Quickly, and not a second too soon, V'lora powered-off her portable worm-hole. The bluish portal then vanished into thin air...

Batman, just after Robin's arrival, saw the stolen jet-black statue - only 6.5 inches tall - sitting on a small table (a shrine?)
The statue had immediately been reported missing, by a security night watchman on his rounds, who only saw a mere shadow of the thief,
before he triggered the Gotham Antiquities Museum silent alarm system. The alarm signal was sent to both Police and to Batman & Robin,
who were then not too far away, cruising the night for signs of new crime... and new criminals... in their trusty & amazing Batmobile.

The small and lovely figurine was very old, ultimately so rare... and was an ancient depiction in art, of the Egyptian goddess,
known throughout history, as Bastet: made-up of a human-female body, with the head of a large cat. A cat-goddess, if you will.

V'lora followed the gaze of the first 'visitor'... to the Onyx statue. "Yes - I took the precious item there... and it would have been
returned to the museum, in your Gotham City, by early next morning, before sunrise..." she spoke, a bit of irritation in her voice.

Robin was closer to the statue than either Batman or V'lora, and took a single step toward it... V'lora then zoomed toward him, hissing like an ally cat!

"Holy Halitosis, Batman!" Robin said, unhappily... "Manners now, Robin... We are the guests here, and should act appropriately," Batman's swift reply.

Batman then gave a slight smile, to V'lora: "Well, madam... a theft is still a theft... even if said item is only 'borrowed' for a few hours".
Robin by now had stepped away & crossed his arms, giving a stern look of agreement on his face, to the statement from his mentor & friend.

Batman continued: "Please, madam, if you will explain... who are you; where is this place; and why did you have need of the statue?"

Soon, in mere minutes, V'lora explained all - to this 'Batman', and his cute but less well-endowed accomplice/subject? named 'Robin'.

Batman: "I see... Ms. V'lora. Robin and I will just have to take your words as 'Truth' here... This whole pickle of a predicament
is well and far outside my jurisdiction and ken of understanding. And once, some time ago, I met and conferred with the great
Einstein, on several matters of interest... I simply must wonder what he would make of your device - and all that has transpired?"

V'lora then offered: "I'll allow you to take back the statue - after a quick 3-D scan... and then send you, Robin, and it - home!"

"And soon..." she continued, "this whole 'pickle', as you call it, can then come to an agreeable and happy - conclusion... Hmmm, yes?!"
V'lora gave a noticeable and deep purring type of sound, not too unlike Batman's on/off/on again 'love interest'... Catwoman.

"Very well... your terms are acceptable," replied Batman, knowing nothing of worm-holes, and needing her help to return to Earth.
"Yes, Robin and I need to get back quickly, and before The Joker and the other devious denizens of Gotham City learn that
we've gone... missing."

"Alright, Batman... It's just too bad that you cannot stay a little while longer," she purred as much as spoke, looking him up and down.
"Yes, I'm certain that you and Babylon 5 Head of Security Garibaldi would surely find each other's methods of fighting crime, very, very
fascinating... Hmmm, yes, indeed... Me-rowww!"

In just a quick few minutes, she completed the scan of the statue, powered up the worm-hole device again, then effortlessly sent Batman,
Robin, and the missing statue of Bastet all back to where they ultimately belonged... back on 'old' Earth... and to Gotham - just in Time!

V'lora then mused, aloud: "Yes, Batman... go back to your quaint and semi-barbaric 'Gotham City'... Well, you surely can have at it, I say...
But now I wonder, what exactly is a 'Joker' though?" She then caressed her own and quite rare and lovely figurine, of Lapis Lazuli, and made
in a more precise likeness of the ancient emissary that had long, long ago left her home world for Earth... never to return again.

"Oh, royal empress 'Bastet' - if these silly Earth humans only knew what your real purpose and divine name was, me thinks they'd be... amused?"

She purred aloud once more, then made extensive notes for her own planet's ancient historical record-holders... keepers of many, many old
mysteries and secrets, that the rest of the known universe... even the Minbari and much older Vorlons had yet to learn of... or to understand.

Just so sad that 'Batman' - or 'Robin' - could not stay longer... It was also a bit sad that V'lora would not visit Gotham City again - as she had
given her word not to - to Batman... She imagined that she certainly would have enjoyed a meeting with this 'Catwoman' that Batman had briefly
described to her so well, before he went home to Earth... "Oh, home... My Home... I shall see you again, and very soon too... Hmmm?"

V'lora then stroked the unexpected memento, of her visit to Gotham, and Batman's visit to B5... "This Bat-a-rang (?) will look nice on my wall!"

THE END... Or?

(Note: this story is humbly dedicated in honor and loving memory of 'Classic TV' Batman Adam West)