Chucky's POV

"I miss you too, Andy."

Those were the first words I said in a long time in that dark room, with all the other Buddi dolls around me. Despite me being far from Andy's home, I heard everything that happened that day. All the yelling, the crying, all of it. I guess I should explain how exactly I got here, after Andy's mom and that cop destroyed what they thought was me, was taken by the paramedics, and Andy left with what was once a harmless doll, that he happened to mistake for a doll he saw earlier, I made my escape. That's right, that was me. And well, to make a long story short, when Buddi's where re-called, they thought I wasn't the doll that started everything. For 6 long months, I've been sitting in that little box, waiting for the right moment to escape and plot my revenge.

At least, I was plotting my revenge, but when I heard what was going on with Andy, my previous thoughts, were gone. I suddenly felt strength I've never felt in my existence, and before I knew it, I was out of that box and on the floor. I looked around my surroundings, and I was confused. I didn't know where I was, all I knew was that I wasn't in Zed-Mart anymore, I wasn't even sure if I was in the same city. I walked down the hallway in the mysterious building, looking around. Everything looked so, industrial. There were pipes, smoke, puddles of filthy water, echo's of yelling, and little to no lights. For the first time ever, I felt genuine, human fear. But I knew I had to keep going.

After a minute, I finally made it to a corner, and led to my right. What I saw, while normal where I was, would look like a living nightmare in America. In the room were hundreds of tables with computers, unfinished versions of me, and Koreans at each of them. Almost 30% of them looked like they were younger than Andy. I ran away, not wanting to see that horrible site for any longer. I found a door with an exit sign above it, and I escaped that retched place. I saw sky scrapers with Korean letters on it, and homeless people in dark corners and alleys. I couldn't believe this place, it was horrible. It almost looked like Zed-Mart during, well, my little parade. Only then was when the realization of what I'd done hit me.

My soul reason for existence was to make Andy happy, to be his best friend, to never let him go. That's why I killed all the people who made him unhappy, I wanted to show him how much I'd do for him. And then, I tried to kill everyone else to keep him to myself, but that wouldn't make him happier, if anything, it would just make him even more unhappy. That cop's mom didn't even do anything wrong to him, I only killed her because of my dumbass jealousy. How was I supposed to know anyone in that store did anything bad to Andy? The answer is simple, they didn't, none of them. To say I felt a wave of guilt would be an understatement. I sat down on the steps I was standing on, my head down in pure shame. If I had the ability to cry, I would've at that exact moment.

After a while, I heard a large truck a few feet away, I looked up to see that it was a Kaslum truck. I could hear two people at near it, talking while one was walking towards it. Now, I may not speak any Korean, but I was able to somewhat understand what they were saying, I was created here after all. What I could comprehend from what they were saying was that in the truck was filled with Kaslum products and was heading to the Korea harbor to be sent to America. I knew what I had to do, I had to get back to Andy and make things right, or at the very least try. Before the doors at the back of the on the truck closed, I ran into it as fast as I could and I made it.

I was bathed in darkness again, but I didn't care. After what I think was half an hour, I reached my destination. I followed who was taking the boxes from the truck to the boat without being scene. The things were being kept in a where-house like room near the back of the boat, and I hid there, knowing my little adventure back to America had only just begun.