This is a work of fan fiction using characters from the Les Miserables world, which is trademarked by Victor Hugo. All characters are those created and owned by Hugo and I do not claim any ownership over them or the world of Les Miserables. The stories I tell here are for entertainment only and are not part of the official story line.

It was cold. Too cold for a June night. It was almost as if the whole city could sense the loss to come and had settled down into a period of mourning. Dusk had already spilled across the sky and left behind the embers of a great fire. Streaky black. She stared. One by one the stars seemed to appear as if switched on by something hidden within the heavens. She sat on the cold stones of the bridge wall and traced the dots together with her finger. A task fit for a child. Sometimes she wished she was still a child- the law said she was but society didn't hold on to innocence for too long.

She lay on her back, her head jarred against the stone slabs. The cold waters of the sewers sloshed below, a merciless killer. Closing her eyes she muttered a prayer; please keep the children of the barricade safe. She reached a slender hand up to the clouds for someone to pull her back up. Nothing came.

The stars turned black and cold. Rain started to fall, the earth was weeping. She couldn't see the sky anymore- a misty film of tears had merged the colours together in a way she couldn't control. No one knew how long she lay there for.

The next morning was muggy and stank of pain and grief. A police officer stood next to the bridge. She didn't care, arrest seemed like a minor concern at this moment in time. He didn't speak, only perched next to where her head was. They sat in a comfortable silence for a while till she pulled herself up to sit next to him. He flashed a smile that seemed to hold a sad memory in his eyes; he had a medal less than the day before. His eyes locked with hers and the pair seemed to share an understanding of something. He wound his arm around her shoulders but she pulled away, his hand fell into his lap in a movement of respect. They talked til the stars appeared once more.

That night the streets rocked to a soft lullaby in the summer air. They walked side by side, her hand tucked into his for comfort. Something had clicked that night under the stars. An unwanted child and a lost man had finally found solace. The seasons passed, pulling the stars out of the sky but beneath them a new family lay in the city below.