Children poured out of the skool doors, celebrating their freedom from the prison. Zim lagged behind, stalling in the doorway.

"Pathetic earth scum!" he muttered to himself, scanning the skoolyard. Torque and his lackeys always waited after class to attack whoever they found on their own, which often was either him or The Dib. After watching the students for a bit, he didn't see his aggressor. Taking this as a win, he strode out the skool.

"HA! Another victory for the alm-" his prideful monologue was cut off by a familiar irritated voice out of view.

"Dude, come on, just leave me alone." It exasperated. Zim held still, preferring not to be noticed.

"Geez, if you really wanna leave, just call your boyfriend." Torque sneered, shoving Dib into the concrete, leaving him on the sidewalk. Zim waltzed over to mock his rival.

"Oh god damn it..." Dib huffed. He was leaned on one arm, feeling around with the other. Zim glanced down, spotting his round glasses by his foot. He knew Dib was blind without them, having knocked them off before in their many scuffles. He watched his enemy search the ground, but couldn't seem to think of an insult.

Sighing dramatically to himself, he lightly kicked the lenses over. Dib's hand quickly found them.

"Ah, thank fuck." He lightly dusted them off and put them on. He looked up for whoever had assisted him, but the street was empty.