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Music: Nonsense

Artist: Madeon, Mark Foster.

Album: Adventure (Deluxe)

Music Genre: Electronic, Pop.

Lyrics Language: English

Story Genre: Angst

Summary: Some weeks after the Battle of Miraculous, on spring break's eve, Adrien asked Marinette to hang out with him and Kagami during the break, and Marinette just couldn't say no.

Tags: Adrigami; Lukanette; Adrienette; Adrien; Kagami; Marinette; Luka; Amusement Park; Twenty-one questions; Head-canon; AU.

I'll Stand Again

"Hey, Marinette" Adrien had turned around to talk with her when Miss Bustier dismissed the class "I heard that you are staying in Paris during spring break."

"Yeah… uh… I'll be working to my parent's bakery."

"Awesome! Kagami and I will be staying, too, and since you are Kagami's only friend, besides me, I was thinking we all should hang out together during the break. What you think?"

"Uh… I'm Kagami's only friend?" Marinette was taken aback by this tiny bit of information.

"Besides me, yes" the boy nodded.

"Uh… I think I will hang out with you two, I guess… is just… can I ask Luka to come along?"

"He's staying too?"

"Yes… he'll be working to my parent's bakery too, as delivery boy."

"Awesome. Bring him. Who knows? He and Kagami can turn friends too, don't you think?"

"Yeah… I think. It can happen."

"It's settled down then. I'll send a text marking a date for us to hang out."

"Okay, sure."

"See you, then."

"See you" she waived weakly while watching the blond going out along with Nino, before slumped back to her sit with her forehead against the tabletop, groaning dejected.

"Girl, do you like to suffer?" she heard Alya questioning slightly exasperated by her side.

Marinette only groaned, again, against the surface as response.

"Why didn't you just refuse?"

"Didn't hear him? I'm Kagami's only friend and he just wanted me to hang out with them to have fun. I couldn't said no to him" she lamented against the tabletop.

"Girl, you're too good for your own good."

"Indeed" Marinette heard Lila coming from her sit at the back "I'm truly impressed with your selflessness, Marinette. I don't know if I would have this courage to hang out with my crush and his girlfriend at the same time, not even keeping being friend of hers as you did."

Marinette groaned once more, Lila's words unmercifully stabbing the girl's soul.

"Lila, you're not helping."

"Sorry, I didn't mean it. I just wanted to praise her, Alya. I'm sorry Marinette, is just that I'm able to picture a lot of girls that would use this opportunity to sabotage their crush's relationship."

"That's true, but not my girl. Marinette is way above this sort of schemes. She would never."

"I know. That's why I'm impressed. She forgave me when I explained about my condition, even after all I did. About that, Marinette, I'm really grateful for the second chance that you gave me."

"N-no problem" Marinette was as red as her magical super-suit due to their praises.

"I'm glad to see that you're feeling better, now. I need to go, girls. See you after the break."

"See you, Lila. Have fun during the break."

"Yes, I wish the same to you, Lila."

"Me too, for you, girls. Bye!"

"Bye." the two girls bid their farewell to Lila, when she has gone, Alya smirked to Marinette.


"And to think that you didn't want to give a chance to Lila."

"Yeah, Alya, I know, you kept remembering me over and over again."

"I'm just glad that you gave her a second chance."

"So am I."

"Now what do you think of ice-cream while we watch comedy movies?"

"Directly from the pot and with chocolate syrup?" the girl asked hopefully.

"Whatever you want, girl."

"That sounds just as delicious" Marinette stood up with her stuff and got out with Alya.

After eating napolitan ice-cream with chocolate syrup while watching comedies with Marinette, Alya said goodbye and got to home. Marinette, feeling better, wished goodnight to her parents and went upstairs to her room. Tikki flew out from her hideout to face the girl with worry.

"You're sure you want to do that? Hanging out with Adrien and Kagami? You aren't over it yet, Marinette. I'm worried that it will hurt you even more."

"Don't worry, Tikki. If… if things got too unbearable for me, I'll get off. Besides… Luka will be there, too. If anything happened, he'll help me. He knows what's going on. I'll be fine."

"So I hope, Marinette. So I hope."

On the next day, spring break have officially began. While Alya was on board of a train with her father and little sisters, going to Nice. Marinette was working at her parents' bakery to make money for her fashion projects. With Luka working as their delivery boy, Marinette was seeing him everyday. And everyday, after the work, they would hang out together at the park. They would stroll along the walkway, sit on a bench and Luka would play his guitar. Sometimes they would have ice-cream, if Andre was there with his ice-cream cart too. It was like dating, Marinette felt like they were dating, she just wasn't sure. And she didn't want to be sure. She just wanted to enjoy the day and the company. So she kept quiet about the matter while they talked about their likes, dislikes, and their plans to the future.

"I want to travel the world making my music, meeting people with the same passion as mine" Luka was telling her about more of his dreams while walking side by side "what about you, Marinette? Ever wanted to meet the world? To know new countries and meet new people?"

"Uh… well… my nonna promised me to take me with her on my next birthday, but… I don't know if I want to kept doing it like you want. I want to stay in Paris or in wherever place my work I would have chosen would take me" her work as Ladybug and Guardian, especially.

"You want your passion to guide you, awesome. I do the same. Wherever my melody goes to, I'm right behind. And, right now, it's guiding to you" he looked at her, sincerity shinning in his gaze. Marinette felt her cheeks burning and she giggled against her hand's back. Then her phone dinged.

"Is a text from Adrien" she checked her phone "he wants us to meet him and Kagami at the amusement park at Wednesday, if we have time for this. What do you think?"

"At what time? We work from morning to noon. After that we are free."

"Okay, I'm sending the question to him" she texted back, and seconds later the answer came "He said we can go to the park at afternoon, looks like he has a photo-shoot during all morning this day and he just convinced his father to let him go later to the amusement park because of Kagami."

"Okay. Looks like we have plans for Wednesday."

"Yep. Amusement park on Wednesday, afternoon" she marked the event in her schedule.

"Why are you doing it?" his features suddenly frowned.


"Why did you agree to hang out with them? I know you have feelings for Adrien. And you're hanging out with him and his girlfriend, like, together? I don't get it."

"I know. Everyone keeps asking me this. But… I'm Kagami's only friend in Paris. All that they want is to hang out with their friends during the break and I'm their only friend in the city right now."

"You're too good for your own well-being, Marinette."

"Alya told me that too. I just… can you stay by my side? I promised to a friend of mine that I will get away from them if things turns out too unbearable to me."

"Sure. I'll be by your side anytime you need me."

"Thank you, I appreciate your kindness" she smiled grateful to him, receiving a fond one back.

Both of them resumed their walk that was looking like a date—but actually wasn't. After some time, Luka left Marinette at her house's door, and they bid farewell.

Wednesday soon came. And after working for a morning, Marinette hopped up on Luka's bicycle and they went to the metro on the amusement park's direction. Arriving there, they found a full place of families with children and teenagers hanging out with their friends. Marinette took her phone from her purse while Luka locked his bicycle on it's proper parking, and dialed Adrien's number.

"Hey, Marinette, what's up?" he picked up.

"I'm here, with Luka. But I'm not seeing you guys, it's too crowded."

"Wait, you and Luka are here?!" he sounded genuinely surprised.

"Yes… you invited us" and Marinette was genuinely confused.

"Wow, what a coincidence! Kagami and I are here for a date, you know, my father only allowed me to come only for my date with Kagami and no anyone more. But I guess he won't mind if you guys tag along with us since it's just luck that we all are here at the same time. We can hang out as friends."

"Uh… all right? So… where are you?"

"Uh, right. We are at the entrance booth. Hurry up, we are about to buy our tickets."

"Oh, hold down, we'll be there in a sec" she hung up before he could give any response and turned back to Luka "hurry, we need to meet them" they ran to the ticket booths, finding a long line.

"Hey! Marinette! Here!" Adrien called from the front, Kagami and his bodyguard by his side.

Pushing her way through the crowd with Luka as close to her as possible, apologizing to everyone in line, Marinette finally reached the line front.

"Guys! I'm really glad that you make till here- uh… Luka, are you all right?"

Marinette looked back to Luka, finding the boy with his complex a little too pale, and almost panicked "Luka? Are you feeling well? Are you getting sick?"

"No, don't worry, I just don't like crowds. I'll be fine as soon as we get into an open place."

"Really? Kagami doesn't like it either" Adrien told them, looking at her. In despise of her strong stance she didn't look feeling comfortable "I even suggested to cancel our-uh… date, but she said that I shouldn't worry, that she will be fine."

"And I will be. I just… I just like when there's not too much people near me... or so noisy" she sent an annoyed look to a boy that kept shouting to his parents to enter to the park immediately.

"So do I. I rather be in a quiet place where I can stay alone with my thoughts and close friends" Luka approached her, smiling friendly. To Marinette's surprise, Kagami smiled back.

"Me too. it's the best thing ever. Places full of people makes me anxious."

"Yeah, I get it, it happens with me too."

"Looks like they are getting well" Adrien commented in a whisper to Marinette while observing Kagami and Luka's exchange "Do you think they will turn friends? Close friends?"

"I hope. So then I'll not be Kagami's only friend anymore. Not that I mind being her friend. Is just… she needs more friends, don't you think?"

"Indeed, the more the merrier, right?"


"Come on, I'll pay for the tickets" Adrien said when they reached the booth.

"What? No, I brought my own money for this."

"You can pay me later, is just easier and faster if a pay."

"All right, then, if you're saying."

Inside the park was full of people, but not crowded, which was perfect to Luka and Kagami. Together, the four of them, followed by Adrien's bodyguard, started to walk along the pathway.

"What do you guys want to do first?" Marinette asked.

"I don't know. there's a lot of things in here, and so much to do, I don't even know where to begin" Adrien was mesmerized, just like a child on his first time in an amusement park.

"What do you two recommend?" Kagami asked.

Marinette and Luka shared a pondering look before answering.

"Every time I came with my mom and my sister, we go for the pirate boat first."

"I usually came with my parents and my nonna during summer vacations, we all go for the bumper cars, pirate ship, twist, drop tower, merry-go-round, the Ferris wheel, and the list goes on."

"We can go to the pirate boat first" Kagami suggested.

"Awesome, I'll show the way" Luka took the lead. The others followed him.

They had fun together, the four of them. After the pirate boat, they all voted to follow Marinette's list of rides. Between them, the most excited with the rides were Adrien and Marinette, they always would ended running ahead, while Luka and Kagami kept trailing behind them as a pair of parents looking out for their overly excited children. It was fun. And they were nothing more but children having their time of their life. In such a manner, that Marinette, somewhere, in sometime, started to feel like it was only her and Adrien on the rides. It felt like a dream from which she didn't want to wake up.

Then, an Akuma attacked.

The akuma was a giant one, just like Gorizilla and Gigantitan. He was destroying everything on his path. Like a child throwing a tantrum—probably the akuma was a child throwing a tantrum.

The four of them were at the restrooms and Luka and Kagami were awaiting for Marinette and Adrien outside the building. The last two had just step out from their respective restrooms when the akuma arrived. Marinette was about to run off to find another place to transform when Luka shouted.

"Watch out!" he pointed to a large piece of structure flying to their direction.

Marinette didn't see what happened with Luka and Kagami. Someone shoved her into the girl's restroom, seconds before the structure of metal hit the entrance to the restrooms. It was Adrien, now covering her body, to protect her from the falling debris. Luckily, the building didn't fully collapse.

"Marinette," Adrien got off her "are you all right?"

"With some bruises, but I'm fine. I'm more worried about you, though."

"I'm fine."

"Pieces like that fell on you" she pointed to a fairly big chunk of the ceiling lying on the floor.

"It's hurting, but I'm okay. Nothing that Miraculous Ladybug can't take care of."

"Adrien! Marinette!" they heard Luka and Kagami's muffed voices calling for them.

Surveying the area around them, Marinette found out that the piece of metal that had almost fallen on them was some sort of a giant part of a structure from some of the rides. Maybe from a roller coaster. It was blocking the entrance, in other words, their exit. The restrooms building's structure had held out, and the giant piece of metal was acting as a ceiling support.

We are really lucky, Marinette thought.

"Adrien! Marinette!" they heard Luka and Kagami again.

"We are fine!" Adrien responded back.

"Thank goodness!"

"How's Marinette?" Luka asked.

"I'm fine! Don't worry!"

"Yeah, we are alive with nothing wrong but some bruises. We are just trapped in here."

"There's another way out?"

"No?" they both looked around. Marinette opened a door to find a cabinet of supplements, and the windows weren't large enough to anyone of them to pass through "No. There isn't another way."

"Keep calm, you two, Adrien's bodyguard are calling for help."

"Looks like we are both trapped in here" Adrien sighed. And Marinette started to feel panic, something that wasn't unnoticed by Adrien "Marinette, don't worry. Ladybug will soon appear and defeat the akuma and we both will be free from here. You'll see."

"Uh… yeah… you're right" no, you're not, Ladybug will not appear so soon, because Ladybug is currently trapped with you in this restroom, and she can't transform without revealing her identity to you. No. She can't do this because is way too risk, especially with her being the new Guardian.

"Marinette, are you feeling sick? Are you all right?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, don't worry."

"Are you sure?" he approached her, concern frowning his eyebrows "You paled so suddenly."

"I'm fine. don't worry. I'm just… I'm just worried, just that."

"Don't be" he put his hands on her shoulders, gazing gently into her eyes "I'm here with you" and Marinette found herself falling for him all over again. Why this keeps happening?

"Uh… T-thank you for… for your kind words."

"You're welcome. What about we kill some time while we wait?" they sat on the floor.

"Doing what?"

"I don't know. Do you know some pastime?"

"We… we can talk. Twenty-one questions?"

"Sounds fun. Ladies first?"

"Sure, uh..." what could she ask to someone that she already knew practically everything about? Running through all her knowledge about Adrien, Marinette searched for gaps and surprisingly enough, she found some "what… do you plan to keep modeling for your father's brand?"

"No, I don't plan keeping working as a model. I like it enough, but not to keep doing it my entire life. Now's my turn, right? I could ask something similar to your question, but I believe that I already know the answer, you want to be the best fashion designer ever, right?"

"It's my dream. That was your question?"

"Not at all. My question is… do you plan to raise a family, get married and… have kids?"

"Yes, to all of this."

"Really? How many kids?"

"I guess it's my turn to make the question."

"Yes, you're right, sorry. Go ahead."

"I think I'll copy you're last question. Do you plan to raise a family and all, like having kids?"

"Yes. I do. And how many kids do you want to have?"

"Two or three. And you?"

"As many as I can, but two or three is a good start."

"That's because you will not be the one delivering them."

"I guess you're right" he chuckled "I just want to have more than one because being only child is so lonely. At least for me. You're an only child too, so, it was lonely for you as well?"

"Well… when my parents were working, when I was little, yes, I guess, they would always make up for the time they weren't around, though. So it didn't bother me, at the end."

"I think I got your point, when my mother was around it wouldn't, either. Okay, your turn."

"You were meant to be an only child?"

"What?" he blinked some times, utterly surprised by the question.

"Sorry, I guess it was a too personal question."

"No, I just didn't understand the meaning of your question."

"Uh, sure, what I meant was… my parents wanted to have more than one child. They tried, but they only have me. And your parents? They always have planning to have only one?"

"Uh, yes. I mean. My mother wanted to have more, like two or three. My father didn't. He didn't want to have kids. But he accepted having one for my mother's sake. So, here I am. And your parents? If they always wanted to have more than one, why they didn't have them?"

"Well. Like I said, they tried. But I was the only one who make it till the end, you know?"

"Uh. How many they lost before you? If you don't mind sharing this knowledge."

"No, I don't mind. Uh… they lost three. And then they had me. Were you a healthy newborn?"

"Yes. And you?"

"No. I was a weak one, the doctor not even had hopes for me."

"Really? You almost didn't survive?"


"Oh, my, a world without you? That would be a really sad one."

"You're just being kind, no one would know that I ever existed and people would take their life as normally as they ever did. And my parents would get over my loss. They're strong that way."

"No. I would felt like something was missing."

"You wouldn't. You wouldn't even know that I existed."

"I would. I would meet your parents and they would tell me about their little girl. And then I would realize that you were to be about my age range and we could have been friends. I would feel so sad with the idea that a girl like you wasn't alive."

"And how would you know about the type of girl I would be?"

"Your parents. I would know through your parents."

"My parents? How so?"

"They are great people. And they raised a really special girl. Your precious to me Marinette" he put his hand over hers, resting on the ground, and gazed fondly into her eyes "I would miss you."

Silence fell on them, the only sound was coming from the giant raking havoc outside, which seemed to be too further away for them to care. They kept gazing at each other eyes. A hand, the Adrien's free one, rose up to put a strand behind Marinette's ear, and stayed there.

"Kids!" Marinette jolted with a yelp when a new voice called for them "it's the fire department, is everything all right? There's any type of wound?"

"We are okay, sir. We have only bruises" they rose up on their feet.

"My friend was hit on his back by some debris" Marinette informed them, earning a slightly betrayed glance from Adrien "what? You did. You need medical assistance."

"Is he walking?"


"So is nothing serious, it seems. Don't worry, we are searching for the right place to open an exist to both of you, kids. You will be out very soon."

"Why did you tell them about my back? I'm fine. It's just aching."

"That's why. The rescuers need to know how we are so they can prepare the first aid" not forgetting they will be more worried over you, so I will be able to escape and transform.

"Okay, I get it. I just… I'm just worried about my father's reaction over it, just that."

"Oh, shoot! I'm sorry Adrien, I didn't think on it."

"That's okay. I'm not mad. I would do the same for you. And… knowing that you care about me is really… I don't know how to describe it… it make me feel warm inside, you know?"

"Yeah. I get it."

They shared a fond smile between them. A smile that made Marinette's heart going crazy in her rib-cage. Then they heard someone called them from the other side of the further wall of the entrance. It was the firefighters announcing they had found a spot to open an exit. Warning to them to stay at a safe distance, the rescuers started to hammer the wall. Some time later, Adrien and Marinette were getting out from the building through the staff quarters at the building's other side.

"Adrien!" Kagami ran to them with Luka right behind her calling for Marinette. But Marinette didn't acknowledge Luka talking with her, she was utterly preoccupied over Kagami kissing Adrien after the girl had check all him for injuries. Then the weight of everything Marinette have been doing throughout all evening downed heavily on her heart. Mortified, she ran, ignoring Luka's calls.

Running blindly with all her might and tears distorting her vision, somehow, Marinette lost Luka, who was running after her. She didn't want to talk to anyone. She just wanted to hide and have her own existence forgotten. Then Marinette wouldn't have to face any of them again. However, she had a duty to fulfill as Ladybug. So she found a hideout from any curious eyes between some bushes, the girl transformed in her hero form and took off to stop Papillon once more.

The fight with the new akuma could have been way easier than it got, whether Marinette's mind was on the game. But it wasn't the case. So Ladybug and Chat Noir took much more time to defeat the akumatized than it should have. And when they did, the day was already dark. Chat Noir, was worried, of course, and wanted to talk to her and try to help her. But all Marinette wanted to do was go back to home, and she was three dots away to turn back, so the girl rushed away at the bakery's direction.

Her transformation wore off as soon as her feet touched the floor of her balcony. Staying in a squatting position, kneeling in a knee, even after turning back to Marinette.

"Marinette, are you all right?" she heard Tikki's concerned voice asking.

Marinette didn't respond, instead, she curled up on herself and started sobbing profusely.

"What was I thinking?!" exclaimed between hiccups "I'm the worst person on the world!"

"Marinette, you're not!" Tikki objected fiercely at the following instant.

"Tikki, didn't you saw what I did? I was practically trying to steal Adrien from Kagami!"

"Marinette, did you plan to do such a thing since the start?"

"N-no! I didn't! But this was what I was trying to do, at the end."

"Was you doing it with the full intention to take Adrien from Kagami?"

"N-no. It wasn't. I… I didn't even know what I was doing until… until I saw them together."

"So you didn't it on purpose. You probably just got carried away by the prospect of having Adrien as your boyfriend, and your brain probably just misunderstood the signals while you two was having fun together. Just that. You are not a bad person, Marinette, you could never be the worst person, ever. Did you forgot about Papillon? He's still there. He is definitely the worst!"

That earned a chuckle from Marinette, but it was short-lived. She was still feeling like she was the most horrible living person, even with Papillon on the prowl. Specially with her brain insisting on repeating all the memories of what she did. The curse that came with the semi-photographic memory.

"Marinette, are you feeling better, now?"

"Oh, Tikki! I'm a fool!" she curled on herself yet again, on the dirty floor "So stupid."

"You're not."

"I am! How can I ever think that Adrien would ever look at me as his most loved one? How could I ever have tried to do such a thing with them? How could I?"

"Marinette, don't talk like this about yourself. You're an amazing girl."

"You're just being kind, Tikki. But the true is I'm not. I'm horrible" Marinette wailed, pressing her face on the ground, not caring if it was dirty.

"Marinette" she heard Tikki sighing somewhere above her.

Marinette kept sobbing on the ground, with Tikki watching for any akuma that could showed up. But they never did, whoever Papillon was, they probably was too busy to care for Marinette's distress.

"I'm tired" Marinette sighed, finally standing up after lying on the ground for what looked hours.

"What will you do?"

"First. I need to call Luka. He probably don't have any idea where I am. Then I'll wash myself. Take a long relaxing bath. Don't worry, Tikki. I'll be fine. One day. I'll stand again."

"I don't have any doubt about it."


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