Zuko was flying in a airship with all of team avatar accompanying him as they were combing the fire nation for the conspirators the best they found were a few bases but sadly they would burn their maps once they heard the fire lord was near and zuko was becoming more desperate.

Azula and zuri were sneaking into the Headquarters of the azure brotherhood and it was far more impressive then the underground bases azula and zuri had seen. They even had upgraded tanks from the hundred year war. "I thought my brother had all of them destroyed, it is nostalgic to see those." She remembering her glory days.

zuri only saw these in a museum once and that while she followed her mother to see what was worth stealing. Zuri looked around and saw multiple people wearing old fire nation uniforms and a few hot air balloons "They're rebuilding a lost army!" zuri whisper yelled at her mother.

Azula nodded and stood out of the shadows toward the armored group. "Halt!" One of them yelled who was punished with a blue fire ball to the face. They all stared at azula and fell to the floor kneeing to her. "All hail the true fire lord!" Azula Just smirked. "Now where is my niece, I would like to take care of the mistake myself." zuri rolled her eyes, as she followed her mother and a man who must have been the head of the azure.

He looked at azula. "I am so sorry what happened to your daughter, It would've been better if you had a living heir." Azula wanted to kill him already, the man started a conversation by talking about her replacement, What was wrong with this mans mind to think that was a intelligent decision?

Azula looked at zuri who had already knocked out the two guards. "Looks like my heir has done as I ordered." Zuri opened the door and went into the room locking it.

Zuri looked at izumi taking off her blind fold and that moment she got bit. "Ow! Hey what was that for ?!" Izumi looked surprised.

Her eyes widened like dinner plates. "Who are you?! Why did you kidnap me and why are you following a insane, power hungry, heartless, sadist princess- " Zuri took her mask. "ZURI?!"

zuri nodded. "Yea mostly because she's my mother and because she is her to sav-" Explosion could be heard behind the door "Save you dear cousin." The fire nation princess said before untying her. "And I hope you were talking about her and not me." Zuri joked as another explosion was heard.

Izumi just looked at the door. "Ok so she is fighting outside?" She already understood why her father was worried about Azula, if the explosions was anything to be believed.

She looked outside and saw that azula flying over laughing like the maniac she was. Firing at the fools who believed her to become the next fire lord yet the woman had already taken control of a nations underworld and she didn't need to be seen to rule.

Zuri just closed the door. "I think we will stay inside here, how is school? Because mom forced everything into my head." The explosion ended as zuri mother stopped and opened the door. "Hey mom." She said with a smile and Azula eyes went to the non-bender.

Izumi stared trebling in fear as the eyes pierced whatever walls she had while beings kept by these monsters because she was now seeing true monster.

Azula got close and grabbed the fire nation heirs chin, moving her around before letting go. "You got your mothers looks." Izumi gulped and was held up by zuri before her legs gave away. "Yet you have your fathers constitution." Azula said before she heard a fire ball being Fired at them, she made a rapid spin and blocked it with her own flame that not only dwarfed the attack but engulfed the attacker.

Azula stepped out and as the two princesses saw what the sister of the fire Lord did their jaws hit the floor as there was nothing left from the weapons and the conspirators all were either unconscious or scarred for life. "Zuri remind me to never make your mom angry." Said person nodded understanding her cousin completely as she look at the destruction.

Zuko was hearing through the radio signals and then. "Anyone listening azula came to us but she destroyed everything! All we had built over the last decade she burned it with her cleansing flames! She came with her daughter to save the false fire lords spawn- Wait no!" the sounds of the radio falling was heard and then static.

Zukos felt his worst fears had came true. "Find where that single came from and fly at full speed!" He yelled with full fury in a way he hadn't in years. Team acatar gave a sympathetic look to zuko and aang was the first to grab his shoulder, zuko broke down causing all his friends to grab a hold of the fire lord. "She's alive! They're still Alive!" He said as all the fear and worry was washed away, but a new feeling came to him dread.

Azula sat at the entrance of the cave with the two younger princesses. "So can I call you auntie?" Azula didn't move her head only her eyes moved reaching the edges of her sighed causing Izumi yelp. "I mean- y-you're m-my." She stuttered zuri just watched finding it adorable. "Wait you can answere this! Which one of us is older? Me or zuri!" Azula raised an eyebrow.

Azula pointed at Zuri. "She is older by two weeks, I was surprised to find her alive I left her in the middle of nowhere and she turns up. What?" She asked izumi who was staring at Azula with a shocked expession.

At that moment all rationality was gone and took one swing at Azula which the woman let since it didn't really leave a mark. "YOU LEFT YOUR OWN DAUGHTER IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE?!" Zuri knew where this was going and grabbed her cousin before did something she would regret. "How could you?! you're her mother and you-" Azula breathed blue fire out shutting her niece.

Azula looked into her nieces eyes. "I will give you a simple explanation my mother never showed me real affection! My father only used me as a tool, my family saw me nothing more then a puppet or a monster! So don't you dare judge me!" Izumi just looked with wide eyes as zuri let her go and tackle hugged her mother. "I love you mom." Azula held her daughters sleeve cleaned her tears. "I hope that will get some sympathy from the runt." Azula thought and looked at Zuri who she knew was completely honest at what she said.

A moment later they saw the airships flying toward them. "I promise to visit you in prison." Azula rolled her eyes at that attempt at humor.

The two siblings faced each other Azula looked at her brother, Zuko glared at the woman in front of him. He didn't understand how she could look so much like their mother and still be his heartless sister. "Still haven't learned how to smile, zuzu?" She smirked at her brothers tightening glare, yet the moment she said that she and the other fire nation two princesses was surrounded by the royal guard and the kyoshi warriors. "How have you been ty lee?" Said person looked at zuko who nodded.

"Oh I'm fine, been giving izumi chi blocking training and ty woo had a son he turned 9 last week." Azula was about to question but ty lee answered. "Yea she still insults anyone who enters her line of sight." Azula nodded and moved her wrist forward in a moment Cuffs were placed over her hand by the guards and taken into the airship.

Authors note: My right shoulder is dislocated and writing with my left hand in a pain so there won't be any updates for a while.