I arrived home a bit later ,then usual so both Mom and Emi asked where I have been going as of late like the address since they're worried I might be kidnapped or something ,but either way mom felt glad that I have friends to hang out with.

Dinner ended with everyone knowing where Card Capital is and Emi wanting to see it herself after she hangs with her friends.

Most of stuff I got from the packs are for royals

Like I now have 3 copies of Gancelot and 3 more copies of Blaster Blade and a set of Llew and Barcgal ,but still when will Bt03 come so I can get Margal ,but oh well and base on my memories Bt02 will come around next week or so which will be good since Barcgal is perfect with Soul Saver Dragon,but for now I need to get more grade 3 cards as I only like 7 grade 3 cards with 3 Gancelot and only 1 copy of king of knights Alfred and the rest the weird mega blast guy.

Now grade 2 cards are copy since if just using 4,4,4

Blaster Blade, Gallatin,the 11k attacker guy for grade 1 cards 4 perfect guards and 4 Marrons,4 Liens and 2 wingals and for grade 0 cards Barcgal is my starter and 6,4,4,2 four copies of Llew, Elaine, Govannon and two copies of Epona and Flogal

The rest is only good enough make super budget decks that can be played but not enough to win consistent enough to make it worth reselling.

Better go do my homework before I go to bed

The next day

Mom told us we can get a computer by next week and internet ,(what,we didn't have wifi I didn't even notice it til now ,wow) and breakfast ended with me and Emi going to school.

"Don't forget to buy some meat from the super market after school"Mom


School ended like usual except I have cleaning duty today so I can not go with them to the shop till later

I finish cleaning and went to the shop like usual

Now arrive there I saw Morikawa losing to a kid who said his name is the Great Kamui

"Aichi , you're finally here pls avenge me"Morikawa

"sure,so Kamui you want to play"Sendou


"Stand up Vanguard"

Battle raizer


"I'll let you have the first move since I like making the first attack"Kamui

"Okay, I'll go stand and draw I ride lien and activate bargal's skill and move him back and activate his skill to call a Flogal to rear guard and activate my vanguard's skill to ditch and draw that will end my turn"Sendou

"My move,the great Kamui rides tough boy and activate my battle raizer skill and move him to back and call another though boy to rearguard and now battle my rearguard tough boy attacks you vanguard"Kamui

"No guard, damage check no trigger"Sendou

"My Vanguard attacks your vanguard boosted by Battle Raizer and his ability activates he gives 3000 power to the unit he boosted with a total power of 14,000"Kamui

"No guard"Sendou

"Checking the drive trigger,get a Battle Raizer a stand trigger giving all effects to my rearguard tough boy and he stands" Kamui

"Checking the damage trigger,get Govannon a draw trigger and giving all effect to Govannon and draw"Sendou

"That won't stop my tough boy ,attack his vanguard"Kamui

"No, guard, checking the damage trigger get a govannon power to my vanguard and I draw"Sendou

"At end of my turn Battle Raizer's skill activates at the end of the turn that it boosted it returns to my deck and I shuffle it"Kamui

"My turn, I stand and draw 'darned I don't have a grade two,wait I can still use Barcgal to call a Llew out of my deck and use Llew's skill to superior ride Blaster Blade' I use Barcgal skill by resting him I can Superior call a Flogal or a Future Knight,Llew from deck to a rearguard circle and I superior call Llew and activating his skill by paying 1 counter blaster I can move him,Flogal and Barcgal to the soul to Superior Ride Blaster Blade and activating Blaster Blade's skill by paying two counter blast I retire your rearguard tough boy and call Marron to Rearguard,Now battle my Marron attacks your vanguard"Sendou

"No,guard,damage check no trigger"Kamui

"Blaster Blade attack his vanguard"Sendou

"No guard"Kamui

"Drive check,get Elaine so I heal 1 point of damage and give the power to Blaster Blade"Sendou

"Damage check,no trigger"Kamui

"End turn"Sendou

"My,turn I ride Brutal Jack and call King of Swords , Queen of hearts and another Brutal Jack and activate both my Jack's skill so they can attack this turn and call Dancing announcer Shout to rearguard to boost my Vanguard Brutal Jack and Now Battle, My rear guard Jack attacks your vanguard"Kamui

"No guard, damage check no trigger"Sendou

"My vanguard attacks your vanguard with a boost from shout and Jack's skill activates when he is on the vanguard circle and he is being boosted by another nova grappler unit he gains 5000 power with a grand total of 24,000 power"Kamui

"No guard"Sendou

"Checking the drive trigger,get Shining Lady a critical trigger critical to my Vanguard and power to my king of Swords"Kamui

"Checking the damage trigger first check no trigger second check,get a heal trigger all effects vanguard and I recover 1 point of damage"Sendou

"No problem,my King of Swords attacks you with from the Queen of hearts and the Queen of Hearts skill activates when she boost a unit name King of Swords she can give 4000 more power to that unit with a grand total of 25,000 power"Kamui

"Damage check,no trigger"Sendou

"My turn,I ride the King of Knights Alfred,and activate his skill by paying three counter blast to superior call a Royal paladin unit from my deck I call Knight of silence Gallatin and call Marron to host Gallatin and now Battle Gallatin boosted by Marron attacks your Vanguard"Sendou

"Guard,with Shining Lady who has a shield value of 10,000 so adding that to vanguard of 11,000 I get a total power of 21,000 so the attack is blocked"Kamui

"King of Knights Alfred attacks and his skill activates as long as he is on the vanguard he gains 2000 power for each Royal paladin Rearguard unit have since I have three he gains 6000,so now he has total power of 16,000"Sendou

"No guard"Kamui

"Checking the drive trigger, first check heal trigger give the power to my Marron and recover 1 point of damage, second check get a critical trigger, critical to the vanguard and power to my Marron"Sendou

"Checking the damage trigger first check no trigger second check,get Battle Raizer I give the power to my vanguard and I stand my rearguard Brutal Jack"Kamui

"My Marron attacks King of Swords"Sendou

"No guard,so King of Sword gets retired and send to the drop zone"Kamui

"I end my turn"Sendou

"My Turn I ride Asura Kaiser and call a Mr Invincible to rear guard and now battle Brutal Jack attack your vanguard with power of 11,000 "Kamui

"Guard with Wingal who has a shield power of 5000 so my vanguard will have total power of 15,000 to stop the attack"Sendou

"With a boost from queen of hearts Mr invincible attacks your Vanguard with a total power of 16,000"Kamui

"I guard with Elaine"Sendou

"Asura Kaiser Attacks your Vanguard with power of 11,000"Kamui

"Guard with Epona"Sendou

"Checking the Drive trigger First check a Mr Invincible and Asura Kaiser's skill activates since Mr Invincible is a grade 3 and every time I drive check a grade when my vanguard is a Asrua Kaiser I can stand one of my Rearguard units and I stand Brutal Jack, second check I get Battle Raizer and stand Mr Invincible and give the power to Brutal Jack and Mr Invincible attack his vanguard with power of 10,000"Kamui

"Guard with Govannon"Sendou

"Now Brutal Jack attack his vanguard with total power of 16,000"Kamui

"No guard damage check get Govannon a draw trigger so power to Alfred and I draw"Sendou

"I end my turn"Kamui

"My ...,Ouch!"Sendou

"Aichi it is time to go,Mom says we gotta buy some groceries for dinner did you forget mom told us to but after school"Emi

"oh,yeah,sorry Morikawa and Kamui I gotta go nice playing with you Kamui so bye guys"Sendou

'Sssshe's an angel,but her brother is decent card fighter I almost lost if she didn't tell it's time to buy some groceries' "bye" Kamui

"So Aichi,how was playing your game what was it called again"Emi

"It was nice I pretty close to beating Kamui,and the game is called Cardfight Vanguard and people call Vanguard for short"Sendou

"That's nice,so how do you play"Emi

"I can teach you,after dinner and homework ,if we have any"Sendou

"Sure that would be nice"Emi

We went to the supermarket and bought the meat and thankfully Emi was the one who was carrying the cash for it

"We're home"Sendou

"So did you and Emi bought"Mom


We ate dinner and Mom ask about our day and we told her with me telling her about playings vanguard and making a new friend today and such and Emi saying she will try playing Vanguard too