Authors Notes: The gambling storyline & him being fired are terminated from this story for reason being that Ryan is the 'boss's pet' and refuses to go against protocol against any cost.

Sara's problems are starting to get her into a trouble zone.. hence why the need of a CSI that will be there is necessary (in the story.. obviously)

Disclaimers: Set around S7 CSI and S5 CSI MIAMI / I do not own either, this is just a fan fiction.

CSI X CSI MIAMI - Wolfe in Vegas


Ryan Wolfe had finished his last shift ever at the Miami-Dade Police Department's Crime Lab. He wasn't dressed how he would usually dress. Ryan was wearing loose jeans with a green, long sleeved sweater. A bit casual for his usual style now in comparison to what he would usually wear. Something a lot more preppy. His brothers used to tease him by calling him 'sweater vest boy' for the way he dressed.

"Mr Wolfe, can I borrow you?" Ryan was snapped out of his daze by his boss.

The youngest CSI followed Horatio into the empty hallway where he would usually talk to people who came to him for revenge or help. Ryan wasn't there for either. He was there to say goodbye. "So.. I hear you got the vacancy at CSI in Las Vegas?" The brown haired man nodded. "Yep. I met CSI Willows at a conference and we did discuss a few things as I am on transfer."

Horatio did feel like there was something he could've done to prevent Ryan from wanting to go, only, he didn't know what that thing was. He'd been on his team for about four years at the least and seemed okay. Despite how often he had to work. Twelve days straight once and he was still called in the day after on his supposed day off. If if was because of the hours, he would understand. Though he did sense there was something else going on too.

"What do you think of CSI Willows?"

"I think she's good. I have to respect the team to be on the team."

Lt. Caine knew he wasn't as close to Ryan as he was to Calleigh, Eric and Natalia however he had hoped it wouldn't be the one thing that drove him away in this way. He never wanted it to be like this. The last conversation he would have with his youngest before he was gone for good. Wolfe was a great CSI and a true asset to whatever team he was on. Plus him being the faster runner out of all the CSIs on the team was just a bonus. Helped them catch the runaways best they could. Unless they decided to pull a Spiderman.

From a distance, the rest of the team along with newly switched over night-shift CSI Walter Simmons, watched the conversation with curiosity. "What do you think they're talking about?" Walter asked his intrigued teammates. Eric and Calleigh couldn't give an answer but Natalia gave a guess. "I don't know, maybe positions on the team?"

The only audible word they heard was from Horatio. "Goodbye son." Lt. Caine shared a hug with his CSI. "It was such an experience working for you and I promise I'll come back to Miami someday. Only for now, it's a see you later." The redhead didn't want him to go. Ryan was like a son to him and the last thing a father wants to see is his son leave him. But it was done already.

Boa Vista, Delko, Duquesne & QD analyst Walter Simmons still didn't know what was going on. They saw Ryan walk towards them and pretended like they were having their own conversation. "I figure you heard I'm leaving then..?" Those words had sparked confusion into their faces. None of them had been able to interpret anything from their awful attempts at lip reading. Not a single thing.

"No. But you're kidding right?"

"I wish, Delko. I'm really transferring." He told them, looking down at the floor.

Calleigh stood back as the others gave him a pat on the shoulder and wished him good luck. "Happy Birthday for next week, Eric." He said, giving Eric the wrapped present in his hand as he walked over to the blonde as he'd figured she'd want to talk alone. The Cuban thanked the younger man, ruffling his hair.

"No problem, Delko. See ya around."

The two left the other three as they began walking to the elevator. Calleigh couldn't believe what she was hearing in the first place. Ryan, of all people, leaving the crime lab? She wouldn't have even pinned him for someone who was on the list to leave so soon. He hadn't even reached his thirties yet. "Why are you going?"

Ryan pursed his lips and hit the button as they got into the elevator. "Because it's my time to go for now. Explore things elsewhere and try out a different state. You have Walter now, which means you have a full team now." Calleigh sighed. She didn't want to see him go this soon. It was like losing a close friend all over again. Ryan was the one person that could make her smile in any situation, whether she wanted to or not. There wasn't a single person she knew that made her smile the way he did. Or that would listen to how she felt, good or bad. Answer calls at 3am when she was having a nightmare and couldn't sleep. That was him. Pretty much the best friend she never had.

"I'm going to miss you so much." She said quietly.

The younger man sadly smiled, putting his arms out and offering a hug. One she took as it could be the last time. In his embrace, Calleigh inhaled his sweet scent for the last time. He didn't smell like old, musky cologne or awful, cheap stuff.. this distinct smell he had was one of her favorite scents ever. It was inviting and smelt really good. Something she would happily be exposed to everyday. "You'll be okay, Cal. You are the most independent, respectable and, well, beautiful person I know. One day you'll be the best lieutenant ever. That's all you." He reassured her in a low voice that was both hot and comforting.

"Thank you. Just know I've had the best time getting to know and work with you as a CSI and as a friend."

He nodded, looking into her eyes as she looked into his. Of course it wasn't going to be easy. It never was. But Ryan knew it was his time. And he needed to get out there.

Wolfe packed all the things from his locker into a box. Binders, spare clothing, papers, pictures.. anything you'd practically need in a locker. "Need any help?" He glanced up and saw Calleigh standing by the door. "A bit." Ryan said, folding his last sweater and placing it in the box. Calleigh walked over to him and his stuff. She'd never realised how often he changed outfits until then. He kept exact replicas of that day's outfit in his locker. It was uncanny.

Then she spotted a framed picture lying on top. One she didn't even have. Of him and her when they went to Boston and it had snowed. "I love that picture." She commented, admiring it with such caution. Ryan knew how much she loved it. More than he ever would. So he picked it up, and handed it to her. "I wanted to give it to you. I found the frame you wanted for it."

Calleigh smiled. "Thank you. I'm going to put it up as soon as I get home." She opened up her locker and carefully put it up on the shelf. Ryan smiled too. He couldn't help it. Her smile had always been infectious.

The petite CSI closed it and then picked up the box. "Your car, right?" "Right." He confirmed, carrying his shoulder bag along with the smaller box he had for other stuff because of his OCD induced organization. Ryan knew saying goodbye to Miami would be hard, but it was only just the beginning of a new era in his life. One he had to look forward to or else things wouldn't get any better. That could only be done by him.