"Sendou! ,Sendou!,Sendou!" ? is asking

"5 more minutes" Mc


"What!?,where am I?" Sendou

"I will repeat myself Sendou what will you do if you're in that situation where you are in the Warring States period of Japan" Mark

"Uh, I will run and hide from the conflict" Mc

Classic Sendou always running away,he is always way too shy

The bell rang

"Class dismiss and Sendou, please try to be more assertive and active next time" Mark

"Yes sir" Mc

Sendou began walking home while thinking to what he saw while he was sleeping,but suddenly he got ganged up by three bigger kids

Morikawa and his gang of friends beat Sendou up and stole his Blaster Blade card

Sendou began running after them to shop called Card Capital

"Damnit, I lose again" Morikawa

"Please give my Blaster Blade card back it's special to me" Sendou

"No,as this card was earned via a fight the only you can get it back is by fighting me"?

"Kai, aren't you being a little hard on the new kid"?

"No ,Miwa and if he wants it he just has to fight me and kid you do have a deck right"Kai

"Ah yes, I do "Sendou

"So let's play ,but since you most likely don't 50 card deck cause of this card not being in your deck I'll lend you the card for this fight and can you play vanguard"Kai

"Thank you and I think I can" Sendou

"Hm,just in case you don't remember I will give a refresher to the rules while we play"Kai

"Thank you and that would be very appreciated"Sendou

"First things first pick a starting vanguard a unit that is a grade zero, preferably a unit that does not have a trigger icon on the upper right side of the card, after picking said card we both place them facedown"Kai

"Both players shuffle each other's deck right" Sendou

"No,we each shuffle our own deck then after that we cut the opposing players deck then get our starting hand of 5 cards"Kai

"Ok, I think I'm getting it now so let's start" Sendou

"Stand up The vanguard!"Kai

"Stand up Vanguard" Sendou

Lizard runner, Undeux

Stardust trumpeter

"I'll go first,ride embodiment of armor bahr"Kai

"I'll go, draw I ride wingal and call 2 little sage Marin to rear guard, my right Marron attacks your vanguard,do you guard" Sendou

"No guard,damage check no trigger"Kai

"My vanguard attacks you Vanguard" Sendou

"I guard with dragon dancer,monica[IMG]

Check your drive trigger"Kai

"Drive check ,bringer of good luck,epona


,Place all effects to my vanguard"Sendou

"Damage check, first check no trigger second check no trigger" Kai

"Maron attacks your vanguard"Sendou

"Guard with another Monica"Kai

"End turn"Sendou

"Wow,Sendou is pushing Kai to 3 damage and 3 more he will win the game"Morikawa

"My turn I stand and draw, I ride the vanguard berserk dragon,berserk dragon's skill activate by paying two counter blast I can retire one of your grade 2 or less rearguard unit and I choose Little sage Marron on the right, I call dragon knight,nehalem to rearguard, now my vanguard attacks your vanguard"Kai

"No guard"Sendou

"Time to check the drive trigger,drive. Check dragon dancer, Monica and I get a draw trigger I draw a card and give all the power to nehalem"Kai

"Damage check,weapon dealer govannon[IMG]

I get a draw trigger give all effects to my vanguard and I draw" Sendou

"My nehalem attacks your maron"Kai

"Guard with a wingal" Sendou

"End turn"Kai

"My turn,stand and draw"Sendou

'I can push for 5th or game this turn if I choose to ride blaster blade,but if I do I would waste his skill, nevermind about skill better ride him and call full field so can push even harder' Sendou

"I ride my avatar Blaster Blade[IMG]

Calling two knight of silence,gallatin ,wingal and starlight unicorn to rearguard and starlight's skill I gave 2000 power to my gallatin that is on the left and switch my left side gallatin and Maron places,now battle Gallatin with the boost from starlight attacks your vanguard with a total power of 18,000"Sendou

"No guard,damage check lizard soldier,ganu[IMG]

Stand nehalem and power to my vanguard" Kai

"Blaster blade boosted by wingal attacks your vanguard wingal's skill activate when he is boosting a unit named blaster blade that unit gains an additional 4000 power with a total power of 19,000"Sendou

"Guard with Monica and nehalem intercepts"Kai

"Drive check, bringer of luck,epona and I give all effects to my vanguard"Sendou

"The attack went through and it has a critical so Kai will be taking two damage again and wow the new kid is super lucky in pulling two critical triggers in a row"Miwa

"Damage check, first check no trigger second check Dragon Monk genjo[IMG]

A heal trigger, I recover 1 point of damage and give the power to my vanguard"Kai

"My Gallatin boosted by Maron attacks your Vanguard"Sendou

"Guard with another Monica"Kai

"End turn" Sendou

"My turn, stand and draw , I ride the vanguard dragonic overlord[IMG]

And call two dragon monk, Goku to rearguard and I activate my overlord's skill by paying 3 counter blasts he gains 5000,and now battle dragonic overlord attacks your Gallatin on the right"Kai

"My left Gallatin and epona will guard that"Sendou

"Check the drive trigger, get demonic dragon mage,raksasha


Get critical trigger give all effects to my right Goku and my left attacks your vanguard"Kai

"No guard,damage check govannon get a draw trigger all effects vanguard and I draw"Sendou

"Now my right Goku attacks your vanguard" Kai

"No guard,first check Yggdrasil Maiden,Elaine[IMG]

Get a heal trigger all the power to my vanguard,but sadly I have less damage then you so I can not recover any damage,second check another govannon power to vanguard and I draw"Sendou

"End turn" Kai

"My turn, stand and draw call a Gallatin to rearguard and now battle my right Gallatin boosted by my starlight attacks your vanguard"Sendou

"No guard, damage check Demonic Dragon Madonna,Joka


No trigger"Kai

"I won, I won and thanks for the game ,but I got to go home before my mom gets worried,bye"Sendou

Sendou went home,eat dinner and go to sleep

The next day

"Such a nice dream of me playing some cardfight vanguard,wait why does my voice sound different and why does the room look different"Sendou

Sendou looks around and checks and sees that he is still inside Aichi Sendou's room from yesterday

"Don't panic this most likely me dreaming again"Sendou

Pinches himself he feels the pain

"Ok,this is real don't panic,don't scream take a deep calming breath"Sendou

Takes a deep breath

"Ok, now pros and cons I should list down" Sendou

Checks the drawers,closets and every inch of the room to find he has about 10,000 yen,his card collection is more or less completely compose of royal paladin cards with some cards from the set of bt01 and not even a single royal paladin grade 3 anywhere and generic study tools and now the mental stuff he picks a book and he is able to read,write and speak Japanese which is good but I have little to any knowledge of Aichi Sendou's family life but generic knowledge he knows like math,history and any school subject is good for now

"So the pros a new start in life where one of my favorite hobbies is like the main sport here even better news I'm not in any Yu-Gi-Oh anime cause at least here any world ending stuff happens around the time of highschool and base on my books I'm only in 3rd year middle school so one more year to go ,but no I have to study to go to Misaki's school if I'm going to stick to canon or not which is a con cause studying will be a pain since it's been so long since I use my brain for anything besides playing vanguard and even further bad news my entire card game collection is now lost to me and chance of eating my mom's home cook meals are gone away at least I like eating Japanese so that is a plus and now I should get ready since today is a school day"Sendou

The breakfast was more or less good,but Emi was a bit weirded out that I woke up earlier than her today but no one suspected I'm not Aichi which is a plus,but you know what is a plus is how much money his mom gave me for pocket money which is a whopping 5,000 yen for the week for lunch,yet she still gave a bento(lunch box)

Arrived at school seat at Aichi Sendou's seat and waited for class to start and during the break Morikawa and his friends ask me if I wanted to go to card capital later which I agreed

The classes were okay,but tedious technically I can speak and understand English and Japanese well cause of both my and Aichi Sendou's memories wouldn't it be easy to get a job translating stuff from English to Japanese and vise versa which will be good gains for me so I can have more money to spend on vanguard.

The class ended and me,Morikawa and his friends went to card capital

I went and told the guys that I need to check some packs to buy. I brought my entire savings to spend on cards. I look at the counter to buy some packs

"What do you need"Misaki

"I'm looking for packs where I can get some good royal paladin cards"Sendou

She brought some boxes down,yet I began feeling some sensation telling me to buy those packs. I bought the packs and brought them to a table and opened them.

A pack cost about 150 yen and I have 15,000 so I bought a hundred packs what I got were amazing

The manager is extremely happy at my purchase helping his business,but sadly for some strange reasons I can't find singles here yet maybe those will be available in the future, but my deck change to a more complete build at least for a bt01 royal paladin build and a got enough cards to build a cheap nova and Oracle think tank deck but enough for kagero

I test played my deck with the gang till Kai and Miwa came.

I challenge them again ,but Kai said I should challenge Miwa first which I did.

"Stand up Vanguard" Miwa, Sendou

"Lizard Runner Undeux"Miwa[IMG]

" Bargal" Sendou


" I go first , stand and draw I ride Lake Maiden,Lien


I activate Barcagal's skill and move at the back and activate his skill by resting him I can call flogal


To rearguard ,then I activate my vanguard's skill by resting and discarding a card can draw a new one and I end my turn"Sendou

"Stand and draw I ride embodiment of armor bahr


And i attack your vanguard"Miwa

"No guard" Sendou

"Drive check,no trigger"Miwa

"Damage check I get a govannon which is a draw trigger ,power to vanguard and I can draw" Sendou

"End turn" Miwa

"Stand and draw I ride Knight of silence Gallatin[IMG]

And I call two more of them to rearguard and now battle, my Gallatin on the right attacks your vanguard" Sendou

"No guard,damage check no trigger" Miwa

"My vanguard with a boss from Bargal attacks"Sendou

"No guard"Miwa

"Drive check,Future night,Llew[IMG]

I get a critical trigger,give the critical to my vanguard and the power to my left Gallatin" Sendou

"Damage check,first check no trigger, second check no trigger"Miwa

"My Gallatin boosted by Flogal attacks your vanguard"Sendou

"Guard with Raksasha and Monica"Miwa

"End turn"Sendou

"My turn, stand and draw I ride Dragon Knight, Nehalem


and call a Berserk Dragon to rearguard


and activate his skill and retire your Bargal and now battle Berserk Dragon attacks your vanguard"Miwa

"No guard,damage check ,get a govannon power vanguard and I draw" Sendou

"My Vanguard attacks your vanguard"Miwa

"No guard"Sendou

"Drive check,get Raksasha it's a critical give all effects to my vanguard"Miwa

"Damage check first check ,govannon power vanguard and I draw ,second check another govannon power vanguard and I draw" Sendou

"End turn and damn , Aichi you're getting a good amount of triggers"Miwa

"Yeah thanks,my turn stand and draw I ride my avatar Blaster Blade and activate his skill counter blast two and retire your Berserk Dragon,and I call wingal


To boost my Vanguard and call a startlight



to boost my left Gallatin and using it's skill to give the 2000 power to Blaster Blade and now battle my Gallatin boosted by my flogal attacks your vanguard"Sendou

"Guard with Raksasha"Miwa

"My vanguard attacks your vanguard boosted by wingal and wingal's skill activate giving blaster blade 4000 power with a total 21,000 power at your Vanguard"Sendou

"No Guard"Miwa

"Drive check,get epona a critical trigger, giving critical to my vanguard and power to my standing Gallatin"Sendou

"Damage check, first check no trigger, second check Dragon Dancer, Monica power vanguard and I draw"Miwa

"Gallatin boosted by Starlight unicorn attacks"Sendou

"Guard with genjo"Miwa

"End turn"Sendou

"Stand and draw,I ride Dragon Monk,Goku[IMG]

And call Dragonic overlord and flame of hope,Aermo[IMG]

To rear guard to boost my Vanguard and activate Overlord's skill for him to get 5000 power and now battle my vanguard attacks your vanguard"Miwa

"Perfect Guard using Flash sheild,Iseult


And pay the cost to activate her skill"Sendou

"Drive check, Raksasha all effects to Overlord ,second check draw driver all effects to Overlord and I draw, overlord attacks your Gallatin with a total power of 26,000 power and plus 1 critical"Miwa

"Guard with Future Knight, Llew and Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine" Sendou

"End turn"Miwa

"My turn stand and draw I ride Solitary Knight,Gancelot[IMG]

I activate hi skill and pay 2 counter blast to give himself 5000 power and plus 1 crit and now battle Gallatin boosted by Flogal attack your Vanguard"Sendou

"No guard, damage check ,get Dragon Monk Genjo a heal trigger plus 5000 to my vanguard and recover 1 point of damage"Miwa

"Gancelot boosted by wingal attacks for a total power 20,000"Sendou

"Guard with Raksasha and Monica"Miwa

"Check the drive trigger,first check no trigger, second check Flogal and I get a stand trigger power and stand to my rested Gallatin and now my rested Gallatin attacks the Vanguard"Sendou

"No guard damage check no trigger"Miwa

"I won ,can I fight you now Kai or no"Sendou

"No not yet,but I will fight you when I feel you're ready"Kai

Kai left with Miwa without even fighting or playing anyone which is weird. I went back to fighting everyone till sometime later and went home