O'l Luke is back and alive again an he was at first really confused since he had been dead.

He finally made up his mind that he was gonna live again , not leave his family alone on Christmas Day.

Sadly Luke is still unconscious , not yet awake he is back , at least he is still hanging on , not given up the fight.

While Holly was watching from up in Heaven , she worked her magic was able to bring Luke back from the dead.

" Oh..., my head feel's like I've been hit by a bull , why is everything fuzzy ?, ..., Oh ..., I can't take this pain.

So Luke fell into a peaceful sleep , dreamed of happier times prayed that he would be okay , able to live again.

Meanwhile back at the farm the whole Duke family had came home for Christmas , they were missing the boys.

Their was a little blackcloud hanging over the farm since everybody couldn't help but notice Bo , Luke was missing.

Suddenly their was a burst of heavenly light , the whole front yard was Lighted up , an then a Miracle happened .

The phone rang an it was the hospital telling them that Bo , Luke were alive , well , they will be home again.

Uncle Jesse could hardly believe it when he heard the news his heart was so full of love ..., he felt blessed .

Luke's doctor was giving Luke a full exam when he noticed that he had a Concussion , told him to be careful.

Then Luke said that he felt really confused , really sleepy , that he had a pounding headache .

" Well ..., you have a Concussion which will pass in time , I would recommend that you don't fall asleep for 24 hours .

then the nurse came in to wheel Luke outside , where Bo was waiting for him , he was smiling , happy as Clam.

Then the boys road off into the sunshine , they both were happy as two Clam's , going home for the holidays .

When everybody saw the boys pulling up in the General on the farm front Lawn they all gave them Kisses , Hugs.

" Oh Thank heavens you boys made it back home alive (Compassionately) my prayers were answered.

" Thank's Uncle Jesse it's good to home , we are so blessed to be back and alive again to see y'all. Said Luke happily

" Folks Miracles can happen around Christmas time , the Dukes are truly blessed tonight.