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I'm Touma Kamijou, a super cool guy with a bad luck streak. Right now I'm in England because my teacher took us there for a field trip, and I got lost, but I met cute nun but she turned out to be a weirdo because apparently she hasn't gone outside the church her whole life, so, it's up to me show her around.

Laynes Cafe

Touma shifts around in his chair uncomfortable while staring at the nun with red eyes that pierced into his soul.

"So, Ummm... tell me about yourself." the nervous boy said.

The nun stares back at him and spoke for a first-time in a while, "My name Index Librorum Prohibitorum, I've lived in the church for all my life and as well I'm the guardian of the 103,000 prohibited grimoires."

Touma gave the nun a weird look, "Um grimoires? As in magical books?"

"Yes, magical books that if used correctly can turned anyone into a MAGICAL GOD."

Touma looks at her soulless eyes and then laughs, "HAHAHAHAHA, Oh man you really got me there for a moment, what a good joke."

Index stares at him while slightly tilting her head, "What is a Joke." the girl asked.

Touma stops laughing, and then looks at her with a deadpan stare, "You're Pulling my leg right? " The boy asked.

"But I'm not pulling on your leg." the nun said innocently.


"What's an expression?" the nun asked the misfortunate boy.

Touma slams his head on the table, "Keep calm, keep calm, she is a neet just like you, have some patience."

But before the boy can say another word the cashier called out his name incorrectly, "Order up for Touman."

"It's TOUMA!" the boy shouted and walks to the cashier to give him a piece of his mind, but then, "Watch out!". Something hot crashed into him, it was steaming hot tea, "I HATE MY LIFE!" Touma shouted.

Author Notes

Well what you think, it's a small portion of what you can expect for Project Index 2019, I've been working hard on the story and character designs and personalities.

This story will tell the Index tale from ground zero and will redefine Touma Kamijou in a new light. The final title of the story will not be released yet but I can tell you when the release date for the prologue and first chapter.

Release Date - 12/30