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Music: Taste the Feeling

Artist: Avicii, Conrad Sewell.

Album: Taste the Feeling

Genre: Alternative Dance, Pop Rock.

Lyrics language: English

Story Genre: Romance.

Summary: Reminiscences of Adrien, while enjoying a lazy sunny day with his most loved one.

Tags: Adrienette; Marichat; Adrien; Marinette; Romance; Kisses; Reminiscences; Memories; Head-Canon; AU.

No One Can Stop Me

A sunny lazy day had been presented to them as a gift from the heavens. Their life had turned so hectic since their graduation from lycée (high-school) that Adrien and Marinette had soon learned to enjoy days like that as best as they could. Therefore they had decided to put their deck chairs aside and spread a fluff blanket and a pillow on the balcony's floor so they could lie down and bask in the sun's warmth in that chilly day of November. With his head resting on the pillow, Marinette's head on his chest and his hand caressing her arm repeatedly, up and down, Adrien started to remember all the special moments they both had shared until then. The good and the bad moments. Like when he revealed his feelings for her and asked her for their first date.

That had happened at school, at noon. He had approached her after taking a breath to calm his nerves and took her to a corner, his heartbeat sped again, so he took a deep breath once more and started "Marinette, I have an important thing to tell you, but I'm afraid to lose your friendship if I did."

"Don't be. You can tell me anything and I'll stay by your side" she had put her hand on his shoulder in a reassuring motion, warmth bloomed from there.

Putting his hand over hers on his shoulder he started again "You're precious to me, so much that I was afraid to lose you if I revealed my true feelings for you. Marinette. I'm in love with you."

"What?" she was dumbstruck, as if he loving her was a supernatural phenomenon.

"I'm in love with you. Deeply in love."

"Really? How? When?" he could see on her eyes that she didn't believe he was in love with her.

"Yes. Really. I'm in love with you. How couldn't I? You're just incredible and so amazing."

"Oh, please, I'm not this amazing. You don't know my worst faults."

"Maybe not, but I can learn to love it. So I can hope to have you learning to love mine, as well."

"But… I don't understand. Why? Why now?"

"To be honesty, I believe that I always had being in love with you, I just didn't want to admit it to myself because I was afraid of losing you. I was also so head over heels for another girl and it made me even more determined to deny my feelings for you, Marinette. Love is such a complicated affair. But the most of it all, you're too precious to me. You makes my life brighter just for being around. And I was a fool for trying to deny it. I just realized it when I was still dating Kagami."

"Oh, please, tell me that wasn't because of me you two broke up."

"Don't worry, it wasn't. We just… grew apart from each other. In the end, we weren't so alike."

"Oh, what a relief."

"So? You… what you think about it? Would you give me a chance and go in a date with me?"

"Yes! No, wait!" taking a deep breath, Marinette kept going "I would love to go on a date with you, Adrien. I… I have been in love with you since the day you borrowed me your umbrella."

"Really? So… will you go in a date with me?"

"Like I said, I would love. But I need to talk with Kagami first."

"Really? Why?"

"Social rules. Kagami is my friend, and you're her ex-boyfriend, and friends don't date their exes without talk with them first, at least. So… can you wait until then?"

"I didn't knew about those rules. So I guess I'll have to wait, then. But... if Kagami didn't let you date me? What will happen?" he had felt his heart squeeze painful by anticipation.

"Uh… we'll have to wait for a while."

"How much?"

"Don't know. But don't worry. I'll wait for you" she said in a soothing tone.

"So will I. For eternity if needed."

"Let's hope that won't be necessary. Well, see you tomorrow."

"See you, then, mon'ange." he kissed her hand before let her go giggling away.

The wait for her answer lasted only one day, but had seemed an eternity. Notwithstanding he had said that he would wait for her an eternity if needed, so he held on the waiting. Finally, on the next day after their classes, Marinette came with her answer and some unexpected news.

"Kagami and Luka are secretly dating" she had quietly whispered in his ear.


She put a finger on his lips and breathed "Keep it low, no one can know about it" he nodded and she released his lips.

"They are dating?" he hissed astonished "How that happened? And when?"

"Let's say that K told me that that all started last summer when we weren't here, they both bumped on each other and knocked down their ice-creams. L wanted to buy a new one to K, and K wanted to buy one for L. They ended buying ice-cream for each other. They didn't started dating right away, they were still dating others. But their relationship improved to romantic some days ago."

"Really? That's so unexpected. But… what about that social rules you told me?" he had whispered the question near her ear.

"Uh, she was as clueless about this as you was. When I told her about it, she kind of confessed her 'crime'. But I assured her that I was fine. I never liked this rules, anyway, I just wanted to avoid unnecessary conflicts with her. Just that" she admitted.

"Shouldn't Lu-L talk with m-uh... her ex before starting dating K?"

"He's as clueless as you both about it, too."


"Adrien, He's home-schooled and not so good at social interactions. His type of personality is not an extroverted and social one. At least not enough to know about this rules. He's more of the type of guy that follow the melody tunes to wherever it takes him. And it took him to K."

"Oh. I'm really surprised to know about this. Who could had saw this outcome coming, anyway? Well… putting this all aside. What was Kagami's answer?" he kind of already knew, so he smirked to her and dared to put a hand against the wall behind her over her shoulder. Remembering to not blocked her exits if she wanted to get out. After all, he was raised as a gentleman by his mother.

She didn't try get out. Instead, she smirked back to him and leaned up once again to whisper on his ear "she gave us her blessing. So, yes, I'll go on a date with you."

Feeling his smile growing, he leaned down and murmured "May I kiss you?" she leaned up in response and for the first time he tasted the feeling of her lips. Its texture and savoring its flavors.

Their first kiss, he remembered all the sensations on which he've became addicted, while adjusting their position to embrace Marinette with both arms, she had fell asleep and he wanted to keep her warm. Nuzzling into her hair while scenting her aroma and tasting the feeling of having her by his side. Remembering the dates, the kisses, all his time spent with her. He never wanted to stop tasting the feeling, and no one would stop him to taste the feeling. Not even his father like he had tried on the past.

She had showed up at the mansion in a rainy day, with tears falling from her eyes like two waterfalls, she didn't even have stepped into the mansion, standing at the entrance under an umbrella as she announced "Adrien, we can't be together anymore."

"What?! Why?! What happened?! What did I do of wrong?!"

"Nothing. We just can't be together anymore" she chocked on her tears and turned around to leave. Oh, the despair he felt that time, he'd never forgot.

He just couldn't let things ending that way. He would lose her. All of her. Forever. So he ran after her, reaching her before she could reach the gates. Embracing her tightly, he sobbed and begged "please, don't go! don't let me! Whatever I did, I promised that I'll fix it!" he didn't let her go. Marinette didn't try to get away from him as she cried on his chest. He doesn't know for how much long they would had stayed in the rain, holding each other and crying. They probably would had stayed throughout all the day, if it hadn't been for his bodyguard being akumatized. They would had.

They ran from Gorizilla as soon as they realized what was happening, and hide together. That day was the day he revealed his identity as Chat Noir to Marinette. He didn't had the time to find another place to hide and transform and he wanted to take her away from the danger and make sure she was safe as soon as possible. After the battle, at night, he met the girl on her balcony and pried for an answer to his questions about the reason she was breaking up with him. And found out that was his father. He had threatened to send him far away to a boarding school if she didn't end their relationship. That got Adrien (still Chat Noir) furious, however, Marinette placated his ire by kissing him—later she explained to him that she didn't want him to be akumatized.

They kept kissed during all night. Not even stopping when he asked her to marry him.

"W-what?" he remembered of Marinette's so dazed expression.

"Marry me" he kissed her again.

"We are underage" they kept kissing "we can't."

"When we turn eighteen, then."

"I'll be still seventeen."

"You can ask permission to your parents."

"If they gave their permission... so yes… I'll marry you."

They kept kissing for some more time. Until he needed to leave.

From that day on, they kept their relationship a secret. To the rest of the world, Adrien and Marinette had broken up. But at night, on weekend nights, they were together. Although they lamented the loss of freedom to date, they were happy. And full of plans for their future together.

"You were really being serious about marrying me at eighteen?" Marinette was shocked when he'd told her his plans to their wedding almost one year later. They were sitting together on her balcony's lounge, watching the sky and talking about their future.

"Yes. Why so surprised?"

"I just thought that it was the heat of the moment. That day we were too emotional."

"I know. And I would wait for us to have more age before we got married."

"So why are your hurrying our plans?"

"Because I will only reach my freedom if I got married, if not, I'll have to wait to turn thirty."


"I'll only have access to my account on the bank after complete thirty years old or get married."


"Yes. It was my mom's idea. She wanted me to work hard to provide for myself and learn the true money's value before. But, you know, life's got on the way of her plans. Now this means that I'll have to endure my father's tyranny over me if I not get married first."


"But this' up for you, ma princesse. If you don't want it. If you rather wait to have more age. that's okay. I can handle my father until then."

"I rather help you conquer your freedom than wait for this to happen, chaton. I love you to much to let you under your father's control for any longer."

"Thank you, princess. I love you too."

"But, do you know that this means that your father will must likely stop talking with you, right?"

"Well. I kind of stopped talking with him after he made you break up with me. Well, I stopped trying to reacch out for him. He didn't even noticed my change of behavior."

"I'm sorry" she ran her fingers through his hair.

"It isn't your fault" he purred.

"It is, kind of. I'm the reason you stopped."

"You're more worthy than him. I rather lose my father than you, princess."

"I don't want you to lose your father."

"Neither do I. But… at the end... this all depend of him."

"Yeah, I guess you're right" she sighed before changing the subject "well, if it's settled, then, looks like we have six months to plan and prepare our wedding."

"What's wrong with my plans?" he had said in a joking offended tone.

"They need polishing and my point of view" he chuckled when she booped his nose.

He took her hand and kissed it with devotion "of course, my world, do whatever you want."

Talking with Marinette's parents about their plans was surprisingly easy. Although they had asked if they were really sure with their decision, once Adrien's situation was explained, they both were totally on board of their craziness' train. So six months and some more days of preparations later, one week after Marinette revealing herself as Ladybug to him, their families and friends were all reunited to watch them making their vows and sharing declarations of love before being declared as husband and wife by the officiant. The only one that wasn't there, and he had been invited, was Gabriel. Adrien soon realized that on the past, his father's absence would have upset him. However, standing next to his beautiful wife—and she was really beautiful on her wedding dress—Adrien didn't feel an atom upset.

"Adrien" his sleepy wife's whisper brought him back to the present. She was looking curiously at him "thinking about something?"

He shifted his position so he was partially over her, looking directly at her eyes. Caressing her temple with his knuckles, he said "I was just thinking of how no one can stop me from taste the feeling when I'm with you, and how nothing could ever bring me down because of you."

Then she gently pulled him down to a kiss as sweet as her smile.



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