]

Harry turned deep red and Mamoru smirked.


[You didn't pay, did you?] The older wondered and Harry shook his head. [Or he is filthy rich, or he really likes you. Because that kimono? Was bought from the most expensive boutiques.]

"Hey, Boys, what do you think?" Usagi suddenly asked.

Harry looked at her and nodded approvingly.

"Why does your obi has the…" [how do I say bow?] He added towards the girl's boyfriend pointedly, making him return to Earth.


"Thank you. Why does Usagi-chan's obi have the bow but mine and my son's doesn't?" He added again looking towards the girl, who was suddenly shy at realizing the attention her boyfriend was giving her like this.

"Female-version." The seamstress offered. "Young marriage?"

"Usagi-chan is my Aneue." Harry argued.

He picked his wallet, as the girl shyly spoke with Mamoru and accepted his compliments, approached the counter and paid for Tommy's kimono and Usagi's outer-kimono which was the most expensive of the set without the girl's knowledge. The seamstress behind the counter bowing her head back, understanding what he was doing. Finally as Usagi picked up Tommy, Mamoru picked his wallet and paid the rest as if he was paying all of it.

"We three will go ahead and leave you alone to join him. Don't make him feel overwhelmed with Tommy-kun on the second date." Usagi put in soothingly and Harry smiled back thankfully. "I'll want to meet him later though."

Harry scoffed and already Usagi was pulling Mamoru down the road with her, Tommy in her arms. He arrived the entrance of the festival and looked around uncertain, before he looked at his wristwatch. It was almost time.

"I was right you look gorgeous in kimono, Harry-chan."

Harry raised his head and smiled at seeing Shin also in a kimono, a different one this time around.

"You as well, Shin-san. Shall we?" He added, signalling the entrance. "By the way, why a rose?"

"It's beautiful." Shin offered. "Why? You didn't like it?"

"Of all flowers that means purity and innocence why did you chose a white rose as the one?"

Shin frowned back only for then comprehension to show up.

"You know flower meanings."

"I'm forced to study it." Harry agreed. "Roses are so over valorised." He added with a groan, only to blush. "Sorry."

Shin laughed, what made Harry blush harder.

"Most people look at roses and see love. I'm glad you aren't the norm." He added approvingly. "Normality is over valorised." He added, obviously coping Harry's line.

Harry snorted and let the other pull him into a booth stand and buy them some food.

"I thought it wasn't proper to walk as you eat." Harry wondered and Shin smiled back.

"It isn't. Most foreigners don't care about the proper way, though."

"I'm trying my best to study." Harry argued with a shrug and Shin guided him to a seat where the two could see the sun setting, as they ate. "Had to promise my Aneue that we'd meet her later so she'd leave us alone for now."

Shin looked back and then nodded.

"Does she know you are with a male?" He asked and Harry nodded. "Your family doesn't care?"

"They were actually happy when they realized I was going out without me needing to tell anything at all." Harry argued and looked at the older. "What about you? Family?"

"I have three Kōhais." Shin offered. "They can be a pain but I still care for them. And there's our" Shin said something but Harry didn't understand the meaning. "We'd do anything for her."

"Like an oneechan?"

Shin smiled.

"Like an Oneesama, Harry-chan." He agreed. "When you're older maybe you'd understand what I mean."

Harry scoffed.

"Don't treat me like a baby. I've stopped being one the moment my parents died when I was 1-year-old." He argued. "I can be innocent when it comes to feelings, so I won't argue about the flower meaning choice only the choice of a rose, but I'm not innocent. I mean, you've seen my scars. Most of them started before a normal toddler can even walk, while I was forced to use the oven to set up breakfast."

Shin looked back as if puzzled.

"You confuse me. I'm not easily confused."

Harry smiled and leaned forward to whisper on the other's ear from their position sitting side-by-side.

"Maybe that's what calls you to me. My siren's call." He teased before very quickly kissed him on the cheek and stood to go throw out the garbage.

When he looked back he could see the lustiness in the other's eyes, making him blush and look away.



Tommy-kun babbled angrily as Usagi snickered at Harry-kun's balls at actually kissing the other on the cheek in such a public place – even if barely noticeable. She looked back at Mamo-chan, from their location where they could see the bench from behind, with a smile and the two walked away. Harry-kun looked to be having fun.

"I'm glad for Harry-kun." Usagi put in, making Mamo-chan raise an eyebrow. "When our Sensei suddenly got engaged he was a mess because he'd never be able to wed himself. I actually promised him that one day the" [Moon Princess] "would make a law that he would be able to wed whoever he wanted."

Mamo-chan smiled amused at that.

"I'm sure that one day" [Moon Princess] "and" [Earth Prince] "will be able to make something about that." He agreed. "For now though, you and I can only make sure he can have his date without no one the wiser."

Tommy-kun babbled angrily. Usagi looked down at him to see him glaring at a stand where a silver-haired-plushie was.

"Do you want it, Tommy-kun?"

Tommy-kun nodded, Usagi went for her wallet but already Mamo-chan had picked his and asked the man behind the booth how much.

"You have to throw that down." The clerker argued, signalling a series of cans at the back of the store. "You get them all and you get to choose."

Mamo-chan nodded and set into position, accepting the three balls, aimed and threw. Usagi contained her smirk at seeing the way Tommy-kun focused on the ball, making it hit the bottom of the cans in precise location to make them fall in one go. The clerker's eyes grew and looked at Mamo-chan, whose lips thinned.

"I still have two more balls." Mamo-chan argued. The clerker hurried to go pull the cans back up and Mamo-chan approached. [No helping this time.] He reprimanded and Tommy-kun babbled, making grabby-hands in the plushie he wanted's direction.

Mamo-chan threw the next ball to the corner of the tower, making most of them fall and then with the last one he threw the last three ones down. The clerker congratulated him with a bow.

"Which one do you want?"

Tommy-kun babbled immediately and pointed, the clerker smiled and picked it and put on the counter. Usagi picked and gave the toddler, who smiled up at the clerker. They were walking down the road as Tommy-kun was seeing until where he could mess the new plushie without any magic to destroy it, when suddenly Mamo-chan joined their side and traded a backpack in form of a bunny for Tommy-kun. Usagi choked and looked up at her boyfriend.

"I won two prizes." Mamo-chan agreed.

Usagi shrieked and held onto his arm immediately, who kept holding onto Tommy-kun as they walked. Tommy-kun moving his new plushie in several different positions to learn until where he could go.

"Don't be mean to Papa's boyfriend, Tommy-kun." Usagi argued.

Tommy-kun babbled negatively and kept looking around.

"Tsukino-chan? Mamoru-san?" Usagi raised her head from Mamo-chan's arm to see the girls accompanied by Taitō-san. "I thought you said you'd stay at the Tsukino Residence today with Potter-sama." He added towards Mamo-chan.

"There was a change of plans, Jedo-kun." Mamo-chan argued as Ami-chan picked-up Tommy-kun who had managed to undo the elastic that kept the plushie's hair in one place. "Careful with that plushie, Tommy-kun is seeing if he should destroy it or not."

"Why?" Mako-chan wondered.

"Papa's boyfriend." Usagi offered, making the girls gape back as she smiled. "Tommy-kun doesn't know what to feel about it."

Tommy-kun babbled negatively, making them all laugh.

"I saw the water yo-yos back there. Come, Tommy-kun, I'm sure you'll love them." Ami-chan put in and took hold onto Minako-chan and pulled the blonde teen girl with them down the road. "Makoto-chan, Rei-chan, are you two coming to help us win it for Tommy-kun?" She added questioningly and pointedly and Mako-chan hurried to follow her and help at pushing Minako-chan away.

Taitō-san looked after the girls and then back, only for Mamo-chan to signal him to follow the girls. Rei-chan actually walking besides the short-haired blond male.

"Is it just me or those two will end up becoming a couple?" Usagi put in amused.

"If they aren't already." Mamo-chan agreed. "Thank Mizuno-chan for me later. This was just to let us have our own date without Tommy-kun or Aino-chan to bother us as well."

Usagi smiled up at Mamo-chan and then walked down the road with him, looking at the what was being sold and while finally enjoying some free-time with Mamo-chan without anyone the wiser.



Harry looked at the cufflinks in form of a snake on one of the stores.

"Didn't take you for a snake-type of guy." Shin pointed out, looking at it.

"I'm not, but Tommy is." Harry argued.

"Your Otōto?" Shin wondered and Harry shrugged, a son was the last thing to mention at the second date. "Would he use them, though?"

"Would make a fit if I'd dare to keep him away from it." Harry agreed and signalled the shopper who smiled back and stored the set in a box.

"You are born under what animal, Harry-chan?" Shin asked as he looked through some jewellery by the side.

"The year animal?" Harry wondered and Shin nodded. "I don't know. I'm a Leo but I don't know my Chinese horoscope animal."

"Year?" The shopper asked.


The shopper looked through a page by the side.

"It's the Monkey." The man put in towards Shin, who nodded and picked a flying monkey riding a lion brooch jewellery, before he turned towards Harry and put it on his chest over his heart. "Now you will never forget, Oniisan." The clerker offered with a bow.

Harry nodded shyly as Shin paid and then they walked away to the next one.

"So you bought one for your kid brother, who's missing?"

"I don't see Snape-sensei accepting any of these gifts, or use them." Harry shrugged. "The siblings are picked and so are the Tsukinos. I guess I have them all."

"Who's this Sensei?" Shin wondered as they walked with Harry's gifts under an arm.

"My Mama's best friend from before her death. We moved together to Japan a year and half ago."

Shin looked back as Harry shrugged.

"Do you miss them?"

"I was too young to remember them." Harry argued. "You don't want to get anything for your Kōhais, Shin-san?"

"We're not like that, Harry-chan." Shin retorted with a shrug.

Harry hummed, only to grin at seeing a florist. He hurried over and started looking through each one eagerly. Finally, he picked a lily vase and set on the counter.

"Snape-sensei will so have my head later though." Harry pointed out after paying and managing how to grab everything with the kimono. "Hopefully he won't let it die, though."

"What does that one mean?"

"This one is my" [Mum]"'s name."

Shin looked back and then he nodded.

"Sensei will treasure it." He offered and Harry grinned back, only for Shin's attention to be called to a booth by the side.

Harry looked to see another of those booths where you have to play to win what you want. Shin paid, picked the riffle while looking like he was getting ready to perform magic instead and then fired at one of the backpacks with just one hand instead of two. The clerker congratulated him and picked up the backpack, bringing it to Shin. Finally, the silver-haired male opened it and stored Harry's shopping inside minus the flower. Harry blushed at seeing it was a backpack with a snake's stamp on it.

On that moment they heard a scream, Harry looked back and then at Shin, who looked right back before he run into the danger. Harry picked his mobile phone and rang Usagi, to be sure.

{It's not a Yōma.} Usagi agreed immediately. {You can stay with him.}

{Well his fighting instincts already acted up and he run towards where the scream was.} He argued. {What was it?}

{Someone thought it was a good idea to rob the unattempt shoppers.} Usagi put in. {A foreigner just realized she lost her wallet. It's not our job.}

Harry sighed, hung-up and leaned against the side, looking down the market road. Eventually he heard some passing-by people comment how one grey-haired male in a kimono had caught the robber and brought it to the police that had just arrived. Harry smiled and waited until, finally, Shin climbed up the road.

"My hero." Harry put in amused, making Shin roll his eyes. "Do you want to keep strolling around aimlessly, or go out somewhere to eat dinner?"

"Let's go for dinner." Shin agreed and they descended the road together.

They passed by Usagi and Mamoru, the girl choosing between two jewelleries eagerly. Harry nodded at Mamoru who bowed his head at Shin, the older bowing his back before they walked down the road.

"My Aneue and her boyfriend." Harry offered.

"Adoptive family?" Shin asked and Harry nodded back, only to see the rest of the girls by the side with Tommy with a grey-haired-plushie and Taitō.

"And that's Tommy."

Shin looked to see the babyboy holding his new plushie by the plushie's hand with one hand and holding a small ball on the other hand.

"Water yo-yo. It's filled with water inside the plastic." Shin offered back as they walked away. "Was he holding a white-haired-plushie?"

"Tommy is like that. I guess he found that one in one of the counters and made one of the girls get it for him."

They arrived a diner by the side and sat after choosing their meals.

"Is Tommy-chan an otōto or yours?"

"Potter Tom." Harry put in. "I was 13 when he was born."

"So Chibitom-chan."

"Why do you keep using Chan? Shouldn't it be Kun?"

Shin chuckled.

"Can also be for small children or in a sweet way." He offered. "Did you like her?"

"Do you really think that, if I did, I would have picked my baby and moved half-way across the globe?" Harry argued and the other laughed. "Tommy was adopted. An acquainted dropped him off at my relative's front-doorstep without even a knock. My relatives, unknown of the fact, filled-in the paperwork claiming him as mine. I still gave him a name, raised him and nurtured him."

Shin nodded approvingly as the waiter approached and set the table for them.

"She lost all rights with the way she left the child, he is legally yours." He offered. "I take it you never actually told that part out loud."

"Not really. Even though he is the copy image of his blood family."

Shin nodded back and for some reason, instead of freaked out by the child-talk the older seemed to appreciate Harry even more.


Monday, 11 September 1995


Usagi opened the frontdoor as they got ready to leave to school, tiredly, only to see a delivery woman with a bouquet of white flowers in her hands.

"Is this the house of a Potter H.?" The woman asked and Usagi's eyes widened as she assimilated who those were for.

"Hmmm… yes. I'll pick the stamp stick right away… the Tsukino seal, I hope it won't be a problem." The woman shook her head and Usagi hurried to go pick it, to stamp the official paper to prove she had gotten it and then to take the bouquet. "Good day, thank you for your job." She added before with a bow closed the frontdoor and approached Harry-kun with a massive grin.

Harry-kun looked back from where he was finishing their bentōs and then looked at the bouquet confused.

"What's that?"

"Was just delivered for you." Usagi put in and Tommy-kun, by her feet, whined loud.

Harry-kun gaped only to then realize which flowers it were and snort.

"White Calla Lilies means purity and Lily of the Valley means sweetness, humility, returning happiness and trust." He put in as Usagi set up a glass to store Harry-kun's new bouquet. "Someone's overcompensating for daring to gift a white Rose."

Usagi laughed, as Mama descended with Tommy-kun's carrying scarves.

"Usagi-chan?" She asked surprised.

"Early delivery woman." Usagi offered as Harry-kun finished the three bentōs and stored them. She picked one of the smallest of the flowers and set it on Harry's pocket, as if peeking out of the pocket. "We're ready to go."

Shingo-kun snickered while accepting his own bentō as Harry-kun glared at her, before they picked their school bags and left. Mama accompanied them to the school, with Sanjōin-san following them as their shadow. As they entered school and Mama went to visit Hermione-chan, they went upstairs into the art's class. The entire class hurrying to Harry-kun to check on him.

"I'm fine. I was just a little" [holy.] He argued at the overwhelming group, making Usagi choke and turn to him outraged and he shrugged. "What? It's the truth."

They all sat down when Higure-sensei arrived. Usagi was struggling with her recorder when Higure-sensei asked them to go to the front of the class and perform the music they had been practicing one by one. She made a mess, making the whole class snicker.

"You need to practice more, Tsukino-chan." Higure-sensei reprimanded.

Harry-kun stood with his own recorder and moved to the front as Usagi went to sit down.

"Before I start, if I see I'm losing breath I will have to stop. I was in a car accident Thursday afternoon." He put in towards Higure-sensei who nodded immediately.

"If you see that you are overstepping your boundaries do tell me." The short woman agreed.

Since their argument that she had become a lot more mindful of Harry-kun and his own necessities, which was nice. Harry-kun took a deep breath and then started playing. He was almost at the end when suddenly he started coughing. Usagi stood in a hurry and hurried to him, he stopped her though. The bastard teenager took a deep breath as soon as he stopped coughing, picked his recorder from where it had fallen and then started on the last couple notes before he had stopped and then ended. As soon as he was done, Umino-kun was by Usagi's side and helping her walk Harry-kun back to his chair and one of the students left in a hurry. Higure-sensei stood and picked something from the floor as Kuri-chan returned, only to set a glass of water before Harry-kun who drank it. Higure-sensei approached and set something on top of Harry-kun's table before she turned to the next on the roll call.

"Do you think you can do it or do you need to calm down first?"

The entire class looked at Harry-kun and at the flower that Higure-sensei had returned to him that had fallen during his coughing strike.

"Can we have recess now, Higure-sensei?" The class asked and Higure-sensei nodded.

"Do you need anything, Potter-san?" She asked Harry-kun, who shook his head.

Usagi had to leave the classroom and lean against the opposite wall as she did her best not to cry. Harry-kun's lungs had been affected! If those Yōmas hadn't…

"Potter-kun is asking if you are crying again." Yumiko-chan put in from the classroom's entrance. "And, if you are, then to stop blaming yourself that this is not your fault."

Usagi scoffed.

"He should worry over himself for once."



Draco looked at the suddenly whimpering Young Potter and shared a look with Hermione, who nodded back so he picked his wand and put Mrs Tsukino asleep. At feeling the magic in the room with a Muggle in the room Healer Kusama was called in immediately.

[Something is wrong.] Hermione put in, pointing at Young Potter.

"Papa!" The toddler shrieked while grabbing his chest in pain.

Healer Kusama approached and picked him, checking him up.

[Something is attacking at Lord Potter-sama's Magical Core.] The Wizard snarled. [Can you handle the magic pull, Miss Granger-chan?]

Draco held back his argument as Hermione accepted her adopted nephew and started to restrain him magically in her sitting position. Draco approached her as Healer Kusama laid Mrs Tsukino on the bed.

[If you start to overwhelm yourself call the Mediwitches.] He warned her.

[I know, now go see what is hurting my brother.] She argued.

Draco nodded and hurried out with the Healer, the Knight immediately joining in with a raised eyebrow.

"What is it?" He asked slow enough for Draco.

"Potter-san's attacked." Draco offered and the other's eyes grew, only to groan and pick his own new mobile phone and rang the other Knight.

By the time they arrived the school already Jadeite was there with Draco's father.

[I sent the trio to go watch over Heir Potter.] Father put in and Draco translated for Nephrite, who bowed his head back. [As crazy as they may be, when it comes to the Potters and your girlfriend: they are reliable.] Father added, making Draco lose a footing at the title.

Father raised a ward and they hurried inside the Muggle school and all the way where the black cat was guiding them to. Miss Tsukino was outside the classroom arguing with one of her classmates. Draco immediately put the Muggle girl to sleep, making Miss Tsukino gasp until she saw them. She frowned, only for her to shriek and run back inside the classroom. They all followed and put all the Muggles asleep before approaching Potter who was coughing blood. Draco arrived his side as he was obviously going worse. Healer Kusama started to check him and try to find out the illness, until suddenly both Knights took hold onto a lily of the valley that was on Potter's student table and blasted it into nothing. On that moment as if nothing had ever happened, Potter stopped coughing blood even if he still coughed.

Draco looked at the open-mouthed Miss Tsukino.

"Was there more?" He forced himself to ask.

"Bouquet." [Home.]

[There's a flower bouquet at her home.] He translated for his father, who sneered and turned around disapparating directly from inside the classroom. "New enemy?"

"Kunzite-aniki, but he thinks that Onmyōji-sama is dead." Nephrite argued.

"And this isn't Aniki's style. If he believed that the Onmyōji-sama was alive? He'd wait to fight against him face-to-face. He'd want for Onmyōji-sama to be a full wealth or it wouldn't be worth it. If this was a Yōma, then it was sent by" [Queen] "Beryl-sama." Jadeite added with a groan.

Healer Kusama immediately translated for Draco because of how fast the two spoke, who nodded thankfully.

"Could it be" [Queen] "Beryl-sama trying to attack a Muggle because of being too close to someone?" Miss Tsukino wondered.

The two Knights looked at her confused.

"To someone like who?"

"Like Kunzite-san." The girl offered. "I don't remember well… was more worried about Harry-kun's open chest… but Kunzite-san is grey-haired, right?"

The two Knights nodded and Potter gasped loudly through the massive coughing.

[Queen] "Beryl-sama just tried to kill me because I had a date with him." The teenager gasped out between coughs and Draco turned towards the other wide-eyed. "I felt that something wasn't right with my lungs, but I ignored it thinking it was from last Thursday. Jadeite-san and Nephrite-san, would she do something like this while not knowing who I am?"

The two shared looks and then nodded, only for Potter to start to cry while struggling to breath because of the coughs and none of them told him to stop.

Of all the people and Potter had fallen for the enemy.

[Fuck my life.] Potter groaned as Healer Kusama finally saw him healed enough until the rest of bouquet was taken care of. [I really liked his fake-self. I really can pick who I fall for!]

Draco huffed and took out his handkerchief and gave Potter, who immediately cleaned his face. Draco's father returned with the bouquet and gave it to the Knights who immediately took the Dark Aura from it, destroying it. Then Jadeite picked it and set before Potter on the table, who had finally stopped coughing. Potter went to argue, but Jadeite shook his head.

"A Yōma might have cursed it, but it was Aniki who set it up. It was he who chose it and who set it up just this way. A Yōma wouldn't have bothered, they aren't that competent. Trust me: I know. It just cursed it… probably while delivering it."

Father raised an eyebrow at Draco who shrugged, pretending not to understand. Potter deserved his own privacy. And falling in love with a male… with the one they were fighting at the moment was definitely in that category. Even if His Lord would demand to know it.

[Potter, do you think you can handle the rest of the school day?] Father asked as he modified the Muggles' minds to forget that Potter had been coughing blood. [Or shall I make them believe you needed to take the rest of the day out?]

[I can handle school. It's just Arts and Japanese with my Muggle classmates in the morning and I have Herbology this afternoon with Tutor Kamijō.]

[I'll warn Hiro-san to teach Lord Potter-sama how to tell when a flower is cursed.] Healer Kusama agreed towards Draco's father, who nodded back. "You have psychiatrist today, correct?" The Healer added towards Potter, who nodded. "Afterwards, pass by the clinic. I want to see how your lungs progressed. How your 'chest' progressed."

"Yes, Kusama-sensei."

The Healer straightened.

"I better go check on Potter-kun and Granger-chan." [Your son's Magical Core could tell that something was attacking yours. It means that he is Magically yours.]

Father's lips thinned from where he was dealing with the Muggles.

"Send me a text when you are done." Potter asked and the Healer nodded, before apparating away with Nephrite.

"Potter, was not your fault." Draco argued and Potter looked back. "What the Yōma did. Not your fault." He struggled to say in Japanese so his father wouldn't understand.

Potter looked at Draco's father and then back.

"You two were sent to restrain me, weren't you?" Jadeite and Miss Tsukino immediately looked at Draco affronted, who nodded. "Remember what I said? About being able to pick them?" Draco frowned but nodded as Father finished. "Why do you think I gave Tommy that exact name?"

Draco looked at his father and then his eyes grew.

[He] "your first… crush?" He struggled to gasp out and even Miss Tsukino turned towards Potter.

"Ask your Otōsan about" [His] "diary. I never said I liked him like that, but he was when I started questioning my sexuality. When I defeated him in May… seven months later I get a warning that Tommy was born. On His birthday. An exact copy… chibi-version."

Miss Tsukino gasped as she looked at Potter.

[Are we done?] Father asked.

Draco looked at him and then at Potter.

"Magic Claim Adoption?" He struggled to ask and Potter shrugged, not agreeing nor denying and by so not claiming that he was not Young Potter's biological father. "Tsukino-chan, what Potter-san say is Magic Secret. If repeated…" [Potter, how do I say Lady Magic?]


"Mahōkami-sama will… eat you inside."

Miss Tsukino and Jadeite looked at each other, before they accepted. They left as the Muggles were reawaken as if nothing happened.

[What was that all about?]

[Magic Secret.] Draco argued and Jadeite looked back, obviously realizing what he said. They left the school and Father's lips thinned, but was forced to accept. "Jadeite-san, bring me to clinic before Shrine? Please." He struggled to ask and Jadeite nodded, taking hold of him and the cat before apparating outside Hermione's room. Draco entered with Luna to find Healer Kusama and his mother working around both the Dark Lord's Heir and Hermione. [Does Lady Magic affect Muggles?] He wondered. [Like the Sailor Guardians.]

[Lady Magic as in a Magic attack?] Mother asked as she checked Hermione.

[Magic Secrets.]

[Then even Muggles are affected.] Mother agreed.

[Then it's a good thing I taught Miss Tsukino and Jadeite that Lady Magic can eat them inside.]

[Eat?] Hermione asked.

[I don't know how to say kill in Japanese yet.]

Healer Kusama looked back from Young Potter in Jordan's arms before he returned his attention to the boy.

[I'll translate it to them in a way they understand when they'll come over later today.] He offered. "How was Potter-sama when you left?"

"Tell me Magic Secret without tell Magic Secret." Draco struggled to reply. The cat immediately speaking back. "Potter-san told me a Magic Secret without actually telling me said Magic Secret." He amended, while nodding at the cat for the translation. [I should drink that potion. It has passed long enough and I can speak a lot already, the Muggles won't make questions of why I start learning fast.]

Healer Kusama nodded.

[We have them in store. Your mother will have to fill in the paperwork because of you dealing with Muggles every day, but besides it I'd say you've studied enough to be able to pass as a fast learner.]

Mother nodded, not arguing.

[I'll still need to learn the Hiragana, correct?]

[It only teaches your mind to understand the language, not how to write it.]

When the two finished, Mrs Tsukino was wakened up and the woman looked around confused from her location on the bed, only to blush at realizing she'd fallen asleep.

"Not enough sleep. Worry over Potter-san." Draco offered and the woman sighed.

"I guess you are right. I'm sorry, Granger-chan." Hermione shook her head. "I better head home."

"Potter-kun can stay with us." Draco offered. "Let you rest." He repeated after the black cat that the Muggle woman couldn't understand.

"Thank you. Be good to them, Tommy-kun."

Young Potter nodded while Jordan and the Weasley twins were used as a punching bag.

"Hai, Obāsan." He agreed with an innocent grin as he kept hitting the trio.

The woman smiled amused even though the boy had so obviously lied. Finally, she left and Mother left with the Healer to go fill-in the paperwork for Draco's new potion.

[Is whatever potion you're gonna take legal?] Hermione wondered.

[Not in Europe. It's Dark.] Draco replied. [Before you point fingers, Potter has drunk it and organized with his Goblin to book them up for you all.]

The quartet that had been about to argue, held back their retort. Nephrite approached and gave his portable Muggle tech. Draco raised an eyebrow.

"Kusama-sensei told to ask to send Potter-sama a text to tell that Potter-kun is as good as new."

Draco groaned, took it and approached Hermione, giving it.

[Write a text to Potter telling his son is back to normal.]

The girl snickered at the fact none of them knew how it was done and took it. She signalled Nephrite close and the Knight read whatever she would ask to which Draco would translate. Finally she managed to open the location where it was able to send a letter from inside the small box and when she was done writing it down, she asked for help again, this time to look for Potter's phone name. Nephrite pointed at the exact Katakana and Hermione nodded, sending it. Eventually the tech rang and the girl played with it, before returning the phone to Nephrite.

[Harry thanks for the warning.]

[Is that instantaneous owling?] Draco asked confused and Hermione nodded. "Hermione-chan warn Potter who thanks for warning."

"I'll need to learn how to do that." Nephrite agreed. "Potter-kun, hair pulling is a thing."

Draco frowned only to hear the Weasley twins shriek in pain.

"Nephrite!" The cat shrieked at the smug Knight, who left the room to watch it from the corridor. "Malfoy-kun, apologise to them for me. The Shitennō teach Tommy-kun how to provoke most pain, usually on plushies."

Draco scoffed and repeated to the others in English, as Young Potter laughed.


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