All was right with Sky World and Earth. The war had been over and peace was brought between all, Gods and Mortals alike. The Champion of Sky World, the Angel, Pit, was now at peace as all seemed to be right with the world. As the servant to his Goddess of Light, Lady Palutena, Pit would always be assigned to be there for whenever she calls upon him. She was forever grateful for his actions, rewarding him with treasures that only men would dream about. But I wasn't enough to satisfy what he wouldn't give to obtain. All his life, his wings were useless on their own, only through the power of Palutena and one of the sacred treasures, the wings of Pegasus, could he ever spread his wings out to soar into the sky. All that Pit would ever wish for would be to fly on his own. Maybe someday, would his wish finally be granted...

At Palutena's temple, Pit sparred against the centurions, wanting to be prepared at any cost in case another great evil casts it's shadow over his world. But not long after, did Lady Palutena call him over to meet with him...

Palutena:"Pit! Report to me at once. We have something to discuss!"

Pit:"On my way, Lady Palutena."

Inside the temple, Palutena gazed over a reflecting pool, that was showing strange images of anomalies happening over the Earth. Just in time, as Pit came through the doors and kneeled before his Goddess...

Pit:"You had wished to have seen me, Lady Palutena?"

Palutena:"Yes, Pit. Come, take a look inside the pool, see for yourself what is happening."

As Pit went to see what was happening through the pool, it certainly was strange. All across the Earth, humans were disappearing in a flash of light, nothing remained of them and people all around were beginning to panic. This concerned both Palutena and Pit, as nothing like this has ever happened before. Palutena feared that these humans were being taken away by some other God who was meddling with the balance...

Palutena:"We must find the source of these disappearances. Someone must be held responsible for this!"

Pit:"Perhaps Viridi would be considered a suspect. Her hatred for humanity runs deep."

Palutena:"Let's not point fingers just yet. Though, Viridi is a prime suspect, I doubt she'd be capable of doing something like this...The energy around that light. I feels as if it's familiar to me somehow. It's feels...heavenly."

Pit:"Could one of our own be responsible?"

Palutena:"Quite possibly...I'm sending you down there to investigate."


Palutena:"Is something wrong, Pit?"

Pit:"...No. Let's just do this."

Wasting no more time, Pit was sent down to the Earth as he the flashes of light from the sky. People were disappearing even now...

Palutena:"I'm sending you down to where the strangest activity is happening."

Pit:"Even stranger than this?"

Palutena:"Very. Keep your guard up, I fear there's something waiting for you down there."

Pit:"Maybe it's the underworld army. Maybe Hades' is behind this!"

Palutena:"Unlikely. He's still gone after all this time. Knowing that these people are disappearing by some Heavenly, it seems as if they're being taken away in order to avoid something that's coming."

Pit:"What could that even be?"

Palutena:"You'll be seeing for yourself when you land. Which should be!"

Soon enough, Pit found himself in a human village, where the sky had soon turned dark and the streets have been abandoned...

Pit:"Where is everybody?"

Palutena:"Most likely, they had fled in a state of panic. I sense that something dark is here. What do you see?"

Pit:"A hold lot of nothing...except a fountain with four horses on it."

Palutena:"Four horses? Hmm..."

Pit:"Do you think it means something?"

Palutena:"I hope it doesn't, I'm fearing the worse."

Suddenly, something caught Pit's attention as he looked up to the sky and was frightened to see what looked like a thousand arrows about to rain down upon him. Raining as fast as he could, hoping not tire out so quickly, he managed to get away from the arrows and looked back to see who was responsible for it. He was almost blinded by who he saw, as it someone riding a white horse, wearing a crown over his flowing hair and holding a golden bow in his arms. Pit was confused by who this was, but this being made a chill run up Palutena's spine, now horrified to know what exactly is going on...

Palutena:"It can't be...the White Rider."

Pit:"What? Lady Palutena, what is going on?"

Palutena:"But that would mean...Pit, whatever happens, the Rider must not be allowed to prevail! You must defeat him!"

Pit:"Very well, then. You're going down, bowman to bowman!"

The Rider merely scowls at the angel as the white horse rises up and neighs loudly for the world to hear it as the battle begins. The horseman circles around Pit as it continues to fire upon the Angel, and Pit did his best to avoid every attack, but it wasn't enough as he kept getting shot from here and there. It seems as if Pit underestimated the Rider, but not anymore, regaining his strength and attacking head on. Though strong, fast and very skilled, the Rider didn't seem to be too ready for Pit's attacks, as he was repeatedly shot at and had to run as fast as he could to avoid the blasts coming his way. Getting a clean headshot, Pit manages to know the Rider off it's horse, but it was still standing and was continuing to fire upon the Angel, returning the favor and shooting Pit in the head as well...

Pit:"Gah! This guy's pretty good!"

Palutena:"He's more than that! Continue to fight back, Pit! You mustn't be defeated!"

Pit:"Wouldn't dream of it!"

As the Rider gets back on his horse, he charges at the angel and prepares for another attack. But Pit was ready this time, taking his bow apart and now using them as his signature blades. With the Rider lancing another arrow, Pit did a mighty jump and swing his blades, cutting through the throat of the Horseman...

Palutena:"You did it! Well done, Pit!"

Pit:"Man, that was hard!"

Looking back, the Rider went limp on his own horse, as it rose of it's feet once more right before being engulfed in a consuming light. Then it's body disappeared, breaking apart like glass...

Pit:" that that's over with, can you explain to me what's going on, Lady Palutena?"

Palutena:"It would be better for you to understand everything. That was the White Rider of Pestilence, once of the first signs of Armageddon."

Pit:"Armageddon? You mean the end of the world?!"

Palutena:"I'm afraid so. The Riders appear when the first four seals of judgement are broken, then they begin the destruction of the world. That is why these people were disappearing, they were counted worthy to escape all things that are coming. Not even I am safe, Pit. Soon, I too will fall victim to the catastrophes."

Pit:"That's insane! You're a Goddess, Lady Palutena! How could this be possible?!"

Palutena:"I haven't been completely honest with you, Pit. For there is a High Authority that is much greater than the Gods of this world. Not even my power can rival that of those above me...But, I swear that we will not let the apocalypse be set in motion on the Earth. No matter the cost, we must protect it!"

Pit:"I'm with you all the way, Lady Palutena!"

Just then, Pit felt something go through him and it was getting harder for him breathe. He looked down and saw that he had been impaled by a sword. This frightened Palutena, who saw that the assailant was a being wearing Red Armor, having an angry face with a bloodstained sword in hand; beside him was a Red Horse, that which he mounted onto as he took his sword out of Pit's body and rode off as the angel collapsed onto the ground...

Palutena:"NOOOOOO! PIT!"


As the life drained from Pit's a body, a familiar light had then covered his body. And at the twinkling of an eye...Pit was gone.

Somewhere unknown, even to the Gods of Pit's world, there be a wide open grassy field, with some trees and shrubbery here and there, and mountains in the far back. The sky was grey and the wind was blowing fiercely, and angels from above came down to the ground to see for themselves was is happening. Darkness, at the far end of the fields, was slowly making it's over to them as unholy creatures of the demon world were now rushing over like rapid animals, ready to slaughter anything that stood in their way...

Angel 1:"We must alert Heaven that the underworld forces are coming."

Angel 2:"Wait, something rests on the grass."

The flew down to see that laying on stained grass was Pit, who was unconscious, yet the bleeding had stopped...

Angel 1:"He is unlike any I've seen before."

Angel 2:"I don't believe him to be part of our world. But how can that be?"

?:"Would you two care to enlighten me about what you have found?"

Both Angel's looked behind themselves to see another, yet this one was different, as his appearance made him stand out in front of him comrades. As Angels mainly light colors, this one worse dark ones, having a jacket made of leather of his bare muscular physique, having a shoulder strap around his right side with a shining pauldron on his shoulder. He wore white bracers around his forearms and a white kilt with a golden outline over dark trousers, which had shining greaves at the legs, and on his feet, he wore a pair of greek leather sandals. As for his head, he had a shoulder length hair that was blonde at the end of each tip and on his face, he seemed to always be scowling. He carried a sword by his right side and what appeared to be a dark stone trident, broken at the middle on his left. And on his back was a pair of two black feathered wings that carried him down as he approached the other angels...

Angel 1:"Sir, we found this angel here. He is injured."

Angel 2:"Should we aid him?"

The third angel took a closer look at Pit, seeing the golden rings he wore on his arm and the weapon he held, which was unknown to them but it seemed to be angelic...

Angel 3:"Take him with us. See to it that he is revived."

Angel 1:"Yes sir."

The other angels then took Pit by the arms and began to carry him off into the skies while the third angel glared over to the darkness approaching until flying away with his comrades...