It's World War II in London. Life was very tragic at times like this. Men are sent out to war.
Some come back, others don't. Children were evacuated to safer places until further notice.
People were putting up with idiots like Hitler. Life was difficult.

After the Blitz happened, I stayed with a friend of my family's, The Darlings. That's where my adventure
began. See, I was horrified at what happened in that attack from the Nazis. Mom got injured. And I didn't
have dad to look after me, because he went to war, too.

But Miss Wendy Darling, a very nice lady, was willing to take care of me until my mom got better in the hospital.
There, I met her children, Jane and Danny. They've told me the stories about this boy who never grew up. His name
was Peter Pan. I actually never heard of him back then.

"Who's Peter Pan?" I asked.
"You never heard of him?" asked Danny, surprised.
"Nope. Tell me about him."

So, Danny, wearing his Peter Pan hat, told me a Peter Pan story in which he and his friends went and steal
the evil pirate Captain Hook's treasure. For the parts I didn't understood, I asked Danny. He told me about NeverLand,
fairies like Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys and the pirates and indians.

That got me thinking. Is NeverLand real? I asked that question to them.
"Yes," said Jane. "If you believe that is. I didn't at first."
"Well, I was in a hurry to grow up," she said. "I thought Peter Pan was unreal."
"Why's that? Is it because of the War?"
"Well, I hate this war. I don't wanna be here anymore. I wanna go to NeverLand."

I went over to the window and looked outside. It looked colorless outside due to the
effects of the War.

"Look at this!" I said. "My London is all ruined! All because of this stupid war!"
"Calm down, Cody," said Jane. "I don't like this either. But we can still have faith."
"Like in your Peter Pan stories?" I asked.
"Well, I still wanna get out of this place before the bad guys come again."
"It'll be okay," said Jane. "I promise, no one will get hurt."

I took a deep breath.
I may feel better, but I still wanna go to NeverLand. So, that night, I started to plan my
escape to NeverLand. They say that it's located Second Star to the Right.
Hmm, I thought. How can I get to there? I don't know how to fly. What can I do?

Originally, this was going to be a crossover with another Disney movie that took place in the war in London:
Bedknobs & Broomsticks, in which the children; Carrie, Charles and Paul, go to NeverLand on the magic bed
and meet Peter and the Lost Boys and Captain Hook. But I don't know how to put that idea together. PM me if you got ideas for that.

How can Cody get to NeverLand? PM me for that, too. Stay tuned for more.