Tasan and Pit wander through the middle of nowhere, having only the scorching heat to deal with. The only sense of direction they had was the dusty path their feet sank through. Though Pit went complaining nonstop about this scorching hot wasteland they were in, Tasan blocked it out and continued to lead the way...

Tasan:"It said that the earth is grow so hot, that it's very surface will catch fire."

Pit:"Oh, well that's terrific."

Tasan:"We're not burning yet, so quit complaining...Hold on, something's off."

Pit:"What is it?"

Tasan:"I sense some sort of presence nearby. It's almost familiar to me."

Pit:"Hmm...well, I don't feel anything, aside from my own feet bleeding."

Tasan:"I can't tell what is just yet; it lies underneath the ground. It's most likely to be nothing to worry about. Let's just continue forward."

But as they went on further, they saw something, buried within all the dust. Taking a close look at it, Pit decides to poke at it with the tip of his bow, and it soon reacts and rises up, causing the two angels to jump and take a stance. Pit was a little frightened, but Tasan soon relaxed, almost instantly recognizing the being they were a facing. A male figure, dressed in open brown robes, having a chalice attached to his wrapping around his waste, a blue shirt with golden zipper under a short brown cape. His hair was light brown and shoulder length and he held a red staff with a crimson jewel on top. Though, Pit was left confused, Tasan recognized the being as one of his own...



Camael:"Would you please not disturb me while I'm resting?"

Pit:"Tasan, who is this guy?"

Tasan:"This is Camael, another angel. His is named the Wrath of Heaven, and for good reason. His anger knows no bounds."

Camael:"I used to be. That is the past now."

Tasan:"What happened to you, Camael? Why had you not returned to Heaven?"

Camael:"The gates of Heaven were closed to me, and I was left forgotten. This is where the forgotten are meant to be, underneath the dirt."

Pit:"That's a little dark, coming from an angel."

Camael:"Who may this be, Tasan?"

Tasan:"He is an angel from another realm, one that he is determined to get back to, if it were not already collapsing into our own, on the brink of it's own destruction."

Camael:"Hmm...I wondered why everything seemed to be off today, even why the sky was growing red."

Tasan:"I know that you'd rather go back into hiding, given the way you introduced yourself, but may I ask for alliance, Camael? During this time chaos?"

Camael:"Why should I interfere with what's bound to happen? You now this is how it should be."

Tasan:"Not like this. Don't you see, Camael? Everything is out of order as the balance has been tampered with."

Camael:"Impossible! The prophecy should go on as it was written."

Tasan:"That doesn't seem to be the case, as the forces of darkness seem be gaining the upper hand out of unknown reasons."

Pit:"We kinda do need all the help we can get at this point. Please?"

Camael:"Mmm...well, it's nothing else going on at the moment. Very well, I shall accompany you on your journey."

Tasan:"Thank you, Camael."

And thus, they continued on, three angels roaming through the desert...

Meanwhile, in Skyworld as Lucifer sees all of the world beginning to tear itself apart...

Watcher:"My Lord, the Angels has fallen to the earth. He finds himself in the wasteland, near where our army is soon to rise."

Lucifer:"Let him be lost in war. I doubt he will come far in the condition he is in.

Watcher:"What must we do, Master?"

A malicious smile grew on Lucifer's face as he began to construct an idea. He soon headed into a dungeon, now covered by vines with thorns and the only prisoners he had were Dark Pit, Viridi and Palutena. What he had done with Phosphora and Arlon was unknown to them, but it didn't matter at them moment, for it was what he had planned for themselves is what they feared. With the three of them staring at the Devil himself, he turns his attention towards Viridi, who kept glaring at him as he opened the doors to her cell...

Lucifer:"I'm still wondering why an infant like yourself is the Goddess of Nature in this realm."

Viridi:"It's just the way I am, you idiot!"

Without warning, Viridi was slapped hard across the face, feeling a burning mark left by Lucifer, showing that he hand was even steaming from that...

Lucifer:"You should know when to be silent, you little filth. I only came to take what belongs to you."

Viridi:"What do you mean?"

Lucifer:"A being like yourself does not deserve to have power over nature. I may be a fallen one, but I will soon show all of Heaven the true force of nature!"

Before she could react, Viridi felt her arms get restrained by vines that held her back as the Devil closed in on her and puts his hands onto her face. She soon felt something happening, a painful sensation forcing her to close her eyes and clench her fist as she felt herself be drained...

Back to where the three angels were, they find themselves high at the top of a canyon, seeing the sun go down the reddening sky. Unfortunately, that was not all that was going down. From where they stood, a great battle was taking place; humans against what appeared a massive army of demons that were slaughtering every single one of them. Tasan and Camael were shocked to recognize the course of action taking place on the earth...

Tasan:"The Demonic Army? Risen already?"

Camael:"They're killing all of them. I never thought I'd feel bad for those left behind."

Pit:"There's gotta be over a thousand of them!"

Tasan:"Two Hundred Million, to be exact."

Pit:"It pains me to see humans become mincemeat. We need to help them!"

Camael:"Not our call."

Pit:"Wha-? Tasan?"

Tasan:"Normally, I'd agree with you, but it's not really our decision to make. This is all meant to take place, but to happen so soon...something's not right."

Pit:"Well, I'm not gonna stand around here and seem a bunch of human get killed! Flightless or not, I'm putting and end to this battle!"

Like before, Pit was held back by Tasan putting a firm hand onto his soldier. He turned back and glared at the angel, who gave out a heavy sigh, soon beginning to speak...

Tasan:"Though, while we can't interfere with the main battle, there is something we can do. We must take out the source of this conflict, and I know how just how to do it. The Red Rider of War is the source to all this chaos, if we take it out, this battle will cease."

Camael:"But the riders are spiritual entities, they are impossible to kill."

Tasan:"The least we can do is destroy its physical form so that it may be kept out of the way for now."

Pit:"Fine by me. After all, I owe the jerk for stabbing me in the back. It's time I return the favor! But..where we are gonna find the Red Rider?"

Merely pointing up towards the sky, Pit took a hard look and saw red lightening flashing through the dark clouds. It was clear now that the Red Rider was raging through the skies, causing a problems for the three angels, being reminded that one of them has useless wings...

Pit:"Can you re-summon the chariot, Tasan?"

Tasan:"We are far from the Gates of Heaven, Pit. Summoning the chariot is not so simple."

Camael:"How is it that you can't use your wings?"

Pit:"They're just small, okay?"

Tasan:"We have to think of something if are to face off against the Rider."

After a few momentous, they finally got an idea, though it was not one they were at all comfortable with. Soon after, we find Tasan and Camael flying through the air, with Pit having to hold onto both their hands, like a child would their parents...

Camael:"This is embarrassing."

Pit:"Not just for you, you know!"

Tasan:"Enough complaining. We won't have to hold hands for much longer as we reach the rider."

Camael:"What will we do then?"

Tasan:"Pit will take care of the rest."

Pit:"Me? How?"

Tasan:"You'll see."

This worried Pit a little as they saw had the Red Rider in their sights. Its sword was tearing through the skies like a lightning bolt and endlessly rode about. The three angels were right above them; Tasan and Camael looked at each other and nodded, then looked back at Pit was getting scared and confused...

Camael:"Brace yourself, young one."


Being caught off guard, Pit felt as Tasan and Camael let go of him and he back free falling. But then, he soon remembered what Tasan had taught him before and used his wings to control his decent. He aimed for the Rider, who soon saw and turned his attention towards Pit, charging at him hard...

Pit:"This is gonna hurt!"

Soon enough, the skies cleared of the darkened clouds as the two collided in on each other. Pit was still falling and couldn't be able to steady himself as soon hit solid ground. From where he landed, Pit found himself in a huge battlefield, which was now abandoned and covered in the bodies of mortal warriors who gave their lives. Struggling to get back on his feet, Pit heard a few bones crack and pop as he looked up to see the Red Rider towering over him on its monstrous steed...

Pit:"(straining) Took down one of you before. I can take you on as well."

Getting off its horse, the Red Rider brings out its blade, a powerful sword with the strength of ages of war, radiating it a dark chaotic aura. As the rider takes a stance against the angel, who raises his own blade as well, Tasan and Camael return to help Pit fight against the horseman of war...

Tasan:"Sorry about that. We needed to get him out of skies."

Pit:"(breathing heavily) Eh. Water under the bridge."

Camael:"I doubt this is any better. We're in a war zone, this is basically home field advantage for him."

Pit:"Yeah, maybe we should've thought this through a little."

Tasan:"Well, there's a time for everything. Now, let's do this.

Without warning, the Rider jumped back onto its horse and it lead out a powerful neigh that echoed across the battle field as it soon charged at the three angels. And as each and everyone of them quickly jumped out of the way, the fight truly began as Pit lashed his arrows out towards the horseman of war, allowing the perfect cover for Tasan to charge on the monstrous being and have their blades clash...

Pit:"Yeah! Get at him, Tasan!"

Camael:"Focus your fire on his stead, Pit! We must have him at the ground!"

Pit:"Got any tricks up your sleeve, Camael?"

Camael:"Well, I'm not much for combat, but..."

Taking his staff, Camael had it lit a blaze and he soon spun it around, spreading his wings as he then charged at the Rider himself. He left the flames engulf him, Heaven's fury unleashed and brought down upon the Red Rider, who was soon kicked off his steed by the wrathful angel, who extinguished his fiery aura...

Camael:"How's that?"

Pit:"That was awesome! You really are no joke!"

Camael:"I don't really like to indulge in violence, I prefer to remain calm. But in times, such as these, I have no choice."

Tasan:"Stay focused, you two! We must defeat this entity of chaos!"

Pit:"Let me get a real shot of the action! I owe this guy a blade through the chest!"

Charging in himself, Pit pulled apart his bow, making them into two separate blades and having them clash with the Red Rider's sword. Quickly backing off, Pit engaged with a sword fight between him and the horseman, which proved to be troubling, as the Rider had shown to be quite the formidable opponent and it was him that was leaving more cuts on Pit than he was. See how he needed help, Tasan had cut in and got the Rider away from the Young Angel, who was on one knee, having bloody cuts nearly everywhere...

Pit:"Argh, Tasan..."

Tasan:"Calm yourself, Pit. You mustn't be reckless; you have to be smart and strategic in combat."


Tasan:"You're better at shooting than at armed combat. I'll draw his attention, focus on firing at him."

Pit:"Got it. Come on!"

Getting back up on his feet, Pit reformed his bow and continued to fire upon the Red Rider, as Tasan engaged the spiritual warrior in sword combat. Camael had joined in, casting flames, hoping to burn the forsaken horseman down to cinders. However, it hardly seem as if any of their own attacks were doing anything to defeat the Rider, almost like it had a building immunity towards their fury. It was then that Pit realized since the Rider was war incarnate, fighting with fire won't do much trick...

Pit:"Tasan, Camael, stand down!"

Tasan:"What is it, young one?"

Camael:"Why quit now during battle?"

Pit:"We can't fire with fire on this one. Our fury is doing nothing but exhausting us of strength. We need to think of something else."

Tasan:"What do you have in mind?"

Pit:"...Leave it me."


Tasan:"Don't do this, Pit. We can help."

Pit:"Trust me, I got this."

Looking at each other with concern, Tasan and Camael nodded and stepped back allowing the young angel to handle this alone. Pit was as still as stone as he saw Red Rider coming for him; it worried him not though. Pit closed his eyes and held his bow firmly in his hands. As the Red Rider closed in, raising its sword high above it's had, soon to strike down. But in the blink of an eye, the Rider found his sword flying from his grip, for it had been knocked away by Pit, who now had both the blades of Palutena in his hands. But it didn't end there; acting quickly, Pit jumped and grabbed the Red Rider's sword as it was coming back down and suddenly jammed it into the chest of the horseman...

Tasan:"He did it."

As Pit put away his bow, he watched as both the Red Rider and its stead were engulfed in the same light as the first horseman, and then breaks apart like glass into nothingness...

Camael:"That was incredible, young one. How'd you do it?"

Pit:"...I realized that war gets its power through the fury and chaos that purges any world that it exists. And so, I channeled my anger, my fury, and fought with peace."

Tasan:"...A clever one, you are."

It was then that the rays of the sun began to seep through the darkened clouds, as all three angels saw the skies calm and the conflict put to ease...

Tasan:"The chaos here has ended. We must continue forward."


Tasan:"And you, Camael, we thank you for your assistance. If you do not wish to help us, I will not force it upon you. But I only ask that you may join us, if you'd wish."

Camael:"Hmm...Oh, why not? I have nothing else going on at the moment."

Pit:"Good to have you on our side, Camael."

With their team growing in numbers and in strength, even if it is little by little, the angels continue to make way across the dessert battlefield, heading towards the next obstacle in their path...