Balladeer : Welcome back to Hazzard Folk's Hazzard sure look's beautiful this time of year, it is a special Christmas.

Because folk's this year the Dukes could sure use a miracle since they are really in a mess of trouble.


It all started back a few week's ago when the Dukeboys decided to put on their own personal Christmas Concert.

At the Hazzard County Orphange as luck would have it nothin' ever goes right for the Dukes.

So as the boys was packing up to leave a radio annoucement came over the radio that changed everything.

" Alert All Hazzard Citizens News of a big Blizzard is coming your way , be very careful , on the lookout for Black ice."

" Holy Cow Luke we best hurry , get on home for this hits I sure would hate to be stuck here , be a snowball. Worried Bo

Luke couldn't help but feel that they were in deep trouble , he didn't want Bo to worry so he told him it was Ok.

" Bo don't worry about it will make it home just in time , we won't have any trouble following us back to the farm.

The boys was unlucky since the road was slippery , the wind was strong, boys crashed into Hounddog Lake.

Present Day

O'l Bo and Luke are in the fight of their lives since they are both suffering from hypothermia , being numb from the waist down.

Bo has a few bruises , a few broken ribs , some contusions , fractures that will heal fine in time . Sadly Luke wasn't so lucky.

Since most of the damage got on the passenger side , he had suffered a closed head injury , swelling , compressed lung. Poor Luke was in a deep Coma , the doctor was really worried he wouldn't waking up from his coma.

Meanwhile back at the farm Uncle Jesse was up to his eyeballs in getting the house ready for Christmas.

An Daisy was in the kitchen making her famous Apple dumpling casserole, Strawberry pie , Chocolate Moose Cake

" Oh Uncle Jesse i just can't wait Christmas is gonna be so exciting and i just love it . Daisy said happily

" I know baby it is gonna be so nice having the family together , seeing everybody again . Jesse said happily

" You know that Old Sayin' in Hazzard things don't always go as planned , Christmas time is no different.

Daisy was just now taking fresh Gingerbread men out of the oven when the phone she prayed it was good news.

Daisy suddenly was feeling overwhelmed at having to get the phone so Jesse picked it up instead.

" Hello this is Jesse Duke speaking who may i ask is calling ? . Jesse asked curiously

" This is Sueanne Loveless at Tri-County Hospital , i am calling to tell you your nephews Bo , Luke had a wreck.

Jesse could feel the sound of his heart breaking , at the thought of the boys spending Christmas in the hospital.

" Uh..., Thanks for calling m'am i ..., ( brokenhearted) i hope you have a merry Christmas .

" I got a feeling in my bones the Dukes are gonna be having a Blue Christmas , will get worse before better.