A mistake.

That's what she was! A mistake, Azula knew it and this thing should stop crying like her worthless brother!

She burned the cord off.

Azula glared at the soft squishy thing. the newborn tried to grab her pathetic, she raised her hand creating a blade of blue fire to end this but she stoped and decided to leave it here because if it survived all her attempts to end it prematurely so if this thing survives being left here she will allow it find her and let it be her Student. She then remebered her own mother abandoning her and her brother but unlike she will do so with no Connections and no regret.

She scarred its hand and smiled as it cried struggling leaving her with scare that looked like the flag of the firenation.

She walked off hearing the thing cry and she didn't care of this things plea for attention.


She moved its head around screaming, tears running down her cheeks, no one was there to hear her. A day passed as the autumn winds blowing over her as she felt a shadow above her and she cried as she was picked up. "Oh who would leave such a poor thing?" She didn't know who spoke to her but she felt a thump wiping her tears away.

The child was feed with clay bottle but she coughed at the start. "It's like no one had feed you before." He continued to feed as she opened her eyes golden as the sun. The next the day the child was brought to an orphanage as the man didn't know how to take care a fire bender but the girl would never who had brought her to the orphanage as the director of the orphanages name her Zuri.

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