It was a snowy day in the forest where the Happy Tree Friends lived. Lumpy was just outside his house, playing in the snow. To keep warm, he was wearing a red scarf and light blue knit hat.

After Lumpy had finished building a nice snowman, he decided to draw some pictures in the snow. He drew some stars, hearts and mini-snowmen, along with a less detailed version of himself with his scarf. As he looked at his creations, he laughed in amusement.

"Man, snow days are the best!" Lumpy said. "I wish we could have them all day long."

He picked up a small amount of snow - which just happened to be a part of where he drew himself - then made it into a snowball and threw it at his snowman. Lumpy laughed playfully, and then went over to the snowman to build whatever remained of the snowball.

"I'm sorry, buddy, I just wanted to spruce you up a bit," said Lumpy, pretending the snowman was alive.

Suddenly, however, the wind blew an exceptionally cold chill toward Lumpy, causing him to hug himself as he shivered.

"Ooh, it's pretty cold out here," Lumpy said to himself.

Just then, Lumpy felt a tickle in his nose, and his nostrils flared up. He tilted his upper body back as he inhaled, his snout quivering. He was going to sneeze.

"Ah, aaaah... Ah-choo!" Lumpy shot his neck forwards as he released the sneeze. When he recovered, he sniffled and rubbed his nose with his forefinger. "Ugh."

"Maybe it's too cold for me to... play anymore..." Lumpy's eyes twitched as his nose and nostrils twitched even more. His eyelids fell closed as he turned away from his snowman. Lumpy felt a few more sneezes coming on.

"Aaah... Ahhhh... Aaaaaahhhhh..." Lumpy tilted his neck as far back as he could, then sneezed again. "CHOOOOOOO! AH-CHUUUUUU! HAAAAAAH-CHIOOOOOOOO!"

Lumpy's nose began to run from the sneezes as well as the chill. Lumpy rubbed his nose once again with his forefinger, sniffling here and there.

"Yep, time to go back inside," said Lumpy.

He waved goodbye to his snowman, then started walking back towards his house. But on the way, Lumpy's sneezes continued.

"Ahhh-CHOOOOOO! HAAAAAHHHHH-CHOOOOOOO! CHUUUUUU! HaaaaAAAAH-TCHIUUUUUU! Ah, ah-tshoooooo!" And with every release, Lumpy's nose ran more and more. To make things worse, Lumpy didn't have any tissues.

"Ugh..." Lumpy sniffled loudly and wiped his nose with the end of his scarf. "If only I had one of my hankies..."

"Ehh-heeehhhh... HIIIITTTSHIOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" If Lumpy had his eyes open, he would have clearly seen a large amount of mucus fire out of his nostrils. He rubbed his red, runny nose with his forefinger, sniffling repeatedly.

"Excuse be..." said Lumpy to no one in particular.

Luckily, Lumpy could see his house just in front of him. He'd made it. Lumpy smiled and walked up to his house, then grabbed the doorknob, turned it and pushed the door open.

"Aaaah-shuuuuuu!" Lumpy sneezed as he went inside. He closed the door, rubbing his drippy nose with his forefinger. "Deed a tissue..."

Lumpy looked over at his tissue box on the end table in front of the couch, then walked over to it. Just as he pulled a tissue out, however, another sneeze escaped.

"Hehhhtshiuuuuuu!" Lumpy sneezed into the tissue, causing the edges to flutter. Lumpy sniffled, then blew his nose loudly.

"Ah, that's better," Lumpy said as he wiped his nose with the tissue.

He took off his scarf, still damp from his mucus, and tossed it in the hamper. Lumpy picked up a blanket, wrapped it around himself, then picked up his tissues and went over to the fireplace. He flicked on a switch and the fire immediately started up in the fireplace. Lumpy sighed in relief as he sat down on the easy chair in front of the fire. He placed his feet on the ottoman and wiggled his toes gently, the heat from the fire radiating onto his soles.

"Haaaah-choo!" Lumpy released another sneeze, then took another tissue and blew his nose gently with it. "Playing in the snow always gives me a sneezy, sniffly nose, doesn't it?" asked Lumpy as he wiped his nose.

"Oh, well..." Lumpy shrugged a little. "It's worth it to have this automatic fireplace."

For quite a few minutes, Lumpy stayed in front of the fireplace, keeping his feet warm and comforting his nose with his soft tissues. Some time before sunset, however, he heard the doorbell ring. He removed his blanket from his body, stood up from the easy chair and went over to the door.

When he opened it, a mailman stood with a package. "Delivery for Lumpy."

"Oh, thank you." Lumpy smiled, took the package and went back inside. But it had been so cold outside that he sneezed again just after he'd closed the door.

"Ah... Aaaah... Hchoooo!" Lumpy threw his hand over his mouth as he sneezed, then rubbed his nose with his forefinger. A little bit of mucus oozed out of his nostril from the sneeze. "Huh, I guess I'm catching cold."

After he'd opened the package, however, he saw many bundles of brown tissue paper - and one little piece of white paper. The white paper had some text on it; it must have been a note. Lumpy read it to himself.

"Hello, Lumpy, enclosed are your winter presents from us - might come in handy next time you catch a cold. Hoping you stay warm and healthy, Mom and Dad. P.S., don't forget to come to our house for Christmas in a couple days, we have a surprise for you!"

Lumpy smiled and pushed the brown tissue paper aside, hoping to find what his presents were. Finally, he found them and smiled in happiness and relief.

There were three presents, and two of them were ten-packs of cloth handkerchiefs. One of the packs contained red hankies, the other contained Lumpy's preferred white hankies. The third present was a fresh box of tissues.

"Just what I need!" Lumpy said.

He opened up the pack of red hankies, pulled one out and blew his nose. It was a gentle and quiet blow, but it cleared the excess mucus from his nostril, to his happiness. Lumpy sighed and smiled as he wiped his nose with the handkerchief.

"Mom and Dad couldn't have chosen a better time or better gifts to send me," said Lumpy.

Later that night, it was time for Lumpy to get ready for bed. He switched off the fireplace, went upstairs into his bedroom, and placed his box of tissues on the end table close to his bed. His pack of white hankies went onto the drawer, along with his opened pack of red hankies. He folded up the hanky he'd already used and put it on top of the pack of red hankies so he would know where to find them.

Lumpy went into the bathroom, took a warm shower, brushed his teeth, and returned to his bedroom to put on his pajamas. After that, Lumpy went up to his bed and fluffed his pillow before he got under the covers.

"It'll probably snow again tomorrow," said Lumpy. "If so, I'll take some of my new hankies with me before I go out and play."

Lumpy then yawned deeply into his hand. Warm under the covers in his pajamas, he switched off the light and went to sleep. Over his snoring, he could hear the wind howling outside.