"Bat and... ?"

The Bright Knight chased the odd, strange-looking burglar down a black-hole of a tunnel (a storm drain under Gotham City).
Just ten paces ahead, the thief rapidly approached and soon vanished thru a bluish, glowing... portal? Yes, it would seem!

Batman tossed his trusty Bat-a-rang thru the opening of vibrating energy... When it felt like it had grabbed onto something,
he gave it a mighty pull, but the line would not budge... not one inch! It only went in deeper... Suddenly, the line broke.
"This is a very rare quandary of a conundrum, I must say!" he commented to himself, puzzled at this turn of events.

Back on Babylon 5, in her private and hidden suite down in Brown Section, V'lora stepped out the other side of her portable
worm-hole. She could not use it too long, as the device tapped a nearby high-energy conduit that could be detected by station
Security monitor personnel. She cradled the device that had followed her through - (the Bat-a-rang) - and noticed it resembled
an Earth creature known as a 'bat'. There were similar such flying creatures on her homeworld too. And she, in fact,
also resembled, to a fashion, the Earth creatures known as Pumas, or mountain lions... except that her fur was of
a deep, royal purple color... and the fact that she was fully bi-pedal as well. And she was, erect, a quarter-meter
taller than that pesky and nosey human... Ivanova. "Me-rowww!" she purred. Oh how V'lora would enjoy an even
match (a cat-fight) against that often meddlesome Ivanova... 'If only - Yes, hmmm?' she thought and purred.

Just a moment before she could power-off the portable generator control switch, the stranger that had been tracking
her suddenly fell through - and out - her side of the worm-hole! 'My, my... what strange garments, if a human', she had
thought. His helmet also resembled the head of the Earth bat creature. He right away rose up, dusted himself off,
looked around her room... and then, he spoke: "I would deduce, that this place is nowhere near Gotham City?"

V'lora replied, obviously very much amused: "Ha! You are now far, far away... from your 'Gotham City'... and Earth!"

Another micro-second later, just as V'lora neared the worm-hole off switch with her right paw digits, suddenly another
strangely-dressed human came through the opening... This one was smaller (younger?) than the first uninvited 'guest',
and this second one's unusual costume (as Earth humans go), had a very prominent, large letter/symbol 'R' on it.

Robin got up, saw Batman, then V'lora and the futuristic-looking room (dingy, but with bright colors here and there),
and could then muster up just one word: "Groovy!"

(End of Part 1)