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[Valley of the End]

The Valley of the End is the place where the border of the Land of Fire and the Land of Sound meet. However, to the citizens of Konoha, the Village Hidden in the Leafs, it was a memorial. A memorial dedicated to the battle between Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju.

Many years ago, an incredible battle took place there, where Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage, clashed with the legendary Madara Uchiha. Madara, who had become disillusioned with the foundation of Konoha, used his Sharingan to take control of the Nine-Tailed Fox, using it as his weapon against the first Hokage. No longer believing that peace can be achieved with diplomacy and kindness, he decided that peace can only be achieved through domination and power.

The battle was fierce, and the battle was destructive. The land around them was torn apart, shredded into oblivion as the two titans fought. Hills and rivers were born and destroyed as the result of the final battle between the Uchiha and the Senju clan. The earth shook as the Kyuubi roared alongside with Madara. The sky screeched as fire, lightning, and earth rained from above and below.

Despite Madara Uchiha giving it his all, in the end, he had lost, slain by the man known as the First Hokage, but also as the man that was once his best friend. Hashirama, who mourned the loss of his friend, decided to create two large statues of himself and his friend, as a tribute to his friend.

However, history has a funny way of repeating itself. Or more accurately, history has a funny way of rhyming like a tragic poem.

This is the case of Sasuke Uchiha, the last member of the Uchiha clan, save for his elder brother, who had slain his own clan members, sparing only his baby brother. Consumed by hatred, Sasuke had vowed revenge against his sworn enemy, doing whatever it took to become strong enough to kill his brother. That is when Orochimaru the serpent slithered into the garden, promising Sasuke power if he switched allegiances. After a few days of hesitation, Sasuke accepted his offer, defecting to the Sound Village with the help of Orochimaru's elite servants.

However, his defection did not go unnoticed. Tsunade, the newest Hokage for the village, had sent a team to retrieve Sasuke. That team consisted of Shikamaru, a member of the Nara clan; Kiba, a member of the Inuzuka clan; Choji, a member of the Akimichi clan; Neji, a member of the Hyuga Clan; and finally, Naruto, the unknowing last member of the Uzumaki Clan.

Naruto was the most special member of them all, in more ways than one. For one, he was the carrier of the Nine-Tailed Fox, which had laid heavy destruction to Konoha a few years ago. Because of his fate as Konoha's jinchuuriki, he was seen as the demon itself, and was ostracized from society. This might have crushed the souls of lesser men, but Naruto used his bitter life as motivation to prove his worth to his village. Declaring his goal to become the Hokage, he worked hard to become stronger. Eventually, the boy did grow stronger, meeting incredible foes and allies alike, and even learning some powerful techniques along the way, which included the Shadow Clone technique and the Rasengan.

Naruto, the energetic boy full of spirit, had eventually made some friends along the way, including his rival, Sasuke. They didn't always get along, but they had eventually grown to respect each other, and at some point, they eventually developed what some would call an odd type of friendship.

That bond, however, is currently being tested now, as Sasuke and Naruto were now at the Valley of the End. They had been fighting for a few minutes, and at the moment, they were both evenly matched, both in skill and determination.

"Sasuke…" Naruto's appearance had changed as he was using the same energy he'd used fighting against Gaara. He now had claw like hands and his teeth had sharpened like a fox, with his blue eyes turning angry red. "I will take you back to the village even its the LAST thing I will do!" Naruto yelled, running towards him over the water and throwing a powerful punch at the cursed-seal form Uchiha, who was sent back into the stone wall with a loud CRASH! The Uchiha was sent flying back so hard that it crushed the mountain wall behind him, causing some dust and debris to fall on him.

No movement was seen in the crater for a good five minutes, giving Naruto little breathing time.

"Don't be foolish…" Sasuke finally spoke out from the crater he now stood in. He slowly walked out of the crater, now fully transformed into his cursed seal form. His skin turned dark-grey like his eyes, and his hair grew longer as they turned dark blue. Sprouting from his back were webbed-claw-shaped wings from his back, and a star-shaped mark appeared across the bridge of his nose.

Sasuke, now in his fully formed cursed form, shouted, "And why do you even care?! Like I said, you never had a family! You've always been alone! So don't try to stop me!"

This had hit a nerve for the young blonde. Naruto wished he had the words to convince him from turning away, but he knew that Sasuke had a point. He never grew up with a mother cooking for him, since he had to catch food and cook it himself. He never had a father to teach him anything until he finally got to the academy, where he began to learn how to read and write. Growing up alone with no one to look after him, he learned quickly how to survive on the streets after being kicked out of the orphanage until a few folks came into his life to help him out. Like the late Third Hokage, who he called Old Man, who gave him a home to sleep in, and Iruka, who helped him after school hours to learn how to read and write.

Then came others like Shikamaru and Choji, who didn't shun him away like the other kids, and frequently hung out with him. Then came the whole Team 7, the very same team that he hung out with. The very same group of people that he ate with, fought with, argued with, and had fun with. The very same team that made him feel like he was a part of a family..

Then there was Haku, the rogue shinobi who he met before the fight on the bridge, who taught him that true strength came from protecting those you love. Even though he turned out to be the enemy, in the end Naruto knew that they were never truly enemies, and that perhaps in another life, they could've been friends.

And then there was Gaara. Poor, lonely Gaara, who was a fellow jinchuuriki who had it even worse than him. Gaara, who everyone hated and shunned, including his own father. Poor Gaara, who had nobody to tell him that it was alright, and that the world hasn't abandoned him.

Then he came along-an outsider from a different village that he was attacking. He, who understood his pain better than anyone else, even though Gaara had a sister and a brother to grow up with. He was the one that healed Gaara's wound, and was the first time to that stopped to realize who he was, and what he was not. He was the first one to not call him a monster, but rather, a friend.

He had found people to care about, and thus, people to protect, and he was not going to let his loved one get lost in a mission for revenge that he may never walk away from. "Even if I don't know how you went through without your family, you still need to know," Naruto started channeling huge amounts of chakra into the palm of his hand. "That you've still got memories of them while I didn't And you still got people that care about you! And I'll be damned if I let you turn your back on them!"

It could've been just him, but for a split second, he thought he saw pain in Sasuke's eyes. For a fraction of a second, he thought that his eyes, which was full of anger and hatred, dim a little, as if remembering all the memories he shared with Naruto. Every good and bad moments that they shared, and even in the rare times that Sasuke would smile, which would always send Sakura into a cheer.

Then that moment was gone, sadness and regret being consumed by the black fires of rage and hatred.

"Enough! Let's end this!" Sasuke yelled as he summoned his next attack with the remaining chakra he had left in his body, running towards Naruto with the sound of a thousand chirping birds coming out from his hand that was filled with lightning.


"RASENGAN!" Naruto's hand was filled with his most powerful technique as he rushed towards his friend. His arm stretched forward, he summoned every bit of energy he had left in his bones. He would not let the one person he considered the closest as a brother to the despair of revenge…


The two techniques combined with an overwhelming force, that it had an unintended reaction that soon not only was felt around the area, but also into places no one expected.

The two techniques clashed once again, making the air and the water ripple with pure power. The two boys screamed as they fought for dominance, not willing to lose their battle.

Naruto felt many things in that moment.

Fear. The fear of losing his friend, and fear of losing this battle.

Hatred. Hatred for everything that's happened to him, everything that he missed out on that Sasuke was taking for granted, even after everything he had lost and still had.

Sadness. Sadness for the fact that one of his only friends was going to leave him for power.

Anger. Anger at everything. At his shitty life. At the way Gaara was treated. At the way that Sasuke made Sakura cry. At the way that he made him cry. At the way that Sasuke was just going to throw everything away for revenge, even the people that still cared about him. Anger at the fact that Sasuke got everything from the start, while he lost everything at the beginning.

Sasuke's eyes widened slightly as he felt his attack being pushed back. Something was changing. Something was different. Naruto's attack seemed to have been growing stronger, and it was pushing him back!

Little did the both of them know, that somewhere else in the vast universe, other people were also feeling this change. This surge of power, which Sasuke and Naruto was barely comprehending, was being felt on the other side of the galaxy.

24 BBY - [Coruscant; Jedi Temple]

Meanwhile, on a planet that was countless lightyears away from the planet that Naruto and Sasuke were on, there was a disturbance amongst a certain group of people.

On Coruscant, in the middle of the biggest city of the Grand Republic, was a temple, lived more than 10,000 Jedi, who were wielders of the Force that called this place their home, with Jedi Masters teaching their Padawans and younglings the ways of the Force in their daily lessons.

No, the disturbance didn't come from the fact that dozens of Star Systems just left the Republic, forming into what they called themselves "The Confederacy of Independent Systems." No, the disturbance had nothing to do with politics. Instead, it was the Force itself, or rather, something disturbing the once tranquil pond.

In that singular, simultaneous moment, every single Jedi froze in their steps. Some were bathing. Some were training. Some were reading. Some were teaching the younglings. Some were meditating. Regardless, every single one of them felt a shockwave in the Force, as if a large rock had suddenly been dropped into the pond, and they were the fish that was feeling the impact.

The younglings fell on their knees, unsure of how to deal with the wave of emotions that was overwhelming them. Fear. Anger. Hatred.

The Dark Side.

The knights and the padawans all stumbled on their feet, as if an earthquake had rocked the land, leaving them gasping for air.

Meanwhile up above, the Jedi Masters weren't doing much better. They all shuddered at the sudden wave of dark emotions. They all shivered at the feeling that most hadn't felt in many years, if ever.

The Dark Side.

"The Sith?"

Mace Windu closed his eyes to try figure out through the Force what that was; the strong surge of power was still present, and what he saw was terrifying:

A large, fox with nine tails snarling as it roared in what he assumed to be in rage. It's glowing, red eyes then looked at Windu, and he could look no longer.

One of the Masters, a small, Lannik male named Piell, put his hand over his head. "This presence…I've never felt anything like it before."

Another master, a Togruta female by the name of Shaak Ti, who wasn't normally the type to be easily rattled, found herself to be stunned by this anomaly.

"This isn't normal." She murmured. "It"

Yoda, on the other hand, was very calm, years of training keeping him focused and calm as everyone else was too busy chatting about what the new element could be.

"It must've been Dooku, no doubt about it."

"No, not even Dooku is that powerful." Plo Koon, a masked Kel Dor said, scratching his chin. "This is something far more powerful. Something far more...potent in the dark side of the force."


All the other masters present in the room turned to the small, Grand Master, who spoke, his quiet voice instantly commanding their attention.

"Master?" Shaak Ti asked.

"Fear...hatred…" The small, green Jedi continued, before opening his eyes. "Anger...sadness." Yoda slowly listed. "The feelings of a boy. Pain, he is in. Terrible pain."

That honestly surprised many of the Jedi masters, their first assumption being that the source was coming from a Sith, but when Master Yoda named up the emotions, they began to wonder otherwise.

Windu snapped out of his shock quickly, silently noting that the last time the Grand Master felt something like this, it was with the future Padawan Skywalker, who, for some reason, was on Tatooine.

"Pinpoint the location we must." Yoda declared. "Of the source of the power, finding out we must."

"Somebody get to the communication center." Windu commanded. "We need to try and find out where this power is coming from."

"Not on regular map, this will be found." Yoda said, gained their attention again while standing up from his seat. He began to walk towards the exit. "The Jedi Archives, go we must."

"Why, Master?"

"Power like this, I'm familiar with." Yoda just kept walking as he thought back on it. "Felt this I never had, not since Padawan days of mine…"

This, again, stunned some of the other Jedi Masters. His Padawan days? That was almost over 600 years ago. Did the Grand Master know something the others didn't?

"Never felt this since…that terrible battle in Elementia."

[Jedi Archives]

In the midst of the Archives, many of the Jedi were still trying to cope with what they just felt through the force. Those who were more experienced quickly got a hold of themselves ,and were trying to help the younger ones who were struggling with the surge.

One of those who was helping out a young padawan was Jocasta Nu, who was comforting a young Togruta girl, who was covering her ears as she was tearing up.

"Be calm, young one." She whispered to her in a calm tone. "I'm here for you, nothing will happen."

"This anger, Master." The youngling shrieked, with tears falling down her cheeks. "Why is it so angry?" This was happening all over the temple, with Jedi Knights and Masters suddenly found themselves trying to help the Padawans and the younglings from going into panic attacks, as they weren't prepared for such an intense wave of the Dark Side. It grew so bad that even the medical bay had to send droids into the Archives to help out.

A few exceptions to that was one Anakin Skywalker, who just got back with Obi Wan Kenobi from a Senate meeting, and felt that powerful surge of the Dark Side just when they returned to the temple.

Stumbling, Padawan Anakin Skywalker had to take a moment to recover himself, alongside of Obi Wan. After a minute of meditation, Anakin was finally calm enough to finally analyze the situation in front of him. Anakin found himself dumbfounded by the amount of Jedi who were being helped by the others. "Master, have you seen something like this before?"

"No, Anakin." Obi Wan calmly answered that question while observing the scene, quite stunned by this as he wondered where that surge came from. Just then, he noticed Master Yoda and almost all of the Council Members following the Grand Master walking towards the Holocron Vault.

Walking up to them was Jocasta Nu, who was quietly asking the Grand Master, "Master Yoda, that power...the Padawans, they-"

"Please, Master Jocasta." Yoda said while continuing to walk towards the vault. "The vault in, I must."

"If you say so." Master Jocasta stepped aside as Yoda walked up to the Holocron Vault.

Yoda raised his hand, and unlocked the Vault with the Force. "Wait here, you must."

The other masters understood him, and watched the Grand Master walk inside the vault alone. The moment the eldest Jedi stepped inside, the vault closed right behind him.

If any normal civilian were to enter the Holocron Vault, the first thing they would notice would be the impressive amount of glowing, metal boxes, which contained priceless information that only the Jedi could access. If they stayed long enough, they would also notice how eerily quiet the tomb-like vault really is, with the only sounds they might hear would be their own breathing, or in this case, the sound of Yoda's cane tapping as he walked leisurely to his destination.

This is one of the many ways the Jedi are so different than the average person. This is also one of the many reasons to how different a Master is to a youngling. If Yoda concentrated hard enough, he would've been able to hear every single one of the Holocrons, each of them whispering their messages to the powerful force-wielder.

This would drive any normal person or even a youngling mad, which is why it's also a blessing that only Masters can automatically hear them, for only the Masters have a high enough skill to block out the endless chatter that would arise from the glowing, blue boxes.

'Found it, I have.' Yoda thought to himself as he raised his hand.

With a quiet hiss, one of the holocrons popped out of the wall. It gently floated towards Yoda's awaiting hands. He cradled the holocron with care, as if one would care for a hatching egg - or a thermal detonator.

"Long time has it been, holding this." Yoda stared at the holocron, which held the knowledge of ancient history that he was unfortunate to be a part of. Locked away in this holocron, he had hoped that he would never have to open it again. Sadly though, the force had just proven him wrong, and it would appear that he would have to return to that planet.

Turning around while holding the holocron, he made his way back towards the exit of the Vault and prepared himself for the reactions those who would find out that a secret was being held from them for almost over seven centuries.

In the Jedi Temple Communications Center, seats and spots were being taken as it was being filled with Jedi of all ranks, including some younglings, who had calmed down at this point, and was more curious than terrified at what could've caused "The Ripple", as some have already dubbed it.

Windu walked up to the holoprojector table. Turning on the map, all of the lights dimmed down, with the only source of light being the glowing, holographic map of the galaxy, which almost took up the whole room. Yoda walked up to the holoprojector, and placed the holocron on the floor just in front of it.

"What's the master doing?" One youngling whispered.

"I don't know, maybe it has something to do with that sudden surge we had felt."

All chatter stopped when Yoda sat in his meditative position as he began to concentrate into the Force. Everyone knew to remain silent as possible, else they accidentally interrupt the wise master while he was connecting to the Force.

The holocron began to slowly open, splitting itself into dozens of pieces. All of those pieces floated away from each other as a small, ball of light rose up from the holocron. The ball of light floated upwards towards the holoprojector, before it began to glow brighter, the small ball of light becoming a miniature sun, blinding anyone who didn't cover their eyes immediately.

"Ah, my eyes!"

"Too bright!"

"What the kriff?!"

The brightness only lasted for a brief moment before it dimmed down, allowing every Jedi in the room to see again. When they looked around, they noticed that the Galactic map was still there, and that Master Yoda was now standing on his feet again. At first everyone thought that nothing had happened, until a youngling noticed something.

"Look!" A small, Twi'lek youngling pointed upwards the map. "Over there!"

Everyone looked up, but didn't see what the Youngling meant until Anakin noticed where the young boy was pointing at. Right at the southern sectors of the Outer Rim, just underneath the Sujimis and the Samix sector, now laid another sector in place of the void that was previously there.

"No way." This got Anakin to speak out. "There! That's an-"

"Yes, young Skywalker. A secret sector, it is." Yoda replied to Anakin's outburst. "Kept in the dark, everyone were. Two more planets with life, there are. Called the Omega Sector, it is. The planets, Elementia and Earth."

This took everyone by surprise, with many of them, younglings included, being excited to find out about a new life somewhere around the Galaxy, while others were wondering why this was kept a secret by the Grand Master.

One of those Jedi was Oppo Rancisis, a Jedi Master who was a Thisspiasian male, and also one of their oldest members, wondered why Yoda has kept this all a secret. "Massster Yoda, what'sss the meaning of thisss? Keeping the exissstence of thisss inhabited sssector away from the ressst of the Galaxy?"

"I would like to know myself, Master." Ki-Adi-Mundi, a male, Cerean Jedi Master asked calmly.

"Different reasons, both planets have." Yoda said solemnly. "Both planets, extremely unaware, life beyond their planets they don't know. No knowledge of each other, they do not." Yoda's ears then drooped in weariness. "...Violent, both planets are."

"How violent do you mean by that, Master?" Master Luminara questioned, who was an Mirialan female Jedi who just got back from Kashyyyk with her padawan, Barriss Offee.

"Many wars experienced, Earth has." Yoda explained to them. "Many wars, more vicious they turn, more deadlier their weapons become, more life perished, it resulted. Not like any other planet they killed more." Yoda spared the details to the knowledge of Earth's history he knew, now that he had revealed it to the Jedi it would be only a matter of time that this will be knowledge to the intergalactic community.

"But Master Yoda, what about the planet Elementia?" Anakin asked. Yoda seemed to stiffen up at this, as if remembering a terrible memory. Slowly, he raised his hand at the holocron, and it glowed again. This time, instead of a miniature sun, a large hologram popped out of the holocron, almost as if they were watching the Holonet.

Explosions shook the earth as an unholy screech filled the air. Soldiers wearing Mandalorian armor flew away from the explosions as they fired at something in the distance.

Two men stood side to side as they panted, their white, traditional looking attire dirtied from battle. They looked like they were human, save for their abnormally pale skin, and their equally abnormal horns and eyes. One of them had strange, purple eyes, with rippling black lines in them, with a third, red eye in the center of his forehead, just above where his eyebrows should've been.

His brother, who looked a little younger due to the lack of wrinkles in his face, looked very identical to his twin, save for his eyes. Instead of the same third eye and the same two purple ones, his were milky eye. Despite this, even the younglings knew that he was not blind, and that he was perfectly capable of seeing the destruction around them.

"Brother," The milky-eyed one looked around at the destruction. Villages, mountains, forests, they were all destroyed in their battle between some terrible enemy. "I grow weary of this battle, and every day, I grow less confident that we can win."

"Faith in ourselves, we must have." A very young looking Yoda ran up to them from behind, his green lightsaber ignited. "Leave this planet, that woman must not."

Behind Yoda was what looked to be soldiers in white armor, as well as various other Jedi. Many were tending to their wounded, or comforting the dying, uttering prayers and other words of comfort.


Yoda turned around, and saw a Mandalorian fly down to greet the Jedi. Covered head to toe in Beskar armor, Yoda could feel the red and black armor's pride and history from where he stood.

"I see that you haven't lost hope yet." The man grinned from under his helmet. Behind him, more Mandalorians in similarly colored armor landed near him, all armed with blasters, rockets, and various other weapons.

"You know, it's funny." A man wearing a dark robe stepped up to the group, wiping away remnants of what looked like white flesh. "I never would've imagined that we'd find ourselves on this crossroad to our shared goal of defeating this madwoman, Jedi."

It was Darth Revan. Even from the holocron, everyone could feel his strong affinity to the Dark Side.

The sound of more igniting lightsabers erupted from behind him, and everyone realized that behind the Master of the dark side was more Sith. However, this time, they weren't here to destroy the Jedi. No, they were there to aid them in this shared quest to stop whomever this "madwoman" was.

"Agree with you, I do." Yoda said, sounding quite weary as he stared at the giant dust cloud miles away from them - or rather, the behemoth that was coming out of it.

The younglings, knights, and masters gasped in unison as they saw the giant beast step out of the cloud of dust.

This monster was LARGE. Larger than any ship they could imagine. No, this monster was easily the size of 10 ships combined. It's singular, red eye glowed in the dark night, glaring at the opposing army that dared to stand in its way. It's large, sharp teeth looked like the size of a small cruiser, and looked sharp enough to shred one to pieces. It's titanic, spiky head eclipsed the moon, which, much to the horror of the audience, looked quite shattered. Sprouting from its back resembled a large conch shell with many deadly spikes. To finish off its looming, powerful look, ten large tails that stretched for miles waved mockingly at them from behind its back, looking like it could decimate mountains with a single, lazy swing.

Emerged from the monster's head was a pale woman, who looked awfully like the two brothers. She had long, sweeping white hair that almost matched her skin, with two horns that protruded from her skull, giving her a rabbit-like look. Her two, milky eyes, which glared at her opponents, greatly resembled the ones belonging to one of the brother, but unlike that brother, she had a third eye that greatly resembled the other brother's third one. Much like her sons, she wore a high-collared kimono, with tomoes running down the center and the edges of her gown, finished off with intricate gold and purple lines.

"So that's Kaguya Ōtsutsuki." Raven said, watching the woman who was in control of the Ten-Tailed beast. "So she consumed the so-called 'Chakra fruit' that was touched by the Force…and now she wishes to leave this planet."

"Happen, we cannot allow." Yoda stated, giving a rather dark glare at the woman.

"I couldn't agree more." The leader of Mandalore growled as he pulled out what looked to be a lightsaber hilt. Activating the weapon, it made a high-pitched sound as the flat, black plasma blade ignited. This was the Darksaber, a prideful weapon created by the current Mand'alor, which was also the leader of this clan.

He turned to his warriors, raising his blade in the air. "For Mandalore!" He activated his jetpack as he flew into battle, with all of his followers charging as well with a roar, attacking the beast from the air.

By his command, Mandalorian, Republic, and Sith ships flew in, firing at the strange, plant like men on the ground, as well as the behemoth itself.

"Mandalorians..." Raven ignited his red lightsaber with a chuckle. "No wonder Kato's clan is one of the fiercest and most respected clans of the galaxy."

"Strong he is, no doubt. Reckless he is as well." Yoda smirked.

"Enough talk, we must end this before she's gained enough power to execute that insane plan of hers." Revan said, before turning to his followers. "Charge!"

A roar of determination sent a shockwave of the dark side through the battlefield, sending a boost of morale amongst the allies as the sith lords and apprentices charges against the monster and the plant-like minions.

Revan turned to the small Jedi and nodded, before sprinting towards the beast as well, leaving Yoda with the other remaining Jedi and soldiers, who were still good to fight.

"Commander." One of the Republic troopers with his helmet on walked up to the Jedi. "Are we going in?"

"Go now, we shall. Fight, we must."

"You heard him, men!" The Republic trooper turned to his men. "For the Republic!" He took charge as hundreds of remaining soldiers went on the attack as several other Jedi Masters and Knights followed them.

The Mandalorians, who were still flying in the air, fired their rockets at the beast's head, while also taking care to avoid the tails that was trying to swat them out of the sky. The unlucky ones were sent flying painfully into the dirt, while the luckier ones lived to fight for a few more minutes. The beast, meanwhile, had to protect its head, else its master would be blown to bits.


The ten-tailed beast roared in pain and anger as its hands, which was protecting the rabbit-goddess, was burnt and blown to bits. Hissing, it began to cover itself with its tails as an effort to protect Kaguya.

Unfazed, the leader of the Mandos landed on one of the tails, slashing it with his Darksaber. Roaring, it moved to crush the pest that dared to stand on its tail.

"Absorb this." The leader said, shoving a thermal detonator into the wound, before dropping himself, flying away from the tails as it exploded, successfully severing a part of the tail while critically damaging another.

Meanwhile on the ground, the sith jumped upwards onto the beast's arms and using the force to boost his movement and anchor himself to the beast's skin, he ran on the Tailed Beast's body before jumping on its back, plunging their blades into the Ten-Tailed beast, hoping to bring damage to it.

It, however, only served to piss it off, slamming its fists to the ground, causing a small earthquake and making some of those Siths fall off the back of the beast or retreat from it. Some of those who fell down met their demise when the monster slammed his fist into a group of them. It tried to slam another group of Siths, but got the full power of electrocution against its head.

That came from Revan, who unleashed a wave of Force Lightning from his hand, shocking the beast and Kaguya with enough power to stun them both for the moment.

The beast quickly recovered from that shock, but those few seconds was all the allies needed, with the giant monstrosity taking a full blast of a few rockets into its face, one nearly hitting its eye.

That came from the Republic troops, who were firing everything they've got onto the monster, hoping it would take them down while the remaining Jedi used the force to try and levitate the wounded Mandalorians and even the Sith to safety and away from the beast.

It was clear though, that even with the bravery and cooperation of the three different groups, their numbers were dropping fast. They already lost a great of numbers of their own, and they were about to lose a lot more unless an effective action was taken against the beast.

Realizing this, Yoda ran up to where the two brothers Hagoromo and Hamura had landed after a rather nasty swipe from one of the creature's tails.

"Hagoromo, Hamura."

The two brothers turned around and saw the tiny Jedi Knight.

"Yoda-san, it's good to see you alive." Hamura smiled.

"With luck, I survived. Many did not, my master included." Yoda stated with sorrow. "Defeat this beast, how do we?"

"I am terribly sorry for your loss, Yoda-san." Hagoromo lowered his head in shame and respect. His moment of silence quickly ended as he turned back to his mother, who had just shot down a Republic ship, sending it crashing into a Sith's battleship. "There may be only one way to defeat our mother and end her reign of terror, and that would be by sealing her away. There is, however, an unfortunate catch."

"What is it?"

"Someone needs to knock her off her trance and distract her long enough for us to get close to her." Hamura said with a scoff "Only problem is that even if someone got close to her, she'll show no mercy and strike you down with her Byakugan and hit all your fatal points."

"We will both have to make physical contact with our mother in order to place our seal upon her. However, anybody who gets too close to her will undoubtedly be slain, so she'll have to be sufficiently distracted or stunned for us to make our move."

A nearby wounded Jedi overheard this, and asked, "By that you mean-"

"Whoever serves as the distraction will most likely never make it back alive." Hagoromo stated grimly. A dark silence then filled the air, save for the sounds of battle and the roars of the demonic creature.

Just then, two Mandalorians landed behind them, with one of them being wounded and the other helping the other to their feet.

"And will save the galaxy from grave danger…" The wounded Mandalorian warrior grunted, before slowly standing up by himself. "I'll do it."

He tried to stand on his own feet, but his injured leg couldn't support its owner, causing him to stumble. "I'll distract her."

"No you won't, Wren."

The two Mandalorians turned around to see their great leader land and walk up to them. "If someone's going to distract that woman, it'll be me." The wielder of the Darksaber pointed his thumb to himself.

"A-are you sure about this?" Hagoromo asked, not sure whether to be impressed or concerned for his choice.

"Very." Kato said grimly, staring at the wounded and the fallen. "I brought my people here to fight. I am their leader, and therefore, every victory, every loss, and every death falls on my hands. As leader of Mandalore, it is my duty to lead the way."

"No, Kato!" The wounded Mandalorian named Wren protested. "I won't let you die. Let me do it!"

"It is alright, brother." Kato placed his hand on the warrior's shoulder. "I know what I am doing, and I know the risk. However, if it means that I can give those two a chance to stop their mother's reign of terror, then so be it. Besides, you cannot sacrifice yourself. Your wife will be having your child soon."

"She can take care-"

"And leave the baby without a father?" Kato asked his friend, getting no answer in response. "Your child needs to be raised by a father who will give him love. Give them the experience you didn't have."

The leader of Clan Wren's hands clenched into fists as he looked down. Whether it was in reluctant acceptance or shame, he will never know.

Kato then turned to the other clan leader. "Kryze, I trust that you'll look after Mandalore in my place, should something happen to my clan."

"Of course, sir." Kryze nodded, promising his brother in arms, who he had fought alongside with in so many battles against Mandalore's enemies.

"Good." The leader of Mandalore smiled, before taking a deep breath. He turned towards Kaguya, who had just shot down a Mandalorian warrior, before activating his jetpack.

"Remember," He turned to face his people one last time. "This is the way."

Then he flew off, determined to fight one last battle.

"Farewell, brother." The leaders of Clan Wren and Kryze said, words that'll never reach their leader.

Like a shooting star in the sky, everyone stopped to gaze in wonder as a single man, a single warrior, charged bravely at the goddess. Like any others, Yoda watched as Kato set his jetpack to maximum speed, flying directly towards the body of the Ten-Tails.

"Well, what are you waiting for?!" The leader of Clan Wren finally barked out. "Are you just gonna let him do all the work? Concentrate all fire on the abomination!"

Snapped out of their stupor, everyone roared in detemation as they doubled their efforts to stop the woman, this time, however, with the goal to defend the leader of Mandalore.

Kaguya, who was previously stunned at the man's bravery, immediately began to try to swat him out of the sky, only to be bombarded on all sides by blaster-fire, plasma cannons, and lightsabers as everyone gave it their all to give Kato an opening.

Kaguya, who had a stoic face all this time, was now in shock, throwing everything she had at the flying warrior in front of her.

"Fool. You shall not end me!" Kaguya roared as the veins around her eyes bulged out. "EIGHTY GODS VACUUM ATTACK!" She summoned a barrage of fists at the Mandalorian to try to take down this annoying pest.

Much to her shock, the Mandalorian, who was very skilled with a jetpack, effortlessly dodged her attacks, and was still growing much closer to her second by second. Taking out his darksaber, he ignited it, the high-pitched noise making her eyes widened even further.

"Open wide!" He roared as he fired his flamethrower from his wrist, forcing her to block her face with her arms. He then slashed downwards at the woman.


The small sound, which was somehow heard from across the raging battlefield, was enough to stop everyone in their tracks. When the smoke and fire cleared out, it showed Kato...with an arm pierced through his chest.

Kaguya, who had a triumphant smirk on her face despite the massive burns she just suffered from, had her arm through the Mandalorian's chest, piercing through his armor and his organs.

Coughing out blood, Kato dropped his Darksaber, the weapon deactivating as it fell out of his reach. Seeing this just widened Kaguya's impossibly wide grin even further.

"Your bravery is noted." Kaguya leaned in close to his helmet, which never attempted to look away from her. "However, did you really think a mere mortal like you can ever kill me?"

"Maybe not." The warrior coughed from under his helmet. "That's why that wasn't part of the plan."

The woman looked confused at this, until he pulled out a metal cylinder. Lifting his thumb off of the button, he tossed it upwards into her face.


The explosion was loud, ear piercing, and blinding. The flash bang did its work as Kaguya howled in pain as all three of her eyes shut tight. Flinging the Mandalorian off of her arm, she covered her ears as she shrieked, curling up into a ball in agony.

"Now brother!"

The woman opened her eyes when she felt two persons by her sides. It was obvious that while she was still blinded, she knew exactly who the two people were, and weakly lifted her arms to try to stop them, but it was too late. The two sons planted their palms at her sides, a grim look on their face.


The minute the two brothers shouted those words, the Ten-Tailed beast was suddenly disconnected from her. Their mother's eyes widened in shock, fury, and then sadness as she began to float upwards.

Suddenly, the earth began to rise up from down below towards her. Rocks and large chunks of the earth flew up as they surrounded the woman, imprisoning her in the large sphere.

It was as if a 100 Jedi was using the Force to entomb the rabbit-goddess with the earth, creating a new moon.

Everyone, from the Sith, the Jedi, and the Mandalorians, all stared at the new moon being created to replace the broken one in the sky. After what seemed like forever, they all began to cheer.

The battle was over. The galaxy was safe-for now.

The recording ended, leaving everybody in the room astonished with what they had just witnessed as the young days of Grand Master Yoda when he was a Jedi knight. Many of the younger members of the Order began to murmur:


"That felt just like-"

"Yeah, can't get those shivers from my back."

The Jedi Masters like Windu, Shaak Ti and Rancisis were wondering why the wisest member of the Jedi Order held such a shocking fact of history.

"Many Jedi, gone with the Force, they had that day." Yoda grimaced, not trying to think about the slaughter. "Padawans, Knights, Masters. All died, with few survived." He thought also of those troops, Mandalorians, and even a few of the Sith who were willing to help. "Many brave men and women, gone they now are. Hurts me, it still does."

Everyone could feel the pain coming from the eldest master, with many wishing to comfort him for his loss.

"What all of you felt, 'The Ripple', as you call it, is quite different than the Dark Side. Important to understand it, it is. Find it first, we must, else the creature may fall into the wrong hands."

"Hold on, Master." Anakin suddenly interrupted, causing a few of the younglings to gasp at his audacity. "You said that the Sith will be looking for it. Yet, you fought alongside some Sith Lords to fight it. Why would it be any different now?"

This made all of the Jedi to fall into a sea of murmurs again, loudly discussing Anakin's point.

Windu didn't look too pleased at Anakin's question.


"Enough, Master Windu." Yoda said, calming the hardened Jedi Master down as he turned to the young Skywalker. "Reason for my concern, young Skywalker, is because the old Sith, Revan, Talon, and Bane, knew of the risks the Ten-Tailed possessed, they did, as well as its master, Kaguya. The new Sith, however, care not, or know not, of the risks involved."

"But why was Bane there? He died like three thousand years ago!" Anakin pointed out, knowing for a fact that Darth Bane was in the times of the Old Republic, long before Yoda was even born.

"Some things in the Force, even I yet to discover, I have." Yoda answered to him, gaining more confused reactions from the Jedi.

Obi Wan, who was beginning to understand the gravity of the situation, looked at the space between the Omega Sector and the Coruscant Sector.

"So you say this map leads us towards that ripple we just felt?"

"Yes." Yoda nodded grimly. "This map I held, for six hundred years I have."

Yoda waved his hand again, and the map shrank back into the holocron.

"Danger to the galaxy, there will be, should that woman ever return."

The idea of that creature storming towards the Jedi Temple made many in the room shiver in fear.

"What do you suggest we do with this, Master?"

"Bring this to the Senate, we must." Yoda said, stunning everyone in the room by his proposition. "Contact this planet, we must."

"But Master," Shaak Ti, who had been mostly silent up to this point, couldn't help but ask, "Why would you want to reveal the location to the public? Wouldn't this only double the risk of the Sith trying to get their hands on this beast?"

"Because, it split into nine, it has."

'Split into nine?' Everyone in the room thought. 'What does he mean by this?'

"After the creature's defeat, split the energy of the beast, Hagoromo did. Nine creatures, he created. All of them, own power and will, they have. The weakest having one tail, nine with the strongest."

"What creatures are we talking about?" Plo Koon asked. In response, Yoda waved his hand at the holocron again, and it was replaced with a simple image. The first image shown was a picture of a one-tailed tan colored animal, with dark blue markings all over its body.

"The first is the one-tailed racoon-dog, so I was told. Manipulate sand, it can. Shukaku, his name is."

"A sand creature." Obi Wan glanced at Anakin. "Well Anakin, if we need to fight it, perhaps your expertise can be useful for this one." This gained some laughs from some of the Jedi in response to his joke.

Anakin simply grunted in return, looking away with a slight look of irritation.

Yoda (with a slight grin on his face from the banter) waved his hand in a swiping motion, and the image shifted to the two-tailed beast. This one was radically darker than the one-tailed beast, with its fiery "fur" being dark blue and black in color. Its eyes were heterochromatic, with the right being yellow and the left being green.

This particular one caught the fascination of some of the younger Jedi, with some even finding it pretty.

"Her name, Matatabi, it is." Yoda said, gaining some cheerful comments from the female younglings.

"It's a her!"

"She's pretty!" They squealed, before getting hushed by the nearest Jedi Master.

Yoda couldn't help but chuckle. "Pretty she looks, yes. But do not be deceived, younglings. Ability to use fire, she has. Deadly, her claws are."

This got some of the girls to giggle as they looked at their male classmates, who often teased them about their "obsession" over their nails.

The next picture was that of a creature that looked a lot less pretty, but looked to be much more durable in battle. It looked to be an aquatic, three-tailed creature, as evident by its crustacean-like shell, and unlike its two-tailed sister, it looked much more fearsome with its rough, spiky shell and its glowing red eye.

"This is Isobu, the beast of the sea. Grumpy, it looks, but very kind, it actually is. Deep in the seas, it usually resides."

"Certainly not a creature to mess with, especially in the waters. Wouldn't you agree, Master Fisto?" Plo Koon asked to his Nautolan friend, Kit Fisto.

"Sure looks like a rough one alright." The other Jedi Master agreed. "I'm pretty sure even our lightsabers would have trouble with that kind of shell."

The image of the four-tailed beast then came up. This primate-looking creature had bright red fur, with elongated fangs protruding from its mouth and two long horns curving upwards like a crown. With its yellow eyes, which uncomfortably reminded some of the Sith, this one also looked to be a ferocious creature to meet in battle.

"A prideful creature, this one is." Yoda explained. "Son Gokū, it likes to be called."

"That's one big angry looking creature." Shaak Ti pointed out, looking at the expression of the Four-Tailed Monkey.

Yoda nodded, before moving on to the next image. This image showed the Five-Tailed beast, whose peculiar appearance made it difficult to decipher what animal it was based off of, with the only obvious details being its mostly white skin, five tails, four legs, and its long horns.

"Kokuō, his name is. Mixture of a horse and dolphin, told me he was."

"Dolphin and horse?" Anakin asked with a raised eyebrow. "Are those animals from the Omega Sector?"

"Let's just move on, please, Master." Obi Wan asked. The image quickly shifted to another hologram that showed a white, slimy, dripping blob monster that made some of the younglings cringe in disgust."

"EEEEWWW!" Some of them cried out.

"Saiken, this one is called." Yoda pointed out. "Six Tails, he is. Slug, his animal is. Gas and liquid attacks, his speciality is."

"I don't want to imagine what you're meaning by that." Piell crossed his arms, thinking about this particular tailed-beast. While it's true that this one didn't look like much-hell, it looks like a couple of lazy blaster shots would easily take out this thing-the idea of it using gas and liquids for its attacks made it seem more dangerous than its appearance suggests.

The next image was very underwhelming, to say the least, with the hologram showing what appeared to be a seven-tailed tiny beetle. Looking harmless and quite cute (to some), it looked like it posed less of a threat than the six-tailed slug.

"Chōmei, his name is. Cheerful, this one is."

"He doesn't look too bad." Anakin commented, to which Yoda shook his head.

"Many years ago, this was, when they were born. How much they have changed, is the question." Yoda said sagely.

"Gyūki, next is." Yoda resumed as he turned to the next hologram. This one looked to be a mix of an octopus and a sheep, with large eight-tails behind its back. Oddly enough, it's most notable feature was its pure, white eyes, with no irises whatsoever.

"Another aquatic beast, this one is. One of the strongest of the group, he is."

Rancisis, wishing to wrap this up, asked, "And whatsss the last Tailed Beast?"

Yoda nodded, before turning to the last image. The last one showed a picture of what was arguably the cutest one of them all. Sitting on the ground was the picture of what appeared to be an orange, baby fox with nine tails.

"AWWW!" Many of the younglings cried out.

Yoda couldn't help but smile at this.

"The Nine-Tailed Fox, this is." Yoda explained. "Kurama, his name is. Most powerful, it may be."

Yoda's face then turned grim, and everyone knew that bad news was coming.

"The 'Ripple', as you call it, came from Kurama." Yoda closed his eyes in distress. "Anger, I felt, coming from this old friend. Changed, my friend did. What has happened, is the question."

While the rest of the Jedi were still trying to cope with the fact that giant beasts of the Force were present on an undisclosed planet, Windu, Rancisis, Piell, and Obi Wan looked to one another and to the other Council members. It didn't take a genius to figure out just why Yoda kept this all a secret to everyone.

"No doubt that the Sith have felt it." Yoda stated. "Doom will arrive, if the Sith controls the beasts. Prevent this at all costs, we must."

The Grand Master then turned to the other Jedi present in the room. "Inform this to the public, we cannot do. Cause panic, it will. Work in discrete, we must. Protect the galaxy from grave danger, we must."

It was then that everyone, even the younglings, knew of the grave danger this rogue element can cause. They knew that this was no laughing matter, and that they must take this secret to the grave, if they must. It was unnecessary to say that this information could never leave the temple, save for the senate.

Windu was the first to speak after the thoughtful silence. "So you wish to bring this information about this sector and its dangerous history to the senate. That way we can have clearance to travel to this sector in hopes that they'll join the Republic, especially before the Separatists get to them first."

"Accurate, your statement is, Master Windu." Yoda nodded, closing the holocron as he pocketed the box. "Need to bring this to the senate now, we must. Master Windu and I shall debrief this to the Chancellor."

"For now, everyone needs to keep this information to yourself." Windu instructed everyone. "All who have not been informed yet will be informed, but again, I cannot stress just how dangerous this information can be if leaked to the public. That will be all."

At their dismissal, everyone in the room began to return to their activities before they felt The Ripple, leaving the Jedi Masters alone to think about how they will explain to the Senate about this news.

Yoda, however, was thinking about something much different.

Yoda was thinking about his time with the two brothers and the war against Kaguya, as well as their goodbyes as he had to leave. He remembered Hagoromo's last moments, and how he created the tailed beasts. He remembered their brief, yet joyous introduction, and how they were fascinated by the ships, as if they weren't a miracle of the force by themselves.

'Such innocence, those beasts had.' Yoda mused sadly. He then reflected on The Ripple, and even though it has been forever since he has first and last met the Nine-Tailed Fox, he could never forget their signatures in the force.

'Kurama...what has happened while I was gone? Were you trying to me something?'

[Elementia; Konoha Hospital (A Week Later)]

Tsunade took another swig from her saké bottle, letting out an audible sigh. Shizune, her loyal apprentice, was not too far behind her as they walked down the hospital hallway.

The staff members, both civilian and shinobi alike, saluted her as she walked by, but she barely acknowledged them, too busy worrying about a particular patient of hers.

It had not been a good week for the 5th Hokage, although to be fair, it hadn't been a good week for anyone in Konoha, especially not for the Shinobi teams involved with the latest incident.

It had been a week since Sasuke Uchiha had tried to defect to Orochimaru, with the help of his goons, The Sound Four. Initially, it was thought that he was kidnapped, and a team was set up by his former classmates to go and rescue him, but the mission quickly evolved into a retrieval one when it was discovered that Sasuke went with them willingly.

The Sound Four weren't Orochimaru's elites for nothing, as the Konoha team learned the hard way. That's why Tsunade called in the help of the Sand Village as reinforcements, which they were more than happy to accept, as an effort to help make up for the invasion that they participating in against them not too long ago.

Gaara and his siblings Temari and Kankuro were the only ones the Sand Village sent, but they proved to be enough, quickly helping out the injured Konoha teens.

However, even with the help of the Sand Village, the mission, while a success, still turned out to be rather disastrous.

"Shizune, status report."

"Oh! Um," Shizune grabbed a folder from her hands, and began reading off of it. "We've been monitoring their health for a good seven days, and we're clear to say that most of them are going for a good and steady recovery. Choji Akamichi has been out of critical condition after day two. Neji Hyuuga is already showing signs of progress, as he just woke up yesterday. Shikamaru Nara and Kiba Inuzuka were already discharged from the hospital, which just leaves us with the two remaining patients."

"What's his status?" Tsunade asked a little too quickly.

"Right." Shizune began reading it off. "After an operation going well, Sasuke Uchiha is-"

"I don't give a damn about him!" Tsunade snapped, making Shizune flinch in fear.

Tsunade stopped, and took a deep breathe. "I mean, how is his condition?"

Shizune knew exactly who she was talking about. "Oh, Naruto's…" She had a grim look, and sighed. "Still no change from his current status."

Tsunade stopped abruptly, and for a second, she thought that Tsunade was about to have another outburst, until she realized that they had made it to their destination.

Their destination was located in a special section of the hospital. This particular room was reserved for VIP patients, such as ones like the Hokage, or in this case, the village's jinchuriki.

Getting past the guards, who regarded the hokage with a respectful nod, they opened the door, and found a grim sight. A singular bed was in the room, with the unfortunate patient being surrounded by lots of machinery. The machines monitored the patient's blood levels, breathing patterns, and his heart beats. The said patient was covered in bandages, with tubes stuck into his throat for food, water, and air.

That patient was Naruto Uzumaki, the boy who would normally hop out of bed in the morning with a happy grin on his whiskered face. Naruto Uzumaki, who was full of energy and determination just a week ago, was now breathing through a mask tube, with his face covered in serious burns and bruises, which was thankfully covered in bandages.

Despite them being trained shinobi, despite them being experienced medics, it still broke their heart to see their little troublemaker in this critical state.

"He's still recovering from his wounds." Shizune began to explain. "Even with the Kyuubi healing him, his lungs are still in critical condition, due to the two Chidori attacks Sasuke inflicted on him."

The dark look on Tsunade's face almost discouraged her from continuing, but the hokage gave her a nod to continue.

"Upon arrival, we immediately operated on him for almost nine hours, compared to Sasuke's surgery, which only took three. He flatlined twice, but we were able to bring him back quickly, thank kami. But that's not the concerning part."

Tsunade raised an eyebrow at that.

"Naruto almost died twice so far, and that's not the concerning part?"

Shizune cleared her throat.

"Correction, that's the second most concerning part, aside from that. Anyways, what's concerning us is that according to our calculations, Naruto should've woken up by now. The problem is that he's still in a coma, which he shouldn't have been in in the first place."


"Well, we know that it wasn't our drugs that did it. Believe me when I say that we thought about putting him into a medically induced coma, but we made good progress on him by the time that thought crossed our minds, and not to mention his incredible healing factor did 25% of the work for us, so we aborted that idea. We also know that it wasn't the Kyuubi's chakra either, since we scanned his brain cells for any chakra contamination."

"So what did cause his coma?" Tsunade asked, now more concerned than angry.

"Well, the thing is that we're not entirely sure. But, we suspect that it could be extreme mental fatigue - which, I suppose makes sense, due to everything he just went through."

"Mental fatigue? That's new."

"Like I said," Shizune scratched her head, obviously still baffled by their "explanation." "Not entirely sure. It's just a theory we're going by."

"When will he wake up?" Tsunade asked, not sure if she'll get a definite answer.

"Well, we believe that he should be awake within another week or so." Shizune said with a small smile. "Again, just going off of calculations, but you know Naruto. He'll surprise us the next day or something by getting up early in the morning!"

"That's good to know." Tsunade gave her a small smile, which felt like a victory for Shizune. That moment of smiles was abruptly ended when Tsunade asked her for Sasuke's condition.

"Well, he's certainly responsive and awake by now." Shizune said gingerly, knowing that just talking about the Uchiha could be enough to set her off. "He's been eating lately and been trying to walk, but aside from that, he's still avoiding any social interactions, and has been uncooperative so far with basic conversations."

"Sounds like him alright." Tsunade scoffed while staring at Naruto with a frown. "He's lucky the only thing I've done to him was have Kakashi seal off his chakra for his actions."

"Still, there are people asking for what happened precisely at the Valley of the End." Shizune mentioned. "People are wondering what could've happened to Naruto back there that caused him to fall into a coma, since Sasuke isn't speaking to anyone about it."

"Did he receive any visits? Letters?"

Shizune nodded with a smile. "Kakashi and Sakura makes it a habit to stop by at times, and recently, the other members of the Retrieval team are beginning to visit him as well. Shikamaru and Kiba have already visited him a few times, and so did their teams and masters. But that Hyuuga girl - Hinata, I think that's her name, - has especially been visiting everyday. We even got a get-well letter from the Sand Village support team. Then there's the Ichiraku family and his former instructor Iruka."

It warmed Tsunade's heart to see that there were many people who cared about the young boy's condition. It didn't help that she was one of the many people that was secretly hoping that he and that Hinata girl would get together, and would finally forget about the pink-haired girl. Her eyes then fell onto the necklace around Naruto's neck, and flinched, wondering if his condition was a sign of bad luck or a sign of good luck.

"Let's leave the gaki to rest. If he wakes up, I'll personally give him a bowl of ramen."

Shizune couldn't help but smile. "I think he'll like that, my lady."

Both women eventually turned to leave, leaving the boy alone to rest. With the lights left on, the only sound present in the room was the monitors and the beeps, proof that the young boy was still alive.

[Space - Approaching Elementia]

Unbeknownst to the Elemental Nations, the planet of Elementia was finally going to have visitors from outer space for the first time since many years ago.

A large, Consular-class Cruiser suddenly shot out of hyperspace, the large ship slowly approaching the blue and green planet below the spacecraft.

"We've reached our coordinates, sir." The pilot of the Republic Navy said to the head of security of this delegation, Gregar Typho, a captain of the Royal Naboo Security Forces and bodyguard of senator Amidala.

He was now responsible for the security of the diplomatic mission to this new world that was supposed to be filled with different nations-states.

"Okay, be ready to enter the surface. We're going to land." Typho ordered as the Jedi plus the Senators walked in the bridge.

"We're here." Anakin noted, staring at the beautiful planet up ahead.

"It reminds me of Naboo." Senator Padme Amidalla couldn't help but admire the planet, which had just the right amount of blue and green from outer space.

"Abundant in nature, the planet is." Yoda agreed. "Still is, glad to know."

"Well, let's just hope that the natives are friendly." C-3P0, Anakin's protocol droid, commented nervously. "From what I've heard from Master Yoda, the odds of them reacting negatively to our arrival are 80% to-"

"Relax, C-3P0." Anakin interrupted him. "It's not like we've come completely unprepared. Worst case scenario, we'll have to shoot and cut our way out of a fight if we have to. The venator will stay above us to reinforce our escape if we have to."

"I hope I don't have to remind you that this is a diplomatic mission." Obi Wan said, stroking his beard. "So please allow the Senator to do the talking."

"Yeah, yeah." Anakin waved him off, much to his annoyance.

Despite the light hearted banter, everyone, the Jedi included, were pretty tense. Unlike many other worlds out there, this one was a complete anomaly. If the other citizens of this planet had the same or similar powers to the Sage Hagoromo…

Then the potential war between them could end up in a bloodbath for both sides.