Harry Potter and The Hogwarts Guardians

Summary: Harry Potter is placed at the Dursley's place when he was a baby! But what Dumbledore Doesn't know that there is someone waiting in the shadows.

A Harry Potter and Rambo Crossover! Parings to be decided.

Chapter 1 The Beginning

October 31st 1981 was a dark night when the Potter family was attacked by the Dark Lord Voldemort. The only Survivor was their son 15 month old Harry Potter. He was found by Hagrid and was taken to his only living relatives the Dursleys. He was met there by Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall and was placed on the Doorstep of the Dursleys. After they left someone came out of the shadows and picked up baby Harry and read the letter to the Dursley's about the death of the Potters and how they were to take care of their nephew. The man's name was John Rambo as he looked down at the baby he had seen a LightningBolte shaped scar that was radiating something he couldn't tell what? But he could tell that it wasn't right. Rambo said to the bundle in his arms "I will take care of you and train you to be a fighter and to take no shit from anyone!" Rambo walks away and heads to the Airport to catch the next flight back to Arizona.