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Russell had been in many weird situations, but the one thing that made him wonder was what the hell did he do to deserve this!?

Seriously, what did he do? When he was born an earthquake of 8.5 magnitude struck the hospital, he was born. By the time he was five, he got trapped under a pile of logs. When he was ten, dogs chased him throughout the neighborhood. When he was fifteen, he almost got struck by lightning!

Some would say that is ridiculous or made up. I got an answer for them. Check my medical records.
The only silver lining was that as soon as he is about to die, something or by some divine intervention something or someone is always there to save him. Didn't mean he got away without a scratch.

However, now he is twenty-one. This just takes the cake.



Uh... Okay? how do you react when something you read or watch is literally happening to you?

Russell took a deep breath before punching his nuts. "Gah!" Okay, some would say that was dumb when he could have just pinched himself but due 'misfortune' his pain tolerance had skyrocketed to the point even having a knife stabbed to his back didn't even hurt like it would. Oh, he can feel pain, but it would be the equivalent of an ant bite. Except the nuts. Thank goodness for the small mercies.

After recovering, the young man stared at the screen. He remembered waking up, eating breakfast, finishing the questions for his thesis but... why can't he remember anything after that he was sure that he hadn't left the room.

Shaking his head, he quickly focused back on the screen he'll figure it out later, for now, he before swiping his right hand to the left. Like a hologram, the screen quickly changed.

Would you like a tutorial? (Y/N)

Did this really need to ask? Of course, it's a YES! it's the basics of basics even if the game functions similarly the difference is still existent. Even if his Gamer power works in a similar there had to be a 'flaw' in it. Even the 'observe' could be limited to only telling the obvious things with a slight hint that he could capitalize on a combat or it could just generally show how strong his enemy is.

An excellent choice. Let's begin.

Observe skill: Don't leave home without it. This skill is every gamers best friend. The higher you go to level up, the more secrets you see.

okay, so it's the same thing onto the next one.

insta-genious skill (locked) (requirements:?): This skill will let you learn anything, be it skill or language you see with a temporary drawback of 50% debuff of said skill or language.

Huh? that's new, so that means he could be like Majin Buu except whatever he learns is halved. Since the skill mainly lets him learn it but never understand it but if he used Observe then that could give him a bit of leeway to learning things since the skill would give him an idea of it. At the same time, he could use Observe to solving riddles, maybe even puzzles if he could increase it with that method.

Testing his theory, the young man remembered a riddle of a crime on how the victim was able to call for help without the culprit knowing when he was forced to answer the telephone.

"Observe," he muttered. For a moment he was silent before his eyes narrowed. "the phone is the clue, so the next question is how?" the young man muttered as he used Observe before his eyes blinked in realization. "The mute button..." the answer was the mute button on the victim was pressing it in certain words.

Now if he combined Observe and Insta-genius, then maybe, just maybe, he could bypass the drawback and reap the benefits. Suddenly he hears multiple pings.

Due to your analysis and planning, you have gained 3 points of wisdom and 2 points on cunning.

Due to solving the riddle that has plagued your life you have gained 5 points on intelligence and wisdom.

Oh yeah, stats... he forgot it was a thing. Wait a second, did that thing just insulted him? The notification then disappeared on its own, as if it just heard his thoughts.

Autopilot Skill: Due to your previous conditions. You have developed a skill that enhances your senses, including the sixth and seventh senses. You can redirect, Dodging, and sometimes counter-attacks so long as the threat is not greater than you can handle.

Instant Recovery: Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. Just because you got healing items doesn't mean you should use it 24/7. Get nice good rest and reap the benefits. Saves a lot of band-aids too.

Just like the rest of the usual gamers. Though the former was something that took him by surprise.

Str: 30
Int: 40

The young man can only blink at the screen. What the hell does? even mean? Was his luck so low that even the game can't even read it!

"That explains a lot..." He muttered. Into the next one.


Iron man: No silly, you're not being reincarnated into the MCU. Due to your previous life, you have earned this title. multiplies dexterity by 10.

Iron will: Steel is my body, Fire is my mind. Due to your circumstances, you have conquered your mind, allowing you to power through the pain and agony.

No pain? No Gain!: Haaard work! work! This skill allows you to gain exp and increasing your stats a lot easier. The greater the risk, the more points you get. Don't spend it all in one place, though.

The Unpredictable: Seriously, who uses a stapler as a weapon? You use everything at your disposal; you see everything as a weapon, even your pillow.

Junior detective: You ain't batman, but it never hurts to be one. Increases points on Wis and Int depending on difficulty.

Seeing that he had no other achievements. He quickly swipes the screen.

Hint: some skills are hidden and can only be revealed if it meets the hidden requirements.

How is he going to know the requirements if it's hidden in the first place? It's like the overlord anime where trash items have hidden features. He sighed before dismissing the message. Now then where shou- A ping interrupted his thoughts.

Blinking, he read the notification.

The first universe is a complete random. No, you can't choose which universe you can enter until the second one and so on. Wouldn't be much of a game if you just steamrolled everything.

"You gotta be kidding me!" The young man screamed. What if he ended up in dbz, he wouldn't even last a second there! unless he grinded day in and day out.

But he could end up somewhere safer. It took him hours, or at least it felt like one before he accepted it, regrettably.

Soon his vision was filled with colors and glimpses of events like naruto slamming a Rasengan, Ichigo dragging Aizen, and many more.

Then it was gone. The young man shook his head to shrug off the dizziness.

Hearing a ping. He looked at the notification.

Welcome to Baki/Kengan Asura!