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Russell looked around. The destruction he just made and the lives he had taken. This was bad. He expected an attack or some scout, but not a hit squad. Worst; he placed his team in danger. They are lucky, but what about the next one?

"Silver find a safe spot for us to hide, Blaire send some pumpkin drones I want this place secured I don't care how insignificant the clue is, make sure it's placed on the list. Rider, you go with Blaire, I need a bird's-eye view." He ordered.

"Archer, Lancer watch Sakura and Illya. Dr. Bright, you and your siblings go with Silver, the same goes for you, Beauty."

Everyone nodded, but they can tell something had set Russell on edge. Karla, Blaire, and Silver being the ones who knew him longer noted one thing. Russell was afraid, he was afraid of something, but they spotted more sinister.

Beneath that fear was a monster of the unknown making its way out. They can only hope their friend was alright, Silver suspected it to be a side effect of absorbing SCP 682 but it felt different, this was direct, specific.

Russell acted strangely for the past three days whenever he was alone, but quickly reverts to his usual persona whenever someone is with him.

Russell didn't know why but he felt scared, no he's always scared, he just got used to moving past it but this? It felt familiar, like he had been in this scenario, over and over. Different scenes, different times, different people, but the result is the same.

Heart pumps, adrenaline spiking. Something was telling him to move his ass and stop wasting time. This burning desire to find something, to tear something or someone apart. What the hell is this?

682's core wasn't acting up, which means it is an outside force or something else. Unknown memories began ramming itself. He didn't know them; they weren't any of the targets he had slaughtered during his act of vigilantism.

People dying around him, screaming out for mercy, but he had none.


Cities burning... A monster.

Shut up...

Children, Adults, even the dead screaming in horror looking at the abomination.

Kill them...

Blood and guts everywhere, a demon dancing over the fallen.


One man standing against a tide.


A weapon...


KIll TheM ALL!

"SHUT UP!" He roared, releasing a vast amount of power to the sky. The memories stopped. What was that? Was the gamer of this world warning him of something? Or where he was heading?

Lousu... could this be related to him? If it is, what kind of asshole shoves memories like that into his head!? He's going to smear that guy's head on the wall if he was responsible for that.

"Master, are you alright?" Saber asked.

"I'm fine. Where were you, Saber?" Russell asked.

Saber; Okita-alter noticed how ready her master was for a fight, but according to Lancer, they've been ambushed. But what was strange is that her master didn't seem to remember his orders.

"Master, you ordered me to scout for any signs of anomalies."

"I did?"

Okita nodded, did her master suffered a hypnotic spell? That would explain the odd way he's behaving right now. Also, if there was an ambush, how did she remain hidden? Was there an unknown ally? Or is it a bigger threat hoping to gain her master's good grace?

Russell was in a similar thought, he couldn't remember anything? Now that he thought about it, Okita had been gone for three days now.

Three days. Three days and now he just knew about this. Fuck! He'd gotten cocky and something had taken over him. Was this a test? Or a warning?

Just how many gamers are in this place!? Did he just infiltrated a base? He took a deep breath. He needed to be calm and rational. No need to panic, Silver was with him. He has friends he can trust. If something is wrong, they would notice it.

Hopefully, they can take down these guys before something bad happens. "Alright, Okita, do you trust me?"

Earning a nod, he took a deep breath. "Then if I ever pose a threat to the team or betray you, I want you to either kill me or subdue me. No buts! Understand?"

"Understood," Okita answered, but it sounded forced. She knew where he was coming from. But if his friend is a powerful magician, then he can be saved.

Russell nodded, his body relaxed. His friends were safe for now. "Thank you." He said. Hearing the message icon, he skims it. Whatever relief he had was gone the next instant, replaced with a frown and frustration.

The Circle P.O.V.

First couldn't believe it, for eons maybe even longer they have been looking for any sign, any lead to IT, all failures, until today. He gave up on finding IT, but to think just when he had thrown that goal into the bin, it jumps back into his hands.

"Are you sure, Eighth?"

Eighth then shows a hologram of the Sword of Rebellion and Ahriman fusing into another weapon.

"So?" Ninth asked. "We saw that a million times. Hell, my gun does the same thing."

"But can it do this?" Eighth then shows another view. They watched it closely and saw a small pulse of energy followed by a small hum.

"Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle," Ninth said.

"Damn, we've been searching for one clue to where that thing is hiding, and we finally found it," Sixth muttered.

"This is our chance!"

"Eighth, make sure you get any information about him. Don't screw this up, this our one chance, who knows how long we'll find the next one."

"Already on it, but looks like he has only considered traveling recently. Can't seem to find him anywhere else."

"What's important is that we can finally track that thing down, but how are we going to get to him without alerting it?"

"We could hire a freelance agent to send a message."

"Not with his friend around." Thirteenth said. "He saw us, he's going to be suspicious if we send someone right now."

"Well then lie low and observe him from the distance." Third ordered. Everyone agreed, they needed to tread carefully or else they lose their only chance. For now, Russell will have a moment of peace.

Russell sighed, trying to shake off the headache. "Okay, I got those three on some underrated universe, like ultra-underrated, Jackie is staying here for now. Don't worry, there's no cosmic Armageddon or anything like that." Silver said appearing. "Are you okay?"

"No, I'm not," Russell said.

"Hey, no need to beat yourself up, you're not a god, there's no way you can prepare for everything." The fool said.

"That's not it," Russell interjects and let out a frustrated growl. Taking a deep breath, he explains the memories popping up, the voice demanding him to kill everything.

Silver frowned, could those two be responsible for that? No, Russell said he had been experiencing this when they got here.

"And you're telling me now? Dude, you should've told me about this from day one!"

Russell remained quiet, Silver was right. He thought he could handle it, but this is something he still hasn't experienced and there are few references he can use to tackle this problem.

"Okay, so you're hearing voices inside your head, having flashbacks from something that never happened, and what else?"

"I can't seem to remember the last three days like telling Okita to scout."

"So a potential brainwashing. Okay, it might be too late for me to do anything, hell whatever happened to you, it might have a failsafe in case I try to mess with your head or you trying to leave. The only way I see is finding what's causing this and destroy it." Silver said.

"You're right about one thing."


Russell shows him one message icon. Silver read it and scoffed. "That's Bullshit!" He yelled. "What's the point of being a Gamer if you can't do what you want? And why the hell does it want you to look for some Gatekeeper?"

"Don't know, but either way, I can't leave until I find this Keeper. Unless I get hunted down by other gamers." Russell checks his inventory slot and starts modding his items. He could give it a finger and just do what he wanted, but if his gaming experience had any say, this is nothing but a side quest. Sidequests aren't necessary, but they give you a leg up.

"Damn, that's rough. Okay, I got it, let's just raid Area 51 and 52."

"I doubt it'll be easy to find. Also 52? I thought it's only 51"

Silver shrugged. "Technically, there's 69 but 51 deals with sci-fi while 52 deals with mystical. So what now"

"Stick with plan. That ambush is a test of how strong we are. The next one will be a lot harder now that they know what we can do."

"Okay, want me to tell the others about the whole voices, thingy?"

"No, I'll tell them."

After ten hours of looking for a new base, Russell sported a black eye and a red cheek. Maybe he should have just told them instead of shrugging it off.

Karla and Blaire weren't happy about it, but he pissed them off when Okita accidentally revealed his order to kill him. Note to all Gamers, if you're dating someone like Karla, don't piss them off. His black eye and his red cheek are proof.

He can't believe he got bitch slapped by a sixteen-year-old. Talk about Karma.

Blaire just gave him an earful of scolding before hugging him, followed by Karla. They kept Sakura out of it. She didn't need to know what was happening. They also took one command seal from her so Karla is acting as a pseudo-master.

Originally it was supposed to be Blaire, but the cat gave it Karla as his punishment. He'll be sleeping with one open from now on, isn't he?

"Okay Lancer, can I ask you something?"


"Who's Lousu? I never read of him in the history books."

Ereshkigal blinked before she took a seat. Her eyes seemed to wander off. But he can feel a sense of nostalgia. "Lousu was... well... my lover."

Russell noticed Rider's sudden stiffness but remained silent. Looks like he was right, Lousu wasn't part of this world. "He was strange, stranger even for me. When he first came to me, he claimed it was out of curiosity, that he wanted to see what the underworld looked like."

The goddess giggles, remembering fond memories. Rider resisted the urge to shake her head. "Yup, that's him. Only Lousu would go to the underworld out of curiosity. In my case, he was curious about my eyes. Also, Hades and him seem to get along to the point the God of the Underworld adopted him."

"He kept coming back, bringing flowers and anything else. Though he and Gilgamesh didn't get along. Something about Lousu always stealing his treasures and replacing them with cheap copies."

Almost everyone laughed. That would be a sight.

"Anyway, it wasn't long, but one day he looked so happy. He was like a child discovering something new." She said. "Then my end came, with Uruk collapsing I was fading away, Lousu was the only one left."

Rider felt sorry for the goddess, but more on Lousu. Is that why he refused Aphrodite? More than that, how is she going to tell Lancer she ended up falling for her lover.

"Though I suppose he finally moved on. Isn't that right, Rider?"

Rider blinked, she knew?

"Oh, shit." Everyone thought. Silver conjures some snacks, ready to watch the drama. Russell moved closer to Karla and Blaire just for Sakura's safety.

"Don't deny it. I won't hate you, Lousu is unique."

Medusa smiled, Lousu was unique. For an immortal, he acted as if every minute counted for something. Going as far as giving Zeus a stomach pain so great that the King of Olympus begged him to make a cure.

All because the king went to a tantrum of nymph escaping his grasp. She didn't doubt Lousu. He could have killed Zeus but didn't because it wasn't his role, though no one said about not making the king miserable.

"Yes, he is. He snuck into Olympus and stole Hera's golden apples to restore my power," Medusa said.

"Oh? He snuck into Gilgamesh Gate and stole the finest cuisines and jewelry to celebrate our anniversary. Gil was furious with him."

The two then begun exchanging stories, it impressed Silver. Each story sounded over the top, but these two servants were serious about it. Shooting Ishtar to Jupiter with a canon, making Athena look stupid in a contest, using Apollo's chariot as a grill for barbeques, stealing Ea, and fired it on Gilgamesh because he cheated,. Did he just heard it right?

"This guy is more insane than me." Silver said. "Man, I gotta meet this guy. Maybe he can give me some ideas on how to prank Beerus and Whis?"

Also, where's the catfight!? Where's the hairpulling contest!?

"Oh no, I have two Silvers now, the world can only handle one." Russell thought. Then cried inside. His only chance on gaining Medusa and Ereshkigal waifu, gone.


But credit to where it is due. Don't get him wrong, Blaire is his waifu, but Karla? That's Jail-fu. No way is he biting that. Not until she is a legal adult, anyway. Hopefully, Lousu isn't pissed off that he summoned his lovers.

"Okay, now we just need-"

Whatever Russell was going to say was stopped as the world shook before a barrier manifested itself. "Great..." He muttered. It's one problem after another. Is he like an alternate version of Qrow? Because his luck sucks right now. Looks like Absolute Zero isn't absolute with his luck.

"Um guys, I have some bad news and some good news. Which one would you like to hear?" Silver looked at his palms.

"The good news," Blaire asked.

"Well, I can still open portals and everything." Silver answered. "But it looks only Jack and I can go out of this barrier."

"Mother trucker!" Russell roared and punches a wall in frustration. It's the game that is making sure he doesn't leave or it could be those responsible for the ambush. Either way, none of these two are good.

"Okay, Silver, check Beauty and the little Brights, make sure they're safe, double the guards, double everything."

"Aye, Aye Cap'n." Silver makes a salute before conjuring several SCP with some combat experience. They're not the real deal, but the only difference is that these clones don't have individuality, so they're pretty much robots. He then sends them to where he hid the three.

"Okay, Beauty seems shaken up, but fine. TJ and Sarah are just playing catch." Jack makes a relieved sigh.

Russell then stares at Okita. "Okay, what did you find?" The servant of the sword then places a map. "I have checked every part of the city for any signs of anomalies. Here, here, here, and here. These parts seem to emit strange energies."

"Did you go near on these four?" Jack asked.

"Nay, I didn't wish to risk the safety of our group."

"Okay, that gives us an idea of where they're hiding, but what are you going to do with that wall?" Karla asked her fiance.

"For now, it stays until we can deal with the problem. I can't explain it, but I have a feeling they won't leave us alone."

Jack frowned, he should warn the foundation of these creatures. While he knew some can be friendly, there's no point in risking these anomalies from becoming a bigger threat. This group is already an example of the friendly type, provided they weren't attacked.

Silver was, well... Silver.

Russell contemplated on how to handle this. He was fighting two-way or maybe three-war. The Grail is dangerous and leaving it alone has risk. Then there's this Gatekeeper, is ita boss or some kind of one-time event? Finally, the ambush, whoever they are, they came prepared, and it's going to be dangerous from now on.

"Okay, we'll be heading to the docks where Lancer and Saber will fight," Russell said. "Silver, Karla, Blaire, the three of you with me. Lancer, Saber, make sure Sakura and Illya are safe. Rider, Archer, Assassin you scout for any suspicious activities."

"Wait, Assassin?" Jack asked as Jack the ripper appeared. "Hi, papa. Mama, are you okay?"

Karla smiled, "Yes cutie, mommy is okay. Did you have fun?"

"Yup, Jack had all kinds of fun."

Silver leans on Russell. "How come we didn't find her on the ambush?" Russell looks at his friend. "Karla sent her to the park to play with other kids. Unfortunately, the barrier blocked Assassin from entering the building, so she went to look for the culprit."

"Let me guess, she tore them apart?"

"No more like shredded them."

"You sure she isn't your kid? She got your brutally and Karla the craziness."

"Honestly, I'm scared of that idea."

The two then glanced back to the group "Alright let's look for the best spot to hide."

Eighth and Thirteenth gazed at the barrier with a frown. "Even to this day, his reputation is an understatement of his ability to plan."

"Well, isn't the strategist of the group?" Thirteenth said.

"Yes, but this barrier existed during the peak of Uruk, and the energy readings belong to one person. Which meant he was here, he wasn't joking about being five hundred steps ahead of us." Eighth said.

"But there's no way he could have predicted this."

"Wrong, if that man could create Crimson Eclipse out of a whim, then preparing a barrier meant for five hundred years into the future is nothing but a side project to his intellect."

"Either way looks like we're trapped here until we find a key."


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