A/N: Chapter 8. Gonna focus mainly on Gil/Ryan this chapter. :) Not another part of a case, just talking. Kinda drabble.


"Hey Ryan," Wolfe looked up from the case report sitting on his desk to see his boss standing by the door. "Go home." Ryan chuckled, finishing the last few words of his report. "I will.. later." He reached for the bottom drawer and picked out a particular colored binder, slotting it in and then carefully putting it back in the drawer.

"You're OCD, aren't you?" The elder man came into the office and pulled up a chair, sitting infront of his desk. Ryan sat back down in his chair and stared at Gil. "Um.. yeah. If it's annoying you, I'm sorry-" Grissom stopped him mid-sentence and smiled. "It's not. We all do things differently, Ryan. You shouldn't be sorry for something you can't necessarily control."

Ryan's expression slowly changed to form a mere smile. "Aha, thanks. That's the first I've heard of someone not judging me." Gil nodded. He'd gotten that kind of perfectionist kind of vibe from Wolfe, and then he realised that it wasn't that simple. He had read the CSI's file and it did mention a case of OCD that was supposedly somewhat under control (to a certain extent) and wouldn't be a key problem during cases. Wolfe worked hard, and it showed.

"You're a good CSI. You don't need to keep quiet because of things that happen in the past."

Wolfe sighed. "It's not as easy as you'd think when you have Internal Affairs always looking over your shoulder. I've been scrutinised and distrusted enough already. I don't want to make another mistake." After being forced to take medical leave when he'd been shot, Ryan had always found it a little strange coming back. People were always going to judge him based on the things they'd heard about him. Whether it was his anger management or his sight.. they would always try and find something. Which is why he wanted to be prepared to emotionally take criticism like that.

"So far, you've been nothing but a big help to us being short-handed as it is. If this is your new start, then there's no reason for you to dwell on the past so much. You're a real asset and it would be a shame to lose you to your biggest enemy; yourself."