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When the Aoyamas arrived at Pallet Town, they made a simple beeline towards Professor Oak's laboratory. The new equipment he needed would guarantee more successful results in his continuous research. After parking their car near the lab, Kisa Aoyama disembarked first. Oliver was the next to hop out before pulling a box out of the trunk. Their daughter, Leaf, searched the car for her messenger bag before she climbed out, placing the strap of her messenger bag over her shoulder.

Leaf took a moment to scan her surroundings, staring in awe as the laboratory stood in the middle of such a small town. If they were lucky, maybe the people of Pallet Town would accept her and her family with open arms unlike the people back in Viridian City. A Squirtle jumped out of the car and skittered towards Leaf, standing on its hind legs. She made a brief glance at the water Pokémon and smiled at it while her dad strolled to the front door.

"Enjoying the fresh air?" Leaf chirped.

"Squirtle!" the Squirtle chirruped happily.

The Professor had been working in his lab for the most part of the morning, typing the notes he gathered on Pokémon into his computer to save and load them into this portable encyclopedia device he spent so many years designing. The memory card of the aptly named Pokédex couldn't hold as many data files as he wished, so he had to add only the basics about Pokémon as the appearance, the size, the weigh, the cry and a little description on their behavior or origins. Hopefully with time, he'd be able to include a much bigger memory card to hold much more data.

"Gramps! Gramps!" a voice called for him as a little boy, about eleven years old appeared at the door. "there is a car coming up here."

"Oh, it must be the Aoyamas," Samuel Oak merely said without looking away from his computer, "I told you we were expecting their visit this morning, Gary."

"Yeah, but you didn't tell me what their business here was," the preteen boy stated, crossing his arms over his chest.

In reply, the professor of Pokémon, as Samuel Oak was called at time, sighed.

"I didn't know I had to justify myself to you, my grandson," he said, finally looking up to stare at his grandson who recoiled a bit, "if you so want to know, I met Kisa Aoyama when she was still studying psychology at the university of Celadon City where I taught for some years. And now, she is coming here to bring me some important equipment that I require. Is your curiosity satisfied?"

"Yes…thank you, Gramps," Gary sheepishly replied.

As he was about to go on his way…most likely in the garden when the Professor kept the Pokémon he had gathered from the time he was a trainer, his grandfather's voice stopped him in his tracks.

"I believe they are bringing their daughter along. It'd be nice if you could be nice and show her around while I talk with her parents," Samuel asked Gary, leaving his computer on standby and, going to leave his laboratory, standing right in front of his grandson.

This made Gary grimace.

"Come on, Gramps…I am no kid's babysitter!" Gary complained.

"Good thing she's not a kid anymore," he thought for a bit, "if I am not mistaken, she should be around your age. Who knows? Perhaps the both of you could get along nicely."

Professor Oak started making his way to the front door.

"Pfft," Gary simply glanced away with a scoff.

This made his grandfather smile when he looked back at his grandson.

"It'd be best for you if you could get down your pedestal and be nice to others," Samuel sternly advised.

"Fine," Gary reluctantly said.

"Mr. Aoyama! Kisa!" Samuel greeted his guests with a bright and wide smile, holding out his hand to Kisa's, "I am so pleased to see you. I hope the travel went well."

Kisa grasped the professor's hand and shook it.

"Of course," she agreed, "the travel went smoothly."

Gary blinked twice as he noticed Leaf slowly swayed her torso from side to side. Squirtle stared at the professor's grandson as it hid behind her leg.

"Feel free to come inside," Professor Oak offered.

"Thank you," Kisa nodded with a smile.

"How long it had been since I saw you?" the Professor asked, "here, let me take this."

He took the box out of Oliver's hands and gesturing them to the living room sofa to indicate they could come in while he placed the precious box on the dinner table.

"Pray, sit down, make yourself at home," he added, pointing at the sofas.

In front of them were cookies, tea and coffee ready for the guests.

"I believe it has been fifteen years?" he suggested, "you were quite a bright young lady, if I had to believe your psychology teacher. Oh, here is my grandson, Gary."

He just had spotted the red haired preteen who has thought he could escape to the garden.

"Won't you say hello to our guest?"

Gary rolled his eyes though still went to greet Mr. and Mrs. Aoyama and just waved at Leaf.

"Don't mind him. He's not the best at manners," Samuel sighed with a frown to his grandson, "yet I am sure he'll be delighted to show the various Pokémon species that we have around here, won't you, Gary?"

"Fine," Gary grumbled.

While Professor Oak went back to his conversation with the parents, Gary gave Leaf a brief awkward glance.

"Well," Gary offered, "want me to show you the way?"

Leaf nodded sheepishly before she lifted her Squirtle into her arms.

"That…would be great," she answered.

Gary sighed before he led Leaf out of the living room. He didn't wait for her nor made sure she was following him. He just crossed the corridor, opened the back door and walked out onto the vast backyard. Beyond the fence of the backyard led to a grassy field which spread as far as the eye could see. Only a dark green line…the rim of Viridian forest on the horizon stopped the field.

The weather was just fine. Not as fine as it had been when Gary was still in Johto, but still, not as bad. The same sun cast its strong and warm rays on him, the few white clouds occupying the sky as a flock of Mareeps, a soft breeze, just enough to cool the atmosphere. Everything screamed of peace and heaven in that remote place, much to Gary's dismay when he compared his life here with what it had been back in Goldenrod City.

The only good thing here was that he could be in contact with Pokémon much more than he had been back in Johto. The downside was that he still didn't have his own Pokémon. And now, his grandfather had asked him to stick with a girl that already had hers. Speak about justice…

He emitted a low whistle and a tall Charizard, growling loudly from up in the sky, flew down towards the preteen boy. That would impress Leaf and show her place, Gary thought with a smirk.

"Oh?" Leaf warbled, "that's so cool!"

Gary shrugged before shifting his gaze towards her Squirtle.

"Yeah," Gary agreed, "he sure is huge compared to that little Squirtle of yours."

Gary started scratching his grandfather's Charizard's rough scales. The big dragonlike Pokémon, though it wasn't part of the dragon type category, seemed to be enjoying the human's touch. He didn't pay attention as Leaf started wandering around the fenced-in garden, her Squirtle chirping as they admired a few Nidorans playing with a ball in the yard.

"Not that I care," Gary added, "I am just surprised your parents let you have a Pokémon. You don't seem the kind of kid to be able to handle it."

Leaf froze in her tracks and grimaced as she lowered her head. That familiar phrase she heard from before stirred something painful she didn't want to relive through.

"What'd I say?" Gary blurted.

Leaf turned for the back door.

"Squirtle?" her Squirtle gave a confused chirp.

"I'd," Leaf muttered, "I'd better head back inside."

Gary gave Leaf a confused stare as she stepped back into the house and made her way back to the living room. She started searching for a place to sit when Professor Oak tilted his head towards her.


Leaf allowed her Squirtle to jump out of her arms and land onto a sofa cushion.

"It's been a month since the graduation ceremony, hasn't it?" Professor Oak mentioned, "how are you coming along as a trainer?"

Without warning, Leaf and her parents went silent. The young girl hugged her arms to her chest as hateful words from her peers back in Viridian City echoed in her mind. She kept her expression as stoic as she could despite her chest tightening slightly, not wanting to cry in front of everyone.

"I…got disqualified," Leaf admitted, lowering her head as to avoid the Professor's eyes.

Professor Oak stared in disbelief.

"What?" Professor Oak exclaimed, "how come?! You passed the Trainer's Exam, didn't you?"

Kisa let out a frustrated sigh.

"True. We were looking forward to the day Leaf would become a Pokémon trainer," she elaborated.

Leaf's mom reached for a portfolio in his messenger bag and pulled out a rejection letter. She offered it to Oak, allowing him to read it.

"It's just," Oliver added, softly flapping his hand, "no matter how much we try to reason with Mr. Gibson, he just won't budge."

Professor Oak continued to read it for a minute or so before he let out an exasperated sigh.

"It's such a shame," Oak commented, "he doesn't seem to realize his word isn't absolute, not even above the law."

Professor Oak stood from a couch and stepped over to his computer and scrolled to a database. It didn't take much long before he found a digital copy of the trainer's license with Leaf's name on it.

Though, the professor didn't print the trainer's license. On the letter, he took note of the signature of Leaf's teacher, Mr. Gibson. Samuel faintly remembered him as a stuck-up sort of person, always proud of himself and his questionable researches. From the few times they had exchanged word during some scientific symposium had written that, even though Leaf did show some abilities with Pokémon, when it came to human relationships, she was unable to make any friends. He went on describing how Leaf always stood aside, seldom to never talking to anyone. Even in class, she struggled to participate especially when it came to group activity, or even raise her hand to ask questions or answer some.

The professor frowned. Nothing of it showed that Leaf wasn't an able trainer, especially considering that her Squirtle seemed to be doing just fine. After all, social activities weren't for everyone. On the other hand, even though Professor Oak was ready to print Leaf's trainer license, he knew he himself wasn't above the law either. Though, he had an idea which could solve the problem. Maybe. And that was, only if her parents agreed to it.

He left the computer and went back to the couch.

"I can't bypass Leaf's teacher decision," he told his former student and her husband, bringing up a sigh from them.

He could see he disappointed them.

"You have to understand, even though I am a quite well-known Pokémon specialist, I haven't been Leaf's teacher. I hardly know her. Therefore, I can't truthfully decide if she is an able trainer even if her teachers' notes and grades say so. The Pokémon League would question it and my…hmm…bias into your daughter," he explained, "however, here is what I can do. If you leave her in my care for a few months, I could see how she is, by myself, and if she has what it takes to be a Pokémon trainer. She would learn more about Pokémon care and handling by staying here than going on the road right away. And it'd give me some ground to eventually bestow her her Pokémon License Card."

Leaf blinked twice.

"Would…that help?" she clarified.

Leaf made a brief glance at her parents, who gave a somewhat hopeful expression. Well, it was better than nothing, so she turned her head towards the Pokémon professor.

"Ok," Leaf nodded, "I'll give it a shot."

Squirtle's fact lit up and started jumping up and down on the couch, chirping happily.

From there, Leaf's parents brought her luggage from the car and started carrying it into the lab. The professor raised a brow when he saw Leaf's parents had their daughter's luggage ready. But her mother explained that they were going to settle in Pallet Town. Of course they had taken advantage of their moving in the little town to bring the Professor his scientific equipment.

"Well, it's for the best, I believe," Samuel offered with a gentle smile, "your parents will be nearby, if you want to see them. What do you think?"

He knelt to meet with Leaf's eye level.

"Would you like to stay here?"

Smiling, Leaf rocked side to side, her eyes focusing on his chin.

"Sure!" she agreed.

Over the course of a few months, Leaf refreshed her studies of Pokémon under Professor Oak's supervision. Unlike her time in the school of Viridian City, she could study the notes more comfortably without a risk of sensory overload as she memorized the different types which existed, what status ailments a Pokémon could be inflicted with and what it could do to them. That also meant the professor gave demonstrations on how to care for a Pokémon. During those times, Gary often strung along when he helped Leaf bathe the Nidorans or when they fed the Pokémon living in the backyard outside of the lab. This was also a good chance for Leaf and Gary to explore Pallet Town during the weekends, though the unfamiliar setting was enough for her to stay as close to the Professor's grandson any chance she could get.

By the time the last week of this tutoring session came around, Professor Oak received an envelope from the mailbox containing exam papers, so Leaf spent the next few hours in private thinking and writing down answers in her exam. On occasion, she would squeeze a stress ball in her free hand to ease any tension in her mind. By the time she finished, she handed the papers to the professor, which allowed him to review her exam for the rest of the evening.

This could be their best shot at giving the Aoyama daughter a chance to start her journey.

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