Chapter 1

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the Galaxy was in chaos. The Jedi Order had fallen at the hands of Darth Sidious by having the clone troopers and his apprentice Darth Vader through Order 66.

But, a few Jedi still remain. One of which, is a young Padawan by the name of Trezac Navo'x. Splitting away from his master, he travelled to a planet on the far reaches of the Outer Rim. A planet filled with the force by which the locals refer to as Magic. A world, known as Xadia.

Thunder rumbled over the kingdom of Katolis, lightning flashing in the sky giving the outline of a vast city with a large palace in the center. Inside said palace, a man with greying brown hair stood by the window watching the storm in an effort to ease his frustrations over the infernal object covered by a tarp just a few feet away. No matter what spell he did, no matter which incantation he cast, the secrets of that infernal mirror would refuse to come to the light.

He watched as lightning spread out across the clouds. It was always amazing to watch the power of the sky. To watch the winds ripple over the earth, for the rain to fall from high above, and for the beautiful and destructive power of lightning to crackle over the darkened skies, spreading out in intricate patterns only visible for a split second.

It really was a pity humans couldn't wield that power without the aid of a primal stone. But that's why they had dark magic, to wield the power the dragons and elves held so tauntingly above their heads for centuries.

Lightning flashed in the sky, nearly blinding the High Mage of Katolis. The glass vibrated at the responding clap of thunder, and he looked out. This storm was likely going to get worse before it got better.

Grey eyes turned back up to the sky to watch for the next bolt and landed on a dull glow coming through the clouds. Frowning, his brows furrowed as he watched it get brighter. That wasn't lightning…what was it?

The answer turned out was a fireball falling from the sky. Eyes widening, a pale hand pressed up against the glass and watched the flaming object crash into the forest just outside of the city. Grabbing his staff, he ran through the halls, skipping up steps of the spiral staircase and slamming his fist on the door, ignoring the surprised exclamations of the guards. "KING HARROW! KING HARROW!"

On the other side of the thick doors, he heard shuffling, and the door opened, revealing a disgruntled man with dark skin, a beard, and long hair tied back in intricate braids. "Viren? Do you know what time it is?" he grumbled looking towards the window. "It's tomorrow."

"I am aware of the time," Viren answered. "But it's an emergency!"

"Did something happen to the boys?" Harrow said.

"They're fine. But something crashed just outside the city, in the forest. It was a large ball of fire. It could be an attack from the elves!"

Harrow rubbed his eyes tiredly. "Are you sure that it's not just a fire caused by the lightning?"

"Yes! It was a fireball that fell through the clouds and into the forest! I swear!" Viren exclaimed. "Have I ever led you wrong?"

King Harrow merely raised an eyebrow.

"Ok, ok, don't answer that!" Viren waved his hands. "Please Harrow, there's something out there. I know it."

The king sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Let me get changed and gather the men."


"Viren," Harrow grumbled swinging up onto his horse, "I swear if you wake me up this early again, I'll execute you."

"Good morning to you too Harrow."

"So…are we going?" Soren called looking only half-awake.

Viren nodded, "Yes, we should get moving. We don't know if this storm is going to get worse."


Kicking their horses into gear, they rode out into the storm towards the pillar of the dark smoke rising up into the storm clouds above. Branches waved wildly in the wind, some occasionally breaking and snapping off onto the muddy ground as the troupe galloped through the darkened woods. The only light came from the burning object ahead and from lightning flashing above, the rains having doused their torches soon after they left.

Slowing their horses to a stop, they ground tied them and carefully pulled out their blades, trying to be as silent as possible in order to not alert whoever, or whatever had crashed in their kingdom. Fortunately, the sounds of the storm covered the rustling they made as they approached the glowing light of the fire. They crouched down in the brush, waiting for the King's orders as they surveyed the situation.

What they saw stunned them.

It was unlike anything they'd ever seen. It looked like a kite children would play with as they ran through the town, but, it was made completely of metal. Bits and pieces were scattered around what used to be a clearing, large craters and flames surrounding the strange objects.

There was a loud crack, making all of them stiffen in alarm as they raised their weapons towards the object. It sounded like glass, like cracking glass.

The troops glanced between each other in confusion. There was no way that was glass…right?

The cracking sound continued and everyone ducked behind their shields as the dome-top of the crashed thing broke apart, sending shards of glass flying around the clearing and implanting themselves in trees, the dirt, and narrowly missing several of the men.

Peering up from behind their shields, they watched with wide eyes as a young, clearly human, man crawled out of the broken dome. There was a cry of pain as he tried to stand up, sliding down the metal hull and collapsing on the ground. He tried to get up, his arms shaking under the strain before he collapsed again.

Harrow emerged from his hiding spot, ignoring his high mage's protests as he knelt down beside the unconscious stranger. Green eyes widened as he took in the appearance of the new arrival. He had brown hair just brushing his chin, pale skin, and a set of red-colored robes; but, what was most noticeable to the King, was the fact he couldn't have been much older than his own son, Callum.

"King Harrow! Back away from him!" Viren demanded grabbing the ruler's arm and yanking him back.

Ripping his arm out of the High Mage's grip, he narrowed his eyes at the dark wizard, "He's a child Viren!"

"I can sense his power, Harrow. He's dangerous!"

"He's injured!"

"We don't know his motives! I say we eliminate the problem here and now!" Viren growled as his eyes flashed.

"For the last time, I am not killing a child, Viren!" Harrow snapped, picking the unconscious boy off the ground. "One of you ride ahead, get the Court Physician."

Nodding, a young guardswoman, swung up onto her horse quickly turning around and riding off as the others moved to help the King onto his horse with the strange boy.


Green eyes slowly opened as they adjusted to the bright lights streaming through the windows. Blinking a few times, they focused on a grey, stone ceiling above. This is so not where he passed out.

Sitting up, he raised an arm squinting against the harsh lights as he took in his surroundings. He was in a bed, wearing a set of silken clothes that had to either be pajamas or very fancy medical clothes. The room itself was fairly bare, his clothes were piled in a corner on a chair by an empty desk, there was a dresser, a nightstand, and a wooden door.

There was a click as something unlocked and the young man sprung to his feet settling into a fighting stance watching as the door began to open. A tall, dark skinned man walked in, wearing ornate clothes and a crown.

Green eyes a few shades darker than his own flickered to the bed, filling with surprise before they shot to him. The man visibly relaxed, a smile settling on his face. "Well, hello there. The doctor wasn't sure when you'd be waking up. That was some accident you had."

The young man watched him warily for a moment before lowering his stance. From what he could tell, the crowned man was being genuine and currently bore him no ill will. Good. The last thing he needed were the Sith finding out where'd he'd gone.

"Allow me to introduce myself: I'm Harrow, King of Katolis. And you might be?"

A king, well that explained the crown. "Trezac Navo'x, Jedi Padawan," he answered.

Harrow smiled widely, "Welcome to Katolis Trezac. Now, as much as I'm sure you want to rest, there are a few questions we have before you can be let to roam around the kingdom."

Trezac rolled his eyes, obviously. Since when were there never questions would he have to answer? "I figured as much," he grumbled crossing his arms defensively. "What do you want?"

"How about we ask each other questions?" Harrow offered taking a chair and casually sitting down leaning his arms on the back. "This way we can get to know each other?"


"Great," the King smiled again. "Now, we found you in a crashed object in the forest, what was that?"

"A ship," Trezac replied, "well, a spaceship. It allows me to travel through the stars, which is how I got here. My turn, where am I?"

"You're in my kingdom, Katolis, but more specifically, you're in my palace. We brought you here after we recovered out from your ship's wreckage," Harrow supplied. "Next question: You said you were a Jedi Padawan. What is that?"

Lifting a hand, Trezac summoned his lightsaber to him from across the room, making the ruler jump as it landed in his palm. He turned it on, letting the blue energy blade glow brightly for a minute before deactivating it. "This is a lightsaber. As Jedi we can wield these and use the force."

"The Force?"

"It's a cosmic energy, that binds everything together," he attempted to explain. Yoda always said it better. "You really don't know what it is? I can sense this planet's full of it."

Harrow nodded, "So you're a type of mage. Yes, magic is quite common here in Katolis. In fact, our own High Mage would be happy to work with you. Now, I believe it's your turn for a question."

"It's not magic, it's the force."

Harrow shrugged, "Perhaps, that's merely our perspectives."

Trezac nodded, he could accept that. Glancing down, he contemplated what to ask next, "You said this place was Katolis? Is it the name of your planet? Do you rule it?"

The King laughed heartily, making the young teen jump slightly in surprise. "No, no. Katolis is merely my kingdom; one of the many in this world. Our world is known as Xadia. My turn: You said you came from space? How is that possible?"

"It's been possible for hundreds of worlds for centuries. I've been to more planets than I ever want to list. That ship your found me in is one of the ways we travel throughout the galaxy between worlds," he explained watching the king warily. "You don't seem very surprised by this?"

King Harrow shrugged, "I've seen plenty of strange things over the years. Rock monsters made of lava, dragons breathing lightning, magic changing inanimate objects into living things; being able to travel beyond the stars seems plausible. Especially considering your ship was unlike anything we've ever seen. Your Jedi civilization must be very advanced."

"It…it was."


Trezac crossed his legs, looking down. "We…we were betrayed. We were fighting a war, against the dark. Jedi, we're peacekeepers, we protect light and represent good. Our enemies, the Sith, were leading a war against us. They…they did something, made our men turn on us, made brother turn on brother. I barely managed to get away. My ship, it was damaged in my escape, and I crashed here."

"Well, you're more than welcome to stay here," Harrow offered. "I'm sure Lord Viren would value your input and skills, and there's kids your own age here. Viren's children, Soren and Claudia, and my own boys Callum and Ezran. They'd all be happy to have a new friend."

"You really don't—"

"I insist, it's no trouble for us. Besides, you might be able to help Callum with his sword skills. I'm not sure Soren is proving to be the right teacher for him. If you don't mind that is?"

"Well…I guess if it means I earn my keep," Trezac agreed with a small smile.


"Callum, Ezran, I'd like you to meet our new guest, Trezac," Harrow smiled introducing the young Padawan to his two sons.

Green eyes flickered over the two boys. The younger one was clearly related to Harrow, they had the same hair, same skin, the only difference was the eye color. The older boy didn't look like either of them, he had green eyes like the king, but that was the only similarity. Perhaps, he was adopted? Or it was a blended family?

"Hi!" the small boy waved holding a…yellow, spotted, lizard thing. "I'm Ezran! This is Bait!"

"I'm Callum. Nice to meet you Trezac."

The Jedi bowed, "Pleasure to meet you both. Thanks for letting me stay here with you."

"It's no problem Trezac," Harrow reassured, patting his shoulder. "Trezac here is a Jedi."

Callum and Ezran looked at each other then back at their father. "What's a Jedi?" a new, slightly condescending voice asked as three more people entered the hall.

"Ah, Lord Viren, I was starting to wonder about you," Harrow greeted inclining his head towards the brunette man with greying hair and a staff. "Trezac," he motioned to the lord, "this is Lord Viren, he's the High Mage of Katolis, and these are his children, Claudia."

"Hi there!" a girl with long black hair and a matching dress with gold accents greeted with a shy wave.

"And Soren, the Captain of my Crownguard."

"Yep, try not to let my brilliance overwhelm you," the blonde said tilting his chin up.

"So anyways," Viren coughed, "What exactly is a Jedi?"

"We're intergalactic peacekeepers that use the force to drive back the dark side," Trezac answered. "The Force is an energy existing throughout the galaxy that binds everything. In fact," he narrowed his eyes, sensing something through the force, "several of you happen to be strong in it."

"The force?" Soren questioned skeptically

"Ah, a special type of magic user," Viren remarked stroking his beard thoughtfully. "I guess that would be expected, Claudia and I are mages. Which explains why your presence is so noticeable."

The young man nodded, "Yes, but it wasn't merely you two I was referring to," he motioned to the two princes, "I can sense it from them as well."

"Cool! We get to learn magic," Callum grinned. "Hopefully I'm better at that than sword fighting!"

Viren stepped forwards, his eyes narrowing. "Perhaps at another time. We should learn more about this magic first. Perhaps you'd be willing to show us?"

Trezac nearly smacked his forehead. The Force wasn't magic! Pulling his lightsaber off his belt, he held it out, using the force to lift it into the air. It began to turn and he took a calming breath, stopping it and positioning it vertically before pressing the button, letting the blue blade flicker to life once again. Seeing he made his point, Trezac dropped it, the blade sheathing and plopping into his hand. "That good enough?"

"That was amazing!" Claudia exclaimed. "How did you do that? What spell was it? You didn't even use any words! What is that thing? Is it a primal stone?"

"A primal what?"

The girl tapped her nose and ran off, leaving all of them confused.

"Uh…" green eyes flickered to the other members of the group, "is that normal?"

Lord Viren sighed loudly, "Unfortunately for her."

"HERE!" Claudia exclaimed returning. She nearly tripped over her dress, wincing as she steadied herself and the blue orb in her hand. Lifting her hand in the air, blue lines began to trail from her fingers and a rune took shape. "Aspiro."

She blew air into the rune and Trezac's jaw dropped as a strong breeze ruffled his hair. "Wow."

"I know right!" Claudia grinned. "This primal stone contains one of the six primal sources inside! A storm captured from the top of Mt. Kalik! See!" She shoved the stone into his hands, and Trezac looked inside, sure enough, there was a storm with clouds, lightning, the whole nine yards. "I can show you a few more spells if you'd like."

"Sure, sounds great."


On the bridge of a ship, a tall dark figure sensed a disturbance in the force. One that he hadn't sensed in some time.

Footsteps came from his right and there was a loud gulp from the sniveling officer next to him. "L-Lord Vader. You have an incoming transmission from the Eleventh Sister and Twelfth Brother."

Whirling around, the Sith Lord ignored the man's yelp as he strode into the hologram room, glaring down at the two bowing figures. "Your report."

/We've managed to kill three escapees hiding on Rhodia/ the female apprentice spoke.

"Good. Because now you two have a new assignment. I have sensed a disturbance in the force. The apprentice of Obi-Wan Kenobi lives. Find him, and end him."

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