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Ölüm - Kitchen


A large, broken meat cleaver slammed down onto the cutting board, severing the head of a Hitaka fish, which smelled one too many days old.

Such a loud noise would ordinarily startle any man, but when one works in the kitchen in Ölüm, the slaves quickly learn to tune it out, else they would drown in an ocean of tired labor and foul smells, with almost fifty other slaves working tirelessly to try to provide a mockery of a meal to their fellow brothers and sisters.

Despite how many volunteers there were, there weren't as many ingredients to truly justify their numbers. What little they were given were mostly food scraps, or were just trash - expired or soon-to-be expired food that the rich didn't want. Insects were often found crawling in the food, which they learned was a blessing, since more insects meant more ingredients and nutrition - assuming they weren't poisonous.

Despite the fact that they had first access to the food, the chefs were amongst the group of slaves that followed a strict set of rules. To be more precise, they followed four rules in particular:

1: Do not eat the prepared meals unless it's our lunchtime.

2: Do not eat more than the others. Everyone eats the same food, same amount.


4: Avoid speaking of Rule #3, especially in front of nonchefs. May our silence serve us all, and may the gods forgive us.


Nathan Kenichi Nilsson, a human slave who came from Earth (specifically from Canada), wrinkled his nose as a piece of the clearly spoiled Hitaka fish splattered on his nose. Resisting the urge to gag at the terrible stench, he quickly wiped off the food as he continued working.

Six months. That's how long he's been in this god-forsaken mine, with the last two being in this equally hellish kitchen.


Because of how close she was to him, Nathan was able to hear the sound of slow chopping from his right. Working right next to him was a red headed woman, who looked barely alive.

He learned that the girl's name was Tayuya, who was still in a state of shock, due to her brutal...punishment, as they liked to call it. She was transferred here in secret by the rebellion as a way to keep her safe and fed in secret. Despite her being patched up pretty well, he could still see her scars, both physical and emotional.

Despite everyone knowing what happened to her, she was still working too slowly.

One of the other cooks slowly walked over to her, and cleared his throat.

"Tayuya, I don't mean to rush you, but you need to work faster. You're behind your quota."

"..." Tayuya's hands stopped moving, her knife stuck into the rotting fish as she stared down at her cutting board.

"... Look, if you can't work, then just-"

"-Let me handle this first, then I'll do her part," Nathan spoke up, immediately taking the guy's attention away from Tayuya. "I'm almost finished, I can handle her quota."

"...It'll cost you your break," the cook warned him, as cooks could only have a small break for a short time.

"... I'll be fine for today, it's no problem," Nathan finally said, with the cook raising his eyebrow. "Just let her stay here, okay? I'll look after her. D'accord?"

"Boy, think about it-"

"I thought about it. End of the point." Nathan interrupted his colleague. "Now lemme take care of this." He said nothing else as he stared him down, leading him to let out a sigh.

"Okay, fine," the cook shrugged, before walking away. Nathan just stood there for a minute, before he sighed. He quickly turned back to his work, and continued to cut and bone his fish.

While Tayuya hadn't moved during the entire argument, her knuckles were growing pale white, her fingernails digging into her palm from clenching her hands into fists.

"Is everything alright?"

Tayuya blinked, and she realized that she tasted metal. She held back a swear as she gingerly licked her bit lip. Quickly wiping her eyes, she resumed her choppy work.

"You didn't have to do that-"

"Don't talk, and keep chopping," Nathan said, continuing to hack more fish without moving his head. "Just keep close to me, and I'll help you with your work."

Tayuya flinched, before she nodded, resuming her work as Nathan had just decapitated his last fish, shoving the discarded part next to him. After finishing off the last fish, he pushed it into a bucket, before pushing the bucket to the next table for cleaning. That was a job for someone else at the sinks, where the mostly clean water was reserved for both food and dishes.

"Here's the pot," Nathan placed the bucket next to the washer. "Try to be quick with it, supper's in twenty minutes." The washer nodded as he dropped the pot into the sink. He opened the faucet and let the water pour out as he began cleaning the bad fish.

The fish washer was a tall, lightly-brown skinned man who had his hair spiked up on the top with shaved sides, a small stubble beard sprouting from his chin, and was of average build, nothing too abnormal at first sight.

"Jesus, Maroi, didn't you hear me? We need the fish cleaned up fast, so no daydreaming."

"Yeah yeah, I'm on it." The man was Maroi, a Shinobi from the Village Hidden in the Clouds who was on an undercover infiltration mission on behalf of his boss, Jiraiya of the Sannin. Having only used his real name, he forged a false backstory in order to remain incognito while he was searching for his target for the past few weeks:

Naruto Uzumaki.

Ibrahim Rida walked past the sinks as he carried a large bag of clothes. Darting his head back and forth, he entered the food locker room, and closed the door right behind him.

Kneeling down to the ground, he pulled out a knife from under his sock, and began removing some of the heavy metal plates from the floor, revealing a hidden tunnel.

"Coast is clear," Ibrahim called out, and the first one to come crawling out was Adrik, who cracked his back first after spending too much time in one same position.

"Cyka," Adrik cussed as he groaned, stretching his arms before turning back to the tunnel to help Hera out. "Couldn't Jimmy have dug the tunnel a bit wider?"

"Be glad they weren't discovered in the first place," Hera grunted, although she didn't sound too happy about the tunnel either. She slowly climbed out, coughing from the dust, before she patted herself off. "You can thank him later for his services personally." The Twi'lek turned right around and offered her hand down the tunnel.

*Cough!* *Cough!* *Cough!*

"Grab my hand, Tarik, I'll pull you up," Hera said as she grabbed his arm, pulling him up and out with some difficulty.

*Cough!* *Cough!* *Cough!* *Cough!* *Cough!* *Cough!*

"Help him!" Hera nearly shouted to the others. Tarik had apparently gotten worse during the past couple days, and he looked one push away from death.

"I can do it on my ow-*Cough!* own *Cough!*" Tarik tried to protest, but his failing lungs made him kneel over as he coughed out blood. "Just give me a moment."

Pulling out his inhaler, Tarik desperately sucked in the drug, which sounded dangerously low by how it squeaked pitifully. Once his lungs stopped throwing a fit, he was able to look up at his comrades.

"Is everything ready?"

Ibrahim let out a pained expression, and wasn't able to say a word. Adrik decided to be the messenger, and stepped in to talk for him.


Just then, the door slammed open behind them, making them jump. Turning around, they began to relax when it turned out to be just Jimmy, but what little relief they felt quickly disappeared at their friend's look of distress.

"We got a fucking problem," Jimmy breathed. "Somebody ratted us out."

"What?" Ibrahim's eyes widened at the news. This however, was no surprise to the three leaders.

"It's Marrok, isn't it?" Tarik frowned. "Is that what you were going to say?"

"R-Right," Jimmy quickly nodded his head. "How did you know?"

"We knew all along," Adrik explained as he put on his kitchen uniform. If it wasn't for his height, he would've blended with ease. "Asking too many questions in a short time, not the greatest idea to do. Tends to make you look like a krysa."


"It means 'rat'," Adrik clarified as he repeated the word. "You know, someone who cares for himself. Something we'll need to handle. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Si." Jimmy nodded, as he knew what happened to rats. "You want me to handle it now?"

"No." Adrik shook his head as Tarik was being helped by his Libyan counterpart, who wasn't listening. "I want him alive. You'll bring him to us, and he will explain himself for his traitorous actions. So find out where he is and bring him to us before we start the plan."

"But what if the plan fails?"

"Then he'll suffer just like us," the Russian scowled. "Now go, before someone sees you."

"Right." Jimmy nodded as he quickly left the storage room. Hera bit her lip as she thought about the events that quickly unfolded before them.

"Adrik, are you sure we can afford to hunt Marrok down?" Hera asked the human man. "The Zygerrians are bound to be on us at any moment, and we're not even sure if he is the rat."

Ibrahim just finished helping Tarik, who was using his inhaler again, and said, "I'll be in the kitchen. Don't take too long." He walked past the two, and closed the door behind him.

Tarik stood up to join his friend, and just before he left the room, he glanced at his two advisors/fellow planners, who were arguing again. They were the complete opposite when it comes to things like planning, strategies, and even morals, to a certain degree. Normally, he didn't mind hearing the heated debate, but time was running short.

"Wrap it up you two, we need to get moving," Tarik rasped, before he quickly left, leaving the two of them in there.

"We cannot act like an lynch mob, Adrik," Hera frowned. "We don't have time for revenge, especially with the Pykes trying to weed us out.

"Maybe so, but that rat can't hide forever. He must face justice for selling us out, I'll be damned to waste months of planning down to the gutter because of this slime."

"And so what, we're going to sink to their level?" Hera snapped back, before she took a deep breath. "Besides, like I said, we don't have time to hunt for a single man when we need to prepare for the fight of our lives. And anyways, I have...another plan in mind for him."

"That being?"

"I want Marrok to stay alive and be given a chance to speak for himself," Hera explained. "I don't want him to just be killed without even confirming whether it was him or not."

He opened his mouth to say something in return, but then the doors swung open, and the duo quickly turned around to see a blaster pointed at them.

"Well well well, conspiring, are we?" Vash grinned. "Out, now, with your hands up."

Once the two walked out of the kitchen with their hands above their heads, they noticed that the one busy and noisy kitchen was now dead silent. Everyone in the room all had their hands on the back of their heads as they were being watched by dozens of Pykes and Zygerrians, being patted down head to toe..

"Move it." Vash ordered them as he escorted them to the middle of the room, where a big empty space was left open. Here the two saw Tarik, Jimmy, and Ibrahim forced on their knees, making them stand out like a sore thumb from the rest of the slaves, who were standing. Meaning they found the leaders of the plan.

"It took us long enough to find you," Vash said as he forced the two on their knees next to the others. "On your knees, the both of you. Including you, big guy." The Pyke was talking to the Russian, who was standing like an angry statue. This caused the guards to turn their attention to the lone rebel.

"Aren't you listening to your betters, boy?" One of the shorter Zygerrian slavers snarled into his face, sending spit flying onto him. "He said get down on your knees."

Tarik and the others wondered what Adrik was doing. Seeing the Russian being disobedient wasn't an abnormal thing, but he was now attracting unnecessary attention.

"Get on your knees." The Zygerrian grew impatient at Adrik's intentions. "NOW!"

"Make me, you svolotsch," Adrik spat back. "Because I just finished crawling out of a tunnel, and I'll need to stretch my legs."

The Zygerrian smirked at this. "Is that a confession, you Slavic mongrel?" Any half-decent slaver knew to keep morale low, which included studying their culture and language. The Zygerrians were a master of this, and after enslaving humans from the new planet, they got to work on studying up the diverse culture and language, especially what made them tick.

"If you can't figure it out yourself, then I'd consider using that word 'mongrel' for yourself. Seeing you're short, your wife must be disappointed."


The collar on Adrik's neck electrocuted Adrik, who immediately went onto his knee as he fought the urge to scream.

"I'd watch your mouth if I were you." The slaver kicked Adrik's ribs painfully, making him groan. "I'll make sure your death is slow and painful, trust that."

*Cough!* *Cough!* *Cough!*

Just then, Tarik collapsed onto the ground, holding his sides as his cough started to grow out of control, which didn't help with the tense atmosphere..

"Looks like we've got a dying one here," another Zygerrian chuckled as he approached the sick man. He kicked him right in the head, turning his body over to face the ceiling.

"Tarik!" Ibrahim roared, but before he could do anything, his face was pushed to the ground. "Leave him alone, he's sick!" This only brought a slick smile on the short Zygerrian.

"Oh, is he?" He stepped closer to get a better look at the wheezing man. "I know you, you're the guy who collapsed in the pickup from a few days ago. How lucky you are."

Turning his head around, Tarik tried to get back on his knees, but suddenly felt a heavy weight pressed on his back, forcing him back into the ground. He felt something constricting his neck, and turning his eyes, he saw that the Zygerrian had him in a chokehold.

"Let me help you out with your breathing problem." The Zygerrian laughed as he began putting pressure on the man's neck, trying to cut the air from his lungs permanently. "Any of you pieces of shits try to help, I'll just break his neck."

The leaders could do nothing but watch as another one of their friends was being slowly murdered, with them knowing that they would be next.

Just then, Vash walked back to the center with two of his men, prompting the others to stand at attention. "That's enough. We've got what we came for."

"Come on, Vash, let us have some fun." It always gave the Zygerrians a sick rush to torment those beneath them, and they hadn't gotten any decent action in a while. "This one's dying anyways, might as well have one last fun with it."

"I said that's enough," Vash growled. "That's an order."

"Fine," the zygerrian huffed as he let go of Tarik. The feeble man fell onto his hands and knees, gasping for air as he struggled to stay conscious.


A bowl had just fallen into the sink, making everyone jump, and all eyes went towards one of the cooks. Or more specifically, to the person behind one of the cooks.

It was Tayuya, who was trembling like a leaf as she tried her best to disappear into nothing. Her loud, frantic breaths sounded like gunfire in the silent room, raising the anxiety in the air as the slaves grew tense by the second.

"I can't believe it." His grin was toothy and sharp, with his eyes glittering with excitement. "That's the girl we've been looking for!"

Tayuya's eyes nearly bulged out of her head as the memories came back, remembering who this man was. He was there, he was one of those men who violated her!

Then a hand grabbed her hair, painfully yanking her forward. This snapped Tayuya out of it.

"No...NO!" Tayuya screamed as she was pulled back into a headlock. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" She kicked, screamed, and scratched at the zygerrian, but he just laughed as he effortlessly dragged her into the middle of the room.

"Vatik's going to be happy to know you're still alive. He was barely done with you and the boys, and I want another round with you." He gleefully turned to his friends as he threw her down onto the floor. "It's a good day, isn't it, boys?"

"YEAH!" The other Zygerrians cheered in unison. Capturing the leaders of the resistance AND capturing an escaped slave? They would certainly get a huge raise after this! The shorter zygerrian pulled out a death stick as he raised a toast.

He shouted in celebration. "TO ÖLÜM!"



The kitchen wobbled unsteadily as something exploded from above. The dim lights around them began to flicker, until the power suddenly shorted out, leaving the room in darkness.

"What's with the lights? Turn them back on!"

"I can't see!"

After a minute of confusion in the dark, the lights slowly flickered back on. Gone was the tense atmosphere the slavers had generated, replaced by mutual confusion for both sides.

"Sir, what happened?" One of the Sentinels asked Vash. "Why did the lights go out?"

Saying nothing at all, Vash slowly reached for his comms, turning it on as he held it to his ear.

"Vash to Control Room, come in, over."

*Crackle* *Crackle* *Crackle*

No response. The comm was buzzing with static, as if no one was available.

"Control Room, do you copy?"

*Crackle* *Crackle* *Crackle*

Still getting no response, the Sentinel Pyke shifted through his comm channel, switching to one of the outposts. "This is Vash speaking, can anyone respond?"

"Help! *Crackle* We- *Crackle* need help! *Crackle*" One of the outposts responded frantically.

"What's going on up there? Get me through with the Control Room-"

"Its- *crackle* gone!"

The Pyke's eyes widened, unsure of what he had just heard. "Excuse me? Can you repeat that?"

"ITS GONE!" The voice from the comm wailed. "-Control Room exploded! Slaves are rebelling! We need immediate backup! NOW-"


The outpost was suddenly cut off, and a chill ran down Vash's spine. It was just as what Zykol had feared; an uprising was taking place, and to make matters worse, it seems that the Control Room had somehow been destroyed. Vash nervously looked around, and realized that the surrounding slaves did not know of the situation that was unfolding. He also realized for the first time just how outnumbered they were, 50 to 3, with many blunt and sharp objects surrounding them as well.

He had to think fast, otherwise one little slip up could-

"You worthless slut!"

His attention was turned back as he realized that the shorter Zygerrian was wrestling the red headed Elementian girl, trying to have fun with her. Vash looked around frantically, and heaved a sigh of relief to see that the slaves were too scared to try to stand up for her.

Good. Maybe he could still take control of the situation-


One of the slaves was staring intently at the zygerrian who was trying to rape Tayuya. Nathan...was that the human's name? Yes, he was staring hatefully at him, and Vash's hand was slowly inching towards his blaster.

Vash's eyes then darted back to the red head as she screamed and bit at the zygerrian's hand, which did nothing but further excite him.

"She's still a wild one, boys!" The shorter Zygerrian hooted in glee. "Mind if I teach her a lesson first before we'll bring her back for round two?" He asked the others, who were grinning and laughing in excitement.

"Just leave some action for us!" the others from Vatik's group laughed collectively, finding themselves wanting another round of fun with Tayuya as well.

"Sit still, bitch!" the Zygerrian grinned, his hands gripping her top.


All chatter and laughter stopped as the sharp sound echoed throughout the room.

Feeling the Zygerrian freeze over her, Tayuya slowly opened her eyes.

The Zygerrian was still standing over her, but his sadistic smile was gone, replaced with a mixture of confusion and horror as he stared at the meat cleaver that dug its way into his neck.


"Yes, me." Nathan said, with hatred burning in his eyes as he grabbed his knife, ripping it out. "BUT THIS IS FOR US!"


The minute the blade was ripped out of his neck, the Zygerrian began to bleed profusely, showering the floor with puddles of blood. He gurgled as he struggled to stop the bleeding with his large hands, his eyes crying out for help.

"Stop right there!" One of the Zygerrians shouted, before pulling out a remote and slamming his thumb onto the button.

*Click!* *Click!* *Click*

"What the-" The Zygerrian muttered, before ordering to the others, "Use your remotes!" The others tried to shock Nathan, but to their confusion and horror, his collar refused to activate.

"They're not working!" One of the Pykes cried out.

Thinking quickly, Vash reached for his blaster, but just as his fingers grazed the dedlanite weapon, he fell onto the ground as he saw stars. A cooking pot had been smashed over his head, courtesy of a cook who was faster than the Pyke. The cook's breaths were hard and short, repressed rage swelling up in his chest as he yelled, "KILL THEM ALL!"

And just like that, the kitchen erupted into chaos as blaster fire, pots, and knives flew across the room. A few slaves fell dead or injured onto the floor, but that was all the slavers managed to accomplish as the superior number of slaves rained down onto them, clawing, hitting, stabbing into them, their ferocious rage akin to hungry beasts.

"DIE!" Adrik roared as he kicked two Zygerrians into a table, where they were swarmed by a dozen angry slaves, who got to work on hacking them to pieces, before one of them was dragged away to Force-knows-where.

The other was pinned against the wall, held down by the hatred of a dozen men, with one of them shoving a knife in and out of the Zygerrian's gut as he cried out in pain.

"KILL HIM! KILL HIM! KILL HIM! KILL HIM! KILL HIM!" One of the cooks frequently screamed with such fury in his voice as blood of the Zygerrian's gut began to splatter onto the cooks' clothing. "BLEED THE FUCKING ZYG DRY!"

This act of violence continued, with Zygerrian blood splattering the red walls and floor, until they could no longer keep him pinned, letting him drop disgracefully onto the floor. Somehow, he still had the strength to try to crawl away, but they were quick to pin him down.

"Stand back!" A Mirialan slave said, before grabbing a pot of boiling water. Marching up to the Zygerrian, the two slaves quickly got out of the way as he dumped its contents onto the beast-man's face.

"NO-AGGHH!" He cried in agony as he covered his face with his hands, writhing on the floor in agony like a fish on dry land. His flesh and hair began to melt and tear away, with bubbles sprouting from his tough hide as some parts of his face began to tear off. "MY EYES!"


"You get what you fucking deserve!" the Mirialan female snarled as she slammed the pot down, taking out a small shiv. With an angry roar, they pounced on the blinded Zygerrian, intent on tearing him to pieces.

Back with the ringleaders of the rebellion, they were finding themselves to be struggling against their foes. Adrik was currently fighting a Pyke, and was winning, with the Russian currently slamming the Pyke's skull onto the ground.

Tarik, however, wasn't having the same luck, and was wrestling a Zygerrian for his blaster in an effort to stop him from shooting Hera, who herself was fending off some guards with Ibrahim and Jimmy.

"Let go of me!" the Pyke demanded as he tried to throw off the human man, who, despite looking like he was on Death's door, still had a surprising amount of strength left in him as he was starting to win the struggle.


The guard let out a yowl as Tarik smashed the Pyke's knee. This stunned him long enough for Tarik to knock him over, and he quickly moved to seize his blaster.


The struggle abruptly ended as the two bodies fell onto the ground. After one terrifying second, one of them rose up.

"Not bad for a Slav now, huh?" Adrik spat on the slaver's lifeless body. "Cyka Blyat."

He had won the wrestling match against the Pyke, managing to snap his neck with a satisfying pop.

"Tarik's been hit!"

Snapping out of his victory-induced daze, he saw that Tarik was on the floor. Thank god that he somehow killed the Zygerrian with his own blaster, although it seemed like he didn't come out unscathed.


"I'm fine, the son of a bitch shot me in the shoulder, nothing serious," Tarik groaned as he gingerly touched his shoulder. "All of you alright? Anyone wounded?"

Ibrahim shook his head. "No."

"I'm fine." Jimmy seconded as he grabbed the late Pyke's blaster, handing it over to Adrik. "Here, you're a better shot than I am. Spetsnaz."

"Whatever," Adrik shrugged, taking the weapon. The former Russian special forces member was one of the few with military experience who would take the lead on this uprising. "That wound looks bad, Tarik. Maybe you-"

"No way," Tarik rejected, before getting up on his feet. "We have to act quickly, before this gets further out of hand-"


The center of attention was turned to the instigator of the revolt, and saw that standing on the ovens, holding the blood-covered cleaver in his hands, was the silent Canadian man named Nathan who began:


His words reinvigorated the surrounding slaves, who quickly moved to pull the surviving slavers up, forcing them to walk in front of them as their meat-shields, holding knives or their own weapons at them.

Within seconds, the now bloody kitchen had been emptied, save for the leaders of the slave rebellion.

"Ibrahim, Adrik, go with them, now." Tarik ordered them. "Go, before they get themselves killed."

"But-" Ibrahim stuttered, before getting a blaster shoved in his hands by the Russian who scavenged the weapons from the dead guards, handing one over to Hera.

"We'll lead them to the armory, where we can be more sufficiently armed," Adrik stated as he inspected his blaster. "You can count on us to handle the job."

"Good, go, now!"

"Follow me, boy." Adrik said, tapping Ibrahim's shoulder to follow him. "Let's deal with these bastards!" He shouted with much anger in his body as he exited the kitchen with the Libyan right behind him. Hera was about to join them, until Tarik stopped her.

"Hera, I need you to do something else." Tarik ordered. "Go to the infirmary. That's where you're needed."

Hera frowned at this, until he quickly continued.

"We need you to protect our only two medical experts that we have," Tarik nodded, handing her the Zygerrian blaster. "Also, try to locate Sabine and Naruto. They got taken away, and I'm worried about what happened to them. Can you do that?"

She shot back a determined glare as she nodded.

"Good, now go," Tarik ordered. "May the Force be with you."

"You too," Hera nodded back, before turning to Jimmy. "You, look after Tarik. I need to get going."


Hera then left, running off towards the other side of the kitchen, where the other exit was, leaving the Mexican miner with Tayuya and Tarik.

"Jimmy, for you, I need you to do me a favor…"

Jimmy listened as the remaining cooks in the background began to leave the kitchen and do whatever they could to help the riot, all while one simply stood there, frozen with what she'd just experienced.

Hearing the conversation from just a short distance, Tayuya could pretty much guess what they were planning.

Ölüm - Hallways

Sabine was struggling to walk on her own, still injured from the interrogation she suffered through from the Zygerrian. With the adrenaline now gone, the pain and trauma came rushing back like a river, slowing her movements.

It didn't help that the explosion had rattled her brain. Despite being blasted away with the Force, the explosion still got to her, severely shocking her system, and making her lose her hearing for a while. It also didn't help with her injuries, and walking was becoming a bit of a challenge.

Leaning just her head against the metal walls, she tried to keep herself conscious.

"Come on Sabine. Don't...give in yet," she pleaded/demanded to herself as she tried to not fall asleep. She refused to give up - she's a Mandalorian for crying out loud!

No way she would die this way.

"Close the gates!"

Sabine's head shot back up as she heard some voices coming from the end of the hallway. Taking another few steps forwards, she peeked around the corner, and saw two groups of Pykes meeting each other at the middle of the three-way junction. They seemed frantic as they quickly discussed their plans.

"Everyone to their positions! Seal the gates and arm yourselves!"

"What's going on?"

"The slaves are revolting, that's what's happening!" One of the Pykes shouted, pointing his drawn blaster behind him. "They've started in the kitchen where Vash and his men were."

"Damn it! Where are Zykol and Vatik?"

"They were supposed to be there," the guard wheezed. "I last saw them with that same group."

"You mean they're dead?!"

"I don't know!"

"Everyone, shut the hell up!" one of the Pykes, obviously the leader, finally took the initiative, and began ordering his squad. "We need to act quickly. Get as many men as you can get, and seal off all possible exits, and secure the armories!"

"What about reinforcements? We're basically cut off!"

"Send a runner to the Royal palace! We cannot allow these slaves to escape at all cost!"

"Here they come!" Another Pyke yelled as he came running past them. "They've reached the mid-levels!"

The group of guards immediately started running, stopping only to seal the gates behind them, just as a group of slaves appeared through one of the hallways. They began to bash through the old modelled gate open with their mining equipment they brought with them.

"Fucking Bastards closed the gate!"

One of the humans kicked it, before he held up a blood covered sledgehammer, slamming it into the gate multiple times. While some dents were being made into it, the slaves were greatly dissatisfied.

"It's no use! Those gates are made of steel!"

"Let us through! We got one of your bastards right here!" The mob made room as the human dragging a bleeding Pyke by the neck came into view. The guard began to plead for his life, as he was now at the mercy of the revolting slaves.

"P-P-Please I did-"

"Shut up and open that gate, now!" It was one of the cooks who was pointing the knife to the Pyke's throat. "If you don't open that gate right now, I will slit your throat open right here!"

The Pyke did not hesitate, and crawled right towards the panels and placed his hand on it for the scanner to read his data. A bright light went off when the Pyke's hand touched the scanner, and for a moment, the gate began rising up to open.

Then the panel exploded, and electricity sparkled out the scanner, causing the others to jump back.

"The fuck?" One of the slaves shouted, observing the smoking control panel. "It's fried up!"

The one holding the knife slammed the bleeding Sentinel to the ground, shoving his knife dangerously close to the artery. "What did you do!?

"I-I-I didn't do anything. They must've shot the control panels on the other side of the gate."

"He's right."

The mob turned towards Adrik and Ibrahim, who just caught up with them.

"They're closing all the exits to the upper levels. At this point they're not taking any chances, even if it means letting their own die." The mob looked at the Pyke guard, who looked to be on Death's door anyways, judging from how pale he was turning and from the number of stab wounds.

"Then how the hell are we opening this damn thing?" One of the slaves demanded.

"Ask them." The slaves turned, and parted ways for two large beasts as they made their way to the gate. Their overflowing body hair covered in filth, water, and blood, they grabbed the lower part of the metal door, and began pushing it up slowly.

"Damn, when did the Wookies get here?" one of the Twi'lek slaves asked in surprise. "They must've been running their way up here if they got here this fast."

"Well, what can I say? They've got a big score to settle for their fallen friends," Adrik stated as he held his blaster ready. "Get ready, everyone. The armory's just above us. Once you reach it, everyone grab a blaster and whatever else you can carry. We'll need to give it all we got. Understood?"

As if to answer his question, the Wookies let out a mighty roar as they forced the door up, even as blaster fire began whizzing by them.

Unfortunately, one of the Wookies got shot twice in the chest, before falling dead to the ground. Instead of striking fear into the other Wookie, however, all this did was make him cry out in rage, pushing him into berserker mode as he yanked the blaster from Ibarhim's hands.

"Hey, what the-"

"RAWRGWAWGGR!" the Wookie howled as he began shooting at the group of Sentinel Pykes, moving forwards and taking the lead as he began hitting his targets.


Within seconds, the number of Pykes quickly began to fall as the Wookie kept firing at them with deadly speed and precision, single-handedly pushing them back himself. This made the other slaves pause to look in awe.

"By the Force," one of the Zabraks said in shock. "I heard the Wookies were fearsome warriors, but I never thought I'd see one in action."

"I know, even when against the odds, they still fight."


One blaster shot flew past them, startling them out of their stupor as Adrik shouted, "What are you all waiting for? Let's move!"

Snapping out of it, they let out a battle cry as they charged with the wookie.

"Get to the armory! Take out as many of those fuckers as you can!" Adrik roared as he exchanged blasterfire with the Pykes, while Ibrahim kept dragging the wounded prisoner they had with them.


"Yes, Adrik!"

"Where's that Canadian and the rest of the cooks?" Adrik shouted as he hit one Pyke in the chest. "They were just in front of us! Where the hell did they go?"

"They must've split up!" the Libyan shouted back while keeping his head down. "Everything's a mess already! For far as I know, we're not the only ones trying to get to the armory!"

"Doesn't matter now, we'll link up with them if we see them! FORWARD!" Adrik ordered as the group pushed towards the fight. Despite them suffering a few casualties on their own, they were determined to push through. They knew that they weren't going to get another chance like this, so they were hellbent on giving this rebellion everything they got, even if it meant giving their lives.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the slaves, Sabine was still limping from behind, witnessing the ordeal from the sidelines. Despite being severely weakened, she was still determined to join the fight.

"I help…" she said to herself, slamming her fist against the wall. " get to...the infirmary."

She began to redouble her efforts to patch herself up. She couldn't just keep sitting by while her friends were dying for a chance of freedom. She needed to fight too! But more importantly…

"You better hold on, Uzumaki," Sabine growled, hoping that somehow somewhere, he would hear her. "You've done enough for me already - it's time for me to have your back too!"



On the same level where the main entrance of the Control Room was located, a group of almost two dozen Pykes and a handful of Zygerrians had arrived at the broken down gate, which led to the most important part of the mining hole..

Some of the Pykes were trying to open the gate with their bare hands or with mining tools as they tried to get inside the room.

"Come on! Faster!" One of the Zygerrians holding his blaster ordered as he was one of the officers from the mid-levels who saw the explosion go off two levels above ground zero as he had taken command of a few men to try and look for survivors.

"We're trying! This gate is just too heavy!" One of the Pykes yelled. "We need more men!"

"I don't know if you've noticed, but we're in the middle of a revolt!" The Zygerrian angrily responded at the complaining overseer. "We've lost total control of the lower levels and have no contact with the team in the kitchen. It's only a matter of time before they'll reach the armory. Now GET BACK TO WORK!"

The Zygerrian pointed his blaster angrily at the Pykes, making them grumble as they tried to get pry open the jammed door. He shook his head, not understanding just how this went all wrong.

The only reason why they weren't in their ships hightailing it out of there is because of how their superiors would react to this embarrassment. Best case scenario, they would be heavily demoted to sanitation duty alongside some slaves on another backwater planet. Worst case scenario, they would either be executed for their failure, or would even become slaves themselves. Either way, they needed to try to retake control of the situation, instead of running back to Zygerria, where they would undoubtedly suffer a worse fate than death.

A loud roar and the sound of repeated blaster fire shook the Zygerrian out of his thoughts. Glancing once more at the hallway, he holstered his blaster as he quickly moved to help. "Hurry, men! We need to get to the room. If there's any chance that even one of those computers survived, we can call for reinforcements!"

"What about the lab that's just a few miles away from here?" one of the Zygerrians guarding the hallway suggested. "They're not that far away from here."

"I would, but those damned Earthlings prioritized construction on their lab and on D'Nar's mansion. Besides, I tried to get a hold of them earlier, but they weren't answering."

Just then, one of the Pykes who was working on the doors grunted, "But what if nothing survived inside-?"

"There must be! One piece of communication, even if it's just a hologram device, we can try to call anyone, from the other mines, D'Nar or even the Royal Palace, we must hold Ölüm!"

The Pyke guards grumbled, but continued pulling on the steel gate with all their strength, making slow progress, as evident by the fact that the metal door was beginning to bend inwards. If they kept it up, they could crawl underneath to inspect what remained of the room.

"We're nearly there!"


Without warning, the blast door suddenly flew open, being violently blasted off by some powerful force. This sent the Pykes and the Zygerrians flying, the leader included.

"Ah, shit!" the leading Zygerrian growled as he held his head, seeing stars. He began to cough as the smoke from the Control Room began invading the hallways, with no more door to hold them back.

Smelling, then looking at the sheer amount of smoke the room was emitting, what little hope they had died out, knowing that there was nothing they could use.

But that wasn't what was on his mind now. His eyes widened as something - no, someone, just stepped out of the smoke. He blinked, and he recognized the boy was the blond Elementian, who happened to be a leader of the revolt.

Naruto Uzumaki, covered in ash and shadows, staggered out of the room. He was silent as a phantom, with each staggering footstep failing to make a sound. His eyes weren't visible, being covered by his greasy hair, leaving them to the imagination.

"It's one of the conspirators!" The leader roared as he pointed his blaster at the slave, with the others following suit, soon all the weapons were turned against the lone Uzumaki who was just standing there with his head turned down.

"Get on your fucking hands and knees like a good slave, or else!"

The boy didn't respond. One part of the Zygerrian Commander felt unsettled by this, but he pushed down his feelings as he took out his electro-whip.

"Alright, you've asked for this!" With a nasty snarl, he activated it, and lashed it twice close to the boy's position. This failed to make him flinch, and anger began to fill his heart.

"You worthless scum!" The Zygerrian shouted as he lashed at the young man again. "I SAID DOWN!"


The boy's hand suddenly snatched the plasma whip with his bare hands. The boy should've gone down in pain from holding such a hot material, but much to their surprise, he didn't even let out a wince.

"The Kriff?!" the slaver was stunned by this reaction, having never seen it before. His astonished expression quickly turning back to one of fury, he yanked back the whip.

The Zygerrian winced as he felt the whip refusing to move. It felt like he had just tied the whip to a tree, and had pulled the whip expecting to win.

It was then that the boy raised his head, and the slavers and guards took a step back, their now terrified eyes meeting his.

His eyes were ones of an animal - an angry, bloodthirsty animal that was staring down at his prey. His eyes were golden, which seemed to glow in the dimly lit hallway.

"What the hell?" one of the Pykes breathed. "What is he?"

"I don't care! Just kill the brat!"

Naruto's glare turned darker as he took a deep breath. The hallways began to be filled with screams and blaster fire, followed by a mighty roar belonging to a monster. Blood and smoke began filling the air, with the walls beginning to crack.

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