"Wow, that was stupid. You just stumbled out in the road and didn't even notice that truck. The great Zim would have never done something like that. The nurse-thing said that you'd be out for a while, but she didn't know for how long. Which is stupid."

"But I suppose I can wait"

"You are really taking your time, Dib-stink. Gir must be destroying the lab in my absence, which I demand you help me fix. He is awfully capable of destruction for such a small SIR unit."

"It is so boring here! The same stupid human magazines that go on forever on the same stupid stuff. What a ridiculous excuse for entertainment."

"I can't leave of course because, uh. Well, I have to be here when you wake up. If I'm not, you'll be all sneaky and do something… all SNEAKY. Which I cannot tolerate."

"So I'm going to stay here until then."

"You know, I totally could take over the world without you here. I just haven't yet"

"Because that would be cheating. I will win either way, and I'm not a cheater. That's it"

"But I still might, so you should wake up soon"

"Your species medical equipment is so obsolete. If we were in an Irken hospital, you'd be fine by now! I tried to get you to my lab where progress would actually have been made, but the nurse said no. Something about 'kidnapping'. How absurd is that! It has been two weeks, this is obviously much longer than a nap!"

"But even if I could, I'd never waste supplies on you!"


"Once again, that awful excuse of a human nurse has said I cannot stay through the night any longer. She said it was 'unhealthy.' She called me your friend! How disgusting! If you were awake, you would have been as revolted as I was!"

"So I may not be here after ten, but after then I'll be back. I have commanded her to call me if I miss anything."

"I will be back"

"On Irk, we were in a battle with the Meekrob. We won of course, but an acquaintance of mine was injured almost similar to you, but less pathetic."

"He laid out for a long time. No one really knew what to do, and no high ranking medic cared enough to do anything"

"He never woke up from that"


The room slowly came into view in a brief moment of calm before Dib shot up from the bed. He looked around, noticing the bright white walls and IV bags stuck in his arm. He glanced at his side, seeing one empty chair. Tch, of course his family didn't even check-in. Typical.

He didn't have much time to be mad about it, as a short nurse walked into the room, seeming surprised to see him.

"You're awake! We almost thought we lost you! Great to see you're alright. We just have to run some vitals, hun." she chirped. "Oh! And I have a call to make"

She hurried out of the room. Meanwhile, Dib recalled a few one-sided conversations.

Though even his family forgot him, it seems someone didn't

The nurse walked in, looking happy, if not a bit concerned.

"It seems you're going to have a visitor, who somehow was already on his way"

She smiled, turning to leave. "You two seem like such good friends"

Dib started to correct her, but stopped.