Chapter 4 Gringotts and Making a new friend

The Day after Professor McGonagall visited they made plans to leave for England early the next day. John called the Airport to see about getting three tickets to London England. After he made the call he turned to the room at large and said, "Our plane leaves at 6:00 A.M. in the morning. I got us first class tickets." Harry and Sam replied, "Okay Dad/John." Rambo went to the kitchen to make lunch. John made a light lunch of sandwiches and chips with a soda for Harry and beers for Sam and himself. After lunch was made he took them out to the patio and set them onto the table that was out there. He called for Harry who was out on the range shooting his gun and bow. "Harry, time for lunch." just as Sam walked out of the house. Harry called back "Okay Dad. Be right there!" Harry propped his bow against the fence and ran up to the patio to sit down for lunch. As they were eating Harry asked, "So what all are we going to be doing for the rest of the day?" After taking a bite of his sandwich. "Well we are going to get things packed and get you a weapons permit for both countries. Sam and I will be doing that as well. We will also be going back to the training grounds to continue with your training. After that, we will come back home to have a large supper." "Okay Dad I will be ready to get everything ready to leave tomorrow." Harry replied. Sam chimed in, "I will do the same John." "Okay lets finish eating and get everything ready for tomorrow."
After they were done eating they packed everything that they needed for their trip to England. When they were all packed, Sam had gotten back from his place with his bags packed and put into the living room. They went to the training grounds to have Harry run the course again. Once they had gotten to the training coarse with timer in hand, John had Harry run the coarse again. Once Harry had gotten back to the starting point John looked at the Stopwatch and said, " Your time was 10 Minutes, 5 min. and 30 Sec. faster then before. Great job Harry." His dad said. "Great job Harry!" Sam said." "Thanks Dad and Sam." Harry replied smiling. "If you keep on with your training while your at school, you might be able to cut down your time even more." John said. "Okay Dad" as he gives him a hug his Dad returns the hug and says, " I'm so proud of you son. Love you!" "Thanks Dad. Love you too!" John turns to Sam, "Lets get back home and get some sleep. We have a long trip ahead of us!" Sam replies, "Okay John see you tomorrow." As he left for his home and supper.

As they drove home Rambo asked, "So what would you like for supper son?" "Well Dad I think ribs and mashed Potatoes with gravy sounds great right about now." As his stomach rumbled loudly! Rambo laughed out loud. "Okay son that sounds extremely good to me!" When they pulled into the driveway, they headed into the house. Rambo went to the kitchen to get supper ready. Harry followed him to help out with making supper. Rambo pulled out the ribs as Harry got out the potatoes and started pealing and cutting them while putting them into a pot of water, John was putting seasoning onto the ribs. He asked, "So are you ready for this Harry?" Harry thought about his answer and replied, "Yeah Dad I hope that I make some new friends at this school." "I hope so too son." His Dad replied, as he continued making the ribs. After putting the ribs into the oven to bake, he waited for Harry to get done with the potatoes. After he was done, Harry had put the potatoes onto the stove to wait until the ribs were half way done he would turn on the stove to let the Potatoes boil. His dad would make his home made gravy for the potatoes in a different pot while the potatoes were boiling. After everything was done they started eating. Rambo told his son, " I think we should head off to bed early. We have to be up at 4:00 A.M. in the morning so that we have time to get ready to go to the Airport to get through security and to get our bags on board. Before that we will be stopping by a place I know to get your weapons permit and to get clearance to carry our guns on board the plane." "Okay dad,." his son replied. After they were done eating they did the dishes and watched a little TV before heading off to bed.

Early the next morning Rambo and Harry's Alarms went off and they had taken their showers and got dressed. Just as they were coming down stairs They heard knocking on the front door, John went to answer the door as Harry went to the kitchen. Just as Harry was just pulling out some cereal for breakfast his Dad and Sam walked into the kitchen. "Good morning Harry." Sam said. Harry looked over and said, "Good Morning Sir. I hope that you slept well?" "Yes I did Harry how about you?" Sam replied. "I had slept alright!" "Harry," Rambo said we will be eating on our way to the Airport." "Okay Dad." His son replied. They loaded up the car and drove to the place where Harry had gotten his weapons permit and Rambo had told Sam about seeing if they could get clearance to carry their weapons on board the plane. "I will see what I can do John." Sam replied. As he had pulled out his cell phone to call the airport to see if they could have the Clearance to carry their weapons onto the plane. Harry's Bow and Arrows were in their carrying case along with his gun and cleaning kit that were in his bag that would be going onto the plane. He also had a carry on bag that had some audio books that he could listen too while he was on the flight to England. After Sam got off of the phone he had told John that they had the clearance to carry their weapons on board the plane, and that he had also told them that Harry had his weapons in his bag that would be going into the plane they had said that would be alright just as long as they weren't on the plane with him. Rambo replied, "That's good Sam I just hope that we won't have problems once we get to England." They stopped by Burger King to get Breakfast. They'd eat on their way to the Airport. When they got there John parked the car and went inside to go through security. They had their bags checked and were told they had clearance to carry their weapons onto the plane. They made it to their terminal on time and had their tickets checked and they were aloud to board the plane.

Once on the plane they had found their seats and had gotten comfortable after putting their carry on bags in the over head compartments. John turned to Harry and said "Harry are you ready for this?" "Yes dad." Harry replied. After a while the flight attendant had given them all of the safety rules the plane had left the terminal and after going down a runway the plane had taken off to England.

After awhile Harry had pulled out his audio books and started listening to First Blood a new book that he bought. Harry gaped with his eyes wide open. "Dad have you ever met a policeman named Teasle?" His Dad blinked. "How did you find out about Teasle?" He asked? "I am listening to an audio book called First Blood." Harry replied." Sam looked at John as Rambo looked at his son. "Well that was along time ago Harry. I'm not proud of what I did! I had suffered from P.T.S.D. and they wouldn't just leave me be or let me get something to eat. They just had kept on pushing me until I had enough!" "so all of the books that were written are true?" "Yes they are son." "Wow dad. That must have been hard for you?" "Yes it was son." "I'm sorry dad. I didn't mean to bring up bad memories!" " Your alright son. That was in the past." "Okay dad." He leaned over to give his Dad a hug. His Dad returned the hug. "Love you son." Rambo said. "I love you too Dad." Harry replied back. "Let me know if you have any questions." John said. "Okay dad I will."

Harry had listened to all 3 books, asking his Dad questions along the way. By the time they had landed at Heathrow Airport, Harry had finished all 3 books. Harry was amazed at all of the things that his Dad had done and he was proud of his Dad for surviving all of his hardships and for being strong after all of that. Once they landed they got off of the plane and went to customs to have their passports stamped and to exchange their money for pounds and then to get their bags. Once they were done they went to find a rent a car and to find a hotel to stay at. They had found a hotel on Charing Cross Rd. Once they were checked into their rooms they went to find something to eat. They had gotten back into the car and went looking. As they were driving Harry had seen something. "Hey Dad I think I have found the Leaky Cauldron." Both Sam and John looked to where Harry was pointing "I don't see anything Harry." John replied. "Here let me try something." Harry had put his hand onto his Dad's shoulder and Rambo had looked again. "Holy shit! Now I see it Harry." John replied. "Well lets go see what this pub is all about." Sam said. "Okay I agree." John replied. They parked in front of the pub and went inside. Once inside they were greeted by an old man he had said that his name was Tom. "Professor McGonagall had told us about you." Harry said suddenly. "Oh did she?" Tom replied. "Yeah. She had said once we got here to look for this place and to look for a barkeeper named Tom." Rambo said. "Well you had found my bar. How can I help you?" Rambo replied, "We need to find Diagon Allie Rambo replied. "Well let me show you." Tom said. Tom took them out to the back and shown them a brick wall and tapped a series of bricks with his wand and then the gateway to Diagon Allie had open up. "Holy shit!" Rambo Whispered. Harry and Sam agreed. "Well let me show you guys around and then I must be getting back to my pub." "Okay." Rambo and the other's said. Tom showed them where to get all of their things for Harry's first year and he had taken them to the bank. "Here's where I will leave you just go through those doors and you will be in the bank." Tom said. "Okay thank you Tom for all of your help". Harry had said. "Your welcome." Tom replied. Then he left to go back to his bar. "Harry, his Dad and Sam had entered the bank and had looked around for a little bit at all of the creatures at the desks counting out what looked like Gold,Copper, and Silver. They walked up to one of the desks and waited in line for the next Teller. when They were at the desk Harry said. "Excuse me sir, where could I find Ragknock?" The Goblin looked down at him and replied "Who might you be?" "I am Harry James Potter/Rambo." Harry replied. The eyes of the goblin had went wide and said, "Excuse me sir, may i have a drop of your blood to show me that you are the person you say that you are?" "Yes sir." Harry replied. the goblin had pulled out a dagger and a peace of parchment and handed Harry the Dagger. he took the dagger and pricked his finger and let a drop of blood fall onto the Parchment. The drop of blood soaked into the parchment and Harry's full name had shown up. "Well Mr. Potter. You are who you had said you were." "What do we do now sir?" Rambo replied? The goblin looked at John and said, "now I will be taking you to Ragnock your bank manager." the goblin said. "Thanks Ironfist." Rambo said. after looking at the goblin's nameplate." Ironfist took them through the bank down a bunch of confusing hallways and then to a door with a nameplate on it Ragnock manager for the Most Ancient and Most Noble house of Potter Ironfist knocked on the door."Come in." A gravelly voice said. Ironfist opened the door and said, "Ragnock Mr. Potter here to see you." Ironfist said. "Send him in Ironfist." Ragnock replied.

Harry, his Dad, and Sam entered the room. "Welcome Mr. Potter." Ragnock said. "What may Gringotts do for you today?" Well sir, I would like to know if my parents had left me a Will?" " Yes they did Mr. Potter." Ragnock replied, as he wrote on a peace of parchment. A few minutes later another goblin had shown up with a large folder and then left. Ragnock opened the file and said, "Your family has been apart of this bank since before the founding of Hogwarts and are quite wealthy. They were the first to start the Ministry of Magic and to be on the Wizengamot." he said. Ragnock pulled out a peace of parchment and read:

Last Will and testament of Lord James and Lady Lilly Potter nee Evans be of sound mind and body leave the following to Sirius Black Harry's godfather we leave you 1,000,000 galleons and custody of Harry Potter, To Remus lupin we leave you 1,000,000 galleons and a house for your furry little problem and to get some clothes, To Peter Pettagrew we leave you nothing as we know that you were our secret keeper and that Sirius wasn't , under no circumstances is our son to be put with Lilly's muggle relatives the Dursleys as they despise anything magical and probably would abuse him. and we leave the rest of our family fortune to our son Harry and on his 11th birthday he is to be Lord Potter and to be emancipated. witnessed by Albus Dumbledore.

Once Ragnock was done reading he pulled out a ring box and opened it to show a ring, with a Gryffin and a phoenix on a red and gold background with the words on it always protectors. Harry picked up the ring and put it on as he did the ring scanned him from head too toe. All of a sudden Harry screamed as something dark and black came from his scar and disappeared. "What the fuck was that?" John yelled. "I'm not for sure." Ragnock replied. "I'll have to take a guess that Mr. Potter had a Horcrux attached to his Scar and when he had put on the ring and it had scanned him it had found that abomination in his scar. We will have to find out if there are anymore of these dark objects in the bank or anywhere else." Ragnock said with Anger in his voice. "What about my Godfather?" Harry asked. "Your godfather is in Azkaban he was put there without a trial." Ragnock replied. "Well is there away to get him one?" Rambo asked. "oh sorry My name is John Rambo I am Harry's father and this is my friend Samuel Trautman." "That's alright Mr. Rambo. We will be able to get him a trial. We will just have to show them the Potter's last will and Testament." "How fast can this be done?" Harry asked. "Well it will take time to get everything said and done." Ragnock replied. "Okay Thanks Ragnock." Harry said. " Your welcome Mr. Potter. Now lets finish up. Here's a credit card linked to your vaults. Is there anything else I can do for you Mr. Potter?" "Yes there is Ragnock. Is there a Gringotts in the USA Because that's where I'm from?" "Which part?" Ragnock asked. "We live in Bowie Arizona." Rambo replied. Ragnock said, "Yes there is one right in Bowie as a matter a fact!" "Oh nice we won't have to go far to get money from my vault." Harry replied. "Rambo thought of another question. "Does Harry have any houses ?" Ragnock looked. "Yes he does he has one here in Diagon Allie, a ranch in Arizona, and a bunch of other houses all over the world." Ragnock replied. "Is there away where we can get the keys to these places?" Rambo asked. "Sure Mr. Rambo." As Ragnock had gotten all of the keys for all of Harry's places. "Now is that everything?" Ragnock asked? "Yep it should be Ragnock." Harry replied. "Thanks for all of your help!" "You're welcome Mr. Potter." Ragnock replied. Ragnock led them out of the bank and they went on their way back to their hotel to get something to eat. They had went back to the leaky Cauldron and back to their car. Once they were done eating they had Thanked Tom for the meal and for showing them the Allie and that they would be back tomorrow to do their shopping and then they went back to their hotel to get some sleep.

The next morning they all woke up. They each had taken a shower after getting dressed they had gotten breakfast to go and went back to the Leaky Cauldron to do their shopping. They asked Tom to see if he was available to open the wall for them. After thanking Tom they started their shopping. First Harry had gotten his robes. They saw two shops that sell robes. They went to Twillfit and Tatens to see what they could find. They entered the shop the store owner saw them and said, "Welcome to my shop. How may i help you today?" "I am here for my school robes for Hogwarts." Harry replied. "Well you had came to the right place I only sell the best robes lets get your size then young man." After getting his robes in Acromantula silck and basilisk skin they were fine robes Harry had gotten all of his robes there for everything that he needed. Harry's eyes went wide at the price that he had spent but he figured that it was worth it. His Dad and Sam agreed that it was since he was a Lord in this world after asking some questions they had found out that the Snake skin could withstand any spell they were amazed. Rambo had pulled the store owner aside and asked if he could make a full set of body armor that could cover his son from head to toe? The man had said that he could for a price. Rambo had agreed. After getting their robes they had went to Flourish and Blots to get his books. As they entered someone had ran into Harry. Books went flying everywhere "I'm sorry." said the girl. "It's alright." Harry said. as he helped the girl to her feet and helped her to pick up the books. "My name is Hermione Grangerthis is my first time in the Wizarding world." "Nice to meet you Hermione My name is Harry Potter/Rambo and it is my first time in this world as well." As they were talking a man and woman walked up behind Hermione. "Hermione you should watch where you are going." The man said. "I know Daddy. I had ran into Harry Potter/Rambo and he had helped me pick up the books." "Nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Granger. This is my Dad John Rambo and our friend Lt. Colonel Samuel Trautman." The adults had shook hands as they introduced them selves as Major Wade Granger and Lt. Bonnie Granger. "Nice to meet you." Rambo and Sam said. "Would you like to stick together since we are both new to this world?" Rambo asked. "Sure. We just have to finish up getting the rest of Hermione's books and then we can get the rest of the stuff together." He replied. Hermione helped Harry get all of his books and then some Harry loved reading so he didn't mind. As they were looking Harry had seen the Harry Potter adventure books and stopped. He frowned at the books and then went to the store owner and said. "Why are there books about me? I have never done any of those things in those books. I would like those books to be stopped and anything else that is being written or made without my permission!" The store owner looked at Harry in shock. "Y-Yes Mr. Potter." as he went to do just that! Harry went to find Hermione and he told her about it. She had looked at Harry in shock and showed him the books that she had found. Harry looked through the books and said "all of this stuff is wrong. I don't even remember how my parents were killed and I was the only survivor of that night." Hermione looked pissed now and she returned the books that were about Harry Potter. "I know I love books and reading but putting stuff in a book that isn't true isn't right." she said. "Well I have all of my books as well as some extra books from all of the other years for Hogwarts." Harry said. "Really Harry?" Hermione said. "Yep it beats coming back here for the other books. I had grabbed all of the books for Runes, Arithmency, and Care of Magical Creatures as well." "Well lets get all of our books paid for and then we can continue on our way to get the rest of our things." Hermione said.

They met Hermione's parents, Rambo and Sam at the front of the store. "Lets go and get something to eat and then we can get the rest of your guy's things." Rambo said. They went back to the Leaky Cauldron for lunch and then they went to finish up their shopping. They first stopped at EyeLops Owl Emporium to find an Owl for Harry. Harry had seen a Snowy White Owl that he had fell in love with right away. She flew over to him and rubbed her head against his. "I think I will call you HeadWig." as he walked over to the counter to pay for her the person had given him a cage and some owl treats and they were on their way. Hermione had found a black kitten with emerald green eyes that she had fell in love with right away. She had gotten all of the things that she had needed for her new kitten and then she too left the shop. After that they went to Olavenders to get their wands. Once they entered the shop they had got a creepy feeling of being watched. "Um Hello?" Wade Granger said. Then a man came from no ware and they jumped."Well, well, isn't it Harry Potter. I have been waiting for you." Harry and his Dad looked at each other and had the same thought. "Is this guy insane?" "Well lets get started then." Olavender said. "Ladies first." Hermione walked up to the counter and Olavender asked her which was her wand arm and she had said that it was her right one. Soon Olivender was pulling out wands left, right, and center and setting them onto the counter he then handed her a wand. and said "Well then give it a wave." He said. so she did and nothing happened. So he snatched it from her hand. and he had given her another wand and she had given that one a wave and then a loud bang came from it Olivender had quickly taken the wand from her, and handed her another Wand and as soon as her hand touched it a bright light surrounded her and Olavender said, "That's great a perfect match." Hermione beamed as she stepped away from the counter. "Your next. He did the process all over again this time it had taken longer for Harry to pick out his wand. But it seemed that Olavender was getting more and more excited as they went on. Olavender stopped and said, "I wonder." And then he went into the back and came out with another wand and gave it to Harry and again nothing Olavender frowned . "Well then Mr. Potter that was my last wand in stock so I guess that we are going to make you a new wand." "Really?" Harry asked. "Yep Mr. Potter lets go to the back." Olavender had taken them all to the back of his shop and laied out some different woods and cores and had Harry feel with his magic to each wood or core matched with him. finally harry's magic had found a wood and core. Olavender was shocked that Mr. Potter had picked out the oldest wood and core that he had in his shop. Olavender said, "Well Mr. Potter this wood is from a Elder tree and the core is from a Thunder bird. Your wand will be ready in a few hours." "Okay Mr. Olavender." Harry replied. "We'll be back in a few hours." Rambo, Sam, and Harry left the store with the grangetrs. They went to get their Cauldrons and Potion ingredients. After that they looked around for and gotten a few other things on their lists.

Two hours later they went back to Olavenders to pick up Harry's Wand. Once they got there Olavender said, "Well Mr. Potter this wand is going to be powerful." He then handed Harry his finished wand. once Harry's fingers wrapped around the hilt of his wand a blinding white light surrounded him and Olavender clapped. "A perfect match Mr. Potter." "How much will this wand cost Mr. Olavender?" Harry asked. "Since it was made it will be 100 galleons." Harry paid him and then thanked him. Soon they were back out of the shop. "well this has been a long day Rambo said." "How would you like to have supper at our place John?" asked Wade. "That would be great Mr. Granger." Rambo said. "Please call me Wade." he replied. "Okay." Rambo said. "Please call me John." "Will do John." Wade smiled. "Lets head out then." Bonnie said. As they headed through the Leakey Cauldron and back to their cars. Once they had gotten to the Granger's place Wade and Bonnie had made a large BBQ with burgers and hot dogs. After a while and filling them selves with food they had relaxed for a few hours getting to know each other. Rambo looked over at Harry and seen him snuggled up with Hermione asleep. "Well we had better head back to our hotel. Thanks for having us over for supper. I hope that we can do this again." "Your welcome John." Wade replied. We are glad too get to know you and Harry! Rambo picked up his son and he and Sam headed out to their car and drove back to the Hotel. Once they were back at the hotel they went to bed.