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Chapter 2 welcome to the Palm Woods

Kendall's POV

All of us weren't looking where we're going cuz we bumped into a little boy.

"Oh I am so sorry kid! Are you alright?" I asked him as I helped him up.

" Yeah I'm fine thanks! The boy said to me.

" Hey what's your name?" I asked him

"My name is Cubby!" Cubby said to me.

"Well I'm Kendall, this is James Carlos and Logan!" I said to him.

"Wait your Big Time Rush!" Cubby said to me.

" Yes we are!" how did you know?" I asked him.

"Oh because my friends and I are new here and it is summer vacation so Peter Pan decided that it was best for us to have our summer vacation here in Los Angeles." Cubby said to me.

"Cool we welcome you and your friends to The Palm Woods." James said to him.

"Thanks!" Cubby said to him.

"Anyway it was nice meeting you guys I got to go." Cubby said as he grabbed his luggage which was surprising to us cuz it was heavy.

"Hey, Cubby do you need any help?" Logan asked him.

"Yes please this luggage of mine is heavy." Cubby said to him.

so all of us helped him, carry the luggage.

"So where are you guys from?" Carlos asked him as we were helping Cubby with his luggage, while the six of us were walking.

"Me and my crew as I like to call them mates live on Neverland." Cubby said to us as we all just stopped.

"Neverland? I thoughts that place was just only your fairytale." James said to him.

"No it's real, just go to the second star to the right, and straight on till morning easy as that."

"Are you boys thinking what I'm thinking?" I asked the guys.

"We ask one of Cubby's friends to see if we can perform on Neverland?" Carlos asked me.

"Exactly!" I exclaimed to him.

"Hey, Cubby do you think we can ask your leader, to see if we can perform on nevermind please pretty please please please." the four of us asked him while we were begging.

"Sure come on." Cubby said to us as we followed him to his appointment.

"Captain Jake? Izzy? Skully? where are you guys? Hello?" Cubby called for his friends but weren't here.

"They should be in here somewhere hold on, let me find them."

Just then we heard the door open and we were not happy because, all four of us were tied up and put into a bag.

"CUBBY! HELP US..." we all screamed.

Cubby's POV

"Kendall James Carlos Logan guys where are you?" I called for the boys, but they were not here.

After I was busy looking for my crew, I heard the four boy from Calling my name.

"Uh oh, they got captured by Captain Hook what do? I do? what do? I do? Wait a second..." I said to myself as I was panicking.

"Cubby, where back!" Cubby?" Captain Jake said while calling my name.

"There you are, what happened in here?" Izzy asked me.

"Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan also non as Big Time Rush, got kidnapped by Captain Hook!" I said to them.

"He must have taken them to Neverland!" Izzy said to us.

That's when Kelly Wainwright and Gustavo Rock came inside.

"Okay dogs...? Where are my dogs?" He asked us.

"Ahoy Fair maiden and kind sir I am Captain Jake and these are my crew Izzy Cubby and Skully! How may we help you?" Captain Jake asked them as he gave Kelly Wainwright a kiss on the hand.

"Yeah hi...WHERE ARE MY DOGS?!" Gustavo screamed.

That's when all of us turned around and saw the Captain Hook, and Hawk.

"I'm sorry, but your four dogs over here are going to be performing for me and there is nothing you and your new friends can do anything about it. With a Little help from my manager, we will rule Neverland." Hook said to us.

"Hello Gustavo.." Hawk said to Hook.

"Hawk? you're managing Captain Hook?" he asked him.

"That's right and with my talents and his genius of being a bad man AKA Pirates, you and Captain Jake over there and his crew are going to go out of business because after the boys perform for us we are going to take over Neverland Hahaha..." Hawk said to him while Gustavo started to panic.

"Hawk, and Captain Hook you two are not going to get away with this." Captain Jake and Gustavo said to them.

"Oh man this is bad this is bad if I go out of business I'm going to have to find a new boy band all over again.

And trust me, it was not easy finding Kendall James Carlos and Logan and making them up into a boy band." Gustavo said to us.

"Okay so I'm guessing we are going on an adventure to save your dogs right?" Kelly Wainwright asked us.

"Wait before we go and see my dogs, who is going to tell their mother and when I mean their mother I meant Kendall's mother?"

"Don't worry guys I heard everything not only those four boys are family, but they are a band." Mrs. Knight said to us.

"Wait a second, we're missing one."

"Hey what's going on here?" Katie Knight Kendall's baby sister asked us.

"Katie honey pack your bags we are going to Neverland to save big Time Rush." Mrs. Knight said to her daughter.

"Sweet I have always wanted to go to Neverland finally!" she said to herself as we looked at her weird.

"Well, come on don't just stand there let's go!"

Author's Note: uh oh Big Time Rush has been captured by Captain Hook and Hawk, can Kelly Wainwright, Gustavo Rocque, mrs. Knight, Katie Knight, Captain Jake cubby is he and Scully save them on time? or well big Time Rush be big time over?" find out in the next remember to review and comment peace out.