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Chapter 8 Rescuing Izzy and Cubby

previously, on Captain Jake meets Big Time Rush...

Jake's POV

After that song was over which was actually was actually find of cool, I went back to the Palm Woods.

"Jake, your leaving?" Mrs. Knight asked me.

"Yeah, I am. I think it's time for me to go back home I had so much fun here, but Neverland is my true home. And I don't want to let my Maties down." I said to her.

"I understand sweetie, but please, come visit us soon." Mrs. Knight said to me as she gave me a kiss on the forehead.

"I will, you know Mrs. Knight, you're like a mother to me." I did to her.

"And Katie, you're like a big sister to me." I did to her.

"Aww, I love you too big bro.' Katie said to me.

"Right back at you." I said to her as Kendall, James, Carlos, Logan, Gustavo and Kelly came inside the room.

"Captain Jake you can't leave us please reconsider staying." James said to me.

"And why would I want to stay?" I asked them.

"Look we didn't want to tell you back at Rock records, but Cubby and Izzy aren't in Neverland anymore." Carlos said to me.

"Wait what? Where are they?" I asked them as I heard Izzy's voice in my head saying help us Captain Jake hawk has us captured and he's going to kill us.

"Noooooo." I said to myself as I fell to the floor.

"CAPTAIN JAKE! what's wrong?" Katie asked me.

" it's it's Hawk, he has them. he has is Ian cubby captured and he's going to kill them." I said to her.

"Jake, we're going to save them together." Kendall said to me.

"But where could I Hawk takin them? I don't want anything happening to the Cubby or Izzy. Especially Izzy." I said to him.

" Aww, Jake you love Izzy." Logan said to me.

" I hate to admit it, but yeah I do." i said to him.

" But I never got a chance to tell her, and how I truly feel about her." I said to him.

" Well, after we're done saving them, you can have a conversation with her." Katie said to me as I smiled.

"Thanks guys! Now let's go save our Maties." I said to them as we all left to go save Izzy and Cubby..

And now...

Izzy's POV

cubby and I were being escorted to our Doom, I was crying.

"SHUT UP, AND STOP CRYING. CUZ IN A FEW HOURS, YOU'LL BE DEAD." Hawk said to us as Cubby was now crying.

"Now I wish we never had that fight with Jake." I said to myself.

"What do you mean we? you're the one that had that fight with him." Cubby said to me.

" Oh so, you're saying it's my fault?" I asked him.

"Well, yeah. Izzy oh, are you scared of telling Jake how you really feel about him?" Cubby asked me.

"How long have you known?" I asked him.

"Way too long. Izzy, I suggest you tell Jake how you really feel about him." Cubby said to me.

"Tell me what?" Jake asked us.

"Captain Jake you made it, I missed you!" I said to him as I kissed his lips.

"Izzy, so romantic."

"I love you Izzy, I've always loved you." Jake said to me as I blushed.

"Aww, Jake, you're so sweet." I said to him.