Pit saw and felt nothing but darkness around himself. He had not known how much time has past, or what has happened during the time he was unconscious. All that he remembered the people disappearing, the White Rider, and then being stabbed. He had no idea what was happening to him now. But now, he started to feel...warm, and nice...and also wet. It was a feeling that he was so familiar with, that it put a smile on his face.


His eyes began to open, and the first thing he saw was mysterious silhouettes towering over him...

Pit:"...What the-?"

?:"He's awake!"

? 2:"Where did he come from?"

? 3:"His wings are too small."

Pit:"I...resent that."

Pit began to rise up and as his vision started to adjust, he found himself in a place that he was not at all familiar with. The silhouettes had belonged to...


Angel 1:"You seemed surprised to be looking at one of your own."

Pit:"Sorry. It's just that-"

Angel 2:"We might understand. After all, we have yet to see someone like yourself. You do not seem to be from around here."

Pit:"Where exactly is here?"

Angel 3:"Why, the White City, of course. Surely, you must know of it."

Pit:"Uh...not really."

?:"I expect as much. Move away, you three. Allow our guest some space to breathe."

The angels heeded to orders of the one behind them and moved away from Pit, who began to rise up from the shallow tub he was in, realizing that the upper half of his tunic was gone. The person he now faced, the dark angel from before. Though, he was unconscious, Pit almost recognized his voice instantly. The angel did nothing but glare at Pit, who was starting to feel uncomfortable...

?:"Welcome to Heaven, strange one. Would you be so kind as introduce yourself?"

Pit:"My name is Pit, servant to the Goddess Palutena."

The angels around began to whisper amongst themselves after hearing Palutena's name...

?:"Goddess Palutena?"

Pit:"Y-yeah, you know. She's...the Goddess of Light, ruler to Angel Land, Guardian of the Human race. Does any of this ring any bells for you?"

?:"I'm afraid not, because we do not have that kind of God here."


Angel 4:"It might be like I said. That he is from another world that has it's own Gods."

?:"That may be possible, Gabriel, but let us not jump to conclusions at the moment."

Pit:"Wait, Gabriel? The Legendary Angel?"

Gabriel:"I hardly call myself a Legend. I am but among my peers."

?:"I assigned him to watch over as you healed. Forgive me for not being so trustworthy at the moment. We've had many deceivers here before."

Pit:"I guess I can understand that. So, wait, who are you?"

?:"My name is Tasan. Chief of Angels, Leader of the Lord's Army, Enforcer of Justice. We were the ones who found you unconscious on the Earth, when the darkness began to arise. You seemed to have been pierced through your chest."

It came back to Pit that he was stabbed from behind, by another Rider, a Red Rider...

Pit:"Wait...do you guys know anything about...the Riders?"

Tasan:"We do...They are the Four Horsemen who set the apocalypse in motion after we've taken our people out of the world."

Pit:"Well, I think it was one of them who did this to me. Stabbed me with a sword."

Tasan:"Hmm...The Red Rider. It must've attacked you."

Pit:"Must've been for revenge after what I did to he friend."

Tasan:"You faced one of the Horseman?"

Pit:"I did. It was the White Rider. After I destroyed him, I'm guessing the Red Rider must've taken me from behind."

Tasan:"Destroyed? The Horsemen cannot be destroyed. They are entities of chaos, and they will continue to ride until the world is destroyed."

Pit:"I gotta stop this from happening! Will you help me?"

Tasan:"What is already happening cannot be undone. Everything must continue as it should. We all must preform our duties when the time comes."

Pit:"Well, so do I! I have my duty to uphold, and that is to protect my own world, even if it's to give up my life in vain! I'll do it with or without your help!"

With that, Pit began to storm out of the place he was in, but Tasan had then stopped him, grabbing onto his soldier...

Tasan:"(sighs) Hold on...I admire your determination to not give up on your own world...but you're not going to get to far here without a guide."

Pit had stopped when Tasan had then opened a box, and pulled out some sort of armor...

Tasan:"Also without proper clothing. You're tunic was ruined when we found you, and so we burned the top of it."


Tasan:"You might be more comfortable in this, though."

Soon enough, Pit found himself in a golden chest plated armor, having a red diamond-shaped crystal in the center, with a black undershirt and a single strap leading down his belt. He was also outfitted with a pteruges over his white skirt. He found the look quite dashing for him, kind of giving him a matured look.

Pit:"Why'd you give me such powerful looking armor?"

Tasan:"It's more of an antique. But, if you truly wish to go along with what you're planning, protection would be most important for you. Come along."

Now exiting the building with Tasan, Pit was then welcomed by an amazing view of a magnificent city, and he now understood its name. Every building was white, lined with a golden color, the ground was covered by a golden plating, natural life, plants, trees, livestock, it all existed; the people there, who were even dressed in white, they all carried smiles on their faces, they were all having fun, playing, laughing, having nothing to fear and their bodies were pure and clean, with no blemish in sight. It was something truly amazing, and what many people have longed to see...

Pit:"So, this is Heaven."

Tasan:"Indeed. Do you not have one in your world, a place where the blessed and ascended should go to?"

Pit:"...I wish."

Tasan:"Well...no time to sight see. Follow me, there is someone who wishes to see you."

Just as Tasan was about to take to the air with his darkened wings, Pit soon stopped him...

Pit:"Wait! This is really embarrassing for me to say, but...I can't fly. My wings are too small for it."

Tasan:"(looks at Pit's wings)...Well, despite their size, they should be able to carry you."

Pit:"All they can do is flutter before I end up crashing back down. The only way I can really fly is if Lady Palutena lets me, but she is in control of what pattern I take when flying."

Tasan:"Hmm...then that is something we're going to have to fix. Until then, take my hand."

Seeing where he was getting at, Pit grabs hold of Tasan's hand as he takes off, seeing his huge dark wings flap through the air. Pit felt as light as a feather, as he was just being held onto by the hand, and now, he was just gliding through midair. He could see that this place almost seemed endless, like a whole new world over another one, with never ending beauty. It almost made him feel at peace, but he had to remember his mission, to save his world from Armageddon. Tasan was taking him to a place high above everywhere else, a palace like no other, and through it came a shining light in which Pit can only guess was the temple of the God of this world. Soon, Tasan came down, and they both landed on solid ground...

Tasan:"We can walk from here."

Pit:"This place is beautiful!"

Tasan:"That's the idea. It's meant to be...perfection."

Pit:"I'll say."

Tasan:"Come. Our God wishes to see you."

Pit:"What is your God's name anyway?"

Tasan:"Over the years of existence, he would've had many names to go over. For such a reason, would many people know him as just "God". "


Tasan:"Yes. He wishes to see you. To know who you are."

After some walking done, the two find themselves in the center of the palace, where the light that illuminated the entire place shined from the very center. In the very center, there was a being that sat on a thrown, and it was through his illumination that the entire place shined. Tasan had then asked Pit to step forward and kneel. Pit did as he was asked and bowed before the God of this land...

God:"Where have you come from?"

Pit:"I was brought here from another world. A world now on the brink of destruction as the apocalypse seems to be set in motion. Having been struck down by one of the Four Horsemen, I found myself here. I wish to know why."

God:"You're angelic form made me see you as one of my own, and for that reason did I pull you out of harms way."

Pit:"My loyalty is to my own Goddess, Lady Palutena."

The angels around him whispered amongst themselves, with Pit believing that they were questioning his faith, which was sort of ticking him off...

God:"Your Goddess, Lady Palutena. Yes, I have heard of such a being. She is the guardian of the human race in your world, having you as the captain of her guard and herself as the leader of her army. She is pure and good hearted. But I fear, as the Great Tribulation begins, she too will perish along with the rest of your world."

Pit:"No! I have to get back!"

Tasan:"I'm afraid that might be impossible, Pit. Our worlds are separate from each other. For a way to take you back would be more harder than to pull you away."

Pit:"So there's no way back for me?"

God:"Though your options may be limited, I believe something is occurring that may more or less be the answer to your problem. Because of your presence here, I fear that our worlds may collide with one another."

Pit:"How could me being here trigger something like that?"

Tasan:"No, Pit. It's more because that was already happening before you arrived here. It seems as if something, or someone is trying to mess with the balance. Should our worlds collapse within one another, I doubt anything could be able to survive."

God:"It would seem that the time to act may be now. Tasan, I am entrusting to help Pit find a way back to his home. Everyone else must prepare, for the worst is yet to come."

Tasan:"Very well, my God. It seems as if we're going to have to get you home after all. We must act. Now."

Pit:"I couldn't agree more. Let's do this!"

Suddenly, thunder is heard, making all heads turn to every direction. They all headed to see that the darkness was coming toward their city. The time to wage war was now. Tasan met up with other angels, giving orders to them as they soon fled everywhere...

Tasan:"I fear that not even this place will survive the upcoming war. Come, Pit. We must move!"

Pit:"Alright then! I hope that you hear me now, Lady Palutena. No matter what it takes, I will return to you!"

For a second, it almost seemed like Palutena did hear Pit's voice. Though she feared the worst, the sound of Pit's voice made her regain what hope she was losing...


Looking to who was coming towards her, it was Viridi, the Goddess of Nature, along with her associates, Lightning Flash Phosphora, Arlon the Serene, and Dark Pit, Pit's mirrored Doppelganger...


Viridi:"No. He's just vanished from the face of the earth."

Dark Pit:"I can't even feel his heart beat. He's just...gone."

Palutena:"Well, I'm not losing hope. I heard his voice for but a second, he's alive somewhere, and he's going to come back. Somehow."

Arlon:"If I may interrupt, there is something approaching us!"

They all looked and saw the darkness coming directly towards Sky World. Palutena knew that they must prepare themselves, as it was time to go to war...